3D Print 20+ 3D Aliens and Iconic Alien Movie Spaceship Models

Back in 1979, the sci-fi horror film Alien caused a real mind explosion in the cinema world. The aggressive and deadly extraterrestrial creatures that invaded the Nostromo spaceship made the spectator’s blood boil. People liked the film’s idea so much that after more than 40 years the number of fans who wish to 3D print iconic 3D Aliens (Xenomorph) models and Alien movie spaceship versions is only growing.

The original movie’s box-office success led to Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992) and other films devoted to dangerous adventures with Xenomorphs. The interest in this fantasy universe soon expanded into a crossover with the Predator franchise. So, today you can find many impressive 3D Aliens STL files to turn into fantastic deadly creatures, human figurines and spaceship models.

3D Aliens

Alien 3D Model

You can find a wide variety of highly detailed Alien movie characters and spaceship 3D print files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. Here, you can bring to life several versions of brave Ellen Ripley, Alien Xenomorph 3D model, Alien Queen, iconic Nostromo ship, Narcissus shuttle, Sulaco dropship, Cheyenne dropship, Predator models, etc.

Be inspired by the masterpieces made by Gambody hobbyists and choose your next Alien STL files for 3D printing.

1. Alien Movie Statue: Ellen Ripley Strip

The brave and fearless Ellen Ripley, the only survivor on the Nostromo ship, relaxed for just a moment after the dangerous fight with Xenomorph. She took off her jumpsuit, staying only in her underwear. And this Ellen Ripley strip scene was remembered by many viewers because she saw an alien on her shuttle in the next second.

Gambody’s contributing 3D artist froze the Ellen Ripley strip scene in an Alien movie statue for 3D printing. And you can download the Ellen Ripley strip figurine STL files to add this iconic character to your collection of 3D printed Alien movie models too.

Alien movie statue
Maker: Ed Nelles
Ellen Ripley statue 3D print
Maker: Martin Hoogendoorn

2. Movie 3D Models: Ellen Ripley

If the gentle and defenceless Ellen Ripley strip statue is already in your collection, you can 3D print a fully armed Ripley figurine. This courageous woman is always ready to fight with xenomorphs and protect other people from the Alien Queen herself.

The iconic confrontation between Ellen Ripley and Xenomorph Queen impressed one of Gambody’s contributing 3D artists to sculpt the main character with weapons. Get one of the most iconic movie 3D models, fully armed Ellen Ripley 3D model STL files for 3D printing, to bring her to life on your shelf. She looks dangerous with her cartridge belt and Flamethrower (M240 Incinerator Unit).

Movie 3D models
Maker: Guido Kehder

3. Alien Movie Models: Facehugger

The deadly extraterrestrial Xenomorph creatures hatch from eggs laid by the Alien Queen in the form of Facehuggers. Making these fantastic Alien movie characters is an excellent idea if you love the franchise. Each Ovomorph (egg) would look harmless if no Facehugger was hidden inside.

Facehuggers hunt while sitting in the egg. When they see a victim, they jump out of their “home” and cover the human face implanting a Chestbuster via the mouth. Luckily, you need not fear them in the form of printable 3D Aliens models.

Use Alien egg Alien STL files to 3D print realistic Ovomorph models for your collection.

Alien movie models
Maker: Ben Levy
3D printed facehugger egg
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

4. 3D Printed Facehugger

Usually, Facehuggers live inside the Ovomorphs and leave their egg home only to get inside a human to develop into a Xenomorph. But in a 3D printing world, everything is possible, and you can place 3D printed Facehugger either inside or outside the Alien egg.

Download Alien STL files for 3D printing Facehugger and Ovomorph models and breathe life into the most dangerous creature in the galaxy. Don’t worry as it will not jump onto your face and do you no harm.

3D printed facehugger
Maker: Felixx Welliver
Printable aliens
Maker: Robert Salvador

5. Power Loader Alien Print

A power loader costume helps Ellen Ripley not only to move heavy staff but also to fight with the deadly Alien. It makes the Power Loader 3D print iconic and must-have on a shelf with other 3D Aliens turned into prints.

The industrial mechanised exoskeleton Alien 3D model for 3D printing impressively resembles the original P-5000 Powered Work Loader from the iconic movie. The 3D artist worked hard on modelling the Power Loader costume 3D model. Maybe your Ripley figurine might fit inside to complete her combat mission against the dangerous species.

Add Power Loader 3D print to your collection of 3D printed Alien projects to give Ellen Ripley figurine some extra protection.

Alien 3D model
Maker: Guido Kehder

6. Xenomorph Queen Head

Every Xenomorph hive has its Alien Queen. This creature is mighty and rather intelligent. It can lay hundreds of eggs. And when it senses the hazard to its babies Facehuggers, it is willing to do anything to kill the source of danger.

Hobbyists who are building their collection of 3D printed Alien movie characters might like to get Xenomorph Queen head STL files to 3D print an impressive bust. It seems that the creature is about to attack you, but even on your shelf with other Xenomorphs, it can do nothing to hurt you.

Xenomorph Queen head
Maker: meltmy3day
Alien Xenomorph head
Maker: Paul Lawson

7. 3D Printed Alien in a Diorama

Aliens usually hunt at night. Their favourite hunting method is finding the right spot on the top of immense construction and look out for the prey. This pose is perfectly depicted in the Xenomorph 3D model for printing you can find on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

You might love to recreate the iconic monster that wishes to be unnoticed. This 3D printed Xenomorph will stand on a platform with a set of hatched Alien eggs. Download Alien Xenomorph STL files for 3D printing and make a stunning masterpiece.

3D printed Xenomorph
Maker: Peng Chen
Xenomorph model
Makers: Peng Chen and Kevin Valentine

8. Aliens STL: Xenomorph Bust

The perfect Xenomorph organism looks even more perfect as a 3D printed Alien bust. The creature’s super-long arms look less dangerous when being crossed in front of the skeleton-like body. The extra smooth skull is a jewel piece for painting.

Download Alien STL files of a bust to 3D print this fantastic 3D Aliens model. Get inspired by real masterpieces shared by Gambody enthusiasts. They created a life-like creature, chose an impressive skin tone and added the last touch to make it look realistic.

Aliens STL
Maker: Brian Morrison Roofing
3D alien model
Maker: João Pardinha

9. Alien Isolation Xenomorph Model

We all know how toxic the Alien’s “blood” is. Thanks to all the poison, the creature can kill anything with its toxic acid even without biting. But you can capture Alien Xenomorph inside a toxic chamber using your 3D printer. Get Alien Isolation Xenomorph 3D model STL files and build a unique project.

Build the muscled body, powerful tail, giant head, assemble the figure and place it inside the chamber. Such 3D printed Xenomorph will look amazing on your shelf, table or anywhere else in your home. You can even add wires to light it up.

Alien Isolation Xenomorph model
Maker: Scott Estes
Alien STL
Maker: Patrick Schulz

10. Xenomorph 3D Model

Xenomorphs are such a quickly growing race that adding another Alien Xenomorph 3D model to your 3D printed movie models collection is always a great idea. Download printable Alien Xenomorph STL files to recreate the dangerous extraterrestrial being along with the Ovomorph eggs.

The scene depicts the most dangerous creature that boasts an ideal muscled body, long hands, giant head. It stands next to the eggs that symbolise the dangerous population growth. But happily, no Facehugger will jump out of these 3D printed Ovomorphs. And the 3D printed Xenomorph will not capture you as its next victim.

Xenomorph 3D model
Maker: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer

11. Alien Birth Scene for 3D Printing

You have a unique chance to witness and immortalize the birth of the cinema’s most terrifying extraterrestrial. The fantastic and highly detailed Alien Xenomorph Birth 3D printing figure gives a sense of anxiety and serenity.

Adding such a mythical concept to your collection of 3D printed Alien statues may be an incredible idea. You will love seeing the lifecycle of the Xenomorph on your shelf.

3D printed Alien statues
Alien birth 3D printing figurine. Images: gambody.com

12. The Last Engineer Prometheus 3D Print

Some people believe that aliens engineered the human race. And based on the famous franchise, these ancient alien species were the Engineers or Pilots, Space Jockeys, Ossians.

Those who watched the Prometheus movie remember the giant pale-white humanoid beings that sent fear and danger. Do not be afraid to awake the Last Engineer 3D printing figurine from hypersleep because this creature is harmless as a 3D print.

Hobbyists Darren Reynolds and João Pardinha gave The Last Engineer from Prometheus movie a chance, and both figures turned out impressively detailed.

The Last Engineer Prometheus 3D Print
The Last Engineer figurines 3D printed by João Pardinha and Darren Reynolds

Alien Movie Spaceship

The galaxy feels empty without its iconic spaceships. In the Alien franchise, the most recognised ships are the ones where all the dangerous events took place. Just like Ellen Ripley was cloned after her death in the movie, you can clone your favourite Alien spaceship model on a 3D printer.

You can bring to life the stunning Nostromo ship, Narcissus shuttle, Sulaco dropship and UD-4L Cheyenne dropship 3D Aliens models for 3D printing. Besides these great ships, you can recreate the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier model designed for transportation on the planet surface.

13. USCSS Nostromo Alien Ship Model

The Nostromo Alien ship from the original 1979 movie introduced the world to the Xenomorph species. This iconic cargo starship didn’t survive into the second film. It was destroyed in hopes to protect the galaxy from Aliens.

But the stunning Alien Nostromo ship model for 3D printing is now available on Gambody marketplace. Its exterior is highly detailed. You will love printing and painting every detail, including the nacelles, docking module, antennas and ship platform. Some parts of this 3D Aliens model rotate, others open and close. The USCSS Nostromo ship can become a valuable piece of art in your collection of Alien movie models.

Alien spaceship model
Image: gambody.com

14. Narcissus Shuttle Alien Model

Once you 3D print the Alien Nostromo ship model, you should recreate its companion, Narcissus shuttle. In the original movie, Ellen Ripley hoped to escape from the dangerous Xenomorph on board the Narcissus ship. The famous Ripley strip scene took place here moments before discovering the Alien hiding in a small aperture of the shuttlecraft.

Recreating the Narcissus Alien model on your 3D printer can bring you many hours of fun work. The shuttle will look stunning being placed next to the Nostromo spaceship, Xenomorph and Ripley figurines.

Alien spaceship models
Image: gambody.com

15. USS Sulaco Alien Spaceship Model

Enhance your Alien spaceship fleet with another iconic model you can 3D print. Sulaco 3D Aliens spaceship became extremely famous after the second movie of the franchise that was released in 1986. It took the crew to the LV-426 colony where Ripley, once again, comes face to face with deadly Xenomorphs and has to fight with Alien Queen.

You can make a life-like USS Sulaco 3D print to recreate the scenes from the Aliens movie. You can introduce LED wiring to light up this spaceship model and place it on a unique platform that resembles the Sulaco hull armour.

Alien ship model
Maker: Gary Hendricks

16. UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship Model

The ship that can take off vertically and deliver crew to various unprepared places is a must-have in any fleet. The list of iconic Alien spaceship models also includes such a landing combat spacecraft. You can 3D print the UD-4L Cheyenne dropship model to recreate all the tiniest details of its exterior and cockpit.

Make your Cheyenne dropship Alien model resemble the original ship from the movie. Get inspired by the work made by Gambody enthusiast Shaun Allen.

Alien model
Maker: Shaun Allen

17. M577 APC Model

Building UD-4L Cheyenne dropship without its M577 APC could be a big mistake. The M577 Armored Personnel Carrier model was designed to accompany the Cheyenne dropship. It is carried on board as a troop transport.

The M577 APC 3D model (these Alien STL files you can find on Gambody marketplace) is an awe-inspiring 3D printing project. The Armored Personnel Carrier from Aliens comes with a detailed passenger compartment, an impressive arsenal of weaponry, stunning exterior elements and sliding doors.

Alien models
Maker: Kudret Kahraman

18. Juggernaut for 3D Printing

Once you 3D print the Last Engineer figurine, you will need another 3D printed Alien movie spaceship, Space Jockey Juggernaut, to keep the alien on its board. And although the Juggernaut original mission is to destroy the life and human race on Earth, you can reactivate the vessel with your 3D printer to preserve the life.

Download the Juggernaut 3D printing model and bring to life this giant, asymmetrical craft. You can display the fantasy vessel on your shelf or in your room in all its glory. Having a physical piece from the Prometheus movie is so fantastic!

3D alien models
Alien Juggernaut model for 3D printing. Images: gambody.com

Alien vs Predator vs Darth Vader

The iconic Alien franchise was so popular that in 1990 a short story was published in a comic book devoted to Aliens and Predators. It gave birth to a crossover Alien vs Predator that features two dangerous races that fight each other.

In the Alien vs Predator war, humans are often trapped in between. But you can add a Predator 3D print to your collection of extraterrestrial races without fear as it will not hunt your Xenomorphs, other 3D printed Alien models or you.

19. Darth Vader vs Xenomorph Queen 3D Print

Inspired by crossover fan art, the Darth Vader vs Xenomorph Queen idea grew into something bigger. It quickly transformed into more artworks, stories and, of course, a fantastic 3D Aliens printing model.

You can download Darth Vader vs Xenomorph Queen STL files to work on this impressive scene. It has enough details you will love to 3D print and paint, and it combines the two iconic movie characters from your favourite universes, Star Wars and Alien.

Darth Vader vs Xenomorph Queen 3D print
Maker: Björn Kamprad
Darth Vader vs Alien Queen 3D model
Maker: Eric Provencal

20. 3D Print Predator

A centuries-old Yautja looks confident, ruthless, fully armed, but every Predator lives according to their Code of Honour. 3D print Predator in his elderly appearance and recreate looks exactly like the best and wisest representatives of the extraterrestrial race.

It is impressive to print Predator and paint his signature weapons, work on Yautja’s wrist blades, cannon, pistol and sword. The Predator STL files also include the skull necklace, stunning dreadlocks, iconic mandibles, incredible platform and other features that distinguish the centuries-old Yautja from another alien race.

Predator 3D print
Maker: Marco Schmidt
Elder Predator 3D print
Maker: Lee Scott Cox

21. 3D Printed Predator Bust

The head of the bipedal humanoid looks unique and impresses with facial expression, deadly teeth and arthropod-like mandibles. Once you download Predator bust STL files, you can spend many fantastic hours choosing the most vivid colours to paint the reptilian-like skin and outline every feature this hunter boasts.

Your 3D printed Predator will amaze you with its highly detailed base with skulls. The necklace this humanoid wears on his neck also comes with the skullcaps.

3D printed Predator bust
Maker: Marco Schmidt

22. Predator 3D Model

Meeting an alien warrior somewhere in the jungles is extremely dangerous. This race loves to target armed prey. But once you download Predator 3D model STL files and 3D print this Alien model, you can display it to please your eyes. It will not target you from the shelf.

A 3D printed Predator figure has an impressive stand with jungle plants and wood pieces on the ground. If you choose to add vivid colours, you can create a real masterpiece.

Predator 3D model
Maker: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer
Predator STL files
Maker: Michal Morawski

23. Predator STL

If you don’t have a Predator Hunter figure in your collection of 3D printed Aliens vs Predator models, it is time to add one. Yautja is a dangerous hunter who loves to boast with his prey. No wonder that the Predator STL files for 3D printing you can find on Gambody marketplace showcases a skull in his right hand.

This Predator 3D model comes with a removable skull. You can make two versions of the head (with and without a mask on), unique jungle-inspired platform and paint this figure to resemble the fictional Alien.

Predator STL
Maker: Jiří Chlupáč
Predator 3D printer
Maker: Jouko Salminen

24. Dutch Statue

Making a Predator 3D model for printing without Dutch figure could be a big mistake. Predator Dutch statue for 3D printing can complete a fantastic diorama and breathe life into the iconic fighting scene from a great movie. You can turn a battle between Dutch and Yautja into a gorgeous 3D printed model.

Besides, you can fantasise about who wins in the battle because your 3D prints mean your story.

Dutch vs Predator 3D model
Maker: Ed Nelles

25. Predator on Throne STL Files

Enthusiasts who love the Alien vs Predator franchise must display their 3D printed Predator figurine on the majestic Bone Throne. This stunning piece of art is crafted from the Yautja’s opponent bones.

The ruthless leader looks like a king of all predators when displayed in this diorama. So, download the Predator on Throne STL files for 3D printing and bring to life this stunning scene.

Hobbyists Piccola Farfalla and Max Schmer presented their versions of the Predator on Throne surrounded by his hunting trophies. Their masterpieces can inspire your creativity!

Predator on Throne STL files
Predator on Throne 3D printed by Piccola Farfalla and Max Schmer

Which Alien movie models will you 3D print this year? Whether it will be a dangerous Xenomorph, intelligent but deadly Predator, iconic spaceship Nostromo or a different 3D Aliens model, make sure to take many photos of your masterpiece. Share your pictures in Gambody 3D Printing Community so that other Facebook hobbyists could also enjoy your creations.

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