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cm: 7.2 w x 6.6 d x 18.1 h
in: 2.835 w x 2.598 d x 7.126 h
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Magnificent and powerful Norse god Thor hurls thunderbolts and protects people of Midgard. Although nowadays people believe in various deities, one can rarely meet a god, equal to Thor in any mythology. Thor, wielding his hammer, is the epitome of Scandinavian essence, representing generosity and strength. 3D model like this will be an excellent addition to your collection of action figures.

Our skillful 3D designers have adapted this design for 3D printing and even tested it in order to make sure that your printing of it will be quick and easy. Moreover, now you won’t need a super expensive and fancy 3D printer because our 3D model of Thor is tailored for two 3D printer types: Fff and SLA/SLS. It will allow you to get decent-looking model even with simple home printing machine.

You will be able to use 3D model of Thor as an item in your action figure collection, as a board piece for one of your board games or as a piece of your 3D action figure scene.


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