Top 5 3D Printing Services that Will Print Your Model in No Time

You have your STL file but you don’t own a 3D printer. What can you do in this case? Luckily, there are a lot of online 3D printing services ready to craft your preferred 3D model in no time. The services provide the opportunity to choose the filament material and color you want to have your 3D model printed in.

They deliver post-printing processed models at your house’s doorstep with international delivery option available. So, regardless of your location, you can easily turn your computer on, and choose a 3D printing service that best responds to your needs.

What are the advantages of using 3D printing services, instead of investing in your own 3D printer?

First, it is about the fact that your project is being supervised from start to end by a team of professionals, who know all the hidden secrets of 3D printing.

Second, it is about the 3D printers these ser
vices use. Because they are committed to delivering high quality, custom-made objects to their client pool, without compromising the working process and disappointing their customers’ expectations, the services operate professional 3D printers in a large number. They can truly be called 3D printing mini-factories that deliver hundreds of 3D printed objects of different complexity every day.

Third, it’s about the convenience of having your 3D printed model, object or item delivered to your home within a set time-frame.

We compiled a list of top 5 3D printing services that come to the help of those who want to have their object 3D printed.


Shapeways 3D printing services worldwide

Shapeways makes 3D printing easier for all those who have an interest in this technology. With a website which allows customers to personally customize their objects, Shapeways works to bring to those who show interest in 3D printing, but don’t have the software or equipment, high-quality objects.

It has a large availability of 3D printable models from which anyone can choose the one he likes and print it immediately, without the need to open a new website.

Or, you can upload your own STL files and have them 3D printed in the color and printing material you choose. For this, the company stocks various materials like porcelain, stainless steel, precious metals, and various plastics in full color.

The price depends on the material and the size of the object you want to print. The site offers the feature of an instant estimate of your price, which is a convenient tool nowadays to help stick to the set budget.

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3Dhubs 3D printers across the globe

3DHubs is not a 3D printing service per se. However, it gathers all 3D printers from all over the world in a single place, thus helping those who can’t afford to invest funds in a printing equipment to have their objects printed within the region they live in.

The company features a detailed map with all 3D printers marked on it. It is enough to upload your STL file, choose the city you live in and you can see all the available 3D printers. Choose the 3D printing hub that suits you perfectly, both by price and material.

Placing a 3D printing order is simple. Once you have placed your order you can ask questions and find out about the delivery times that the hub will have to honor.

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The entire process is extremely flexible, the user having full control of the process. Nothing is done until the hub confirms that your order is received and accepted. You can pay either with your credit card or PayPal. The payment procedure is secured and all the information is strictly confidential.

After completion, you can coordinate the pickup, or you can indicate that you prefer shipping, prior to submitting your order.


iMaterialize 3D prints in a wide variety of filament material

iMaterialize is similar to Shapeways in the fact that it offers 3D printing services. It all starts with the user uploading his 3D files to be printed. The rest is handled by the iMaterialize team of professionals. The company prides itself on awarding quantity discounts if the customer wants to print the same files several times.

Their printing process is tailored to the user’s needs. Therefore, any urgent project will be assigned to the priority service and will be printed in less than 48 hours. They have also a flat rate shipping policy and ship worldwide. A big advantage is that iMaterialize applies discounts for students.

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iMaterialize prints in a wide variety of materials, from polyamide, aluminide, ceramics, paintable and transparent resin, ABS, titanium, steel, silver, gold, bronze, wood, copper and more. The customer has the opportunity to choose from 100 colors and finish combinations.

Once your order is submitted, iMateriales takes over all the responsibility of the production process. Their facilities are equipped with over 100 printers, which means that you won’t wait too long for your 3D printed object to be shipped to you.


Sculpteo accepts files in over 25 formats

Like Shapeways and iMaterialize, Sculpteo is a 3D printing service that makes possible for those who want to 3D print an object but doesn’t have the tools and equipment for this. The procedure is as simple as in the case of the other two companies: the customer uploads the files, Sculpteo prints it and ships it to the customer’s address worldwide.

The company accepts files in over 25 formats. The uploaded file is being repaired by the company, if required, which ensures that you will get an accurate 3D printed object.

Sculpteo provides over 48 different combinations of printing material and finishing. The customer will find all the necessary optimization tools to make his desired object take shape in the real world.


Ponoko prints in over 80 types of material

What sets Ponoko apart is that apart from 3D printing service they provide also laser cutting services. They focus on delivering custom-made 3D objects, monitoring the entire production process from prototyping to shipping. The company offers customers fast prototyping and conversion services, taking part in creating a custom-oriented object.

They print in over 80 types of material and can deliver your order the same day. The pricing starts as low as $5, depending on the materials chosen and the model that needs to be printed.


Finding a 3D printing service is not as hard as it may seem. There are a lot of online services that deliver accurate results and print in almost any material imaginable. Research and compare prices and delivery time frames. Take advantage of having your 3D print delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days and enjoy a worry-free printing experience.

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