9 3D Printed Toy Cars for the Child in You

You know what’s the best thing about 3D printing? It’s the possibility of creating incredible 3D printed toy cars from scratch for your kids. And if you really want to be named the coolest dad on the block, you should give it a try. To make it easier for you, here are 10 toy cars for 3D printing to inspire you.

With countless video tutorials for 3D modeling software, you will gain the required skills in no time, if you’re up for the challenge. So don’t lag anymore and start acting immediately.

1. Customizable Modarri 3D Printed Car

Modarri 3D printed toy cars

There are three different cars, street, dirt, and track. The parts for all three are compatible so that the owners can create their own hybrid car. The cars follow a design line that is attractive both for children and adults and they can be used as a 3D printed toy car or as a collectible.

Read more de details here.

2. 3D Printed Taco Train

Taco Train 3D Printed Toy Car

Children love trains. A new way of getting a new train for your kid is to 3D print it. The files for the Taco Train are available for download at Thingiverse. The author created it to be printed without support. You can also add as many train cars to the back as you want.

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3. 3DRacers 3D Printed Toy Car

Racerscar 3D Printed toy car

The cool thing about this racers car is that you can control it with your smartphone. Download the files at Thingiverse, 3D print it and start the race with your kids.

4. Bugatti Veyron 3D Printed Toy Car

Bugatti Veyron 3D printed toy car

The 1:8 scale model of Bugatti Veyron can be printed in different filament colors. This way of printing allows for the car to use little post-print processing, as only the removal of support and assembly is required. The 3D model is created in Blender software and measures 57 cm long.

The 3D model is created in Blender software and measures 57 cm long. The parts are made available for free download here.

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5. 3D Printed Wind-Up Toy Car

The wind-up toy car prints in one piece. From the video above, you can see that it runs like a train once wound up.

The 3D printed toy car can be ordered at Shapeways for $62.

6. All 3D Printed Toy Car with Dual Mode

The wind-up toy car is entirely 3D printed. The 3D model is printed in PLA on an Ultimaker 3 and the files are available at MyMiniFactory.

7. PLA Spring Motor, Rolling Chassis

3D Printed toy car

The STL files for this 3D printed sprint are designed in Sketchup 8. The parts need sanding to ensure a smooth movement.

The files and the assembly instruction for this 3D printed toy car can be downloaded for free, here.

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8. Miniature 3D Printed Toy Cars

Miniature 3D printed toy cars

3D printing never ceases to amaze us. Just have a look at these tiny 3D printed toy cars. Everything from the design to the resolution and the operability of the tiny object is impressive. Even their wheels are moving and the doors open.

9. 3D Printed Rock Crawler

For those boys who live in a rocky area, a 3D designer created the rock crawler car. The design features ball joints, flexible suspension system, and off-road wheels. What is even cooler than that is that the entire design, with its great workability, is part of a single piece.

Check the all-terrain vehicle here.

What do you say? Are you in for the challenge? Is there a 3D printed toy car you would like to print and enjoy playing around with?

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