Literary fiction characters on Gambody

Have you ever thought of what your favorite fiction character could look like? Or wondered whether fellow fans of your favorite book shared your idea? Or probably even argued with them over certain details in a character’s appearance? With 3D printing, literary characters get a totally new start, turning from abstract ideas to specific 3D printable designs.

3D printable book characters

According to George R.R. Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.” While fictional universes, inhabited by all kinds of fascinating characters, can be found in movies, video games, or cartoons, too, literary fiction is unique in that the reader’s imagination participates in the process of these worlds’ creation as much as the author’s. That is why one literary character can never be the same for two different readers, who use their own life experience and unique personality traits to complete the picture sketched by the author. It is doubtless that readers invest emotionally into their favorite stories, and very often this bond can last a lifetime.

3D printing opens up new possibilities of exploring your favorite fiction stories and characters, letting you into another’s person view of them and showing you new aspects of the character that you have probably never thought of. Also, there surely is some unparalleled charm in seeing your favorite character brought to life through the power of a 3D artist’s skill and imagination and with the help of your own 3D printer.

Make the world of fiction a reality

We do everything possible to ensure that you will get error-free STL files of high-quality 3D printable models that will make you even closer to your favorite fiction universe, because you will be able to hold a part of that world in your hands after you print it.