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This category was created for the fans of fantasy-based MMORPG video games, such as AION, Rift, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Runes of Magic, Last Chaos and so on. So, if you like being caught up in an out-of-this-world setting, with dragons and other fantasy creatures flying above your head, making your way through creepy, but also mesmerizing sites, then this is the place you will feel related to.

3D Printable Models of Game Heroes

There is a mission that you should complete – protecting humans from deadly beasts and defeating the enemy army. Your planet is no longer yours. You thought you were capable of protecting the Tower of Eternity, but the mission failed. Now you need to create your own army and lead it into bloody and deadly battle to defend what’s yours. Your beautiful world collapsed under the cataclysm. But you don’t give up. There is still hope, and you keep playing and playing thinking that there is a solution out there.

But, hey, you no longer need the video game to see how things work out. With these excellently crafted 3D print designs you can write your own story. Involve them in your own imaginative quests, make them use machinations that only you and they are acquainted with.

3D Marketplace of Heroes from the Fantastical World

We have thought about the option of giving fans of the fantasy games the chance to dive into this extraordinary environment and experience the adrenaline rushing through their veins. With our impressive models for 3D printing this is possible. Being it from Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Gunslinger or other Stigma, theheroes will be designed with striking accuracy to their video game prototype. You will enjoy a character with beautifully enhanced armor and weapons. Every tiniest detail will be considered and masterfully added to the model. Needless to say, that the 3D fantasy-related printed figures will be the jewel in every fan’s collection.