Test before you buy!

London, 14 February 2017 – Gambody integrates on its website the option of downloading several STL files for free. This is done to give our customers the possibility to check and test the quality and printability of the 3D model before the customer buys all the STL files for the 3D model. At this time, this option is valid for assembly 3D models only.

How It Works

Browse through the 3D models that are displayed on Gambody’s online marketplace. Once you spot a 3D model you would like to 3D print, click the picture to be redirected to the 3D model’s page. There, you will see Source Files, Description, and Printing Details tabs. Download free samples of STL files

Tap the Source Files tab. There, you will see the DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES button that will allow you to download several STL files to test for 3D printing.

The STL files will download in .zip folder. Extract the files and start testing immediately.

download CTA

Last year we opened our online workshop where we started sharing videos of how the 3D models are 3D printed and painted. But our customers want to test the STL files before proceeding to checkout.

We believe this new feature will be highly appreciated by our new and recurring customers. It is designed for those who have already bought and 3D printed one of our 3D models and for those who are considering making a purchase. For now, this website feature is available only for assembly 3D models, with complex geometry. If it proves successful, we will think of a solution to provide test samples for static models as wellAleksandr Ignatenko, Gambody’s CEO

These free samples of STL files are available for 53 3D models displayed at Gambody.

Gambody encourages you to download the free samples of STL files for assembly 3D models and 3D print.