Best 3D Printer Files to Celebrate Gambody’s 10th Anniversary

Finding high-quality 3D printer files from a trusted 3D printing website is one of the most essential steps in building a detailed and fantastic project. Celebrating our 10th Anniversary, Gambody is happy to share the joy of 3D printing with everyone who loves fantastic adventures in the filament and resin world. Create 3D prints you will be proud of, and share your creations in the growing Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook.

For the Tenth Anniversary, Gambody chooses the ten most impressive 3D print designs you can recreate for your collection, plus bonus models to make. The 3D printing files below are of the best quality, offering many stunning details to make your prints stand out and look like true masterpieces.

3D printer files

3D Printer Files

The 3D prints from Gambody 3D printing website turn out stunningly amazing because the 3D printer files are checked for errors, cut into the most comfortable-to-print parts and adjusted to different 3D printers. You download STL files for a filament or resin machine, get recommendations for the best settings, can find numerous images and watch videos of 3D printing models’ assembly to get a clearer idea of what to do with all the elements.

Which of these most popular 3D print designs are on your to-do list this year?

1. The Mandalorian 3D Prints

Ever since the release of The Mandalorian, brave Din Djarin has been one of the most popular 3D printing models among hobbyists. With the variety of 3D printer files for this figurine, you can enjoy multiple postures and scenes, with and without Baby Yoda (Grogu).

Download the highly detailed Mandalorian 3D printer files from the Gambody 3D printing website, and you’ll fall in love with this impressive project.

Get inspired by this incredible 1/4-scale Mandalorian and Grogu 3D printed in resin by hobbyist Warren Blair. It’s one of his first 3D prints! The hobbyist worked with his Elegoo Saturn 2, choosing a 0.03 mm layer height. The base was printed with Creality CR-10s Pro at a 0.1 mm layer height. To make Grogu more realistic, the maker used little cotton ball hairs in the creature’s ears and head.

3D prints
The Mandalorian and Grogu 3D printed by Warren Blair.
3D print models
Grogu with cotton ball hairs used by Warren Blair.

2. Sauron 3D Printing Files

Sauron, the maker of the One Ring, is one of the most incredible 3D models for printing, not only among The Lord of the Rings fans but also among hobbyists with various tastes in fiction. You can add the primary antagonist from Middle Earth to your collection of 3D prints, too.

Find Sauron 3D printer files on, download the version that supports your machine, and work on detailing one of the most powerful Maiar in resin or filament.

Adore these two impressive Sauron 3D prints made by enthusiasts Anton Valencia and Studio Dave. Anton 3D printed his version on an FDM printer after upscaling the 3D printer files to a 1:6 scale. Studio Dave recreated his version at 130%. This Sauron figurine is his first 3D printed Gambody model!

3D printer models
Sauron 3D print models finished by Anton Valencia and Studio Dave.

3. Millennium Falcon 3D Print Models

Millennium Falcon starship is among some of the most complex yet incredibly stunning 3D printer files. You will find several kits of beautiful Millennium Falcon 3D printing models on Gambody 3D printing website that help you create the ship’s hull, interior, and exterior decor.

Such 3D print designs make your imagination go wow! The precise details of the engine, mandibles, cockpit, hyperdrive, and other parts of the fantastic Millennium Falcon amaze. Many model elements are functional, can open and close, and make you proud of your finished 3D prints.

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It took Oykun Ilgün nearly one year to 3D print, assemble, and paint the gorgeous Millennium Falcon spacecraft. The hobbyist used Vallejo primer, Mr.Hobby clear coat, Tamiya paints and weathering kits and spent a lot of time sanding and weathering the project. What a beauty!

3D models for printing
Millennium Falcon 3D print by Oykun Ilgün.

Enthusiast CW Goss used the interior 3D printing files from Gambody website to complete his 1/72 MPC version of Millenium Falcon. The LEDs make it stand out!

3D printing files
Millennium Falcon interior 3D printed by CW Goss.

4. MWO Timber Wolf 3D Printer Models

Are you a big fan of MechWarrior Online? Timber Wolf and his incredible weapons are among the greatest 3D printer files you should download from Gambody 3D printing website. Your 3D printed MadCat might not win the video game battles, but this fantastic bipedal vehicle can decorate your desk or find a special place in your living room or porch.

Timber Wolf has an aggressive look, and his powerful guns and heavy armor help him well on the battlefield. While he doesn’t fight in the form of 3D printer models, his articulated body, workable arms, and feet make the MadCat model and his Weapons Kit fantastic 3D print designs to download and recreate.

Hobbyists Brian Freeman and Cameron Craddock built amazing mech machines using Timber Wolf 3D printer files from Brian used his Elegoo Mars and airbrushed his project. Cameron printed his version on a Creality CR-10 mini at 0.1 mm using AMZ3D grey PLA. He painted the model with Citadel and Vallejo paints, partly airbrushing and partly dry-brushing it to show the metal and primer.

3D printing models
Timber Wolf 3D printer files turned into masterpieces by Brian Freeman and Cameron Craddock.

5. Iron Man Mark 46 3D Printing Models

Superhero 3D prints are always popular among hobbyists of different ages. Tony Stark, a member of Avengers, is better known as Iron Man in his Mark 46 modified exoskeleton, and these 3D printing files always catch the attention of newbies and advanced 3D printer users.

You can find Iron Man Mark 46 3D printer files on Gambody 3D printing website to build the iconic figurine captured in the superhero’s most famous standing position.

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The details of the Iron Man figurine made by Thomas Kunert are astonishing! The hobbyist spent countless hours on printing, sanding, and airbrushing the model, which turned out flawless.

3D print designs
Iron Man 3D print by Thomas Kunert.

6. Viserion Ice Dragon 3D Models for Printing

Game of Thrones has created many great characters that make the fantasy worlds more exciting and fun. While searching this franchise’s top 3D printer files, you will come across mightly Viserion, the famous Ice Dragon, one of Daenerys’ three dragons.

The best part about Viserion Ice Dragon 3D printing files offered on is that you can enjoy a 3-in-1 project. Depending on how you paint these 3D printer models, you can recreate Viserion or his ‘brothers’ Drogon and Rhaegal. Your 3D prints will not look alike!

The beautiful Viserion by Marco De Feo is a great example of fantastic dry-brushing and airbrushing. The powerful dragon cannot wait to be displayed on your table!

Viserion 3D printer files
Viserion 3D print by Marco De Feo.
Ice Dragon 3D printer files
Ice Dragon figurine by Marco De Feo.

7. Serenity 3D Print Designs

Prepare for a galactic war by building a not-so-reliable but beautiful spacecraft such as Serenity. Amazing Serenity 3D printer files are available on Gambody 3D printing website, which offers many astonishing 3D printing models from popular video games, TV series, movies, comics, and cartoons.

The 3D print designs like Serenity are incredible. This assembly model is static, but it boasts fine detail, tunnels for LEDs you can introduce if you’d like, and windows you can print with transparent filament or resin.

Highly detailed 3D printer files can be used to participate in the Cromford Sci-Fi show. Hobbyist It’s An Ashton used 25 kg (over 55 lbs) of filament to complete a breathtaking Firefly Class ship. This Serenity model is undoubtedly a masterpiece in the world of 3D printing!

Serenity 3D printing files
Serenity by It’s An Ashton at Cromford Sci-Fi show.
Serenity 3D prints
Serenity by It’s An Ashton.

8. Star Destroyer 3D Printer Files

Feel the true Empire’s military might by recreating the stunning Star Destroyer. This spaceship is well familiar to Star Wars fans, and Star Destroyer 3D printer files can be downloaded from Gambody along with many other great Star Wars 3D models for printing.

You will find several 3D print designs that complement each other. Gambody 3D printing website has a beautiful Star Destroyer and an additional kit with a stand and extra weapons. Using both projects, you can showcase your spaceship with upgraded parts, such as movable barrels and a thematic nameplate which you can add to the platform or display separately.

What an incredible work by Gary Hendricks, who 3D printed a gorgeous Star Destroyer on Creality Ender 3 Pro, introduced fiber optics to light up the starship, and completed a brilliant display piece in nearly five months!

Star Wars 3D printer files
Star Destroyer 3D print by Gary Hendricks.

9. Ornithopter Dune 3D Printing Files

The dragonfly-like Ornithopter from Dune is an incredible example of a futuristic aircraft that can conquer the desert. You can add it to your collection of Dune 3D prints by downloading Ornithopter 3D printer files from Gambody website and creating this active assembly model.

The project comes with an articulation mechanism that lets you set Ornithopter wings into motion. Display it with folded or unfolded wings, and add a figurine of Paul Atreides to the scene.

Enthusiast David Damek shared his video of working on a stunning SLA Ornithopter version, which 3D printer files are available on Don’t miss the epic animation at the end!

Beautiful action Ornithopter 3D printed by David Damek.

10. Paul the Alien 3D Models for Printing

Explore the hottest UFO sites in the USA together with Paul the Alien, one of the most popular 3D prints of nowadays. Many hobbyists download Paul 3D printer files to recreate this joyful figure in life-size and display it in their living room.

The alien figurine you will download on Gambody 3D printing website is a static assembly model, available in regular and life-size. It can become a fun Halloween display or a hilarious out-of-this-world character you can place in front of your house.

Paul is such a positive character that it’s hard to resist getting his 3D printing files and adding the cute figure to your interior. Hobbyists Ed Allen, Tihana Macakanja, and Alex Von Fry already got their iconic alien. When will Paul invade your house?

Paul the Alien 3D print models
Paul the Alien 3D prints by Ed Allen, Tihana Macakanja and Alex Von Fry.

Bonus: Fun Face Masks from the Best 3D Printing Website

Who doesn’t like free 3D print designs? Fun Face Masks are complimentary (open-source) 3D printing files Gambody created to motivate hobbyists to have some fun and stay positive no matter what. The several free 3D print models represent iconic fictional characters that you can turn into a face mask.

Grab the Fun Face Masks 3D printer files today, and you’ll have plenty of cool accessories for Halloween, theme days at work, parties, and other celebrations. The list of 3D prints you can make includes Subzero, Immortal Joe, The Wasp, Doom, Darth Vader, and Bane masks. Which 3D printing models are your favorite?

Enthusiast Scott Spillman used Fun Masks 3D printing files and his Ender 5 Pro to create some stunning holiday and party accessories.

Fun Masks 3D prints
Fun Masks 3D prints by Scott Spillman.
3D printing website
Fun Masks 3D printed by Scott Spillman.

Celebrate Gambody’s 10th anniversary by transforming the most popular 3D printer files from into beautiful, fantastic, and highly detailed 3D prints. As you work on your new creations, remember to share the photos of how the 3D models for printing turned into your masterpieces. Cheers to many new adventures together!

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