Stylish 3D Printed Mask Ideas

Gambody presented Fun Masks to brighten up your spirits and cheer you up during the quarantine and self-isolation. We are happy to see that many 3D printing hobbyists and creators enjoyed this idea a lot and are still making a 3D printed face mask for fun events and horror celebrations. 2022 trends are still represented by a stylish 3D printed mask collection, although it is more popular to 3D print collectible figurines and useful things.

Fun 3D printed masks are intended solely for the personal protection of healthy people during the house self-quarantine periods and cool events. Any unique face mask 3D model can be used for preparation for Halloween, Comic-Con, cosplay, as a part of a party costume, for fun video calls, birthday parties, and movie nights. You can 3D print masks quickly using the free Mask STL files offered at

3D printed mask

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3D Printed Mask

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace shares several beautiful free 3D printing mask designs. You can get the Fun Mask 3D printing STL files and 3D print any of these models on your 3D printer without leaving your home. It is a great project that is meant to unite and cheer up the 3D printing community.

The most significant advantage of 3D printable mask styles offered by Gambody is their open-source nature. Anyone can download the Mask STL files for free, modify the model if needed, and 3D print a mask for fun. The project is designed as basic protection to wear at home to cheer up your families and friends.

Gambody’s bundle of fun face mask 3D model styles consists of several projects. They are Sub-Zero, Doom Marine, Wasp, Immortan Joe, Bane, and Darth Vader masks. And this list might get an update in the future.

Also, you can find some of the best horror masks to 3D print for your collection, including Squid Game Mask, skull half mask, Doom, MWO Atlas, Green Goblin mask, and other wearable accessories on Gambody and other 3D printing websites.

1. Sub-Zero 3D Printed Face Mask

This formidable fighter is a popular character among Mortal Kombat 3D printing figurines. Sub-Zero is known for his impressive abilities to control ice in various forms.

The original character is present only in the first Mortal Kombat game. It later gets a replacement by his brother. But you can still immortalize the Sub-Zero 3D printed mask for personal use once you get its STL files for 3D printing.

Here are photos of stunning 3D printed masks made by Gambody enthusiasts:

Sub-Zero STL files
Maker: Chad Hart
Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat
Hobbyist: Danny Fontenot
Mortal Kombat accessory
Enthusiast: Nick Cassar
Mask 3D model
Maker: Brian Bonner

2. Doom Marine Mask STL Files

You can play your favorite video game wearing the stylish 3D printed face mask of your beloved hero. Isn’t it fun? A Doom Marine mask offered on Gambody marketplace resembles the bottom part of the Doom Slayer helmet.

Even in the game, the Marine is a predefined faceless character because it is designed to represent you as the player. Thus, making yourself a 3D printed mask to look like Doom Slayer at home is a fantastic idea. 

Get inspired by these photos:

Doom Slayer
Maker: Thomas Kunert
3D printed face mask
Hobbyists: Allan Rogers and Thomas Kunert
Doom Marine
Enthusiasts: Tom Glauser and Tom Anton

3. 3D Print Mask of Bane

It seems that you can now manipulate the citizens of Gotham City and even fight with Batman. You only need to 3D print a mask of Bane and hide your personality behind the character, who claims to be born in darkness.

Put on your 3D printed mask and entertain your family at home or your friends via video calls. It is a great 3D printing model inspired by a famous movie.

As proved by Gambody enthusiasts, a 3D printed face mask of Bane styles look great.

3D print masks
Maker: Dhie Noh
3D printable mask
Hobbyist: Guilherme Paula
3D printed wearable mask
Images: Brian Bonner

4. 3D Printed Masks of Immortan Joe

Would you like to see horse teeth on your 3D printed mask? You can 3D print the stylish Immortan Joe accessory. This character is famous for his scrubber and breathing apparatus and recognized for the shocking teeth distinguished on the front of the mask.

Pretending to be the leader of the fanatical War Boys can add some fun moments during the quarantine. For example, you can watch the post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max: Fury Road in your family circle. Just make sure that every member of your family has 3D printed masks of Immortan Joe to wear just like these Gambody hobbyists do.

Best horror masks
Makers: Alex Romme and Chris Crabtree
3D printer mask
Hobbyist: John Beaulieu
Face mask 3D print
Enthusiast: Nate Petro
Mask STL
Maker: Mike Quinto

5. Darth Vader Mask 3D Model

Star Wars Day is celebrated on May the fourth. Thus, late spring is a perfect time to make your favorite characters, starships and models from the vast Star Wars universe.

The primary antagonist in the original trilogy, Darth Vader, deserves special attention. So making a Darth Vader stylish face mask on your 3D printer can be a fantastic idea to celebrate the annual Star Wars Day and have some fun.

May the force be always with you!

3D printing masks
Maker: Mike Borrmann

6. Wasp Mask STL

Fans of Marvel Comics Ant-Man can 3D print a face mask inspired by the movie. Use Wasp face mask STL files and enjoy pretending to be a half-inch superhero. A whole family can make these cute 3D printed masks to wear and fantasize as if it were their homemade comics adventures.

Mask 3D print

This Wasp 3D printable mask is highly detailed and should look superb as your fun wear-at-home accessory.

Besides making these free fun face mask styles on a 3D printer, you can enjoy other April 3D printing trends popular among the Gambody Facebook community. It is cool to 3D print superheroes and villains from your favorite video games and movies.

7. 3D Printed Halloween Mask

When you prepare for the next Halloween, think about wearing a 3D printed Halloween mask and impress all your friends with your cool look.

3D printed Halloween mask
Squid mask 3D printed by @3dturkey (Instagram)

Fans of Squid Game drama who want to pretend to act as a curator of the deadly game can download Squid Game Halloween mask STL files for 3D printing. You can chill the nerves of your cosplay friends when you appear at the party wearing your 3D printable mask from the most famous Korean show.

3D print mask
DOOM mask 3D printed by Reuben Burciaga

Another great idea for the best 3D printed Halloween mask is the DOOM accessory. This project consists of 11 parts to print and assemble. But once you download DOOM 3D printable mask STL and recreate it with or without horns, you will transform into a great character from your favorite video game.

3D printed masks
Atlas 3D printed masks by Cm3Dprojects

Battletech is another great theme for your 3D printed Halloween mask. You can turn into Atlas Mech after getting Atlas mask STL files and bringing this accessory to life. Such a wearable mask will turn any party into a big hit.

8. 3D Printed Skull Half Mask

Can you imagine becoming the Death Itself for one night on Halloween? The 3D printed skull half mask can make this transformation possible.

3D printed skull half mask
3D printed skull half mask of Death. Maker: Yannik Tillmann

All you need is a 3D printer and Darksiders Mask of Death 3D printable files. The horror this accessory reveals can make your cosplay costume the best one for the scary event.

9. 3D Printed Batman Mask

It is easy to 3D print a mask of Batman if you are fond of brave characters from comics. Such a project can work well on Halloween, Christmas, cosplay parties, and other events because the character can be close to both kids and adults.

3D printed Batman mask
Images: Thingiverse

Your 3D printed Batman mask requires some filament, hours of printing, and free STL files.

10. 3D Printed Green Goblin Mask

If you like Spiderman more than Batman, turn into a well-known villain from your beloved comics series by wearing a 3D printed Green Goblin mask. This model is sliced into several parts for easier printing.

3D printed Green Goblin mask
Image: Thingiverse

The maker of Green Goblin Mask STL files (they are available for free) advises using the resolution of 200 and infill of 38 if making this model with PLA on Creality 3D printer.

Your 3D printed mask can be from a horror movie, comics story, video game, etc. Think about the character that impressed you the most and create a wearable accessory using your 3D printer. You are always welcome to share pictures of your new 3D prints in Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. Enthusiasts will be happy to see your achievements.

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