Best Cheap 3D Printing Service for Hobbyists 2023

The first step to making stunning 3D prints when you have no 3D printer at home is finding an affordable 3D printing service. Such companies are available worldwide, allowing you to bring to life your favorite characters and cosplay costumes with quick delivery to your home. Our selection of the best 3D printing services in 2023 can help you get started.

Find out information about how to 3D print on demand, how prices on 3D printing are calculated, and select a professional 3D printing service for hobbyists you can trust.

3D printing service

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3D Printing Service

The creation of 3D printing in the 1980s and the super-fast growing popularity of this incredible manufacturing process amaze many of us. Various small and big companies take full advantage of the new technology, replacing traditional production with more affordable, cheaper, quicker, and accessible solutions.

Even though many households can now get a cheap 3D printer, some hobbyists prefer outsourcing production to the best online 3D printing services. This way, they can get professional help, choose various 3D printing materials, and receive full assistance with scaling the model up or down.

Here are some sources if you prefer your home 3D printer and choose not to 3D print on demand:

3D Printing Services: Pros and Cons

Top online 3D printing services can craft your preferred 3D model in no time with your chosen filament material and color. The 3D printing companies deliver post-printing processed models to your house’s doorstep via international delivery. So, regardless of location, you can quickly turn your computer on and choose a 3D printing service that best responds to your needs in 2023.

What are the advantages of using a 3D printing service instead of investing in your personal desktop 3D printer?

  • Your project will be supervised from start to end by a team of professionals who know all the hidden secrets of 3D printing.
  • Every professional 3D printing service uses expensive 3D printers and is committed to delivering high-quality (often custom-made) objects to its clients. Such companies maintain the working process and do their best to satisfy their customers’ expectations. They can be called 3D printing online mini-factories that deliver hundreds of 3D printed projects of different complexity every day.
  • It can be convenient to have your 3D printed model, object, or item delivered to your home within a set time frame.

Are there any disadvantages? The best 3D printer services can be costly since the price depends on the materials, model size, 3D printing specifications, and shipping fee.

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Companies That 3D Print for You

Gambody’s post covers the most reliable professional 3D printing services in 2023. You can use them for making character models, unique parts, prototypes, and other 3D printed items.

1. Sculpteo

3D printing services, Sculpteo

Sculpteo is a 3D printing service that helps those who want to order 3D prints with the tools and equipment hobbyists don’t have at home.

This online 3D printing service is easy to use. A customer uploads the files, learns Sculpteo price using the “instant quote” option, places an order, and waits for the company to 3D print and ship it to the client’s address worldwide.

The company accepts files in over 25 formats. The uploaded file is being repaired by the company, if required, which ensures that you will get an accurate 3D printed object.

Sculpteo provides over 30 printing materials and various optimization tools to make any desired object take the correct shape in the real world.

2. Shapeways

3D printing service for hobbyist, Shapeways

Shapeways 3D printing service makes life easier for those interested in this technology. Customers can personally customize their objects using this service.

There are two ways to order 3D printed parts. You can select one of the 3D printable models available on Shapeways website and print it immediately without opening a new site. Or, you can upload your STL files and have them 3D printed in the color and printing material you choose.

This is a great 3D printing service for a hobbyist. It stocks various materials like porcelain, stainless steel, precious metals, and numerous plastics in full color.

The price depends on the material and size of the object you want to print. The site offers the feature of an instant estimate of your price, which is a convenient tool nowadays to help you stick to the set budget.

3. Hubs

3D printing services for hobbyists, Hubs

Hubs is more than just an online 3D printing service. This manufacturing network helps users from all over the world to get NCN machining, sheet metal fabrication, and 3D printing services.

The company can give you a detailed quote after you upload a CAD file. Hubs can help you build FDM, SLS, SLA, MJF 3D prints in over 35 colors and over 25 plastics. With a global network of more than 2,400 3D printers, this 3D printing service sounds like an outstanding solution.

The entire process is highly flexible, with users having complete control over it. Everything is done once the hub confirms that your order is received and accepted. The payment procedure is secured, and all the information is strictly confidential.

After completion, you can coordinate the pickup or indicate that you prefer shipping before ordering 3D prints.

4. iMaterialize

Best 3D printing service, iMaterialize

iMaterialize is similar to Shapeways because it offers 3D printing services. It starts with the user uploading the 3D files in over 40 formats accepted. The iMaterialize team of professionals handles the rest. The company prides itself on awarding quantity discounts if the customer wants to order identical 3D prints several times.

Their professional 3D printing services are tailored to the user’s needs. It is easy to choose from 10 3D printing technologies, 20 materials, and over 100 colors. iMaterialize prints in a wide variety of materials, from polyamide, aluminide, ceramics, paintable and transparent resin, ABS, titanium, steel, silver, gold, bronze, wood, copper, and more.

Once your order is submitted, one of the top 3D printing companies takes over all the responsibility for the production process. Their facilities are equipped with over 100 printers, so you won’t wait too long once you order 3D printed items. They also have a flat rate shipping policy and ship worldwide.

5. Ponoko

Best 3D print service, Ponoko

What sets Ponoko apart from other 3D printing services is they provide free open-sourced laser cut files along with laser cutting options. They focus on delivering custom-made 3D objects and monitoring the entire production process, from prototyping to shipping.

The company offers customers fast prototyping and conversion services, taking part in creating a custom-oriented object. They print in over 200 types of material, including foam, rubber, plastics, and sheet metals. They can also deliver your order on the same day.

The pricing starts from $50 for one item. But the total can get 93% down if you order 10,000 items. A lot depends on the materials chosen and the model that needs to be printed.

6. Craftcloud

3D print on demand, Craftcloud

When searching for 3D printing services for hobbyists, look at Craftcloud. It helps to create stunning 3D prints from 68 unique materials, including Nylon, PLA, ABS, Wood, TPU, stainless steel, brass, copper, gold, resin, HIP, PETG, etc.

The 3D printing service accepts numerous file formats. Thus, you can upload STL, OBJ, STEP files, and other supported formats and expect to receive a high-quality 3D print.

You can choose from the 18 3D printing technologies and order 3D prints that will make you happy with worldwide shipping.

7. Photolabs

Best 3D printing service online, Photolabs

When you are 3D printing online, you need to find a reliable 3D print service such as Photolabs. The company can become your rapid prototyping partner and deliver a high-quality 3D printing service you will love.

The firm accepts STL, STEP, ACIS, and IGS file formats. You can order 3D prints made in numerous materials, including plastics (Nylon, ABS, Polycarbonate), metals (Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel), elastomers (TPU), and others.

With the help of the best 3D printing service according to your taste, you can always 3D print your favorite models from

8. Star Rapid

Best online 3D printing services, Star Rapid

Among the different services Star Rapid offers is a 3D printing service you can use. It is a reliable option for anyone who wants to create prototypes or order 3D prints from steel, aluminum, titanium, or maraging steel.

The firm accepts IGES, STEP, and STL files and can ship your 3D printed parts worldwide. To use this online 3D printing service, you should upload your file and get a quote. It is easy for hobbyists and small businesses who are fond of additive manufacturing technologies but do not own a 3D printer.

It is fantastic that thanks to numerous cheap 3D print services, you don’t need to leave your home to receive your 3D prints.

9. FacFox

3D printing on demand, FacFox

One of the 3D printing services, FacFox, is also ready to create parts for you. It allows you to get an auto quote or manually ask how much it costs to order 3D prints through this firm.

Since the average lead time is only three days, you can quickly receive your stunning 3D printed model or parts needed for your small business. Fans of plastic and metal 3D printing can create impressive projects from ABS, PLA, Nylon, Bronze, Titanium, Aluminum, and other materials.

To order 3D printing online, you should upload OBJ, STL, DWG, or another supported file format. And it is also possible to get 3D scanning, molding, and casting services with FacFox.

10. Quickparts

3D printing places, Quickparts

The list of professional 3D printing services that can easily recreate any Gambody STL files you own includes Quickparts. This company ships worldwide and lets you choose from over 75 materials and order 3D printed parts made with SLA, SLS, FDM, DLP, and DMP 3D printers.

In other words, you can get STL 3D printing service (different types of files are also accepted) in ABS, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Aluminum, Resin, Polypropylene PP, and other options.

While steel, chrome, and other metals are suitable for business 3D printed parts, Resin, Nylon, and ABS can be perfect for recreating 3D printable models of your beloved superheroes from Gambody marketplace.

11. Xometry

Cheapest 3D print service

Let’s continue our list of 3D printing services for hobbyists with Xometry. This firm offers manufacturing on-demand, from prototyping to production. You can upload Gambody STL files after purchasing them on and receive an instant quote for 3D printing them with Xometry.

You can order 3D prints made of Nylon, ABS, Resin, and other materials. And your finished model or figurine will be shipped to you.

Besides 3D printing services, the firm lets you buy materials and get laser cutting, waterjet cutting, CNC machining, injection molding, and other assistance.

12. Get It Made

Cheapest 3D printing services

Small businesses and individuals can discover Get It Made, a 3D printing service willing to produce your projects from plastic and metal materials. The firm assures it can 3D print low-volume orders and recreate complex parts using FDM, SLA, SLM, and other 3D printing technologies. The lead time for complex objects can be from one to 2.5 weeks. But then you can receive your order at your doorsteps.

Such 3D printing service providers definitely make life easier for many hobbyists worldwide. Thus, there is no need to buy a 3D printer today if you wish to dive into additive manufacturing adventures.

13. AnyShape

Best 3D printing services

Those searching for modern additive manufacturing partners can learn more about AnyShape. This firm offers a 3D printing service along with other methods of production.

You can order 3D components via any of the four offered technologies, such as FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), SLS (Selective Lather Sintering), Multijet printing, and Continuous Fibre Fabrication. Depending on your project shape, surface finish, quantity, and color, you can choose the most reliable method to make your 3D printed parts solid and long-lasting.

You can ask AnyShape experts before ordering 3D prints and decide if this service is for you.

14. American Additive

Cheap 3D printing services

Whether you are looking for commercial 3D printing services or a way to support your hobby, American Additive could be your choice. Skilled engineers can help you recreate any project with a smooth finish and from top-quality materials.

The supplier can build your 3D printing models using FDM, MJF, SLA, SLS 3D printers, and other machines. It is quick to create parts for your hobby and work. The company can help you 3D print medical projects, casting patterns, industrial prototypes, etc.

15. TH Industries

3D printing services online

With ten years of experience, the French 3D printing service TH Industries is ready to bring functional parts and any models of your choice to life. It offers a variety of finishes, 3D printing materials, and FDM 3D printers that can accomplish your projects.

The firm has over 40 3D printers and is proud to be the best 3D printing service in Angers (France). If you live in the European Union, you should use one of the top 3D printing companies in this area.

16. 3DExperience

Cheap 3D print service, 3DExperience

Another company that can 3D print on demand is 3DExperience. This 3D printing service offers instant quotes based on the files you upload. It can work with the popular STL, OBJ, 3DS, and other file formats.

The company connects users with 3D printing service providers such as Sculpteo, Xometry, Get It Made, Any-Shape, American Additive, and more. This way, you get a wide choice of materials for building your project, including ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET, TPU, Resin, Nylon, Gold, Silver Steel, Zinc, Platinum, etc.

Through this online 3D printing firm, you can order directly from 3DExperience or get quotes from several suppliers to choose your best option.

17. Stratasys Direct

Order 3D printed items

Seekers of outsourced additive technologies can use an online 3D printing service by Stratasys. It is called Stratasys Direct, and it offers six technologies, including the most popular FDM and Laser Sintering. The available materials are ABS, Nylon, ASA, TPE, Resin, Steel, Copper, and other metals.

Remote 3D print services are top-rated these days, even though many households have their personal 3D printers. Still, sometimes you need to order large quantities at once or create something life-size, with a smooth and perfect finish from the first attempt.

Online, cheap 3D printing service can save your time and nerves, and you won’t have to buy a 3D printer if you plan to 3D print only a couple of times for yourself or place bulk orders for making many 3D printed parts for your business needs.

18. Fast Radius

3D printing service cheap

Manufacturing lighthouses are a new reality for many businesses and individuals who wish to outsource their needs and use remote services as much as possible to achieve their goals. Professional 3D printing services offered by Fast Radius can benefit anyone looking for additive manufacturing companies.

The company can 3D print parts in ABS, Nylon, Resin, Cobalt Chrome, Stainless Steel, and other materials and have your finished project shipped to your door.

Upload your STL files or OBJ, BIN, SAT, and other supported formats to get your quote and start 3D printing on demand today.

19. Beamler

Cheap 3D printing service

Commercial 3D printing services such as Beamler let you enjoy all the advantages of industrial 3D printing without buying a 3D printer. You can easily manufacture high-quality 3D printed parts, items, and models for yourself or your business, get fast delivery and enjoy your chosen finishing.

You must upload your 3D files (STL, OBJ, STEP, etc.) and get a quote online. You can also specify the exact size of your project, select your preferred material (polymer, metal, ceramic, carbon, sand, stone, or wax) and get professional assistance from the first step.

20. Treatstock

3D print shops

Some best 3D printing services are only willing to take big orders. But Treatstock has no minimum size or quantity requirements; thus you can order 3D prints using this company and receive your items in your area.

Uploading files is simple. The service supports STL, OBJ, and many other formats, including PNG and JPG. You can customize your project and have it 3D printed for you in ABS, PLA, Nylon, TPU, Steel, and other materials.

Such a remote approach to getting 3D printed things done is prevalent. It is a chance to get acquainted with the technology and receive your models to paint yourself or parts you can use in your business.

21. UPS Store 3D Printing Services

Some UPS Store 3D print locations across the USA offer 3D printing services to Americans. You can use your 3D CAD files to recreate numerous objects or ask for a scan quote through HoneyPoint3D design services.

3D printing to order, UPS

The UPS Store 3D printing service ensures you can view the models online, get affordable engineering if needed, have great turn-around times, and choose what you need (fixing files, cutting, or labeling).

At the moment, only some states offer such options. But the ones that do, utilize Netfabb software to help your projects go live.

22. Print a Thing

Hobbyists looking for a custom 3D printing service can check out Print a Thing. The company can turn STL files into physical objects and ship them across the USA. However, it only offers an online instant-quote system and does not offer 3D scanning or 3D design.

Companies that 3D print for you

The website is relatively new and does not show your project virtually. Still, it allows you to choose SLA or FFF technology, upload the STL files or paste the Thingiverse link with a free 3D printing model, select the desired infill and wall thickness, ABS or PLA filaments in your preferred color, and place your order.

After a week or longer, your 3D print is promised to arrive at your doorstep.

23. 3D Print Prototypes

When looking for cheap 3D printing services, it is best not to forget the quality and extra perks you can get from professionals. 3D Print Prototypes, for example, allows you to check your 3D model for possible errors and discover problematic part designs before you 3D print on demand.

3D printing service 2023

This online 3D printing service offers over 90 materials and several available technologies. Anyone searching for remote options can request a free quote before placing their order.

The Canadian-based company works with 160 countries, recreating 3D models in FFF/FDM, Resin/SLA, SLS, MultiJet, Full Color Sandstone, and Metal.

24. 3D Printing Perth

When printing in filament or resin, you can use the 3D Printing Perth services, designed to simplify your life and create beautiful prints with the finest details.

3D printing services for hobbyists

All you should do is upload your files online, ensuring you have one of the many supported formats, including STL, OBJ, 3DS, BLEND, MESH, PLY, XYZ, STEP, and others. Then, you select the printing method (FDM or resin) and wait for the company to review your submission and send you an invoice.

3D Printing Perth

3D Printing Perth, the leading hub for 3D printing solutions in Western Australia, offers a diverse range of 3D printers, filaments, and repair services. Established in 2016, this company has been at the forefront of providing high-quality 3D printing materials and expertise, catering to hobbyists, professionals, and educational institutions alike. Dive into this incredible world and explore a seamless 3D printing experience.

Choosing Your Best 3D Printing Service

With so many professional 3D printing services willing to take your orders online you might get lost on which company to choose. Everything depends on your project, size, quantity, materials, colors, and total cost.

It is impossible to test each company out before selecting the one for your needs because a 3D printing service transforms your 3D model into a physical object, and it cannot make a free sample based on your files.

Learn what factors you should consider when reading a review of each 3D printing service on our list or on the web.

Materials & Colors

Every 3D printing service lists the materials and technologies it uses to complete your online orders. Some smaller companies can 3D print in a limited number of materials & colors at a cheap cost. However, bigger companies are willing to work with gold, wax, steel, and other expensive materials.

Thus, you should clear for yourself how you see your desired 3D model. Would it be a prototype, mold, or wax casting? Or should it be a smooth and great-looking PLA, ABS, or Resin character from your beloved video game, movie, or comics?

Think about the shape’s complexity and how you plan to use your 3D prints ordered from an online 3D printing service. Read about different 3D printing materials, their mechanical and chemical properties, and specific use suggestions. Then choose your priorities. After this, select all 3D print shops that list your desired materials and colors.

Production Volume

You can further limit your number of 3D printing services by production volume. Smaller companies might be happy to 3D print a piece or two to entertain you. But giants often work with individuals and businesses with higher production volume.

If you need a big batch production of over 1,000 items, look for a big 3D printing service to handle your order. This question becomes especially vital when you need to receive your big order of 3D prints by a particular date. Your local 3D print shops might not be able to help you. But big players in the market could manage large jobs within 1-2 days and have your order shipped to you asap.

It is always a good idea to check a 3D printing service beforehand to ensure it has the equipment to deal with your production volume and deadline.


What matters a lot when you select your best 3D printing service is the final cost you’ll have to pay. Every company has its price policy which you cannot affect. It is hard to calculate how much 3D printing material your project needs because it depends on the size. What you can do is upload your 3D files to as many services as possible and ask for their instant quotes. This way, you can select the cheapest 3D print service in your area.

You can experiment with different 3D printing materials, colors, object dimensions, and volume production to get the best price. Of course, such actions require your time, but if you end up with a better deal, it makes sense to try.

Remember that shipping costs and time depend on the production company’s location. You could ask your chosen 3D printing service in advance how soon your order can be shipped and delivered to you.

Production Time

While it is impossible to 3D print your order needed for yesterday, many 3D printing services do take rush orders and are happy to assist you with express printing and shipping.

However, if you depend on a particular 3D printing material and color and have a complex shape that requires testing and a large job, you should find your best 3D printing service in advance. This way, you can have your 3D printed parts ready and delivered to you in time for your project.

Your geographical location and the location of the 3D printing service are what influence the shipping time. Sometimes it is best to order from a nearby shop to receive your 3D prints on time than save money ordering from a cheap firm abroad and experiencing delivery delays.


When you choose online 3D printing shops, you first should check their policy, terms, certifications, and confidentiality.

If you are printing something for personal use, you might need to pay more attention to these things. But if you need to order 3D prints for your business needs and are planning to upload unique 3D models you want to protect, it is best to ensure that your manufacturer will not use your designs to fabricate your parts for someone else.

It is a big plus if a 3D printing company agrees to sign a non-discloser agreement. Sometimes more than granting a non-exclusive license to the shop to 3D print your parts is required.

You can also check if the company works according to ISO:9001 standards. It does not influence your orders or 3D prints. Still, it shows that the 3D printing service is committed to providing you with the highest standards and adheres to stringent auditing. It is more about the service, product quality, and dedication to excellence.


Finding a 3D printing service is easier than it may seem. There are a lot of cheap 3D printing services that deliver accurate results and print in almost any material imaginable. Research and compare prices and delivery time frames. Take advantage of having your 3D print delivered to your doorstep in a few days and enjoy a worry-free printing experience.

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