Amazing Halloween 3D Prints: 3D Printed Costumes and Decorations (Ideas 2023)

The popularity of 3D printing technologies makes dressing up for All Saints’ Eve a breeze. There are many incredible ideas for Halloween 3D prints to bring to life in 2023. You can make jaw-dropping 3D printed ghosts, costumes, scary masks of your favorite villains, unique props, pumpkins, decorations, exclusive armor, etc.

It is fantastic to see glowing 3D printed pumpkin jack-o-lanterns on the porches, standing ghost installations, spooking skeletons, and monsters crawling out of the fake graves. And it is even more incredible to use Halloween STL files, turning them into haunted mansion decorations and DIY cosplay costumes, masks, figures, and display models.

Halloween 3D prints

Halloween 3D Prints

Celebrating a new season of unspeakable joys is fun with some of the most incredible Halloween 3D prints, decoration ideas, 3D printed ghosts, and costumes. Get inspired by Halloween STL files of masks, suits, jewelry, accessories, and decorations for your home, and feel the true spirit of the holiday in your heart.

Some 3D printed Halloween decorations look horrifying. Others amaze and put a smile on a face. Using the best STL files 2023, you can become a monster or develop one-of-a-kind Star Wars, a Rick and Morty couple costume, exclusive Mandalorian or Dungeon and Dragon costume ideas, and more! You can put on a realistic DIY Joker mask from the 2019 movie about this killer clown. You can 3D print a fantastic Iron Man suit for your child or work on other TV character Halloween costumes.

The most impressive 3D printed Halloween costumes, decorations, and models with STL files for 2023 are put together in separate categories below for the year’s spookiest night.

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Rick and Morty Couple Costume

What TV character Halloween costumes are couples searching for in 2023? Fans of the series by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are willing to recreate Rick and Morty couple costume, surprising their friends and family with an incredible disguise.

Rick and Morty couple costume
Image source: Thingiverse

Having a 3D printer at home simplifies your preparation for the creepiest holiday of the year. So get some resin or filament, download Rick and Morty couple costume masks STL files, and start creating a fantastic project today!

3D printed Halloween mask
Images: Thingiverse

Among many excellent TV character Halloween costumes in 2023, your 3D printed Rick Sanchez Halloween mask and Morty mask will still look stylish, trendy, and impressive. These cosplay pieces resemble the main characters of the TV series Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Their crazy-looking eyes and face grins show a genius scientist who always causes mayhem across the universe and his neurotic grandson, who often becomes a part of Rick’s misadventures.

Such 3D printed Halloween masks make a unique Rick and Morty couple costume. But you might have to hand-make pupils from paper and glue them on the eyeballs to finish the looks.

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TV character Halloween costumes

3D Printed Halloween Costume

Before jumping into a new horror movie marathon this year, ensure you have a 3D printed Halloween costume of a monster, MechWarrior, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Stormtrooper, Wonder Woman, Mandalorian, Rick and Morty, Dungeon and Dragon, ghost, or another character. Or you can 3D print an accessory to complete your child’s pirate costume.

Check the best 3D printed costumes for Halloween to bring to life in 2023.

1. Iron Man Suit

This Iron Man suit 3D model is one of the most popular TV character Halloween costumes among the fans of this Marvel Comics character in 2023. Why? Firstly, it resembles the superhero from the 2008 film. Secondly, it looks stunning and can be used by cosplayers on various occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas parties, and Halloween.

While this Iron Man MK6 costume is one of the best 3D printed costumes in 2023, it is uncomfortable to wear, as noted by people who made it.

3D printed costume
Image source: Thingiverse

Initially, it is meant for men who are 1.8 meters (5.9 feet) tall and weigh about 80 kg (176 lbs). If you also want to decorate your home with a giant Marvel character, learn how to 3D print a lifesize Iron Man statue.

3D printed Halloween costume of Iron Man MK6

2. Evil Demon Baby Belly

Here is one of the scariest 3D printed costumes for adults that looks no less exciting year after year. Even in 2023, if you put on this crazy belly, you will creep everyone out.

This fabulous “belly” would look especially great on women. The evil demon baby belly Halloween costume prop gives a weird pregnancy feeling. Your friends and people around you might imagine that a demon baby is about to burst out of you.

3D printed Halloween costume
Image source: Thingiverse

To make this 3D printed Halloween costume look better, have a belly, put on a tight T-shirt, and insert the “baby parts” your 3D printer makes for you.

3. DIY Dr. Finkelstein Costume

Do you remember The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton? Dr. Finkelstein’s character is in it, which you can turn into an incredible and jaw-dropping 3D printed Halloween costume 2023.

This idea is perfect for kids who wish to stand out in the crowd and are tired of ordinary costumes of witches, vampires, mummies, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, etc.

Jim Clark’s son as Dr. Finkelstein

With the DIY Dr. Finkelstein costume, you only need a 3D printer, 3D scanner, your child, some paints, and regular clothes (a white T-shirt and pants or jeans). The result will surely be stunning.

4. 3D Print Stormtrooper Costume

For many Star Wars fans, it is not enough to 3D print Stormtrooper costume helmets. Some people wish to make movie replica costumes at home and turn into an Imperial soldier from head to toe. It can be a great Halloween or cosplay idea this year, especially if you are impatiently waiting for the next season of The Mandalorian TV series.

When you prepare to 3D print the costume of this Stormtrooper, remember that it is a complicated project that takes many hours of 3D printing, painting, and assembling. Jerry Berg (Barnacules Nerdgasm) completed it and created a gorgeous cosplay with the suit and helmet designed by Lloyd Roberts.

3D printed costumes
Jerry Berg in a 3D printed Halloween costume of a Stormtrooper

While you cannot download Halloween STL files with the complete stormtrooper costume, you can get STLs with the helmet and TFA blaster models to 3D print on your own.

Jerry Berg (Barnacules Nerdgasm) about making a stormtrooper costume

5. Ghost Rider Costume

Putting on a skull mask and a leather jacket with a chain is not enough if you wish to become a real Ghost Rider. Mike Warren, for example, created a fantastic 3D printed Halloween costume and added a cloud of smoke and glowing eyes for more realism.

With the help of a vape, Mike generated the smoke in his 3D printed Halloween mask. The eyes look like fire thanks to the LEDs that glow inside the skull mask.

Mike Warren as a Ghost Rider

3D printing enthusiasts with imagination can follow Mike’s steps to create something similar and look like a Ghost Rider on All Saints’ Eve or a cosplay event.

6. Jason Voorhees Costume DIY

Using a 3D printer, you can easily craft a mask of Jason Voorhees and make one of the scariest movie replica costumes ever. Several Jason’s busts and figurines are offered on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace. Some tech knowledge will let you cut the mask and scale it to fit your head.

You can do the same with the head of Freddy Krueger and recreate the scene from the 2003’s movie Freddy vs. Jason. Such 3D printed cosplay ideas can amaze all your friends!

Here is a fantastic and creepy-looking DIY Jason Voorhees costume made by Patrick Sevigny:

3D print costume
Maker: Patrick Sevigny

Download STLs with Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger 3D printable models.

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7. Jack Skellington Costume DIY

Suppose your child wears a 3D printed Halloween costume of Dr. Finkelstein. In that case, you can craft another character from The Nightmare Before Christmas for yourself. Let it be the Jack Skellington suit.

Chris Bermant created this masterpiece. It took him over 100 hours to 3D print all 29 parts of the Jack Skellington cosplay costume. He spent much time gluing all the pieces together, spraying the mask white to give it its skeletal look, and adding the black color to the nose, eyes, and mouth.

Jack Skellington Halloween costume
Maker: Chris Bermant

The final 3D printed Jack Skellington mask weighs over 1.3 kg (3 lbs). You can also download the Jack Skellington mask STL files and complete your 3D printing cosplay outfit with a black-and-white striped suit, gloves, and a white T-shirt.

8. Thor Jane Foster Costume

Not only men and kids love to look spooky on All Hallow’s Eve. Women also deserve incredible costumes.

Moms and ladies who love Marvel Comics can turn into Jane Foster in 2023. Someone has already 3D printed this character’s beautiful helmet, breastplate, and armor.

Thor Jane Foster Halloween costume 3D printed
Model: GracieTheCosplayLass (Instagram)

Take a look at some fantastic GracieTheCosplayLass’s photos. This 3D printed costume is excellent for Halloween. A real woman looks like a superhero lady.

9. Pirate Costume for Kids

An outfit of a pirate is among the never-boring ideas of 3D printed Halloween costume ideas for children. Your son or daughter, who likes cartoons and TV series about pirates, can quickly become one.

You can 3D print a hook, perfect for a 4-5-year-old hand. If your child is older, scale the Halloween STL file and create a more significant project.

3D printed pirate Halloween costume
Image source: Cults

Complete the look with an eye patch, hat, and fun clothes, and your little pirate will amaze everyone while trick-or-treating this fall.

10. Drop Dead Gorgeous Halloween Costume

Ladies look beautiful in any outfit. But model Jessica Dru Johnson left no chance for other women to look impressive on Halloween. Aiman Akhtar from Los Angeles designed the cosplay costume she wore. It was 3D printed and finished in four months.

Drop Dead Gorgeous 3D printed Halloween costume
Designer: Aiman Akhtar

As you can judge by the final photos, this 3D printed Drop-Dead Gorgeous Halloween costume is outstanding and brilliant. The addition of fiber optic cables makes the outfit look alive and attracts a lot of attention.

11. Mandalorian Costume Ideas

Even before winning the 7 Emmy Awards in 2021, The Mandalorian became a stunning TV series with many fantastic characters you could be. You can find many versions of the iconic Din Djarin helmet and armor STL files online and other Mandalorian costume ideas for Halloween 2023.

Like Gambody’s enthusiast Tom Anton, creative hobbyists work hard on bringing to life a fully 3D printed Mandalorian costume for cosplay events or Halloween parties.

Mandalorian costume ideas
3D printed Mandalorian helmet and armor by Tom Anton

Tom’s pictures from Comic-Con in Prague look incredible! Do you agree that this movie replica costume looks very cool?

12. Batman Costume

Your best 3D printed Halloween costume could be Batman himself. Of course, it would require more than a day to prepare one.

Gauntlet FX and Crimson Coscrafts 3D modeled and 3D printed a stunning Arkham Origins Batman suit. The Dark Knight’s colors helped the team to make one of the most impressive Batman costumes ever.

3D printed Batman Halloween costume
3D printed Batman cosplay costume. Photos shared by Gauntlet FX

Anyone interested in the same 3D printable model could contact Gauntlet FX on Facebook and get all the details.

13. Wonder Woman Costume DIY

A woman whose husband has a 3D printer at home or who can 3D print herself and loves the Wonder Woman character can transform into this heroine. An Amazonian warrior can make any Halloween cosplay party so much prettier!

3D printed Wonder Woman Halloween costume
3D printed Wonder Woman armor and tiara by Freddyanimator

You can download the 3D printing files of Wonder Woman costume accessories (cosplay armor and tiara) shared by Freddyanimator. Complete these DIY details with any red mini dress or red t-shirt and a blue skirt, and you will be ready to discover your inner power.

14. 3D Print Costume of a Dinosaur

Anyone can turn an ordinary hoodie into a dinosaur costume. You will need a 3D printer, LED lights, and STL files of dinosaur spikes and bases.

3D print costume of a dinosaur for Halloween
3D printed dinosaur spikes by doughsk8er and metalnat

Once you decide on the number of spikes, you can introduce LED lights inside and decorate your clothes with this perfect-for-Halloween accessory by sewing or pinning each spike in its place. Or it could be one of the glow-in-dark Halloween costumes if you use the correct 3D printing filament.

15. Infinity Gauntlet Glove

Anyone can now control the six Infinity Stones. Just download the Infinity Gauntlet Glove STL files and 3D print this robust Uru glove made by the Dwarves and used by Thanos.

Only imagine your stunning 3D printed cosplay glove of infinity. Hobbyist Minh Tran used colorful PLA filament to make the glove and stones without painting the pieces. It took him a week to finish this project.

Infinity Gauntlet Glove Halloween 3D printed props
Infinity Gauntlet Glove 3D printed by Minh Tran

You can also recreate the iconic Gauntlet Glove prop. Also, if you know the basics of 3D modeling, you could adjust the size to fit your left hand and forearm!

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16. Gemini Saga Costume

It is easy to become one of your generation’s most potent Gold Saints by recreating the Gemini Saga 3D printed Halloween costume. If your 3D printer supports OBJ files, you can immediately download the Gemini 3D printable model parts.

Gemini Saga costume
Gemini Saga costume for 3D printing by Stefano

A 3D printed helmet will complete your outfit. To play keeper of the third temple, paint your Halloween costume golden colors.

17. Witch-King of Angmar Costume

Transform into Sauron’s great captain if you love the Lord of the Rings universe and believe it is one of the scariest adult costumes. The fantastic Middle-earth atmosphere is perfect for 3D printed cosplay events and home parties. So, meeting the Witch-King of Angmar among witches, skeletons, and ghosts is not surprising.

Witch-King of Angmar 3D printed costume
Images by prototypeboy

Reddit user prototypeboy downloaded STL files of Witch-King gauntlets, helmet, and sword, adjusted the scale for himself, and 3D printed a lifelike cosplay armor using his FlashForge Finder. Halloween 3D prints always look incredible, and you can recreate this idea too!

18. Iron Man Rescue Costume

Cosplayer/costume designer Shannon Rona 3D printed a fantastic Iron Man rescue suit from Avengers: Endgame on Creality Ender 3 Pro. All the parts were made in PLA filament.

3D printed suits
3D printed Iron Man costume by Shannon Rona (@srona58 on Instagram)

The electronics introduced into this suit make it stunning. Now pretend that it is you wearing such an impressive cosplay outfit with lighted eyes. Won’t you amaze everyone?

19. Stargate Anubis Costume

If you enjoyed watching the Stargate SG-1 TV series, you could be happy to transform into an Anubis character. He was once one of the most potent Goa’uld Grandmasters. You can recreate his iconic mask to complete your costume for Halloween or cosplay.

Stargate Anubis 3D printed costume
Image: cgtrader

Download Anubis helmet STL files, and once you 3D print and assemble this project, your outfit will be ready. Be the only one of this kind at any party!

20. Loki Costume

Become an alternate version of Loki by recreating his iconic headpiece from the TV series. Reddit user otto454z already knows how it is to be trapped in his crime thriller.

Loki costume 3D printed for cosplay or Halloween
Images by otto454z

You can also travel in time by watching Loki and 3D printing Loki’s Halloween costume. Download STL files of Loki crown and finish your cosplay outfit with a green vest, tie, white shirt, and dark jacket.

3D Printed Halloween Mask

Some of the best Halloween masks 2023 include scary masks of famous villains from comics, horror movies, popular computer games, and scary stories.

These are some of the most incredible 3D printed Halloween mask ideas and incredibly creative DIY projects that can be recreated by you.

1. Pudge Dota 2 Mask

Fans of Dota 2 computer game cheering for Pudge hero can turn into the Butcher for All Saints’ Eve this year.

You can find Pudge 3D printing Halloween 3D model files on Gambody marketplace. It looks horrifying, and it is easy to craft. Once you make it on your 3D printer, you should add the elastic bands into holes on the sides and secure this masterpiece on your head, hiding behind the Pudge character.

3D printed Halloween masks

This Dota 2 mask will be 18 cm (7 inches) wide, 13 cm (5 inches) deep, and over 19 cm (7 inches) tall.

Download STLs of Pudge Dota 2 Mask for 3D printing for cosplay or Halloween.

2. Doom Skull Mask

Do you want to look crazy scary on October 31? You might want to 3D print the Halloween Doom skull mask, a perfect addition to your cosplay this year.

Doom is a famous game character from Dota 2. This evil-looking monster’s mask is available for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace. The model is cut into 11 parts for a smooth 3D printing experience and assembly. Thanks to the horned helmet in this mask, it requires no additional straps or elastic bands. You can put it on your head, and you are ready to send the chills down the spine of your friends at the Halloween party.

Reuben Burciaga made this amazing 3D printed Halloween mask of Doom Dota 2:

Best Halloween masks 2023
Maker: Reuben Burciaga

Its original size is 38 cm (15 inches) wide, 38 cm (15 inches) deep, and 60 cm (23.5 inches) tall, including the horns.

Download Doom Dota 2 mask Halloween STL on Gambody.

3. Death Mask from Darksiders

It is simple to add a death mask to your Halloween 3D prints. If you love the game Darksiders, you should recreate a 3D printed mask of Death.

You can craft a model offered on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing marketplace on different types of 3D printers. This project is available as a one-piece or four-piece 3D model. The final printed Halloween mask you can make yourself is 15 cm (6 inches) wide, 21 cm (8 inches) tall, and 9 cm (3.6 inches) deep.

A lifelike Death mask created by Yannik Tillmann looks like a top cosplay accessory:

Halloween STL
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download premium STL files with a Death mask from Darksiders.

4. MWO Mask of BattleMech Atlas

This year, you can become the battlefield king and play MWO in your real life on All Saints’ Eve.

There is a fantastic MWO mask model on Gambody that you can use as one of the most impressive Halloween print ideas in 2023. It is a wearable piece for cosplay fans.

Start your project as soon as possible because 3D printing an Atlas mask can take about three days. This mask is 21 cm (8 inches) wide, 24 cm (9 inches) tall, and 9.5 cm (4 inches) deep.

Halloween 3D model

Download STLs with MWO mask of BattleMech Atlas 3D printing model.

5. Mask of Chaos Space Marine

Anyone who enjoys playing board games can look at a scary mask of Chaos Space Marine. Inspired by this character, the cosplay accessory is a fantastic one-piece Halloween 3D print idea.

It takes a couple of days to craft this project and some time to paint it. However, the final result is impressive. You can choose your favorite colors and make your 3D printed Halloween mask look realistic.

The size of the 3D printing mask offered on Gambody marketplace is 16 cm (6 inches) wide, 19 cm (7 inches) tall, and 10 cm (4 inches) deep.

3D print Halloween

Download STL files with Chaos Space Marine mask 3D model.

6. Joker Clown Mask

Many people could not wait for the return of the Joker in the 2019 Joker movie. Even today, making this clown’s mask for All Saints’ Eve is fantastic.

There is a perfect 3D printing Halloween mask of Joker you can download and craft. It resembles the one used in the film and will surely make you stand out among ghosts and witches.

Halloween 3D print
Maker:; @bstar3dprint.makestl

You can paint your best Halloween print in the colors of your choice. Let the hair be green like in the movie, red, blue, black, etc. The finalized replica can reach the size of 22 cm (9 inches) in width, 26 cm (10 inches) in height, and 13 cm (5 inches) in depth. It will complete your cosplay or party costume.

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7. Squid Game Mask

The biggest Korean show in the history of Netflix, Squid Game (2021), still sends chills down the spines of its viewers. Would you like to hide behind the mask of the mysterious Front Man of the deadly childish game? Turn on your 3D printer and make one thing to help you disguise yourself in 2023.

3D printed Halloween 2023
Maker: @3dturkey (Instagram)

Download the highly-detailed Squid Game mask STL files and recreate this project. Make it a part of your 3D printed Halloween costume this year and surprise your neighborhood by showing up at Trunk-or-Treat or traditional trick-or-treat as an anonymous curator.

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8. Bulging Eyes Mask

No matter what characters are in fashion among computer gamers and TV series fans, wearing a 3D printed Halloween mask with bulging eyes is always fun. This project will ensure you can take plenty of crazy photos, scare your friends, and send chills down the spine of the passersby.

A 3D printing model of bulging eyes is easy to recreate. You need to make two eyeballs and connect them with an elastic band (there are holes for it).

Best Halloween masks 2023
Image source: Thingiverse

Paint the pupils, add veins, and enjoy a horrifying look at cosplay or student parties.

9. Skull Mask

A simple skull mask can be handy when All Hallows’ Eve comes and your child still does not know who to be this year.

There is an easy-to-3D-print project with a skull mask that you can scale for your or your child’s face. The original file offers a skull mask 3D printing model of 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) in height. Thus, it requires some additional scaling work on your side, but the final result should be impressive.

Skull mask 3D print
Image source: Thingiverse

For example, if you scale it proportionally to reach 17 cm (6.7 inches), your mask should fit an 11-year-old boy.

10. Stormtrooper Helmet

Everyone who loves The Mandalorian TV series saw many Stormtroopers’ helmets, both “dead” and “alive.” While the Empire had been defeated, some Imperial soldiers still survived.

You can be one of these survivors using Halloween 3D prints 2023. There is a stormtrooper helmet mask 3D printing model which looks lifelike. It is approximately 33 cm (13 inches) in width and height. It can complete your movie replica costume or be a standalone prop.

Stormtrooper helmet
Image source: Thingiverse

You can 3D print it, wear it, and imagine you are a part of The Mandalorian TV Series. Disney+ made sure you have a popular character to become for All Saints’ Eve or cosplay this year.

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11. Iron Spider-Man Mask

Your 3D printed Halloween mask could make you feel like Iron Spider-Man. This four-part project is a shell helmet. You can glue it partly together, use elastic 3D printing material for easier put-on, and paint it red, gold, or other colors.

3D printed Halloween masks
3D Printed Halloween mask of Iron Spider. Images:

Get the 3D printable Iron Spider mask’s STL files and dive into the world of Marvel Comics.

12. Avengers: Age of Ultron Mask

Adding a fully wearable 3D printed Ultron mask to your home props for Halloween or cosplay is a neat idea. The 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron movie about superheroes depicted the never-ending fight between good and evil.

Avengers Age of Ultron mask 3D printed for Halloween

Work on your Avengers: Age of Ultron mask STL files. Ensure one of your friends transforms into Thor, Tony Stark, or another Avengers team member to confront you.

13. Immortan Joe Mask

The leader of the fanatical War Boys is closer to you than you think, especially this fall. This 3D printed Halloween mask can amaze your friends and shock other drivers if you choose to wear it while steering the wheel.

Immortan Joe 3D printed mask
3D printed Immortan Joe mask by Mac Allan and Guy Penney

The Immortan Joe mask Halloween STL files are part of the free Gambody’s fun masks. Enjoy the stunning 3D prints shared by enthusiasts wanting to become the main antagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road.

14. Bane Mask

Bane is also a part of the Gambody Fun Masks project. You can download its STL files plus the masks of Immortan Joe, Darth Vader, and other characters.

3D printable Bane mask
Bane mask made by Dhie Noh and Aaron Connor

It can be a significant part of your 3D printed costume. Only imagine how you 3D print, paint, and wear it at the party! All guests will be impressed with your aggressive look.

15. Kylo Ren Helmet

If a cosplay festival is just around the corner or All Saints’ Eve is coming soon, you need an antagonist costume. The Star Wars franchise fans can transform into the master of the Knights of Ren, one of the greatest villains of the first decade of the 21st century.

Kylo Ren mask

The Kylo Ren mask STL files for 3D printing resemble the villain from the movie. Once you 3D print and paint this helmet, you must recreate his red lightsaber prop and find a long hooded coat to complete your cosplay costume.

16. Jason Voorhees Mask

If your 3D printed Halloween mask replicates Jason Voorhees’s trademark hockey goalie mask, as seen in Friday the 13th Part III, don’t visit your neighbors. You could scare those kids and teenagers who recently watched Friday the 13th and remember the fictional maniac.

Jason Voorhees mask 3D print

Challenge your trick-or-treaters by downloading Jason Voorhees mask STL files and bringing this project to life. It can be a part of the scariest costumes for adults in your neighborhood.

17. Blue Spirit Mask

After watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, you might like to hide your identity behind the Blue Spirit mask. This Halloween 3D print looks mysterious and will attract much attention to your movie replica costume.

Blue Spirit mask for 3D printing

Pretend to be a Fire Nation prince Zuko as soon as you download the Blue Spirit mask STL files and turn them into a physical object.

18. Mr. Potato Head Mask

Put your 3D printed Mr. Potato Head mask together any way you like. You can use this simple 3D printing object with interchangeable parts (which you must design and print yourself or find ready-to-buy accessories). Thus, you can place your character’s eyes, nose, ears, and mouth into different holes.

Mr Potato Head Mask 3D print

Be creative, and attach an elastic band to keep this one of the best Halloween 3D prints 2023 over your face. Young skeletons, witches, and monsters from your neighborhood will love your new All Saints’ Eve spirit!

19. Death Trooper Mask

Turn your Halloween party into a Star Wars cosplay event. Your friends could 3D print and wear the Darth Vader and Kylo Ren masks. And you could get Death Trooper Halloween mask STL files and present yourself as an elite variant of the Galactic Empire’s stormtroopers.

Death Trooper mask 3D print

You will need dark clothes to complete one of the best 3D printed costumes because each Death Trooper wears special armor with a dark, ominous gleam.

20. Daft Punk Helmet

When two good friends have a 3D printer at home, they can become the famous French electronic music duo Daft Punk. Turn your October 31st party into the French house movement by wearing helmets like your talented idols.

There are two Daft Punk helmet Halloween 3D model projects you can recreate. Get their STL files here and there, and introduce LED lights for a disco effect.

3D print Daft Punk helmet

3D Printed Ghosts

Halloween is when mysterious creatures crawl into our world, scaring everybody around. Using their 3D printer and fantasy, fans of this holiday can add a standing ghost 3D print to their porch or window decorations.

3D printed ghosts
Images: ZOU3D (Cults)

There is an adorable project you can bring to life in 2023. Download Zou Ghost STL files and make this model accurate. Your standing ghost 3D print can be done with or without LED lights (the project has an opening where LEDs can be introduced). You can turn the standing ghost STL into a keychain, Halloween toy, Zou Ghost gift, backyard statue, and more.

Standing ghost 3D print

Another fun idea for a standing ghost 3D print is a Ghostface Scream character turned into a figure. It’s a perfect piece for Halloween you can display on your shelf, on the porch, or anywhere else. Get high-quality Ghostface STL files and make the world-famous villain a part of your October displays.

3D Printed Pumpkin

Just like there can’t be enough 3D printed ghosts, you can keep making more and more jack-o-lanterns. While there are many incredible 3D printed Halloween decorations, a 3D printed pumpkin stands out among all of them because the jack-o-lantern is a symbol of the holiday. You can 3D print a pumpkin to decorate your porch, yard, or home.

3D printed pumpkin
Image source: Thingiverse

There is no need to carve jack-o-lanterns when you can 3D print pumpkin decor for your family and not fear it might get rotten within a couple of days. There will be less mess to clean afterward. And you can make as many jack-o’-lanterns as you need for the holiday season without leaving your home.

You can find various pumpkin STL files online and recreate the iconic Cheshire cat pumpkin 3D print from Alice in Wonderland and classic jack-o-lantern. Many of these pumpkin STL files are free to download. Some are paid projects.

You can choose the “face” of your jack-o-lantern, 3D print a pumpkin candy basket for trick-or-treating, make spooky home décor, etc.

3D print pumpkin
Maker: Richard Turnbull

There is no need to recreate only horror 3D print ideas when some super adorable pumpkin STL files exist. Just look at this lovely Baby Yoda holding a jack-o-lantern in his hands! Isn’t he a must to stand in your collection?

Hurry and download Baby Yoda pumpkin 3D print files. Bring this famous alien to life and introduce LEDs to make the jack-o-lantern shine in the dark.

3D Print Halloween Decorations

Any affordable FDM 3D printer can help you craft perfect Halloween 3D prints, including epic costume armor, props, collectible figurines, home accessories, and décor. A vast selection of STL files lets you make unique 3D printed ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, graves, jewelry, statues, toy weapons, and other staff, reflecting the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve 2023.

Since 3D printing takes time and patience, it is better to start working on your scary projects as soon as possible. Here are some fun accessories and 3D printed Halloween decorations and ideas to inspire you.

1. Beetlejuice Gravestone Decor

Those who love the mysterious ghost Beetlejuice can 3D print impressive Halloween decorations. Gambody has Beetlejuice grave STL files that turn into a fantastic statue.

The final figurine looks both comical and spooky. It is 18 cm x 14.5 cm x 9 cm (7 inches x 6 inches x 3.5 inches). It can be an ideal embellishment for your house this fall.

Here is a brilliant example of a Beetlejuice gravestone made by Steve Dutton:

Halloween models
Maker: Steve Dutton

Download premium Halloween 3D print files of the Beetlejuice grave model.

2. N’AIX Lifestealer from Dota 2

Modern computer games gave birth to many monsters. Each one can look great on All Saint’s Eve. For example, if you make a Lifestealer N’AIX figurine, you can easily create a spooky atmosphere on your porch.

Find the creature’s STL files on Gambody 3D printing marketplace. These scary printable Halloween decorations can be made in several parts to be assembled or 3D printed as one-piece art.

Look at this N’AIX shared by Ali Asfand. Does it not look scary?

Halloween STL files
Maker: Ali Asfand

Download Halloween STL files with N’AIX Lifestealer 3D printing model.

3. Devil Horns

You can choose to 3D print devil horns. This cosplay prop will look great on your wall, or you can wear them as a part of your 3D printed Halloween costume.

Halloween 3D print files
Image source: Thingiverse

If you can add LEDs inside, your idea will attract even more attention. When kids come to trick-or-treat, use your décor to scare them away. You will have a lot of fun, and they will feel the real spirit of the night.

4. Wolverine Claws Prop

These fantastic Wolverine claws designed by Samuel N. Bernier can also become an impressive Halloween prop for your wall or cosplay armor for your hands.

The 3D printed wolverine claws require no support. It is a relatively simple Halloween print idea that looks stunning and spooky.

Put them on and go trick-or-treating yourself. Or make it a part of your cosplay costume in 2023.

3D printed Wolverine claws in action

5. Haunted Mansion 3D Print

Diversify your collection of Halloween 3D prints by creating a haunted mansion model. You can place it on the windowsill, porch, or table. You can download the STL files of the Haunted Mansion 3D print idea and work hard on all the details this project boasts.

Think of all the colors you can paint the mansion’s walls, roof, columns, and other parts. Such a haunted mansion 3D print can become the most precious piece among other All Saint’s Eve decorations.

Haunted mansion 3D print
Images: CGTrader and Thingiverse

It is easy to find simple Haunted Mansion STL files and complex projects that could require many days of printing, assembling, and painting.

6. Halloween Cookie Cutters

Baking is always fun. You can make delicious cookies in various forms, depending on the holiday. Thus, this All Saint’s Eve is your perfect time to use 3D printed Halloween cookie cutters.

Each cookie cutter is a fast-to-3d-print and straightforward project. Usually, it is available as a single STL file. You can find multiple shapes, including pumpkins, ghosts, bats, cats, skulls, etc. All these kitchen accessories are a must-have in a house with little kids.

3D print Halloween decorations
Image sources: Gambody, Thingiverse, Cults

Download STL files with Batman Halloween cookie cutter to work on fun 3D printed Halloween decorations for your kitchen.

7. Skeleton Halloween Decorations

Besides crafting a figurine of N’AIX Lifestealer and Beetlejuice gravestone on your 3D printer, make more skeleton Halloween decorations for your home and yard.

Here are some scary 3D printed Halloween decorations that look creepy and fun to create.

3D printed Halloween decorations
Image sources: Cults, Thingiverse

Of course, you can visit a nearby shop and find skeletons, but 3D printing models always look unique and last longer since they are made and painted with much love.

8. All Saint’s Eve Jewelry Ideas

Girls and ladies, with or without a 3D printed costumes, can dive into the spirits of Halloween by wearing themed earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

Halloween print
Image sources: ALL3DP, Cults, Thingiverse

You can craft so many impressive ideas at home that choosing your new Halloween 3D model is fun. Which jewelry would you prefer preparing this year, a pumpkin 3D print or devil horns?

9. Scary Halloween Models

After making horrifying figurines and decorating walls with monstrous horns and claws, it is time to think about other little things to 3D print for Halloween.

Thanks to modern 3D designers, you can craft a cute Halloween spider coaster, skeleton cup, fun candy holders, and even a unique lamp for All Saints’ Night.

Spooky decorations
Image sources: Gambody, CGTrader

Download STL files with Gray Widower spider 3D printing model.

There are so many excellent 3D printing models online that choosing which ones to start making this year is often tricky. It could be fantastic to create life-size Halloween 3D prints of famous villains. The giant Freddy Krueger and Night King could give chills to your visitors if you put the statues right behind your front door. If interested, you can download Freddy Krueger STL files and Night King 3D printing files on Gambody.

Life size Halloween 3D prints
Makers: Ender Extender and Tatiana Rizou

You can even bring your favorite movie characters and models into your backyard. Such Halloween 3D prints will amaze all your neighbors and trick-or-treaters.

Only look at the incredible diorama featuring Star Wars! Gambody enthusiast Jeremy Harrison recreated it.

Star Wars Halloween decorations
Maker: Jeremy Harrison

Or 3D print Halloween decorations for your driveway. Hobbyist Annie Moberg, for example, recreated an awe-inspiring Middle-earth diorama featuring the most iconic Lord of the Rings characters. She used her 3D printers to bring this stunning project to life.

3D print Halloween decorations from Lord of the Rings
Maker: Annie Moberg

10. Halloween Weapons Props

Swords, guns, and fantasy gunblades are among the most popular Halloween decorations you can 3D print yourself. You can choose a weapon from your beloved movie, book, or comic character and make it real.

Use such a prop with any 3D printed Halloween costume. It can become your home decor. You can add LEDs, customize the 3D printing model, play with scaling it, and create something unique and remarkable for various occasions.

Halloween props
Image source: Cults

Best Halloween 3D Prints

After using your 3D printed Halloween decorations in the front and back yard, you should work on adding spookiness to your rooms. Choose the scariest among the best Halloween 3D prints, and breathe life into your most beloved figurines and models.

1. Jack Skellington 3D Model

Choose your favorite version of Jack Skellington STL files and recreate the 3D model using your 3D printer. The patron spirit of Halloween can become a collectible piece, your haunted mansion 3D print, yard decoration, etc.

Jack Skellington STL
Maker: Emmanuel Darragon

Using Jack Skellington’s 3D model bust, you can breathe life into the easy-recognized cross-stitch mouth. The bat tie bow and expression of amusement make this project a must-make for All Hallow’s Eve.

Jack Skellington 3D model
Makers: Kurt Brown and Joe Garmer

Expand The Nightmare Before Christmas scene by creating a stunning Jack Skellington 3D print featuring Jack and his dog Zero. These two iconic characters will adorn your home on the creepiest night of the year. And such cute 3D printed ghosts will always look fantastic in your yard!

2. Oogie Boogie 3D Print

Suppose your scary printable Halloween decorations lack the meanest guy from The Nightmare Before Christmas. In that case, you need to recreate your Oogie Boogie 3D print. The variety of models lets you choose the best things for your home.

Oogie Boogie 3D print
Pictures: Cults

You are welcome to download the Oogie Boogie sitting on the grave STL files, a keychain 3D model, a one-piece figurine with dimes, or something else. Be creative, and let your 3D printed Halloween models inspire your friends and relatives on October 31!

3. Chucky STL Files

Do you want more than a toy for All Saint’s Eve? One of the creepiest dolls cannot wait to stand at its full height on your 3D printer bed. Grab Chucky STL files to make the bone-chilling decoration for your home.

Chucky STL files

The mysterious villain comes with two face versions. You can work on both to ensure your Halloween 3D prints look unique and within the horror spirit of the holiday.

4. Frankenstein’s Monster

Are you willing to perform an unorthodox scientific experiment at home this year? Download the Frankenstein’s Monster STL files and 3D print one of the most tragic characters in literature and movies.

Frankenstein 3D print

Help the creature escape the windmill laboratory and display your 3D printed figure among other great Halloween 3D prints on your shelf.

5. Wednesday from Addams Family

After the success of the Wednesday TV series, hobbyists enjoy adding iconic characters to their list of 3D printed Halloween decorations. The pretty daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams is so talented, smart, fun, and adorable in her gothic style that you can’t miss seeing her among your best Halloween 3D prints.

Wednesday Halloween 3D model
Maker: Dieter Manero

Find Wednesday figure 3D printing files, and let your desktop 3D printer carve the girl playing the cello, surrounded by candles. It is a fantastic diorama to display in your room!

Just like you can’t imagine Halloween without 3D printed ghosts and pumpkins, it’s impossible to imagine Wednesday and the rest of the Addams Family without Thing. This disembodied hand can be your companion on haunted trails and in haunted houses.

Thing Addams Family 3D print
Maker: Dennis Mars

Download Thing STL files and print this stunning project. Place it on your shoulder, and enjoy celebrating the scariest holiday of the year!

These are the top 3D printed Halloween decorations, TV character Halloween costumes, and prop ideas for 2023 that can inspire you for spooky deeds and new scary projects. Prepare your filament, choose the incredible STL files, warm up your 3D printer, and create something extraordinary for the most terrifying night of the year. Ensure to join Gambody Facebook Group to post your new 3D printed ghosts, costumes, masks, props, home decorations, pumpkins, accessories, figurines, etc. Motivate others and get encouraged by other enthusiasts.

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