20 Prominent 3D Printed Trains and Railway Models

One of the most fantastic Christmas traditions is related to a family reunion. Kids and parents gather around the Christmas tree which is surrounded by a train set. Sometimes the train blows real smoke, boasts authentic sounds and headlights of its steam engine. Such toys are impressive when you are a little child. And they get even more pleasing when you switch to 3D printed trains and railway models as you grow up.

It is incredible when you can download a 3D printing model of a railroad, railway buildings, steam engine, locomotive, train track for free to print on your inexpensive FDM/FFF 3D printer at home. Some train 3D models cost money, but they are incredibly detailed and look fantastic when crafted, assembled and painted by a hobbyist.

3D printed trains

3D Printed Trains

Modern engineering companies start to collaborate with 3D printing technology firms to produce some interior parts on 3D printers. This can include grab handles, armrests, seat-back tables and other components. The technologies are quickly developing, and this brings more opportunities to the business.

Big corporations are in search of more ways of employing 3D printing technologies to benefit from them. And you can 3D print a locomotive, rail station, speed train and other sets along with railways at home using high-quality STL files of impressive 3D models. Each fantastic replica of a classic, old and contemporary train station and rails figures leads your way toward crafting and mastering 3D printing on your own.

Top 20 3D Models of Trains

There are many outstanding 3D printed train track sets, railway buildings, railroad parts, figures and locomotives. A glance at some of the most brilliant examples can surely give you many delightful moments. Be sure to keep scrolling for more lifelike train track models and railroad 3D prints, both highly detailed and brilliantly painted.

1. 3D Print Locomotive

Fans of Back to the Future can 3D print locomotive from this iconic movie. A fantastic Jules Verne-themed time-travelling train we saw in the film was based on the archetypal 19th century USA steam locomotive Sierra Railway No. 3. Its more official name was the “Hollywood star locomotive”.

You can add a 3D printed locomotive (download Jules Verne train STL files) to your collection of Back to the Future models. This train can help you travel in time in your memories and emotions.

The 3D printing “ELB” train is an assembly model. This locomotive features active running gear, movable parts, a highly detailed compartment interior (two versions) and rotating wheels. It is easy to introduce LEDs to light up this 3D printed train.

3D printed locomotive
3D printed locomotive by Carlos Díaz

You can also download STL files of the tender to 3D print and attach it to your locomotive. But meanwhile, take a look at the fantastic Jules Verne-themed train started by Carlos Díaz. The project is still at work, but it amazes us with details.

3D print locomotive
Locomotive 3D print by Carlos Díaz

It is also excellent to find the EMD SW1500 model among 3D printed trains. This famous American diesel-electronic locomotive was created by General Motors’ EMD division between 1966 and 1974. It was designed as a road-switcher, and its role is preserved these days.

A 1:32 scale replica of the EMD SW1500 locomotive was designed by Daniel Norée:

Daniel Norée talks about his EMD SW1500 project

The EDM SW1500 locomotive is available as a free 3D printing model.

Locomotive 3D model free
Image source: Cults; Maker: Daniel Norée

You can download EDM SW1500 STL files to craft a nice figurine for your collection.

2. 3D Printed Train Track

Most hobbyists prefer using HO scale trains (1:87 scale of modelling) when it comes to building railway figurines and objects. You might also enjoy 3D printing HO scale trains, tracks, locomotives, wagons and rails.

Crafter Niko shared graceful photos of his 3D printed train track along with STL files you can download. Once you craft rails, a railroad switch and all the parts of the train, you will have to use real nails to assemble and connect the whole project together.

3D printed train track
Image source: Instructables; Maker: Niko

Niko managed to get control of his 3D printed locomotive by the phone application. Being great at microelectronics is a fantastic addition to his 3D printing skills.

Niko’s engine in action

It is fun to watch how the engine drives “on its own,” right?

3. Train Station 3D Model

It is easy to find a thorough 3D printing model of a railroad as well as fantastic railway station STL files to print. Thanks to many hobbyists and enthusiasts, the modern 3D printing train models look incredible and extremely detailed.

Here is an impressive example of a beautiful train station 3D model which you can craft on your 3D printer. The designer of this project has well-thought-through various details, such as the railroad, the station, the platform with benches for passengers, background trees, etc.

Train station 3D model
Image source: CGTrader

The renders of this train station 3D model look outstanding, both daily and night views.

4. Lego Train 3D Print

When you have children who are in love with Lego sets, your model railroad 3D printing projects turn into Lego-related figurines.

With any basic 3D printer, you can easily 3D print a cute-looking Lego-style locomotive that is comparable with most Lego tracks. Its main advantage while printing is no need for any supports, which simplifies and hastens the whole process.

If you wish your Lego train 3D print to include a motor, there is a file which you can use to complete this goal.

3D printed Lego train
Image source: Cults

The complete 3D printed Lego train would be about 34 cm x 7 cm x 13 cm (13 inches x 3 inches x 5 inches).

5. O-Scale Rail 3D Model

Some hobbyists love to work with OS or 1:45 scale of modelling instead of HO scale. You can also 3D print an O-scale train set with arc and truss bridges, pillars, rails, boogies and a locomotive Z70. Such a dazzling project was created by Olle Sköld.

It is possible to add a motor into your 3D printed locomotive and make it really move along the track. After 3D printing multiple railroad pieces, you can use your fantasy to build various versions of tracks and add many fun moments into the gameplay with your kids.

Olle Sköld’s project

If you can add lights to your project, your 3D printed trains would look fantastic.

O-scale 3D printed train
Image source: Depronized; Maker: Olle Sköld

Such a set can be easily set up around a Christmas tree to amuse your family and friends.

6. Vintage Train 3D Model Free

Fans of vintage designs might love to 3D print an incredible railcar reminding many of a Ford Model T vehicle. While it is not accurate to the original car’s top form, it is still a pretty “Tin Lizzie”-inspired train. The idea is neat and brilliant.

To create such a stunning 3D printed train, you will have to use additional elements besides filament. The author of this vintage project suggests you should make a windscreen from a piece of clean plastic, create a canopy frame and pipes from wire, etc.

Vintage train 3D model free
Image source: Cults

The assembly should be relatively simple if you follow the guide. And the final result will be awe-inspiring if you are accurate and patient enough to details.

7. 3D Printed Railway Station

It is essential to organize a waiting area at the railway station for passengers whose 3D printed trains have not arrived yet. Such a piece can sit over your printable train tracks.

Fans of N-scale railway buildings can look up the project with windows, doors and four sides. Once finished, this passenger waiting room becomes a fantastic addition to the 3D printed train station created by John Tanzillo.

John Tanzillo’s project

The design reminds us of the Kansas City Union Station.

3D printed railway station
Image source: model-railroad-hobbyist.com; Maker: John Tanzillo

All the parts were crafted on XYZ da Vinci mini 3D printer.

8. 3D Printed Steam Engine Train

If you love to collect figurines of historical value, you can 3D print a replica of a steam engine locomotive by the nickname of Noblewoman. It was initially built in the Czech Republic in the middle of the twentieth century.

The 3D printing model of Noblewoman is a complex one. It consists of over 150 STL files and more than 300 parts. The crafting, painting and assembly might take some time, but the project is still impressive.

3D printed steam engine locomotive
3D printed steam engine locomotive. Image source: 3Dthingking

The author of this 3D model has created a useful 37-page guide that can refer you through the whole process of creating Noblewoman for your collection of 3D printed trains.

9. Overhead Line 3D Print Files

It is simple to build a catenary line for your 3D printed trains. Such an overhead line or wire can be designed once and used for multiple railway projects.

You can choose between types L and T, depending on the number of lanes you are planning. Hobbyists advise printing each piece of the overhead line 3D print files flat and glueing them, if necessary.

Overhead line 3D print files
Image source: Cults

The final result looks stunning.

10. Subway Train to 3D Print

Can you create NYC subway trains? Absolutely! Modern 3D printing technologies and talented designers make anything possible.

Jason Kelly learned various details about New York City subway equipment and cars before designing his printable train tracks. He created several trains N- and HO-scale STL files and 3D printed them on Prusa MK3 and Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D printers.

It took Jason several years to develop ideas in his head and finally manage to design and complete his project. It was totally worth all the efforts and time.

Subway train to 3D print
Image source: Bresslergroup; Maker: Jason Kelly

The NYC subway train 3D printed models crafted by this impressive hobbyist make his collection incredible and unique.

11. Arch-Truss Bridge 3D Model

If you have printable train tracks with a train and wish to decorate your scene with an arch-truss bridge, there is a simple design to craft. You can make it on any 3D printer with a bed of 10 inches and above.

The STL files of the arch-truss bridge can be printed several times, which means that you can build more than one bridge over your 3D printed railway model.

Arch-truss bridge 3D model
Image source: Cults

It is a fantastic addition to any fan of 3D printed trains, which is relatively fast and straightforward to make.

12. Speed Train 3D Model to Print

Siemens Velaro is a well-known brand of speed trains that look modern and are prevalent in many countries around the world, including the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium and others. They look fantastic on any track.

Fans of printable train tracks and 3D printing railway models can craft such a speed train thanks to the designs shared on the web by other creators. Your ICE-3 replica can include 10 carriages and have various versions of cars.

Speed train ICE-3 3D model to print
Image source: CGTrader

The cool driver’s cab and modelled passenger seats make fun interior for this masterpiece. Of course, it is up to you whether to 3D print the interior details or to drop them while focusing on the 3D printed train exterior only.

13. Passenger Train Carriage

There are many types of passenger carriages. Some are old-styled, and others are contemporary. If you are a fan of vintage trains, you might enjoy one cute passenger carriage 3D print files that boast chairs inside, gates that can really open and bogie.

The author of this 3D printing project has glued many 3D printed parts, along with plywood details and paper pieces. The painting took some time, but the final project impresses with its lifelike resemblance to a real carriage.

Passenger train carriage to 3D print
Image source: utj.se

Adding a 3D printed figurine of a passenger sitting on the bench or chair is also a neat idea.

14. 3D Printed Railway Buildings and Models

When you are in love with 3D printing and modelling, you can create your own fantasy worlds and design replicas of various trains, railway systems, buildings and stations. Designer Kees-Jan van Vessem enjoys making different railway 3D models from scratch. He mostly devotes his passion for Dutch railway and trains.

Kees-Jan’s hobby

Kees-Jan’s one-of-a-kind models are fantastic. They are all painted by hand and designed as 2D-drawings that are turned into 3D models.

The designer enjoys 3D printing his creations using grey resin and polyamide filament.

3D printed railway buildings
Image source: Kees-Jan van Vessem (Flickr)

Besides, he makes sure to create beautiful scenes with human figurines, cars, buildings, and trains.

15. 3D Printing Railroad Parts

If you are in love with crafting as much as Göran Jonsson and Daniel Norée are, you can spend weeks on 3D printing various railroad parts, models of trains and railway figures. The collection created by these enthusiasts amazes.

Göran is fond of HO-scale tracks and trains. His outstanding collection includes many excellent vintage models such as Stephenson’s Rocket steam locomotive built in the early nineteenth century and other models designed by Daniel Norée.

Stephenson’s Rocket 3D printed steam engine locomotive
Image source: 3Ders; Maker: Daniel Norée

Daniel Norée stands behind the open-source community Open Railway Project which develops 3D models of significant printable objects, including American Diesel EMD SW1500.

Open Railway Project
Image source: Daniel Norée Open RC; Maker: Göran Jonsson

Each model in Open Railway Project is done with love to details. These scenes can motivate you to 3D print your own railway figures with the help of a 3D printer.

16. Russian Train 3D Model

Russia and Ukraine use the ChS7 passenger locomotive. It was built in the 1980s – 1990s and became one of the most powerful electric engines on the service in the former USSR countries.

This train consists of two parts. Its name “ChS7” originates from the country where it was built, Czech Republic. More than 300 models of this locomotive were produced; however, 3D printing enthusiasts keep building this project over and over again nowadays.

Russian train ChS7 3D model
Image source: CGTrader

You can also download the ChS7 model STL files to 3D print this train for your collection if you wish.

17. N-Scale Trains for 3D Printing

There is a big community on Facebook called N3DPM that shows various models of N-scale 3D printed trains, including cars, baggage, locomotives, and other railroad parts.

The collection is quite impressive even though there are no STL files to download and 3D print such models for yourself. Most of these projects are already 3D printed and offered as they are.

N-scale 3D printed trains
Image source: N3DPM

But it is still much fun to observe a wide range of lifelike trains shared by creators.

18. New Zealand Railway Models as 3D Prints

Some creators love to 3D print European locomotives. Others are devoted to American railways. Enthusiast Peter Bryant is fond of New Zealand trains. He enjoys 3D printing complicated and extremely detailed figurines, miniatures and replicas of some of the most famous carriages.

Peter 3D models what he wishes to make and then 3D prints, assembles, paints and finalizes every object.

New Zealand railway models for 3D printing
Image source: 3D Printing New Zealand; Maker: Peter Bryant

His collection is vast. It includes impressive copies of NZR J class at 1:24 scale, different figurines of passengers, cranes, freight trains, etc.

19. WWII Train 3D Models

The Second World War was destructive and yet very creative in building WWII ships, trains, planes and other equipment.

Among war locomotives built in the 1940s was a German steam locomotive DRB of class 52 (BR-52). It was mass-produced (over 6,700 pieces were made in Europe), and its designer was Richard Wagner. Also referred to as Kriegslokomotiven, this German product served during WWII and after the war was over.

WWII train model for 3D printing
Image source: CGTrader

BR-52 can be an exciting train model to 3D print. The renders of this project look impressive, and there are BR-52 STL files to download if you would like to give it a try.

20. Railroad 3D Printer Files

Collecting railroad models is a hobby that can start when you are a child and become a big part of your life when you grow up. It happened to Matt Wickham, who was so much in love with modelling trains that he easily adjusted to 3D printing when it became available.

Matt’s collection of 3D printed trains is impressive. While this enthusiast does not 3D print himself, he orders the service from a third-party company and paints all the details he receives back.

Railroad 3D printer files
Image source: The Bluebell Model Railway; Maker: Matt Wickham

With all the cute details, buildings, locomotives, rails and figurines of people, the scenes created by Matt Wickham look unique and gorgeous.

Are you planning to add 3D printed trains to your collection of railway projects this year? If so, which train model are you thinking of crafting and assembling to run under your Christmas tree or in your room? Share your thoughts in Gambody Facebook Group and learn what other 3D printing enthusiasts think about this idea.

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