In space, no one can hear you scream!

The very first encounter of humans with the eponymous Alien took place on board the USCSS Nostromo starship in 1979 and has kept horror and sci-fi fans in awe ever since. There is no doubt that the first debut of the evil species on the big screen profoundly influenced the development of many fictional universes being an example or huge source of inspiration. So it is not surprising that eight years later Xenomorphs, the incredible creatures whose structural perfection is matched only by their hostility were joined by Predators, an ancient and no less hostile alien race of hunters.

The impact of both horror series is inestimable since they are considered to have launched the whole genre that now features a bewildering variety of deadly extraterrestrial creatures. Both Aliens and Predators are formidable in combat, their appearance is horrifying and hunting tactics are spine-chilling. But at the same time both species are very intelligent and notable for significant observational learning abilities.

Fortunately, the crossover of two universes was only a matter of time! Thus the AvP universe was born to inspire lots of creative minds and Gambody’s contributing 3D artists are no exception.

Menacing representatives of extraterrestrial races for 3D printing

The monsters of AvP universe are fearsome, dangerous and definitely are simply so fascinating that easily excite imagination of 3D artists who take up more and more new challenging alien projects as well as inspire 3D printing fans who print and paint the 3D files to enlarge their figurines collections.

Deadly Jungle Hunters and Facehuggers, stealthy Xenomorphs surrounded by piles of hatched Ovomorphs and Chestbusters, Her Majesty Alien Queen and brave lieutenant Ellen Ripley - the category offers highly-detailed figurines, calm and menacing busts of the extraterrestrial creatures and impressive dioramas like the last battle between the Yautja and Major Dutch for you to recreate your favourite movie scenes at home! There’s more - your 3D printed Alien-inspired space fleet is also taken care of - both UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship and USS Sulaco are presented in the AvP category.

There is even another unexpected crossover within the AvP category – Alien Queen vs Darth Vader diorama. A 3D printing reflection on the possible clash of two fictional universes may raise heated debate between Star Wars and Alien enthusiasts but we know the way to but an end to it. Place orders for 3D printing models featured in the category and create your own physical 3D printed extraterrestrial team featuring any possible adversaries of the monsters.

STL files to start your Alien vs Predator 3D printed collection

Vicious alien predators are truly frightening but with the help of 3D printing technology they can now even be domesticated! This category features many incredible creatures of an exceptional quality that are meant for 3D printing and that are perfectly ready to be 3D printed on FFF/FDM, DLP/SLA and SLS printers and placed on your display shelf. You can download high-quality STL files of your desired creature to 3D print it at home.

It seems that the development of AvP universe can now take any possible turn and the number of even the most unexpected crossovers is clearly limitless. So follow the updates of one of the most fearsome categories on the marketplace to find out first what extraterrestrial concept will inspire our contributing 3D artists next!