Game of Thrones 3D Print Ideas: Miniatures, Figures, Dragon Models

Over 44 million people from 170+ countries who watched Game of Thrones fell in love with the TV series characters. No wonder that the release of A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game in 2018 gained momentum popularity. And today, as more 3D printers become affordable, enthusiasts can craft their beloved characters and accessories for wargame gameplay or personal collection. So, get inspired by the fantastic Game of Thrones 3D print ideas.

Recreating Game of Thrones swords, castles, action figures, undead dragon models and dragon eggs, iron throne replica, iconic crown, various 3D models and accessories is super convenient with a 3D printer.

Game of Thrones 3D Models

With the largest cast in the history of TV shows, GoT was on everybody’s lips every time a new season came out. This super popular series keeps inspiring cosplayers and 3D printing enthusiasts from all over the world today. You can also 3D print Game of Thrones 3D models of dragons, castles, props and figurines once you download the detailed STL files and turn on your 3D printer.

The fantastic props and Game of Thrones 3D print ideas make it easy to stand out from the crowd. So, if you decide to flaunt a cosplay costume or 3D print figurines for your A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game, impress everyone today!

There are seven houses in the GoT, each representing noble families intertwined in political intrigue. Regardless of the house you support, you will enjoy these 3D printing Game of Thrones miniatures, swords, accessories and figures.

Game of Thrones Swords for 3D Printing

The sword is the main accessory of most characters in the Game of Thrones TV series due to the violence that crosses the series like a red thread.

Here are some of the cool swords you can 3D print as a GoT fan and use for cosplay.

Game of thrones sword 3D printed

3D printed Ice Sword. Image: MyMiniFactory

You can download the Ice Sword 3D model for printing on MyMiniFactory and get Arya Stark’s needle STL files on Thingiverse.

Game of Thrones swords for 3D printing

3D printed Game of Thrones swords. Images: Thingiverse

Or you can 3D print Jaime Lannister sword, work on a 3D printed House Stark sword mount, etc.

P.S. You can also upscale the Night King sword STL file from Gambody to make this stunning replica separately from the Game of Thrones 3D print.

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Game of Thrones Castle Model

The miniature versions of the Tower of Joy and the Meereen castle make an excellent tabletop environment for A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game players.

The Tower of Joy is the birthplace of John Snow, the man around whom all the events of the TV series take place. It is also said that Lyanna Stark was found dead inside the tower by her brother Eddard after the battle occurred there.

Game of Thrones castles

The castle of Meereen is a fortress inside the city-state of Meereen, the largest one on the Slaver’s Bay. Tall solid walls with towers surround it. By the time Daenerys gets to the city, there were three slaves per capita.

Both castles become stunning Game of Thrones city models once 3D printed. The maker of such 3D print recommends upscaling the castle with a tower and promises that you will not lose detailing.

You can find a nice Game of Thrones castle model for 3D printing on MyMiniFactory here and there.

Game of Thrones Dragon 3D Model

Dragons are powerful reptile-like creatures with scales along their back. They breathe fire, and thus, they can cook their meal before eating it. Dragons are connected to magic, and this is how Daenerys discovered how to hatch the dragon eggs she received as a gift for her wedding.

And now you can add a dangerous Game of Thrones dragon 3D model to your collection of 3D prints without fear it will set your house on fire. The 3D printed figurine, which STL files you can download here, is absoutely safe for your A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game.


Fans of large scale Game of Thrones 3D models will be happy to 3D print the Viserion Ice Dragon 3D printing figurine. It is a highly detailed beast that can look like any of the three dragons tamed by Daenerys, depending on their colours.

Many talented Gambody enthusiasts worked hard on bringing Viserion and Drogon 3D model to life with their 3D printers. You can adorn their fantastic 3D printed projects and get inspired for your next creations.

Game of Thrones undead dragon 3D print

Viserion 3D printed by Gary Hendricks

GoT 3D printed dragon

Drogon made by Darren Wilson

A Song and Ice and Fire miniatures

Large-scale dragon 3D printed by Minh Tran

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs for 3D Printing

The gift that Daenerys received at her wedding turned out to be very useful for her future. The dragon eggs hatched, following a display of magic by Daenerys into three dragons that became her allies.

Game of Thrones dragon eggs

The Game of Thrones dragon egg 3D model for 3D printing imitate the scales on the shells. Once printed and painted, nobody will tell that they are not real. So, download the dragon egg miniatures here and print one in any material you want.

GOT Models

The list of famous GoT models for 3D printing has many great names perfect for either A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game or your collection of Game of Thrones 3D print masterpieces.

These are the most famous Game of Thrones 3D models you can work on today.

1. Daenerys GoT 3D Print

Daenerys was a shy girl in her teens at the beginning of the GoT TV series. Thanks to events that made her stronger, she transformed into a strong, courageous and confident woman. Daenerys managed to lead an entire army to fight against slavery and injustice. She is best known as the mother of dragons.

Daenerys Game of Thrones action figures

We found a lovely Daenerys Game of Thrones 3D model for printing we hope you will enjoy replicating. You can download the bust’s STL files on MyMiniFactory here.

2. Tyrion Lannister 3D Model for Printing

Tyrion Lannister is a member of the House of Lannisters. Although born in one of the wealthiest and strongest families, Tyrion uses his status to weaken the injustice he has been facing from his family members.

He knows that his family has slight chances of keeping everything together after the peaceful reign of King Baratheon. He escaped death several times, but at a high cost that can get him into more danger.

Tyrion Lannister

For those who find the character of Tyrion Lannister interesting, there’s a 3D printing version available here.

There is also a stunning GoT Tyrion Lannister 3D model STL files on Gambody marketplace. Only look at the incredible figurines made by Bullets Ie and Edu Morales LLobet.

Tyrion Lannister 3D Model for Printing

Tyrion Lannister 3D printed by Bullets Ie and Edu Morales LLobet

3. Arya Stark 3D Model for Printing

Known as Hero of Winterfell, Arya Stark played a vital role in the outcome of the Battle of Ice and Fire. This heroic girl learned martial arts and mastered her fighting skills to face the Night King himself. And she can now protect your Game of Thrones 3D print collection.

You can download Arya Stark 3D model STL files to 3D print this ruthless yet fragile-looking character for your collection of GoT models. Meanwhile, look at the photos of 3D printed Arya Stark figurines made by Gambody hobbyists.

Arya Stark 3D Model for Printing

Arya Stark 3D printed by Edu Morales LLobet and Thomas Hlinka

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4. Night King 3D Model for Printing

The first of the White Walkers, Night King, acquired a vast Army of the Dead to conquer the world of the alive.

This blue-eye pale man and his army began the Long Night. And you can extend it or finish by 3D printing the legendary Game of Thrones 3D model. Download the Night King figurine STL files to recreate the danger that inhabited the Lands of Always Fear.

Night King 3D Model for Printing

Night King 3D printed by Annie Moberg and Darren Juniper

5. Wight Horse 3D Print

With powerful magic, the White Walker raised the horse corpse turning it into one of the Wights. This fantasy creature requires no provision to support its undead state. It travels with the Army of the Dead carrying the Night King on its back.

Get the Wight Horse figurine STL files for 3D printing to reanimate this dead animal for your GoT models collection or bring it into the service of your 3D printed Night King.

Wight Horse 3D Print

Wight Horse 3D printed by Bullets Ie and Heyn Dewin

Night King Mask

The Night King mask worn by the leader of the Wights can become a stunning prop for Halloween or any costume party. If you haven’t printed any of the Game of Thrones swords yet, you can prepare for cosplay events by recreating this iconic mask.

Night King mask

Make sure to paint your work with pale blue shades to resemble this mysterious character. You can download the Night King mask STL files for 3D printing here.

Game of Thrones Crown 3D Model

If there’s a king, there must be a crown. This Game of Thrones 3D model of a crown is an accurate replica of Joffrey Baratheon’s as seen in the TV series.

The crown is split into four parts for easy 3D printing and sits at 23 cm (9 inches) in diameter. Of course, you can scale it up or down for a perfect fit. You can 3D print this Game of Thrones accessory yourself or have it 3D printed in precious metal.

Game of Thrones crown

Cosplayers and enthusiasts who love to 3D print their accessories at home can visit MyMiniFactory to get Joffrey’s crown. And users who would instead order a ready-to-use polished gold steel Game of Thrones crown can go here.

Throne 3D Model

Of course, there’s a legendary throne in a TV show titled GoT. Many have fallen in the fight to sit on this sword throne.

The Iron Throne sits in the Great Hall of the Red Keep in the city of King’s Landing. Forged from 1,000 swords melted by Aegon’s dragon, it has been bent into what makes the most majestic throne in television history.

Game of Thrones Iron Throne replica for 3D Printing

The Iron Throne 3D model replica is not as imposing as seen on the screen. Nevertheless, you can 3D print this Game of Thrones piece to keep as a totem in your house.

You can download Game of Thrones sword throne STL files for 3D printing to make your replica of the iconic piece.

Game of Thrones Logo for 3D Printing

If you wish to replicate the famous TV series logo you see every time a new episode starts, use the Game of Thrones logo for 3D printing. For the die-hards of the show, it can be a great wall decor, shelf, or table piece.

Game of Thrones logo

We found two options of GoT logo model’s STL files for you. You can either 3D print the one found here or here. And it is easy to search the web if you are looking for more unique accessories for A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game.

Game of Thrones Models of Sigils for 3D Printing

There are seven houses in the GoT TV series. Each of them has a motto and a sigil to distinguish itself from the others. The Game of Thrones models of sigils, which you can 3D print, show their different personalities and what they stand strong for.

Game of Thrones sigils

Here they are:

  • The North House – or the House ruled by the Stark family. Their motto is “Winter is coming”. The sigil of the house shows a grey direwolf on a white background.
  • The Riverlands – or the House ruled by the Tullys. The motto is “Family, duty, honour”, and the sigil shows a silver trout on a blue and red background.
  • The Vale – or the Arryn House ruled by the Arryn family since forever. The House motto is “As high as honour”, and the sigil represents a white falcon and a crescent moon on a blue background.
  • The Stormlands – or the House Baratheon. The motto of this house is “Ours is the fury”, and the sigil is a black stag on a golden background.
  • The Westerlands – or the House Lannister. Their motto is “Hear me roar!” and has no connection to Katy Perry’s song ;). And, of course, the sigil is a golden lion on a crimson background.
  • The Reach – or the House Tyrell. Their motto is “Growing strong”, meaning that they get stronger, no matter what. The sigil is a golden rose on a green background.
  • The Principality of Dorne – or the House Martell. This house’s motto is “Unbowed, unbent, unbroken”, or to put in other words – “We will stand strong, no matter what”. The sigil is a red sun pinned by a golden spear on an orange background.

If you wish to 3D print your favourite Game of Thrones sigils, you can find some superb replicas on Thingiverse here.

Game of Thrones Accessories for 3D Printing

Various GoT accessories and playable miniatures can inspire your next creations.

There are pieces of jewellery that the main characters of the TV series wear. From necklaces and rings to cufflinks, all these accessories are inspired by the items from Game of Thrones. As a true fan, you would like to have one in your jewellery box.

GoT Cufflings

You can download GoT Daenerys Targaryen necklace STL files for 3D printing, get the 3D printed ring, recreated gold pendant and GoT cufflinks and other 3D printing items, etc.

Fans of a chess game can 3D print Game of Throne miniatures chess set as a gift set for their family or friends. Such accessories will become unique collectables you will be proud of.

Game of Throne miniatures chess 3D printed

Game of Throne miniatures chess. Image: Thingiverse


You will have many fantastic moments while making A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game pieces and working on your large-scale Game of Thrones 3D print pieces. Which of the project intrigued you enough to make it right away? We would like to see the photos of your stunning 3D printed dragons, city models, castles and figurines. Give us a shout out in our Facebook Group by posting a picture of your masterpiece.

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