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Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

cm: 1.5 w x 1.5 d x 1.5 h
in: 0.591 w x 0.591 d x 0.591 h
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File Name File Size Time / Filament
Dragos_Bottle_Holder_0041 _Final_STL.STL
29.81 MiB 30 h 37 min
19 m

There is hardly any 3d character modeler, who hasn't tried his hand on making a dragon design. Dragons are magnificent and dangerous creatures and now you have a chance to have one at home! This 3D Dragon Wine Bottle Holder was adapted for printing on two types of printers: SLA/SLS and FFF. Therefore, you'll get a decent result even if you print it on an affordable 3D printing machine.


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3d character creator, dragon, wine, bottle, holder, wings, fantasy

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