Time is too fast. You have just 3D printed some awesome Halloween decor and Thanksgiving 3D printing models, when you see winter holidays around the corner. There are many fantastic 3D printing Christmas ideas and decor trends 2020 to recreate. Such DIY projects bring many moments of joy and happiness to any family with an affordable 3D printer at home.

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers some Christmas STL files. And many more ideas can be found online on other sites, including impressive Christmas ornaments, Merry Christmas cutouts, a decorated tree, Santa Claus and famous characters.

3D Printing Christmas Ideas

Putting self-made 3D printing Christmas ornaments on your tree, decorating your house with beautiful Merry Christmas cutouts and various accessories is fantastic. It becomes extra comfortable when you have a 3D printer.

Now it is time to look into Christmas decor trends and ideas 2020 and pick up the projects for this holiday season. Your DIY figurines, ornaments, Santa Claus and other characters associated with the most popular winter holiday will surely impress your family and friends because you can download STL files and turn them into real masterpieces in time for the holiday.

3D Printing Christmas Ideas and Decor Trends 2020

Christmas 3D Print Models Trends 2020

Gambody has divided Christmas STL files by groups. This way, you can choose your theme much quicker and begin 3D printing right away.

It is time for some festive pleasure and fun projects that can unite the whole family, inspire for new creations and help to make your house unique and your mood impressive.

1. Santa Claus 3D Print Files

As always, Christmas decor trends 2020 include a figurine of Santa Claus. It is impossible to imagine the main winter holiday of the year without a character in the red-and-white outfit which carries a huge bag of gifts for children.

Santa Claus 3D print files
Maker: Stephen Wilson

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers Santa Claus STL files to 3D print this fairy-tale personality. The model designed by Richard Swika includes a fantastic deer-styled car-like sleigh. It has a base for simple display, and it can be a perfect decor for your home this year.

There are other ideas for Santa Claus 3D print masterpieces you can craft at home. These ideas look stunning and worth making:

Secret Santa 3D print models for Christmas
Image source: Cults

2. Christmas Decor DIY 3D Printing Ideas

Cute STL files with various decor ideas can help you make your home cosy. You can decorate the walls with reindeer cutouts, hide little gifts inside a lockable gift-box, place candles inside a holiday tree frame, etc.

Xmas décor DIY 3D printing ideas
Image source: Thingiverse

Among decor trends 2020, there are also souvenirs and figurines to put above your fireplace and glitter reindeer figures to display on a shelf.

Decorative Christmas tree 3D printing Ideas and décor trends 2020
Image source: Thingiverse

If you are not a fan of massive Christmas trees, you can download STL files with a decorative tree frame and hang your favourite ornament to get into the holiday spirits this year.

3. Christmas Tree 3D Print STL Files

If you lack ideas of which tree trends to follow in 2020, look at some fantastic photos discovered by Gambody. These are impressive projects designed for 3D printing at home.

Confetti filled tree topper 3D printing ideas 2020
Image source: Cults

You can place a cute topper filled with confetti on your holiday tree: download tree topper STL files and 3D print this vital yet straightforward decor element.

Winter holiday decor 3D printed from STL files
Image source: Thingiverse

You can also get a fantastic winter holiday house STL files to put on a tree, make miniature Christmas tree figurines and various pine tree styles.

4. 3D Printing Christmas Ornaments STL Files

Anyone who is putting up a real Christmas tree can craft beautiful ornaments on a 3D printer using the best STL files found online.

Mass-market ornaments are beautiful, but they lack that personal feeling of honour you get when you 3D print something.

3D printing Christmas ornaments STL files
Image source: Cults, Thingiverse

For example, you can download snowflakes STL files to create this winter symbol. Or you can get STLs with a collection of holiday-related ornaments (gift boxes, candies, bells) as well as craft a sweet little angel to hang on a tree.

5. Christmas Toys 3D Printing STL Files

Decor trends in 2020 include children’s toys. Various holiday-related figurines and miniatures can be 3D printed without problems.

Xmas toys 3D printing STL files
Image source: Cults

The best part about such DIY projects is that your child can pick up the 3D printing model to turn into life. It is easy to download STL files with a jointed reindeer, create articulated Christmas toys, Santa Claus miniature, etc.

Advent calendar 3D printing STL files and toy ideas
Image source: Thingiverse

You can even download advent calendar STL files and craft a Santa Claus themed toy to count the 24 days left until Christmas.

6. Christmas Cookie Cutters Ideas with STL Files

Baking is a fun tradition that can turn any holiday into a festive event. If your wife, second half, children or you enjoy baking, you can 3D print cute cookie cutters.

Such simple projects can help you shape your Christmas sweets as a snowman, holiday tree, Santa Claus or another character.

Santa Claus, reindeer, holiday cookie cutters ideas with STL files
Image source: Cults

You can download STL files with reindeer head and candy cane shapes. Create beautiful shapes from the dough and bake delicious meals for your holiday dinner.

7. Nightmare Before Christmas STL Files

Fans of Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas animated film might like to 3D print their favourite characters.

Nightmare Before Christmas STL Files 3D printing ideas 2020
Image source: Thingiverse

It is easy to get STL files to recreate The Nightmare Before Christmas diorama, make a cute silhouette cutout, or a bookmark styled as Jack’s head.

Jack Skellington and Zero Nightmare Before Xmas 3D printing files STL
Image source: Thingiverse

You can also craft Zero figurine or statue of Jack Skellington.

8. Low-Poly Nutcracker and Snowman STL Files

Some people love low poly 3D printing models. Such projects can turn into beautiful holiday ornaments or toys.

You can download low poly STL files with a snowman or Nutcracker and let your child paint either or both figurines.

Low poly Nutcracker and snowman STL files
Image source: Cults

The result will be cute, and the whole family can take part in turning such ideas into unique decorations for Xmas.

9. Fantastic Christmas 3D Printing Models Ideas

There are many brilliant ideas and trends to enjoy in 2020. You can find STL files with gorgeous and exclusive projects to 3D print.

For example, it is now easy to print winter landscape and place it inside a homemade snowglobe. You can use any glass bottle or jar for this idea.

Snowglobe and winter castle ideas for 3D printing
Image source: Cults

Or you can build a winter castle with unique railroad models. Any child would be happy to find such a statue among gifts.

Candles and candy dish for holidays 3D printing STL ideas
Image source: Cults

Some other ideas are cute-looking Christmas-tree-shaped candles, and a fantastic candy dish styled like an ornament.

10. Christmas Accessories: Ideas for 3D Printing

The main winter holiday is not only about house decor and cooking. It is a fun time to dress up into something cute, and, incredibly, you can easily 3D print some accessories for your kids and friends.

Reindeer headband 3D printing ideas STL files
Image source: Cults

Some ideas and trends for 2020 are STL files of a reindeer headband, deer horns decor for a human or dog’s head, and a cute Santa Claus bookmark for book readers.

Winter frame and holiday coasters 3D printing ideas and trends 2020
Image source: Thingiverse

Other ideas are 3D printing cute Christmas-styled coasters and a beautiful holiday frame for photos or wall display.

11. STL Christmas Lights

Can you imagine real Xmas without lights? They become the main decor across the house, around the pine tree, on windows, tables, etc.

Gambody wishes to share some fantastic ideas of 3D printing projects you can craft. If you can make them glow, your holiday will be unforgettable.

STL Christmas lights 3D printing ideas
Image source: Thingiverse

There are 3D printing STL files for making gift-boxes that can glow, sparkling Christmas trees, Elf-town lamp, and beautiful lighted star tree topper.

12. Merry Christmas Cutouts STL Files

It is nice to observe decor on windows during the winter holiday season. Christmas cutouts are simple to 3D print and use for various occasions. These decor pieces can be used in postcards, on windows, walls, as table coasters, cake toppers, etc.

Merry Christmas cutouts ideas and STL files
Image source: Thingiverse

You can also use simple, yet cute Merry Christmas cutouts as a holiday wish for your family and friends.

13. Christmas Train and Santa Sleigh

The best winter holiday cars for boys are Santa Claus sleigh and Xmas train. Such toys are always on Christmas wish lists among many children.

If you have a son or love to follow holiday traditions, you can download STL files to 3D print a lovely train or make sleigh with a couple of reindeer.

Holiday train toy and Santa sleigh 3D printing ideas STL files
Image source: Thingiverse

Each project looks unique and impressive to craft.

14. Grinch Christmas Decor Ideas STL Files

The story of a Christmas thief, The Grinch, gives even more ideas for holiday decorations.

It is another popular tradition among 3D printing enthusiasts to download STL files with Grinch-related projects.

Grinch decor ideas STL files
Image source: Thingiverse

You can make nearly anything with this well-known cynical grump, from holiday ornaments for your tree and the Grinch toys to cute gift card holders and cookie cutters.

15. Other Famous 3D Printing Christmas Characters

Many cute holiday characters look amazing on the shelves, table, and across the house.

Besides crafting a figurine of Santa Claus, his sleigh with deer, train toys with a railroad for kids, cute decorated trees and ornaments, you can turn your attention towards beautiful Christmas angel STL files and little garden elf figurines.

Best 3D printing Christmas ideas
Image source: Thingiverse

Nativity ornaments are also one of the trends 2020 you can make on a 3D printer at home.

These are amazing 3D Printing Christmas ideas you can implement at home with the help of your 3D printer. Be creative, and post photos of your holiday prints to Gambody Facebook group. Have a very Merry Christmas! Xo Xo Xo!

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