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Pseudosynth Press Publishing proudly presents, CG Blade, Author and designer of the Pseudoverse Series novels and artwork, which consist of Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Transhumanism, Science Fiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, and Automata Terror.

The figures represented here are main characters from each novel and the models used are real live women who posed for the cover art. I hope you enjoy each one of these characters as we did when we created them.

My incredible and talented graphic artist and I, Katerina Ventova, tried to create sexy pinups molded around the old-style Pulp Magazines of the 40s and 50s, and the Cyberpunk look of the future. She does amazing work that you will love for years to come.

These files for each 3D figure will not follow the novels sequentially. We will try to get the figures out picking out a different genre each time.

Suggestions? Let me know, as I am open to anything within the Pseuodverse Series, including a bust of Philip K. Dick coming up soon. (Yes, he is a character in several of the novels)

Head to to check out the extraordinary upcoming figure images to this series...

Regards, CG Blade

Novel One: Cobalt
Novel Two: Crimson
Novel Three: Emerald
Novel Four: Onyx
Novel Five: Heliotrope
Novel Six: Chrome
Novel Seven: Indigo
Novel Eight: Ash
Novel Nine: Ice
Novel Ten: Fire
Novel Eleven: Scarlet (Magic 8-Ball)
Novel Twelve: Amber
Novel Thirteen: Amaranth
Novel Fourteen: Copper (Both Versions)
Novel Fifteen: Hellfire
Novel Sixteen: Radium
Novel Eighteen: Gold
Novel Nineteen: Turquoise
Novel Twenty: Granite
Novel Twenty-One: Aureolin

We are currently working on the 3D artwork for novel number two, Crimson. See you soon!

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