Best 3D Printed Cars to Wow Everyone

Years ago, it was impossible even to imagine a 3D printed Lamborghini, and today it is the reality! The automotive 3D printing experience wows and amazes with all possible vehicle models, 3D printed car parts and wheels. Hobbyists also rejoice because they can use highly detailed 3D models to turn into fantastic 3D printed cars.

It is fantastic to look at some of the most stunning, miniature and life-size, 3D printed car projects that can wow everyone!

3D Printed Car Parts

Life-size 3D printed cars have become a reality. Yet, many hobbyists are still in love with 3D printing car models from beloved movies, assembly RC car projects and car parts for personal needs and collections.

You will find your dream 3D printed car in this post because a selection below depicts breathtaking projects made (partly or wholly) with a 3D printer.

3D printing cars

3D Printed Cars

3D printing changes the automotive industry so quickly. Today, some life-size vehicles are fully 3D printed, and many others are built using 3D printing car parts. Walking down the street, you may not even pay attention to a passing car, fully printed on a 3D printer.

The examples of 3D printed cars and car parts will amaze every driver!

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1. World’s First 3D Printed Car: Local Motors Strati

It took only 44 hours to 3D print the first Strati electric car developed by Local Motors. This project plays a vital role in the history of automotive 3D printing. It is considered the world’s first full-body 3D printed car with all 3D printing car parts except “mechanically involved.” It was developed and built using a Large-Scale 3D Printer.

The two-seat 3D printed car made from thermoplastic can develop top speeds of 40 mph (64 km/h). It is designed as neighbourhood transportation and cannot be seen on highways. When it was first revealed back in 2014, its price started at $18,000 and went up to $30,000.

The Local Motors Strati motivated many other manufacturers to utilize 3D printers during the production process.

3D printed car parts Strati
Strati Westec with 3D printed car parts. Image: @CandaceRoulo (Twitter)

But it is always better to watch the 3D printed car in the video:

A close-up look at 3D printed Mouser’s Strati

2. 3D Printed LM3D Swim

Being happy with its Strati 3D printed car, Local Motors did not stop here and designed another impressive LM3D Swim vehicle. The refined design of a new ride aimed at mass production looks super-hot!

Using 3D printing car parts and a similar concept, the company created another all-electric vehicle comprising about 75 per cent 3D printed car parts. The retail price above $50,000 is higher than for Strati but undoubtedly lower than for brand new non 3D printed Lamborghini.

3D print a car LM3D Swim
LM3D Swim vehicle. Image: Local Motors

At least, the pics look very promising!

3. 3D Printed Lamborghini

The story of a father and his 11-year-old son 3D printing car parts for their DIY Lamborghini hit the world several years ago. Although the family received a new Aventador S supercar as a Christmas present, their 3D printed Lamborghini replica still impresses hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Lambo pics
Lamborghini Aventador as a Christmas gift

Not every family can spend over $400,000 on Lamborghini Aventador. But the most creative minds don’t let their dream die. Instead, they purchase a 3D printer and get inspired by a video game, where they ride the digital streets in an Aventador.

3D printed Lamborghini
3D printed Lamborghini. Image: @3D Car Printing (Facebook)

It was what the Backus family did. The father and son spent two years hoping to build a 3D printed Lamborghini.

3D printed Lamborghini

Their efforts led to a real working car that reminded some people more of an apocalyptic vehicle. Still, the unique Lambo pics attracted much attention.

It might inspire you to 3D print a car in your garage! Besides, the Backus family keeps progressing with their unique project and sharing updates on their Facebook page.

4. Divergent Blade 3D Printed Sports Car

When designer Kevin Czinger wanted to 3D print a car, and the world saw his Blade project. The Blade is the world’s first sports vehicle built using automotive 3D printing technology back in 2017. Both chassis and body of this model were 3D printed with aluminium alloy.

3D printed car The Blade
The Blade. Image: @jaylenosgarage (Instagram)

While 3D printing car parts, a lot was considered to reduce weight, increase top speeds and make the 3D printed car safer and greener. As a result, the 635-kg (1400-pound) vehicle can accelerate to 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds.

One of the “Jay Leno’s Garage” episodes is devoted to The Blade. Thus, you can watch this 3D printed car in action.

“Jay Leno’s Garage” episode

5. Rodin FZero with 3D Printed Car Parts

Fans of Formula 1 will be glad to hear that Rodin Cars is planning to adapt automotive 3D printing technology for making their new hypercar, the Rodin FZero. It should be way faster than current Formula 1 cars.

Even though not fully 3D printed, the Rodin FZero will get hundreds of metal parts made with additive manufacturing. You will see no 3D printed wheels or chassis. Still, the company will impress everyone with a unique 8-speed sequential gearbox with a hydraulically controlled differential created using 3D printers.

Automotive 3D printing FZero
Rodin FZero. Image:

The super-fast vehicle will get a 4.0-litre V10 engine available in two versions: a 700bhp engine and a 1000bhp turbo-charged engine.

6. Mass-Produced 3D Printed Car: LSEV

When looking at various prototypes of 3D printed cars, a question arises. Can such a vehicle with 3D printed car parts really enter mass-market production any time soon? Well, the answer was delivered by the Italian manufacturer XEV and Chinese company Polymaker whose cooperation resulted in LSEV. It is the world’s first 3D printed car.

LSEV is an electric vehicle that is smaller than Smart. It is a mini city car that weighs about 450 kg (992 lbs). It can reach up to 70 km/h and boasts an autonomy of 150 kilometres.

3D printed cars LSEV
3D printed cars LSEV. Images:

At about $10,000, this small vehicle does bring automotive 3D printing to a whole new level. Made of nylon, PLA and TPU, it proves how life-size car 3D models can transform into actual transportation for citizens.

7. Urbee 2 3D Printed Car

Even before Local Motors introduced Strati, Jim Kor decided to 3D print a car named Urbee. Built with FDM 3D printing car parts (ABS plastic), this three-wheeled vehicle could speed up to 109 km/h (68 mph).

3D printing car parts Urbee 2
Urbee 2. Images: and

Although the world didn’t see the Urbee or Urbee 2 prototype entering the mass-production market, it still was a fascinating 3D printed car concept that amazed many minds in 2013.

8. 3D Printing Car Parts for Ford GT40

Imagine that a famous car manufacturer released only 126 examples of Ford GT40, and it happened back in the 1960s. In 2021, you have no other choice but 3D printing car parts to repair your retro vehicle.

Enthusiast Chris Ashton used Artec Space Spider and Artec Eva 3D scanners to digitize complex shapes and 3D print car parts no longer produced. GT40 headlight buckets and electronics box (aluminium) were 3D printed to repair the fantastic vintage Ford.

3D print car parts Ford GT40
Ford GT40 with 3D printed parts. Images: @macmaninfi (Instagram)

Chris has plans to present a modified Ford GT40 at SEMA 2021 trade show.

9. Cadillac Blackwing V-Series with 3D Printed Car Parts

Some vintage car enthusiasts and individuals choose to 3D print a car because they cannot own an original vehicle and need to modify the parts no longer produced. Meanwhile, big companies also join the game. For example, GM is planning to take full advantage of automotive 3D printing possibilities in 2022.

The company has plans to 3D print nylon HVAC ducts and aluminium brackets for the 2022 Cadillac Blackwing V-Series.

2022 Cadillac Blackwing V-Series with 3D printed car parts
3D printed parts for 2022 Cadillac Blackwing V-Series. Images: GM

Seeing the first GM vehicles with 3D printed car parts could motivate more luxury brands to use additive manufacturing for automotive production.

10. Audi Half-Scale Model of 1938 Grand Prix

Audi also turned towards 3D printing car parts to bring to life a half-scale version of the 1938 Grand Prix Auto Union Type C sports car several years ago.

As you can see from the pics, metal 3D printing seems to open more opportunities to automakers. Even though the smaller version of the Grand Prix reminds more of a children’s 3D printed RC car, the 1:2 scale project made the engineers happy.

3D printed car 1938 Grand Prix Auto Union Type C
1:2 scale 3D printed 1938 Grand Prix Auto Union Type C. Image: Audi

Automotive 3D printing will soon accelerate car production. Still, meantime, you can turn on your home 3D printer and bring some stunning car 3D models to life. Each 3D printed model can also be a unique collectable to decorate your shelf and amaze your eyes.

Car 3D Models

There are many impressive car 3D models which you can 3D print yourself. Those who collect vintage and modern car models might be happier with a 3D printing version of their favourites. Why?

Firstly, it is fun to DIY anything. Secondly, using a 3D printer and highly detailed 3D printing car models, you can choose what colours to paint them. Thirdly, you can bring to life all the coolest cars and trucks from popular movies and video games. And you can assemble real working 3D printed RC car models to ride in your backyard.

1. DeLorean 3D Printed Car Model

If you wish to go back to the future, you must 3D print a car from this movie. The DeLorean time machine is a unique 3D printing project that consists of 3 kits. You can download the DeLorean 3D printing car STL files on Gambody marketplace.

While the project is a complex one, you can create a realistic replica of an iconic vehicle. It will look stunning in your collection of 3D prints and other model cars!

3D printed car model
3D printed car model at 1/8 scale by Carlos Díaz

Only look at the fantastic 3D printed car model made by hobbyist Carlos Díaz and read Gambody’s interview with Carlos on making the DeLorean 3D print. This massive project is undoubtedly worth your attention!

2. Batmobile 3D Printed Car

Gotham City has many iconic characters and vehicles, and Batmobile is one of them. Its design is breathtaking, and recreating such a 3D printed car is something every user with a 3D printer can do. There is a stunning Batmobile 3D printing car model on Gambody website.

The Batmobile 1989 boasts many great details you will love to 3D print and assemble. The active suspension, many movable elements and stunning resemblance to the original movie vehicle are what makes this model a must to make.

3D car models
3D printed Batmobile by Sebastian Menke

Enjoy the images of 3D printed cars shared by enthusiasts Sebastian Menke and Martin Thesen.

Batmobile car 3D model printed
Batmobile made of resin and filament by Martin Thesen

3. Police Spinner 3D Printing Car

Fans of Blade Runner and sci-fi classics might enjoy 3D printing the Police Spinner. This fantasy car can hover up and down the road in the movie. And although it is impossible to implement in life, the car 3D models looking precisely like their prototypes are available to every 3D printer enthusiast.

3D printing car
Render of Police Spinner 3D printing model. Image:

The futuristic car used to patrol streets looks stunning as a 3D printing model. You can download the Police Spinner STL files to bring this assembly project to life, introduce LEDs and adorn your creativity. The render images promise a lot of fun!

4. Chevrolet Impala 1967 3D Printing Car Model

Do you watch the fantasy TV series, Supernatural? Now you can drive the Chevrolet Impala SS 1967 right onto your shelf. All needed are a 3D printer, Chevrolet Impala 3D printing car model, your time and patience.

The stunning retro vehicle with a Kansas license plate has all the most amazing details you saw in the show.

Car 3D models
Chevrolet Impala 3D printing model. Images:

The 3D printing car comes with movable elements, many assembly parts and active suspension. You will fall in love with this project at once! So, bring it to life and prepare to battle evil spirits.

3D printed version of Chevrolet Impala Supernatural
3D printed version of Chevrolet Impala by Gambody

5. Mach Patrol Daitarn 3 Car for 3D Printing

The anime world has many fantastic vehicles, and some of them can be a part of your 3D printed car collection. For example, you can download the highly detailed Mach Patrol Daitarn 3 car model for 3D printing and recreate this piece.

3D printing cars
Renders of Mach Patrol 3D model. Images:

The transformable 3D printed car model will bring fun into your life. After 3D printing and assembling your Mach Patrol, you can switch between the two versions while displaying this anime project. Eighter a police cruiser or a plane known as Mach Attacker, this Daitarn 3 anime model will amaze you.

6. Warthog 3D Printed Car

M12B Warthog or Hog is an all-terrain vehicle from the Halo franchise. You can get Warthog 3D printing car STL files on Gambody marketplace. This project impresses with a detailed frame, functional car body, active suspension, movable parts and remarkable resemblance to its fictional prototype.

Hobbyist Guido Kehder worked hard on bringing M12B Warthog 3D printed car to life. His version of the all-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle looks impressive. Adorn all the efforts put by the maker into every detail of this model!

Warthog 3D printed car model
Warthog 3D printed by Guido Kehder

Maker Tyler Mcdowell also shared his incredible car model with 3D printed wheels. Enjoy the beautiful photos of a finished result.

Warthog 3D printing model
Warthog built by Tyler Mcdowell

7. War Rig Mad Max 3D Printed Car Parts

The stunning list of car 3D models for printing includes War Rig from Mad Max. This long truck comprises three separate projects, and you can find Mad Max car STL files for 3D printing on Gambody website. Using the 3D printing files, you can recreate the truck itself and complete your vehicle with a tanker and fuel pod.

Your journey across the Wasteland can be safe even though not too easy. 3D printing the War Rig, tanker and fuel pod can take much time, but the result is worth every effort! Only look at the fantastic 3D printed cars by hobbyists Robert Salvador and Michael Webb. Their thrilling Mad Max trucks are super realistic!

3D printed truck War Rig
War Rig 3D printed by Robert Salvador
Fantastic War Rig by Michael Webb

Enthusiast Nick Hogg chose to scale down the STL files to 1/25, and his work in progress looks fantastic!

3D printed wheels
War Rig with 3D printed wheels by Nick Hogg

8. Optimus Prime Auto Converting 3D Model

Some 3D printed cars can transform into legendary characters. Hobbyists who love Transformers can download the Optimus Prime 3D model for printing and get two models in one. This stunning project depicts Optimus Prime as a heroic figure that can quickly transform into a truck.

3D printing car model Transformer
Optimus Prime 3D printing model. Images:

Once you 3D print car parts of this project, you can assemble the articulated robot without glue and transform it into a vehicle. Does it sound exciting to you?

9. M577 APC 3D Model

While watching your favourite movies, you might wish to own some of the iconic transport. Get M577 APC 3D model STL files to make this troop vehicle and explore many more stunning Alien movie 3D printing models and characters.

This project comes with a passenger compartment, turret on the roof, access doors and other stunning details you will enjoy assembling. Hobbyist Shaun Allen decided to downscale the APC to 65%, and his 3D printed car and all its parts wow.

M577 APC 3D printing model
M577 APC 3D printed by Shaun Allen

And enthusiast Sean Brzozowski upscaled the model to 1/48 and printed it in resin. You can now enjoy all the tiniest details of his fictional M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier.

M577 APC 3D printed model
M577 APC made by Sean Brzozowski

10. 3D Printed RC Car

Another stunning adventure you can take with your 3D printer and car 3D models is building a 3D printed RC car nearly from scratch. Of course, you will have the STL files, instructions and support! Several companies offer such stunning opportunities to every hobbyist who is willing to take this ride.

Some users are able to build a 3D printed RC car in under half an hour! But others could spend a whole day on this journey. How does it happen?

A company offers 3D printed parts with instructions on what else to buy to assemble an RC car. Or it lets you download the 3D printing car STL files to prepare them yourself. Then it would be best if you got a transmission, battery, active suspension, 4WD, or a company can send you the needed electronics and hardware. Using the build guidelines, you can assemble your 3D printed RC car and then enjoy driving it in your backyard!

Only look at this fantastic Rancher, a 3D printed RC car that can crawl even dirt:

3D printed Rancher riding

And here is an example of the RC car bottom with the battery inserted by Facebook user Tony Anderson:

Battery for 3D printed RC car
RC car by Tony Anderson

Also, look at the photo of this stunning 3D printed RC car by Markus Siegmeth:

3D printed RC car
3D printed RC car by Markus Siegmeth

Nowadays, a 3D printed car can be anything, from a miniature collector model and stunning RC car to an actual life-size vehicle that drives around your town. But if a mass market is yet to see the production of all 3D printed cars, collectors and hobbyists can build their masterpieces from 3D printed parts, chassis, wheels and interior details. Join Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook to share your stunning 3D prints, be it a miniature or a life-size model.

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