Waiting for The Last of Us Show 2023 and 3D Printing Figures of Joel & Ellie

When playing your favorite video game, you often imagine how cool a movie based on the game’s plot could turn out. And now, fans of the adventures of Joel and Ellie, in anticipation of the release of The Last of Us show in 2023, can recreate the figures of the main characters using a 3D printer.

It is fun to free your imagination and 3D print the Last of Us figures in your favorite colors and with the utmost attention to detail.

The Last of Us show
Image credit: imdb.com

The Last of US TV Show

Since many people are looking forward to the 2023 The Last of Us movie release date, it is best to understand where you can watch the show. It should air on HBO and HBO Max only.

The upcoming The Last of Us show was shot in the province of Alberta, Canada in 2021 and 2022. According to the movie developers, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, there will be 10 episodes, each lasting for approximately an hour.

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Last of Us Figure

Collecting Last of Us figures is a part of liking the video game. It can also brighten the waiting time for The Last of Us movie release, especially if you choose to 3D print Joel and Ellie like hobbyist Eva.

Last of Us figure
Maker: Eva

Learn how Eva mastered her 3D printed diorama. Read about her painting techniques to create realistic-looking human faces, clothes, and accessories.

Hello, we are greatly impressed by your stunning 3D printing and painting skills. Can you please introduce yourself to Gambody readers and let everyone know for how long have you been 3D printing?

Hi, my name is Eva. I’m from Germany. I have been building resin and plastic model kits since 2002 when I came in touch with this hobby through my meantime husband. Most time I built figures, but I really like robots, too. We have a big collection of different genres like anime, science-fiction, etc.

In February 2021 we bought our first 3D printer and a cure station. And what should I say, it is so much fun! With 3D printing, we came into a new world of possibilities. So many figures vehicles and props, we have dreamed of for so long are now in our collection, including Last of Us figures of Ellie & Joel.

Ellie figure Last of Us 2
Maker: Eva

Are you looking forward to the release of The Last of Us show based on the game?

I’m really curious about the release of The Last of US TV show! It’s one of my favorite games ever.

Last of Us Joel figure
Maker: Eva

The new The Last of Us movie cast includes Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Do you think these two actors will fit great into The Last of US TV show?

Wow, this is a tough question! I think the fans of the game are split about the cast. My honest opinion: Bella Ramsey is not Ellie, but Pedro Pascal could be a good Joel. For me, the actor must look close to the original characters.

The Last of Us movie cast
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Image credit: imdb.com

The Last of Us Movie Cast

Those who enjoyed playing the 2013 video game wonder about The Last of Us movie cast. According to the official HBO sources, Pedro Pascal will transform into Joel and Bella Ramsey will turn into Ellie.

This upcoming 10-episode series is believed to be the largest TV production in the history of Canada. Still, the film events and adventures of Joel and Ellie are taking place in the post-apocalyptic USA.

According to different sources, the show’s budget could be more than CA $10-$15 million per episode.

How many 3D printers helped you 3D print the Last of Us figures of Ellie and Joel? Can you please name the brand of your machine(s)?

We have one resin 3D printer, the Anycubic Photon Mono X, and the Anycubic Cure Station.

Do you remember how much time it took you to 3D print more than 30 parts?

No, not really, sorry. It was not our first 3D print, but one of the early prints we did. So we had not much experience with the settings, but I know that I printed the legs of Ellie & Joel together and it took 20 hours.

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3D printed shoes

Can you please share your tips for creating a smooth and perfect surface when you get parts with visible layers?

Over time we printed lots of figures, props, etc. The most important thing is a good 3D file. If the surface of the part has fine structures then we have nearly no visible layers. If the surface is plain and straight, we have more to work on.

In the 1st step, I use Tamiya sanding sponges for different levels of abrasion. The sponge’s flexibility allows even finishing of curved surfaces and hard-to-reach corners. 2nd step I use Presto spray primer, I think it helps a lot to fill the layers. If necessary I will repeat the steps. This is my advice for a smooth surface.

The Last of Us movie release date
Maker: Eva

The Last of Us Movie Release Date

Fans of the action-adventure video game made by Naughty Dog and presented in 2013 were happy to hear that HBO planned to release The Last of Us show. Now thousands of people worldwide are impatient to see the post-apocalyptic adventures of Joel and Ellie on the screen.

At first, it was planned to present the show in 2022. Later it was postponed. So now we can expect the premiere sometime in 2023.

How much time did the sanding and applying filler take?

It depends on the layers and the parts. I think parts with a structure, for example, rocks or wood, need not much touch-up work to look good. But flat, plain surfaces consume much more time. But if you know classic resin kits with bubbles and seam lines, 3D prints are much more comfortable.

3D printed legs

What painting technique do you love the most? Do you like to combine airbrushing with regular brushes or prefer using one option?

I combine both brushes and airbrush.

3D printed jeans

Where did you learn to paint human skin so realistically? And how did you manage to create such beautiful faces for the Last of Us Joel figure and Ellie figurine?

Normally I paint anime kits, so the faces are not realistic. I use light shadings and pastel chalk for them. For Ellie and Joel figures from The Last of Us, it was my first attempt to create realistic skin. I used acrylic colors, pastel chalk, oil paints, and watercolor pens. The watercolor pens are really helpful to paint the eyebrows or the freckles.

Can you please share your steps for painting the clothes?

For Joel’s shirt, I used Vallejo grey blue (061) as a base color with light shadings and Vallejo intermediate blue (060) for deeper shadings. With a pencil I painted the stripes, it helps a lot to make no mistakes with them.

Painting 3D printed clothes

After this, I painted them with a darker blue color and in the middle a light blue line. Now is the fun part, I used Tamiya panel liner in black and brown, pastel chalk, and watercolor pencils to make them look dirty. With light grey, I dry brushed some areas to let them look worn.

How do you create a stunning worn-out effect for jeans and shoes?

Nearly the same steps: a dark base tone, then dry brushed the higher areas with different colors and pastel chalk, Tamiya panel liners, and watercolor pencils for weathering. If you used too much panel liner you can use a towel.

How to paint 3D printed pants

Do you add any extra clear layers to protect your painted 3D prints from dust and dirt? If yes, what helps you with this task?

After each design step, I seal it with a clear coat that can help to remove errors made in the next step. After using pastel chalks or watercolor pencils, I have to seal them with a clear coat.

I use different brands, for example, Vallejo, Createx, or a clear coat from our hardware store. Depends on the color of the layer below.

Last of Us 3D print

Last of Us 3D Models

With the soon release of The Last of Us show, many hobbyists turn their heads toward 3D printing one of the Last of Us 3D models. Gambody offers several projects you can make.

You can download STL files for 3D printing Last of Us Joel figure and get one or two versions of Ellie to 3D Print (here are STL files of Ellie playing guitar and these are STL files of Ellie with a bow).

How did hairspray help you with finishing your Last of Us 3D printing project?

I used the hairspray-salt technique. For a rust effect, I painted brown and orange on the part, sprayed some hairspray on it, and applied some crushed salt to it. Let it dry and spray a layer of your final color on it.

After everything is dry you can rub the salt down, if necessary you can use some water. That’s it.

How to paint rust effect
“Salt” effect

You built a fantastic platform with real broken wooden floors, moss, grass, and sticks. Where did you get this idea? How did you implement it?

Thank you. I was inspired by a scene in the video game. The part you control Ellie for the first time.

Adding moss to the display scene

I love to make bases and have lots of materials I can use. So I started with the wood, and the weathering and added everything I needed for the scene.

Custom display platform
Custom platform

Where do you display your amazing 3D printed Joel and Ellie diorama?

In our living room, we have a lot of showcases, so I can look at them.

The Last of Us 3D printed weapons
3D printed weapons

What did you enjoy the most while working on this project?

Firstly, it is the weathering part. They don’t have clean clothes and creating the worn and dirty look was so much fun. Secondly, it is the research for the painting part. I made screenshots from the game and was looking for the small details on the clothing, shoes, bag packs, etc.

Last of Us 3D print
Highly-detailed backpack

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Gambody cannot wait to see your next 3D prints!

You’re welcome! Thank you for the interesting questions! I’m looking forward to the next great Gambody 3D printing project!

Last of Us figures
Maker: Eva

P.S. As we all wait for The Last of US TV show release, you can discover many other fantastic themes for 3D printing. Get inspired by the 100 Fun Projects to 3D print and join Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook to see what other hobbyists are crafting right now.

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