The Most Beautiful 3D Printed Dragon Masterpieces

Fans of miniature wargaming, movies, board, and computer games, who are in love with fire-breathing and incredible fantasy serpent-like creatures can get inspiration from stunning 3D printed dragon masterpieces ever made by Gambody enthusiasts and other creators. Legendary monsters from folklore have made their way into our life through literature, film, and gaming industries, and have become some of the most wanted, beautiful, and best collectibles you can 3D print yourself.

Highly detailed, with their mighty wings spread, some of the best dragon 3D model selections from movies and video games are offered as STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace and other websites. Once you look at the gorgeous 3D printed figurines and statues, you will most likely wish to get yourself an affordable 3D printer to start building these enormous creatures right away (in case you do not have one yet).

3D printed dragon

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3D Printed Dragon

If you are looking for the best 3D printing dragon ideas in movies, you might be impressed with the majestic beasts revealed in Game of Thrones. Its three most recognized magical flying reptiles are Viserion, Drogon, and Rhaegal.

If you adore The Hobbit story, you can 3D print an incredible and fearsome Smaug.

There are also STL files of a mountain dragon 3D model you can turn into a statue for your collection or a miniature for one of the world’s most popular board games Dungeons & Dragons.

The extensive Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace library of STL files offers several legendary 3D dragon models for 3D printing. Each one is highly detailed and perfectly 3D printable, meaning you can make a noble creature with beautiful scales skin, a dangerous grin, enormous wings, and a proud look. Also, you can search the web to find more fantastic ideas!

3D printed dragons

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Dragon 3D Model

Before you download your first (or another) dragon STL file with a mighty creature to build, enjoy a selection of beautiful 3D printed dragons crafted by Gambody enthusiasts. Each work is absolutely breathtaking, detailed, and fantastic, proving how talented these artists and hobbyists are and how much love they put into every model.

Skeleton 3D Dragon

Who said that a 3D printed dragon must necessarily consist of flesh? Fans of the WoW game will surely convince you that the skeleton of a blue creature killed by the Scourge will decorate your collection of figures as a 3D printed masterpiece.

3D dragon
Skeleton dragon 3D model

You will find the 3D model of Frost Wyrm for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace. It is waiting for you to fill its skeleton with power and strength, breathe in energy and let your 3D printer create a beautiful statue from the filament.

Even though these are the remains of what once was a blue dragon, every WoW fan would be happy to become its new rider. Are you willing to conquer this creature and take a flight over the mountains?

Vhagar from Game of Thrones

If you want a unique dragon 3D print, think of working on the Queen of All Dragons, Vhagar from Game of Thrones and House of Dragon. You will love creating this enormous figurine in filament or resin.

Dragon 3D print file
Maker: Greg Lays

Get the Vhagar Dragon STL to extend your collection of 3D printed dragons. The beautiful enormous wings, robust body and legs, and the long tail resting on stones make this model a stunning 3D printing idea.

Free Dragon Keychain & Accessories

Use free dragon STL files to create cute accessories for friends and family. The small 3D printed keychain can fit in your pocket. Such a little thing can become a nice stand for a mobile phone.

Dragon STL
Images: Thingiverse

Kids might be happy to own such a lovely piece, especially if you paint your 3D print into their favorite color.

You can also download the free dragon 3D model to create a unique decoration for your monitor. Let the mighty creature hold to it and remind you how fantastic this fantasy animal is.

Batman Ninja vs. Joker Dragon

Your next 3D printed dragon can arrive right from the Dark Multiverse, where Batman Ninja uses his Katana swords and shurikens to fight with a mighty Joker Dragon. Such an impressive diorama can decorate your shelf or table and surprise fans of American comic books as a gift.

Dragon STL file

You can download the Batman Ninja vs. Joker Dragon STL files to bring this fantastic project to life using your 3D printer and painting skills. The two-tongued creature looks dangerous, but Batman Ninja seems brave enough to stand tough against the villain.

Charizard Huge Dragon

Fans of the Pokemon world can also 3D print dragon figurines. You can even build a fighting scene of Pokemon Pikachu full of electrical power and a giant monster called Charizard.

Pikachu vs Charizard
3D printed battle scene by Pipier Michel

You can download the STL files of this Pokemon 3D dragon diorama on Gambody website. Ensure you use bright colors to paint the well-known companions of Ash Ketchum on their battlefield.

Once your 3D printed dragon is finished, you can add this Battle of Pokemon piece to your display shelf. Enjoy both making and painting this project!

Chinese Dragon 3D Printing Model

You might enjoy working on the Fin Fang Foom figurine if you love Chinese dragons. This Makluan reminds some of us of one for sure even though he is an alien who came to our world from the Greater Magellanic Cloud.

Fin Fang Foom
Fin Fang Foom 3D model

Those who love Marvel Comics know this supervillain for sure. This giant creature used to be the enemy of Iron Man and the Hulk. Thus, if you already have 3D prints of these characters you might as well like to add a 3D printed dragon to your collection.

This Makluan hopes to conquer other planets, but you can ensure that it will not (or will) succeed after placing the piece on your shelf.

Articulated Dragon STL

It is easy to revive a toy animal if you print not a solid figurine but a jointed or articulated dragon. And thanks to dedicated designers, you can find the free STL files of a jointed Brag figure and Ender Dragon.

Articulated dragon STL
Images: Cults

Both 3D models are available at no cost, which means you only need some filament, your 3D printer, and your time to make them real. You can turn such projects into collectible figurines or make one-of-a-kind toys for your little ones.

If you want your articulated dragon to require no support while 3D printing, you might be happy to pay a small fee for the 3D model. Here is a flexible beast that needs no support:

Does the articulated dragon need support?
Image credit: MyMiniFactory

Rhaegal, Drogon, Viserion 3D Prints

The three dragons Viserion, Drogon, and Rhaegal were born at the same time in Game of Thrones. They all look alike, and at the same time, they have some distinguishing features.

For example, Viserion boasts dark scales and blue-grey accents on the spinal crest and wing bones. This creature has deep blue eyes, dull teeth, and claws. The mighty beast looks mysterious in the fantasy drama series and becomes a trophy to many fans of 3D printing. Depending on the icy accents you wish to add to this figurine, you can paint it any shade of blue, navy blue, purple, or any other color you have on your mind.

Here is a gorgeous 3D printed dragon by Sascha Wesler with the use of satin purple filament that makes the figurine extra shiny, glossy and fantasy-like:

3D printed Viserion by Sascha Wesler

Viserion also looks impressive in the blue color. This dragon 3D print is made by Replikatta 3D Fanwork:

Dragon 3D print
Beautiful figure by Replikatta 3D Fanwork

The detailed face and the overall look of another Viserion replica finished by @loja3dcoisas also amazes:

3D print dragon
Great project by @loja3dcoisas (Instagram)

This famous creature looks incredible no matter what season of the year it is. However, if you add some ‘snow’ and pine trees to the scene like it was done by @3dgeekshow, you will focus on the enormous size of Viserion and outline its mighty dark statue on the lighter background:

Ice dragon
Maker: @3dgeekshow (Instagram)

The idea to outline the icy-shaded Viserion with white color is also brilliant. Here is a beautiful 3D printed dragon made by Linky FromHyrule:

3D printed Game of Thrones dragon
Maker: Linky FromHyrule

Creating a 136 cm wide by 70 cm tall 3D printed dragon using a home 3D printer is rather exciting. Look at this gorgeous figurine made by Jonathan Mantel:

Game of Thrones collectible figurine
Giant 3D printed dragon by Jonathan Mantel (JM MAKER)

This beautiful beast was finished by Stuart Hardy:

Printing a beast
Maker: Stuart Hardy

This freshly 3D printed Viserion figurine is colored grey for now, but the size of its wingspan reaching approximately 150 cm impresses. It is created by Reuben Burciaga:

3D printing a creature
Dragon 3D print by Reuben Burciaga

The second beast, Drogon from Game of Thrones, is similar to Viserion in its excellent shape, dangerous posture, and enormous wings. While resembling its sibling, this beautiful creature also has its unique features. The scales on its skin are colored black and red (instead of blue). Its wings also have the same dark and red shades.

Here are incredible examples of how the Viserion 3D model becomes a 3D printed version of Drogon depending on its color. This gorgeous scene is built by Jun Yap:

Drogon 3D model
Maker: Jun Yap

This striking black-and-red 3D printed Drogon figurine was crafted by Jason Skidmore:

Red and black beast
Views of 3D printed dragons: Jason Skidmore

A fantastic beast statue can decorate your battlefield and become a gorgeous hero of your photoshoot. Here is an outstanding example of a 3D printed dragon by Aelia Petro:

Big animal figurine
Maker: Aelia Petro

You can never get enough 3D printed beasts if you love Game of Thrones. Here is a beautiful Drogon figurine made by Darren Wilson:

Fantasy creature
Maker: Darren Wilson

Rhaegal is also a famous character from Game of Thrones. Its distinguishing features are red and green shades on the body and wings.

Here is a lovely dragon 3D print made by Timo Ku that looks like a perfect canvas for making any Game of Thrones character depending on the chosen coloring options:

Purple and black 3D print
Maker: Timo Ku

As you can see, Gambody offers universal dragon 3D model STL files for 3D printing allowing you to build one or all three of the impressive Game of Thrones beasts. Everything solemnly depends on your desire, filament color, and painting work. So, which character will you make?

Download STLs for making a fantastic 3D printed dragon: Drogon, Rhaegal, or Viserion.

The Dragon King

After playing Final Fantasy many 3D printing hobbyists love to recreate their most beloved characters. Thus, if you love both the game and dragons, why not 3D print the Bahamut 3D model?

Bahamut 3D print by @3DPIceland (Twitter)

Those who love Arab myths can also bring to life the summoned monster well known as The Dragon King. While in the game, Bahamut can attack with the powerful energy ray, this won’t happen if you place your 3D printed masterpiece in your room.

Bahamut can be a nice addition to your collection of other Final Fantasy 3D prints, such as Tifa, Aerith, and others.

Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

When in the evening you want to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work, it’s great to drink a sip of red or white wine. And fantasy beast lovers know that any wine will taste much better if the bottle is placed in a special holder in the shape of a 3D printed dragon.

3D print bottle holder

The dangerous and magnificent creatures that don’t exist in our world can become real if you have a 3D printer at home. You can download the dragon 3D model STL files and recreate this stunning bottle holder in any color of your choice.

Free your imagination just like your creature frees its wings, and decorate your kitchen with some unique and useful things.

3D Print Smaug

A famous winged and fiery creature from The Hobbit novel, Smaug also looks astonishing as a 3D printed dragon. This monster loves treasure and enjoys resting on his hoard.

From the novel, Smaug migrated to the movie adaption of The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug, and The Battle of the Five Armies), and later it was featured in the collection of premium Gambody dragon STL files.

Some film critics believe that Smaug is one of the best creatures in movies ever depicted. This most fabulous beast has a vast body, enormous wings, dark skin with red shades, and fierce golden eyes. However, you can get inspiration from Gambody 3D printing enthusiasts, download Smaug STL files, build it and paint your figurine how your fantasy suggests you.

For example, hobbyist Timo Ku chose to 3D print Smaug and use a beautiful ‘mystic brown’ filament color to bring it to life:

3D printed dragon by Timo Ku

This gorgeous Smaug was made by Trần Hữu Phước:

3D printing Smaug
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

If you also wish to 3D print this figure, download Smaug 3D model STL files and breathe life into the creature.

Mountain Dragon STL

Fans of the D&D fantasy board game or similar tabletop games might love to add a majestic mountain beast to the collection of their 3D printed dragons, and it mustn’t be an articulated dragon. A static figure works fine.

A gorgeous mountain dragon 3D model for printing offered on Gambody marketplace can be 3D printed on your own and painted to your desire. You can make it smaller or bigger, couple it with other powerful collectible beast statues to make fantastic dioramas, or 3D print the creature it as a solid one-piece figurine to bring more fun to your D&D adventures.

Get inspired by some incredible 3D printed dragons created by talented people. For instance, this beautiful 3D print was made by two outstanding Gambody enthusiasts Rocco Larocca and Fabrizio Bandiera:

Mountain dragon
Makers: Rocco Larocca and Fabrizio Bandiera

Here is another idea of how to finish your 3D printed mountain dragon with stunning metallic blue and green color shades. This figurine was made by Troesch Lucas, and it turned out fantastic:

3D printing dragons
Maker: Troesch Lucas

Download Mountain dragon STL files for 3D printing a beautiful figurine.

Deathwing STL Files

Among 3D printed dragons, Deathwing undoubtfully stands out. This power beast from the WoW world knows how to appear unexpectedly and how to make everyone fear his rage and the damage caused.

The leader of the Black Dragonflight is known as the Destroyer. This creature loves to destroy everything it touches, even in the form of a dragon 3D model.

Download the Deathwing STL file to let the figurine unleash its destruction on your 3D printer bed. The figure shadowing over the ruined Stormwind City castle looks ruthless and powerful, and you can always choose your color palette with this fantastic WoW character.

Get inspired by a beautiful piece printed and painted by newbie Alex Simard. His excellent ability to mix different colors has led to a fantastic result! The 3D printed dragon looks incredible!

Deathwing 3D printed in resin by Alex Simard

Feel free to tame your 3D print as done by talented Annie Moberg. Even though this 3D printed Deathwing looks cute and well-behaved, he also knows how to put terror in a castle in Annie’s driveway.

Deathwing 3D print
Deathwing WoW beast 3D printed and tamed by Annie Moberg

How much do you like each 3D printed dragon made by incredibly talented hobbyists? We are sure that you also have your favorite beasts from movies, games, and books you would enjoy adding to your collection. Share your suggestions on Gambody Facebook Group and get inspired by many more impressive collectible figurines and statues built by enthusiasts from all over the world on their 3D printers.


How to 3D print a dragon?

Watch a timelapse of 3D printing, painting, and assembling one of the best dragons in movie history, Viserion from Game of Thrones:

How long does it take to 3D print a 3D dragon?

When it comes to printing 3D models, the time always depends on the complexity of your project, its size, your 3D printer, and the type of 3D printing material.

Here are the estimates for 3D printing some of the dragons covered in Gambody’s post:

  • High-poly WoW Frost Wyrm figure, 200 STL files (FFF/FDM), over 100 hours to 3D print;
  • Detailed Deathwing model, 15 STL files (DLP/SLA), over 120 hours to 3D print;
  • Gorgeous Smaug, 44 STL files (FFF/FDM), over 500 hours to 3D print;
  • Mountain Dragon solid version, slightly over 39 hours to 3D print;
  • Viserion, DLP/SLA Eco version, under 50 hours to 3D print.

Does the articulated dragon need support?

Some solid figurines and models with jointed (articulated) parts of the bodies require support, but others don’t. For example, when you choose to breathe life into Viserion from, you need to use a small number of support structures. But you can find flexible 3D models online that require no support. Thus, your 3D printed dragon can be a nice no-support project.

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