Amazing 3D Printed Boat Models and Parts

Today, when you see a boat or a yacht on a lake or a river, you don’t immediately know whether it was printed on a 3D printer or assembled at a shipyard. The term “3D printed boat” has long been in vogue. And the sizes of 3D printed yachts, kayaks, and sailboats have long outgrown the size of ordinary toys or collectible models.

Gambody has selected some of the most amazing boat 3D model designs you can look at and choose to recreate yourself. From a popular test benchy 3D printed boat to life-size boat prints, you will find something to enjoy and turn into your next dream project.

3D printed boat

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3D Printed Boat

Thanks to additive manufacturing, different industries develop way quicker than they used to years ago. 3D printing is used in medicine, automotive business, space, air, everyday life, and also maritime services. Thus, it is not surprising to see more and more boat parts 3D printed.

Thanks to a significant number of 3D boat model STL files, anyone can 3D print boat accessories, sterns, bows, hull parts, and other important components using different scales. So take some time to enjoy photos of small and giant 3D printed boats (fully or partially) and you might need one of the large 3D printers to build one for yourself.

1. Boat 3D Print: Largest Ever

A 3D printing boat can be as giant as you want it to be. The University of Maine currently holds the world record for building the biggest solid 3D printed boat in the world.

3D print boat
Image credits:

To make this project real, the University used the biggest prototype polymer 3D printer in the world. It is now the biggest solid 3D print in history, and it took only three days to construct this impressive vessel.

What makes the largest 3D printed boat a miracle is that she truly floats! Her size is 25 feet (7.6 meters) long and her weight is 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg).

While this boat 3D model is not available to the public, the University tested its seaworthiness and assured the vessel boasted a multidirectional wave basin.

The boat 3D print even goes by its name of 3Dirigo. While it’s not the largest thing a 3D printer can build, it is the biggest solid vessel ever created through additive manufacturing.

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2. 3D Printed Sailboat

It is now possible to 3D print sailboat projects to prevent some of the dangerous plastic waste. It can be a win-win idea for businesses and organizations that save the oceans from tons of plastic waste that gets into the waters every minute.

3D print sailboat
Image credits:

A firm Searious Business hopes to make a unique 3D printed boat as a part of its big fight against polluting the waters with plastic bottles. The company will 3D print a sailboat out of 44,092 pounds (20,000 kg) of PET plastic obtained from the used plastic bottles. Another firm Lay3rs will help to bring this project to life through its 3D printers.

The more 3D printed sailboat objects are created, the less ocean pollution would exist.

3. 3D Printed Kayak

The imagination lets you use your 3D printer to create all kinds of stuff, including a 3D printed kayak. Jim Smith from Grass Roots Engineering worked hard to create a real functioning 5-meter-long (16.4 feet) kayak of ABS plastics.

3D printed kayak
Photo credits:

This model is more than just a prototype. Its weight is slightly over 66 pounds (30 kg). It is a life-size 3D print that only required some screws to assemble and extra accessories (silicone adhesive and threaded inserts).

To 3D print his dream boat, Smith even built a large custom 3D printer.

4. 3D Print Boat that Functions

Some years ago Italians saw a real 3D printing boat sailing through local waters. The size of that cutie was slightly over 21 feet (6.5 meters) x 8 feet (2.5 meters). And she weighed 1,765 pounds (800 kg).

Boat 3D print
Image credits: @moi.composites (Instagram)

That functioning boat print was made by several companies, including Moi Composites, Autodesk, and others. She presented herself well during the Genoa boat show back in 2019.

Known as MAMBO, this 3D printed boat became the world’s first vessel made of fiberglass with the use of 3D printers. While the company doesn’t publicly share the 3D printed boat cost, you can visit their official website and find contacts to get more information about this unique project.

5. 3D Printed Boat Hull

A 3D printer can help you build any giant vessel you wish, including a yacht. Thermwood company has proved this with its innovative project when it 3D printed boat hull sections from a 51-feet-long (6.4 meters) yacht.

3D printed boat hull
Photo credits:

The firm chose carbon fiber reinforced ABS for this project. It assures that such material is a low-cost solution if comparing it to other high-quality thermoplastics.

The 3D printed boat hulls can change the future of how vessels are made and low down the costs of producing yachts and other big ships.

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6. 3D Printer Boat Model

Some firms begin to take full advantage of additive manufacturing when building their projects. Tanaruz, a 3D printed boat manufacturer, has big plans to increase its production of vessels to 300 a year by 2023.

3D printed yacht
Picture credits:

The company relies on reusable polymers to make boat 3D print production more affordable to customers. When such a vessel ends its life, it is possible to shred it down and reuse it to 3D print a new boat.

Their 3D printer produced by ABB company has a length of about 46 feet (14 meters). And the production itself leads to no waste! Such an eco-friendly solution can help to make all 3D boat designs easily accessible and buildable. Besides, you can always use renewable energy to get lights on your vessel and think of friendly materials to recreate its interior. This would however add to the basic 3D printed boat cost that starts at $15,785 (€15,000).

7. Boat 3D Model (Seaworthy)

Modern companies know how to 3D print boat projects that are seaworthy. Two firms, Research Institute of Sweden and Cipax, collaborated to work on the first-ever European one-piece seaworthy 3D printed boat.

3D printed boats
Screenshot: Emil Johansson (YouTube)

Such a unique 3D print was built from glass fiber and plastic with the help of ABB robotic arms. The model was named Pioner 14 Active Dark Line.

And once the companies figure out the way to balance the extra material density with the boat hulls, it could become a great commercial boat 3D model for different customers who wish to sail in a 3D printed object.

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8. 3D Printing Boat (Autonomous)

Institutes and laboratories collaborate to create an exclusive 3D printed boat model that would be fully autonomous. Such vessels could change the future of the maritime sector.

3D printing boat
Picture credits:

Once the self-driving technologies are added to the 3D printed hulls, it may be possible to build floating boats and make as many fleets as needed.

Such autonomous vessels can help to perform many valuable duties, such as good delivery, waste collection, transportation, etc.

9. 3D Printed Boat Toy

Enthusiasts who just got their first 3D printer or wish to make a 3D printed boat toy for their kids can find many great models online. Gambody marketplace, for example, offers Patrol Boat 31 Mk 2 3D Printing Model STL files you can download and print.

3D boat model

Such US “Brown Water” Navy patrol boats were common during the Vietnam War from 1966 to 1971. You can make this piece to add to your collection or let your little ones play with this 3D printed boat toy!

3D print boat parts
Old Kratos and Atreus 3D prints by Dimitris Moi and Michael Thackray

If you are a fan of medieval 3D printed boat designs, you can recreate the God of War diorama using your 3D printer and “Old Kratos and Atreus” STL files. The half of an old-style boat you can assemble features a dragon stern and waves.

If you don’t feel ready to 3D print boat designs using complex highly-detailed STL files, you can always begin with making a benchy 3D printed boat. This famous testing object is available to all hobbyists for free.

3D printed boat toy

10. 3D Printed Yacht

Companies do their best to introduce 3D printed yacht projects to customers all over the world. Some firms in New Zealand, Italia, and other countries work hard to produce boat parts and accessories via additive manufacturing.

3D printed sailboat
Photo credits: Youth America’s Cup

The world would most likely soon see many 3D printed yacht models thanks to innovative firms that take full advantage of additive manufacturing today. We have already seen some 3D printing fishing boats and small sailboat AC9F to take part in America’s Cup.

What will come next?

If your 3D printer is not big enough to recreate a life-size 3D printed boat, you can always make a toy or test the simple benchy model. Make sure to join Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook to share photos of your new 3D prints. Hobbyists worldwide cannot wait to adore your next projects!

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