Best 3D Printed Toy Car for the Child in You

3D printing gives a possibility to every person to add any 3D printed toy car to their collection. Your kids could be in love with Hot Wheels, Matchbox, die-cast toy cars and 1/64 scale realistic vehicles. It is time to prove to everyone that you are the coolest dad on the block by 3D printing their dream.

Here are nine toy car design categories for 3D printing to inspire you. From classic old models and miniatures to toy cars with open doors, you will discover some great models with paid and free STL files. And with countless video tutorials for 3D modelling software, you will gain the required skills in no time if you’re up for the challenge. Don’t lag anymore, and start acting immediately.

3D printed toy car

3D Printed Toy Car

Everyone knows the most famous phrase in racing, “Drivers, start your engines”! Before 1977, this phrase started with “gentlemen”, not “drivers”, because only males qualified for the races. But since the Indy 500 race in 1977, when Janet Guthrie joined the competition, modifications to the command have been added. Since 2017, it has begun with “drivers”.

And today, ladies and gentlemen can start their engines to join the races and turn on 3D printers to make any dream come true. In recent years, additive manufacturing technologies have been affordable to many hobbyists. It is now easy to produce car parts, wheels, accessories and, of course, car toys from plastic and resin at home.

Making a 3D printed toy car yourself could be more affordable than buying a collectable piece or a model vehicle. Often, old Hot Wheels models and other miniature car collectables are very expensive on the second-hand market. It could be cheaper to design the model yourself (if you are familiar with 3D modelling software) and 3D print the piece to make yourself or your child happy.

And even if you are not friends with 3D design, you can find many incredible realistic, an old classic, 1/64 scale, race and other car STL files online. Many of the projects are free, and others are available at a small fee.

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Building Toy Car Models

You can find many great guides on how to make a miniature car using a 3D printer. You can watch YouTube videos to see in detail how hobbyists work on car toys with doors that open up, active suspension, moving parts and working 1/64, 1/32 or 1/16 3D printed wheels.

It is time to turn virtual toy car models into physical 3D prints. You will need plastic filament or resin, flexible material for each 3D printed spinning wheel, and pieces of filament for assembly or decor. Often, you can use the wheels from your Hot Wheels and non-branded cars, scale down or up the 3D printing models, etc.

Sometimes, you have no 3D printer at home but wish to expand your collection of Hot Wheels cars with other stunning models. In this case, you can use 3D printing services that make models on-demand and ship them to you.

1. 3D Printed Race Car Toy

The variety of 3D printed race car models will ensure everyone can find the best project to recreate.

For example, you can bring to life customizable Modarri vehicles. There are three different versions (street, dirt, and track) so that the hobbyists can create their own hybrid toy car.

Building toy car models

Modarri follows a design line that is attractive to children and adults. They can be used as a 3D printed toy car or as a collectable.

3D printed race car

Also, you can recreate a 3D printed race car with control over your smartphone. You can transform 3DRacers car STL files into a cute piece that moves. You can even design its look online via the 3DRacers application. Kids will love such an adventure!

2. Realistic Car Toys

Your 3D printed toy car design can be a replica of an actual vehicle. Using a 3D printer, you can collect all your favourite realistic cars as 1/64, 1/32 scale toys.

You can also make a 1/8 scale model of the Bugatti Veyron hypercar. If you choose different filament colours, your 3D printed toy car would require less post-processing work. You will only remove the supports and assembly your piece.

Realistic car toys

You can download the Bugatti Veyron car model’s free STL files and recreate a replica of the fancy vehicle that reaches 57 cm in length.

You can also make realistic car toys such as Tesla Model 3. The free STL files of this model make it simple to bring the design to life. If you cannot make 3D printed spinning wheels yourself, use functioning parts from other car toys.

3D printed car model free

The Tesla Model 3 for 3D printing has no particular scale, and it requires using the 1.75-mm filament pieces for securing the axles. But it looks like a miniature copy of the electric-power vehicle.

3. Old Model Car Toys

Your 3D printed toy car can be a replica of some good old classic models. For example, you can get V8 Ford Falcon STL files and breathe new life into this 1973 coupe.

3D print toy car

You can find V8 Ford Falcon STL files for 3D printing at 1/64 scale, which can work great with Hot Wheels medium-sized spinning wheels.

A 1978 Volkswagen Brasilia is among other 1/64 scale old model car toys you can 3D print. This medium-sized vehicle will look great on the shelf with your Hot Wheels cars and other models.

Old model car toys

According to the 3D model designer, it is best to print this Volkswagen car toy model at 15% infill and a layer height between 0.08mm and 0.12mm.

One more old model car toy designed for 3D printing is the classic 1967 Shelby Cobra. This free 3D model is an iconic sports car from the 1960’s epoch. At those times, it was considered one of the best vehicles for competitions.

Medium sized toy cars

The piece was scaled similarly to Pinewood Derby cars. So, you can 3D print it to extend your collection of toys. And if you have Pinewood Derby spinning wheel set, use it to make your toy car move.

4. Train Car Toy 3D Model

Railroad car toys are also stunning collectables that you can 3D print yourself. Some 3D printing models are already hauled by a locomotive to form a train. Others offer separate locomotives and train cars for building with a 3D printer.

If you don’t like using supports while 3D printing, you can download Taco train STL files and build this simple toy for your kids. If you wish to have more cars, make them and add them to the back of your train.

Train car toy 3D model

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5. 3D Printed Toy Truck

Movies give us many stunning ideas for 3D printing. For example, Mad Max films introduced viewers to a crazy War Rig truck; and this bizarre custom piece of art can decorate your room.

This 1/16 scale car design will be of perfect display size if 3D printed on an FDM machine. The premium quality of Mad Max War Rig truck STL files will let you recreate all the distinguishing features of this truck in detail. You will love building the massive cowcatcher, human skulls decorating the grille, exhaust stacks, sharpened metal protecting the wheels and other elements.

Car toy model
Work by Wim Dussenbroek

Find your inspiration in the stunning models made by Gambody enthusiasts Wim Dussenbroek and Robert Salvador. These trucks look so real!

3D printed toy truck
3D print by Robert Salvador

You can add a tanker and fuel pod to complete your 3D printed toy truck.

If your child loves Transformers on top of Hot Wheels toys, you can 3D print a fabulous Optimus Prime model that transforms into a truck.

Model toy cars to build

You will find STL files for 3D printing Optimus Prime 2-in-1 project on Gambody marketplace. This fully articulated model requires assembly, but it boasts many stunning details and incredible features. You or your kids can get from the Autobot mode into a 3D printed toy truck. Or, you can 3D print two Transformers and display both options among your other toy cars.

6. Toy Cars with Doors that Open up

The list of model toy cars to build includes projects with doors that open up. Such vehicles become impressive display objects or collectable pieces.

Gambody hobbyists show how to make a toy car that moves. Building a Chevrolet Impala SS 1967 with movable parts and opening doors can be a fantastic project. The prop from the Supernatural TV series boasts the “KAZ 2Y5” license plate, active suspension, spinning wheels, four opening doors, articulated windscreen wipers and other details. Such a 3D printed toy car will amaze the child in you!

3D printed toy car design

The DeLorean Time Machine is among other great toy cars with doors that open up. And you can 3D print it using detailed DeLorean STL files.

Your toy car will look just like the actual vehicle in the Back to the Future movies. This 3D printing model comes in 3 kits that let you equip the project with a flux capacitor, gullwing doors that open up, engines, active suspension, interior and other features.

3D printed toy cars
DeLorean 3D print by Carlos DΓ­az

7. How to Make a Miniature Car

If you consider 1/64 3D printed wheels and cars too big for your collection, start working on a miniature car toy.

3D printing never ceases to amaze us. Just have a look at these tiny 3D printed toy cars. Everything from the design to the resolution and the operability of the little objects is impressive. Even their wheels are moving, and the doors open.

How to make a miniature car

You can also make a miniature car designed by LeFabShop. It is also printed as a single piece, and its tires do move once you lose them slightly. This model is free to download, and you can scale it up if you wish your 3D printed car toy to be a giant or of medium size.

How to make a toy car that moves
3D printed toy car design by LeFabShop

8. 3D Printed Wind-Up Toy Car

A 3D printer becomes a powerful tool in your hands if you love working on spinning wheels and building unique models yourself. For example, it is possible to 3D print a wind-up toy car or order one online.

Get free STL files to make a dual-mode wind-up toy car. In the video, you see a model 3D printed on Ultimaker 3 with PLA filament.

It is also possible to order a 3D printed wind-up toy car from Shapeways or other stores. Such a gift can cost as much as $60-$70.

Besides, you can work on a spring motor toy with a rolling chassis. The model from the photo was designed in Sketchup 8, printed with PLA filament, sanded to ensure a smooth movement and assembled.

3D printer making a toy car

For those boys who live in a rocky area, a 3D designer created the rock crawler car. The design features ball joints, a flexible suspension system, and off-road wheels. Even more remarkable is that the entire design, with its excellent workability, is part of a single piece. You can look up this 3D printed all-terrain vehicle toy here.

9. 3D Print Toy Car from Movies and Video Games

A home 3D printer making a toy car is not a miracle anymore. Thus, you can 3D print miniatures and large scale models from your favourite movies and video games.

Gambody enthusiasts love several stunning vehicles found on the marketplace, including Warthog, Spinner Blade and Batmobile 1989.

The Warthog M12B (Hog) 3D printing model from the Halo franchise can overcome any obstacles and look like a saviour on your shelf with Hot Wheels cars. This 1/32 scale car is more than just a toy. It has many rotating parts, complex suspension, steering wheels and other impressive options you will love to 3D print and assemble.

3D printed spinning wheel car
Warthog 3D printed by Guido Kehder

Have you watched the Blade Runner, 1982 film by Ridley Scott? So many years after, you can start building a toy car model that resembles a futuristic Police Spinner and has many articulated parts.

Toy car models
Police Spinner 3D printed by @galaxian3000 (Instagram)

Download the Police Spinner STL files for 3D printing this fantastic project at 1/16 or 1/8 scale. The impressive size allows you to enjoy to the fullest all the rotating parts, introduce LEDs to light up the flashing beacons, headlight, and recreate a fantastic interior. You will be proud of this 3D printed car.

Batmobile also deserves a space on your shelf with Hot Wheels and other toy cars. It is impossible to imagine Gotham City without the stunning Batmobile and its driver. The elegant yet dangerous vehicle is a premium toy for every collector and Batman fan.

Design toy car
Batmobile made by Martin Thesen

Get Batmobile 3D printing files on Gambody and put your heart and soul into building this action assembly model. The wheels come with rotating gear bearings. The guns are retractable. You can replace Batdisc ejectors with wings and enjoy many other features.

Fans of the Gremlins franchise should remember when Gizmo drove a pink Barbie toy car, “Gizmobile”. Now you can 3D print this vehicle using your 3D printer and STL files of Gizmo’s Barbie Car.

Barbie toy car for 3D printing
Barbie toy car 3D model for 3D printing

Such a pink corvette will look beautiful as a 3D printed toy car and become a nice gift for a little girl. You can light up the finished project and enjoy all the articulated parts, rotating steering wheel, opening doors and moving wheels.

And if you need a driver for this toy car, you can always 3D print a cute Gizmo figurine. This evil gremlin will look perfect sitting behind the wheel.

3D printed Barbie car driver Gizmo
Gizmo 3D printed by Bill Mattes

Bonus. 3D Printed Motorcycle

If your 3D printed toy car collection already has a lot of vehicles, you can now add a 3D printed motorcycle. Gambody marketplace offers several excellent models you might enjoy.

You can 3D print a motorcycle from Cyberpunk and even build a stunning diorama with Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand and his Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X bike.

Motorcycle 3D print
3D printed Cyberpunk diorama by Ficsor TamΓ‘s

Hobbyists who remember the 1988 action film AKIRA can work on this motorcycle 3D print. Its cyberpunk style, smooth forms and futuristic design make Akira Bike a stunning 3D printing model. You can download Akira motorcycle STL files to turn them into a toy or collectable piece.

3D printed motorcycle
3D printed motorcycle by Guido Kehder

Those who love realistic toys can 3D print a medium-sized Harley Davidson motorcycle. This 1991 model was featured in Judgement Day and became popular among many fans of Terminator movies. So, download Harley Davidson STL files and make this toy bike for your little kid or the child in you.

3D print motorcycle
Harley Davidson 3D model. Images:

That’s it for now. Hopefully, you will find a stunning 3D printing project for the weekend and share the pictures of your new 3D printed toy car in Gambody 3D Printing Community. It is always interesting to see what you are building at the moment.

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