Harley – Gambody’s Surprise for Valentine’s Day

London, 9 February 2017 – February is the month of love because it hosts one of the most anticipated holidays celebrating the “fluttery” feeling in the stomach – the Valentine’s Day.

Just when you think that Christmas and New Year frenzy is far behind, another round of craziness begins. Lovers all over the world find themselves hunting down cute, heart-shaped gifts way ahead of the event, making sure that they are not left empty-handed. And if you want to surprise your soulmate with the best gift, you better start looking for it ahead of time.

Whether you are happy in a relationship or feeling the blues because you are single, the surprise that Gambody has for you will bring extra fun and will cheer you up. Although the 3D model is designed more for the guys, you girls should not get disappointed. If you’re an open-minded woman with a hilarious approach to the holiday, the 3D model is exactly what you are looking for to make your guy love you and appreciate your playful side more.

Being single doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the holiday. Show how much you love yourself and give yourself the gift of all gifts.

If you follow Gambody on Facebook, you might’ve seen the interactive live poll that we organized several weeks ago.

[blockquote source=”Aleksandr Ignatenko, Gambody CEO”]We had already pictured in our head how we wanted to surprise our audience for Valentine’s Day but didn’t fancy backfiring. So we organized the live video poll to find about people’s preferences in matter of comic book characters. The result was pretty obvious to all of us[/blockquote]

This is how Harley emerged into the physical world in 3D printing form. The 3D model of the comic book character features her revamped costume and appearance.

Sanix, Gambody’s contributing 3D designer, didn’t wait too long and crafted Harley for 3D printing and Gambody 3D printed and painted the figurine just in time for the big day.Harley Quinn for 3D printing

3DP Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn 3D Printed and Painted

3D Printed and painted Harley Quinn

You may want to touch her, as the figurine features killer curves, but for that, there’s a price you have to pay first by buying the STL file, which costs $24.99.

Below, you can watch the entire process of 3D printing and painting the 3D model of Harley.

Gambody joins the worldwide Valentine’s Day frenzy with a super offer. 5 days of sales to surprise the loved self and your better half. Use coupon discount VDAY17 at checkout and get 30% off your purchase. The promo code is valid until 15 February 2017.

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