3D Printed Avatar Figurines: STL Files with Movie Characters and Models

The growing world of Avatar will get even more significant in the next few years as more movies are scheduled to release. You can 3D print unique Avatar figurines and models using high-quality STL files and build your fantastic Pandora using a desktop 3D printer.

Each Avatar 3D print will look unique even using the same 3D printing files. So, discover the most impressive Avatar files for 3D printers in our selection of beautiful figurines, statues, collectible figures, toys, and models, and breathe life into your creations.

Avatar figurines

Avatar Figurines

Pandora, the moon in the Alpha Centauri star system, is inhabited by the most impressive sapient humanoid race, Na’vi, introduced to the world by James Cameron in the Avatar (2009 film). The next sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), revealed another clan with whale-like species growing the incredible universe from the original movie. The three more sequels, Avatar 3 (2025), Avatar 4 (2029), and Avatar 5 (2031), might expand this fantasy further.

While waiting for the subsequent film releases, you might love to 3D print such beautiful Avatar movie figures as female Na’vi Neytiri and Jake Sully, who uses a Na’vi-human hybrid but then turns into one of Na’vis for good. Or add a dragon Avatar collectible, the impressive Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson, Avatar: The Way of Water figures, film toys, or something else movie-related to your collection.

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Avatar Toy: 3D Printed Jake Sully

Starting your Avatar figurines collection with a 3D printed figure of Jake Sully is a cool idea! This character plays an essential role in the movies, so it’s hard to imagine the Pandora world without this 3D print.

The former Marine, Jake, appears courageous, inspired by the fantastic world of Pandora and Na’vi’s culture, and deeply in love with Neytiri. As an Avatar toy, he looks imposing and heroic, so download Jake Sully 3D printing figurine STL files to add this fearless character as a life-size statue or mini figure.

Avatar movie figure
Maker: Ficsor Tamás

This static assembly 3D print will stand out among other Avatar figurines because you can feel how courageous Jake is when fighting for Pandora’s and Ha’vi’s race future.

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Avatar Figures: Neytiri

Beautify Neytiri can become your new fantastic Avatar 3D print and accompany a 3D printed Jake Sully figure. You will find these and several other Avatar 3D models on gambody.com, so download Neytiri STL files today to recreate the lovely Na’vi princess who stays with her Omaticaya clan in moments of happiness and danger and dearly loves her homeland.

It’s your chance to create unique Avatar movie toys using a 3D printer and highly-details STLs of the Neytiri static assembly model for 3D printing. This version of Neytiri looks fantastic, showing her courage, love for hunting, and willingness to be a great warrior.

Once you masterfully paint the figure, it will become one of your most precious Avatar collectibles.

Avatar Movie Figure: Toruk

One of the most impressive 3D printing Avatar figurines is the stunning dragon, the flying king lion of Pandora, Toruk. This dangerous predator looks fantastic! Once you download Toruk STL files and 3D print this creature, you can enjoy your time painting it with bright colors and making it look alive.

This Avatar movie figure for 3D printing is a static assembly model. It’s designed to accompany Jake Sully, so make sure you’ll create both characters for your home display or unique toy collection.

Avatar figures
Maker: Ficsor Tamás

In the movie, not every representative of Na’vi race could turn into Toruk Makto. For most, seeing Toruk was the last thing they saw alive. But you shouldn’t be scared of the last shadow if you have a 3D printer because it’s a unique chance to be honored by the title of Toruk Makto by bringing the creature to your shelf.

Avatar 3D model
Maker: Timo Ku

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Avatar 3D Model: Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson

Avatar figurines are not the only collectibles you can create with a 3D printer. The movie inspired designers to create some of military vehicles too. And Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson 3D printing model is one of the active assembly projects you can add to your collection of Avatar movie toys.

Avatar movie toys
Maker: Guilherme Tiemann

The Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson 3D print looks very impressive, so don’t wait; start working on it today. You’ll love the stunning, advanced details, beautiful interior, and fantastic weaponry, including the machine guns and missile launchers.

Enjoy the articulated parts this excellent Avatar 3D model boasts! And remember to check Gambody marketplace for new Avatar 3D models STL files that could help you extend your beautiful collection of movie figurines.

Avatar: The Way of Water figures and original movie collectibles will become even more valuable with the release of Avatar 3, 4, and 5. Go ahead and start 3D printing the most incredible Avatar figurines and models found on the web. Be inspired by movie toys crafted by Gambody hobbyists, and work on your Ha’vi collection to impress other enthusiasts with 3D printers at home.

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