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The 5 Biggest 3D Printing Trends of Fall 2019

3D printing technologies develop quickly, and simple 3D printers become more affordable year after year. It allows crafters to take full advantage of making unique pieces of art at home. It is exciting to observe 3D printing trends of fall 2019 to understand which models attract hobbyists and enthusiasts from across the globe.

3D Printed Thanos is miniature quality, 60 centimetres tall

With Endgame just a few short weeks away the maker community is once again recreating the characters from the MCU with this rendition of Thanos maybe the best out there, on top of being incredibly large. Lewis Harris is the man behind this project, and he spoke to us about how he completed this impressive figure.

3D Printed Rifleman Mech Steps into the Real World

The popularity of Mechs doesn’t seem to fade away. Not a long time ago, we found out that one of our customers took Silver at Gen Con MHE painting competition with the Timber Wolf 3D miniature. And now, another Mech has been revealed by Alwin Chan, a fellow who has joined the 3D printing trend recently.

3D Printed Timber Wolf Wins Silver at Gen Con

Well, ladies and gents, Gambody lived to see this happening – one of our models entering Gen Con MHE painting competition and taking Silver. If you haven’t heard about the Gen Con yet, here are just some facts about it.

What If 3D Printing Plastics Were Superheroes?

Plastic is the most popular material used for 3D printing and the cheapest one. We decided to make this ordinary topic a bit funnier than it really is and compared qualities of different plastic types with qualities superheroes have.

Gambody Reveals 24-inch 3D Printed Battlecruiser

If you’re a Starcraft 2 guy, you must be familiar with the Battlecruisers. They are sometimes referred to as battleships with a capacity to host 4000-7000 crew members and their equipment.

Spookify in 3D Printing Style this Halloween

So we heard that Halloween was coming. Awesome, right? Who doesn’t like the pumpkin pie, the creepy decorations of ghosts, and spider webs, and bats, and other Halloween-related accessories?

7 Tips for Beginner 3D Modelers

Every killer 3D modeler has taken the same demanding path to get to the pedestal of 3D design. What might seem overwhelming for some, can seem like an adventure for others. It all depends on how you’re looking at the matter.

How to Sell 3D Models Online – 6 Steps to Selling More

3D modeling becomes the “it” thing for many people. It is a fairly new process that opens the door to new ways of prototyping for many industries. Remember the time when architecture sketches were done in paper and cardboard and caused a lot of frustration when the sketch fell apart or collapsed under its own weight.

Gambody Continues to Impress with Flawlessly Detailed 3D Printed Models of a Soviet Tank and a MechWarrior Catapult

New 3D printing marketplaces are launched all the time, but it’s the niche marketplaces that I find really interesting. Take a site like Gambody, for example. The site, first launched in 2014, is dedicated to 3D printed game models, and if you’re looking for something specific, you’re more likely to find it here – and to find quality – than at many other more general marketplaces.

STL and OBJ Files 101: Exporting, Viewing and Repairing Guide

What type of 3D printing file format do you use when you export your 3D model from the CAD software you work in? There is a multitude of file formats that 3D printing supports. However, the most popular are .STL and .OBJ files. These file formats are supported by most printing software and 3D printers.

How You Can Benefit From 3D Printing

The first 3D printing or additive manufacturing equipment and materials appeared in early 1980’s. Since then, the world has changed and with it, the 3D technology has advanced to the extent that nowadays we’re talking about 3D printers capable of printing large-scale statues.

What 3D Printing Materials Should You Use?

here’s a wide range of 3D printing materials out there so we decided to ask Yurii Yefimov from Gambody to help us with this 3D printing materials guide. Below he’ll describe various materials to help you make the best decision for what materials to use in desktop 3D printing.

3 Tricks to Optimize STL Designs for 3D Printing

3D modeling for printing can be hard-work, especially when one does not know all the tricks of the modeling software and cannot put them in application to ensure a shorter printing time of the model.

40k Chaplain? – Buy & Print 3D Miniatures NOW!

Is this the future of Warhammer 40k? Come see the site where you can buy and download 28mm Scale miniatures straight outta the grim dark! This may really be the miniatures Games Workshop doesn’t want us to know about. Checkout gambody where you can buy and print out just about anything, including miniatures classified as 3d-models/chaplain-warhammer!