Top Joker 3D Printed Model: Collection of 15 Villain Figurines

One of the most recognized DC Comics villains, the Joker, is always in sight. This intelligent yet ruthless character is a part of numerous video games, comic books and films. After the Joker movie 2019 arrival on the big screens, more people fell in love with the impressive Joker figure for 3D printing and related models for crafting.

The maniacal smile, clown face, zero morality and love for crime is what characterizes the Joker figurine. This is also what many people are looking for in Halloween masks and costumes, collectable statues and various accessories related to the famous villain.

Joker Figure

Different companies choose to reincarnate a DC Comics villain at different times.

Joker MK11 was an impressive introduction in 2019. Fans of the Mortal Kombat game series remember how the famous villain was portrayed in this game back in 2008. 2019 was devoted to the return of a demonic clown to both MK11 and big screens. And this updated Joker figure reminds many of a cool cosplayer.

The 2019 psychological thriller film is based on DC Comics with Joaquin Phoenix starring as the Joker. It acts as an origin story with the events set in 1981. The award-winning actor pictures how one failed comedian man turns the life in Gotham City upside down, causing chaos and a strip of crimes.

The film’s official release was planned for October 4 in the USA and worldwide. However, even before this the Joker movie 2019 won the Golden Lion Award of the 76th Venice International Film Festival held in August.

Anyone who is a fan of evil Gotham City residents and killer adventures should enjoy discovering a fantastic Joker 3D model for 3D printing and related figurines.

Joker 3D model

Joker 3D Model

Three DC Comics characters are most related to the Joker theme. They are Batman (Joker’s main enemy), Harley Quinn (his lover and ally) and Joker figure himself. Besides these models for 3D printing, there are also impressive Halloween masks, canes, clocks, remote switches and guns you can be proud of making on your 3D printer.

Find a selection of top 15 Joker 3D model STL files and eccentric accessories to turn into fantastic 3D prints. These Gotham City “residents” and decorations will impress everyone!

1. Batman Bust

Many people who were waiting for the 2019 Joker release asked, “Will Batman be in the Joker movie?” However, the two famous characters, Batman Who Laughs vs Joker, did not meet that year. Still, you should not avoid adding an impressive villain, as Batman bust, to your collection of 3D printed models.

A hybrid of Joker and Batman looks fantastic. This DC Comics character definitely deserves a spot on your shelf. You can find top-quality STL files with the Batman Who Laughs 3D printing model at Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace.

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The “Jokerized” Batman Who Laughs is cut into 16 parts to make your FDM 3D printing experience as smooth as possible. When assembled, this bust reaches the height of 24 cm (9 inches). SLA/DLP/SLS versions of this 3D printable Batman bust are one-piece models that stand at 12 cm (5 inches) in height.

Batman Who Laughs bust for 3D printing
Batman bust for 3D printing

Download STL files with the Batman bust for 3D printing.

2. Harley Quinn Figure

Harley Quinn is also a famous DC Comics character. She did not appear in the 2019 Joker movie because this film retold the standalone story of Arthur Fleck who became a horrifying Gotham’s villain in a clown mask.

Still, the Harley Quinn figure is a beautiful 3D printing project. Firstly, she is related to a later version of the Joker figurine. Secondly, Harley appeared in the 2019 animated series Harley Quinn and 2020’s movie called Birds of Prey.

There is a fantastic version of a hot Harley Quinn figure for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace. This lady with impressive curves can be turned into an 18 cm (7 inches) tall figurine on your 3D printer.

Here is an 18-cm-tall Harley goddess of crime made by Oliver Chang:

Harley Quinn figurine
Harley Quinn figurine 3D printed by Oliver Chang

This beautiful killer-lady was crafted by Darren Wilson at 200 per cent scale on his Flsun QQS 3D printer:

Harley Quinn figure
Harley Quinn figure 3D printed by Darren Wilson

Download STL files with Harley Quinn figurine for 3D printing.

3. Chibi Harley Quinn Figurine

A “short” or chibi version of Harley Quinn figurine for 3D printing offered at Gambody marketplace also looks impressive. This girl who used to be a gymnast fell under the influence of Joker and became a dangerous female killer in Gotham City.

You will love Gambody’s version of a chibi Harley Quinn statue with three different head styles. This figurine is built of 14 parts, and its height reaches 12 cm (over 4 inches). The project was done by @lumierecorner:

Harley Quinn statue
Maker: lumierecorner

Download premium STLs with chibi Harley Quinn figure for 3D printing.

4. Joker’s Mask

The Joker’s return in 2019 was awaited by many fans of DC Comics. Thus, his famous mask from the movie can be used as your unique Joker’s mask for Halloween.

Download the Joker’s mask STL files and add an impressive accessory to match your costume. You can 3D print this mask as a one-piece or as several parts that will have to be glued together.

Joker's mask
Joker’s mask made by @bstar3dprint.makestl

Do some painting work, and you are ready for a cosplay party.

5. Joker Bust

Thanks to the 2019 movie trailer, some designers had a chance to create a lifelike version of 2019 Joker bust STL files to impress all the fans of this DC Comics villain beforehand.

Today, you can also 3D print a Joker bust that is 15 cm (6 inches) tall. It reminds many of a famous clown-killer character portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix.

Joker bust
Joker bust 3D printed by @bstar3dprint.makestl

Once you paint the well-recognized Joker’s mask on “Joaquin’s” face, you will see a dangerous clown whose shadow hangs over Gotham City.

Since the 2019 Gotham’s prince of crime looks contemporary and modern, some fans of this DC Comics character might have nostalgia for the past. Well, you can watch all the old movies about Joker figure once again. You can also 3D print an old-styled bust of your favourite villain.

3D printed Joker bust
Image source: Etsy shop RJSMedia

There are many great 3D printing models of the “old Joker” figure, so find something to your likes and craft it.

6. Joker Playing Cards

If you or your friends love to play cards or enjoy cosplaying, you will love 3D printed Joker playing cards.

Download STL files with Joker playing cards and craft these two simple projects. One has the famous “J” letter on it along with the “Jokerized” Batman face. The other one comes with the word “Joker” and an image of the black-and-red-clown.

Joker playing cards 3D printed
Image source: Thingiverse

Paint both 3D printed Joker playing cards, and gather your friends for a fun game.

7. Chibi Joker Figurine

Fans of DC Comics villains who already have a chibi Harley Quinn figurine might also like to 3D print a chibi model of her lover. Joker figurine height is nearly 16 cm (6 inches). Still, if you have the knowledge, you can scale it a bit down to match the size of the Gambody’s Harley figure.

Maker: Kleaf

The chibi Joker figurine consists of 7 parts. The 3D model features a face without a mask, a cane weapon, a long coat, pants and barefooted legs.

8. Joker Cane

It is easy to create a life-size replica of Gotham’s prince of crime trusty Joker cane on your 3D printer without leaving your home. All you need are the correct STLs with the Joker cane 3D printing model, some patience and love for painting your project.

Joker cane 3D printed
Image source: Pinshape

Download the files, craft the Joker cane, paint it with acrylics, and your impressive replica is ready. It can be a part of your Halloween costume, or you can use it at the parties.

9. Joker Wall Clock

Enthusiasts who love to 3D print a Joker figure can also spend their free time by crafting an incredible DIY Joker wall clock.

It is a real masterpiece with an imaginary effect. When you look at the clock’s face from a distance, you can clearly observe the Joker’s face. This is how the striped design tricks your imagination.

Joker wall clock
Image source: Cults3D

Download Joker clock DIY STL files and 3D print this fantastic project. The author of this 3D printing model advises changing white filament for black colour as the drawing starts.

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10. Joker Pendant

It is possible to create a beautiful Joker pendant featuring a playing card as a decoration for your chain. Once you find STL files with a 3D printing Joker pendant model, you can craft it yourself.

Joker pendant
Image source: CGTrader

Paint your 3D printed playing cards in your favourite colours. Such a piece-of-card-jewellery looks impressive with any Halloween costume. You can also make it as a unique gift to someone obsessed with the Gotham City theme, and DC Comics 3D printed figurines.

11. Joker Gun

3D printed guns are fantastic additions to any cosplayer. If you are planning to wear a Gotham City prince of crime costume for Halloween or another holiday, you can make your outfit unforgettable. Just add an impressive Joker gun replica from the Suicide Squad film, and you will look unique.

Joker gun
Image source: Etsy shop PageBrosPropShop

While this Joker gun is not used in the 2019 movie, it is still recognized as the weapon that belongs to the famous killer with a clown face.

12. Joker Cookies

It is fun to make Christmas cookies in the form of your favourite movie characters. Why not making Joker cookies and his lover Harley Quinn cakes. Both faces turn impressive on the dough.

Joker cookies
Image source: Etsy shop BakersStreetCutters

Baking with fun cookie cutters 3D printed by you should be much fun. If parents and kids enjoy watching films and playing computer games related to DC Comics, they will be happy to eat Joker cookies.

13. Joker Statue

It is much fun to recreate a Joker statue on your 3D printer at home. The life-like version of the character portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix looks so beautiful as a 3D printing figure.

Download the stunning Joker figurine STL files and work on this incredible model. But before you do this, get inspired by the fantastic 3D printed projects shared by Gambody hobbyists Christian Vogt, Garry Ogden and Suppamit Singmanut.

Joker statue
Joker figure 3D printed by Christian Vogt, Garry Ogden and Suppamit Singmanut

14. Joker Accessories

Fans of DC Comics remember that the famous villain loved to use Joker venom as his toxin weapon in Gotham City. This toxin caused uncontrollable spasms of laughter and could lead to a painful death.

In the Batman movie (1989) Joker venom was released with the help of a remote switch. You can download STL files to 3D print your Joker accessories (remote switch). It can be one of the most impressive Joker accessories to make for Halloween.

Joker accessories
Image source: Cults3D

You can pretend to be the famous Gotham City clown who is about to release the gas and make everyone laugh.

15. Harley Quinn Earrings

If you love Joker figure as much as Harley Quinn does in DC Comics, movies and games, you might like to pretend to be her in cosplay or for Halloween.

3D printed Harley Quinn earrings will look impressive with any costume you wear. These accessories are simple to make and quick to paint. They are recognized with ease.

Such a pair of earrings can become a fantastic gift idea for any holiday a DC Comics fan celebrates every year.

Harley Quinn earrings
Image source: Etsy shop EnterpriseXDDesign

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Each Joker figure and other models from this selection of 15 3D printed figurines and accessories are fun to make. Your new 3D printing project will tell everyone how much you love Gotham City and its residents. So, turn the Joker 3D model into one of the most famous DC Comics villain statues with a clown mask, and share your masterpiece with others. Join Gambody Facebook Group to see what other 3D printing enthusiasts are creating and post the photos of your latest projects.

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