Most Popular 3D prints of March 2020: Human Characters, Robots and Mechanized Vehicles

It is exciting to observe how the tastes of the Gambody 3D printing community change from month to month. While Jurassic Park, Alien Xenomorph and starfighters are still among the best 3D print ideas of 2020, the list of the most popular 3D prints of March comprises more humans, movie heroes, mechanized vehicles and articulated robots.

Of course, Baby Yoda figurine is also a popular decision on what to 3D print this spring. But this time we would like to focus on incredible human projects and mechanical machines that make stunning masterpieces when 3D printed with much love to details and painted by a talented hand.

Popular 3D Prints

Nearly each of us has his or her favourite characters and idols. But only those of us who have a 3D printer at home can watch multiple movies, play video games, re-read comics and take the most memorable characters out of the screen to bring to the real world.

In case you are not sure what to 3D print next, read this compilation of the best 3D print ideas and popular 3D prints of March to get inspired by the projects shared by Gambody hobbyists and talented makers.

Popular 3D prints of March 2020 Gambody

Best 3D Print Ideas: Humans and Fictional Characters

It is no secret that making a human figurine on a 3D printer can be a real challenge. After all, it is essential to make the hero look like its prototype from the movie, video game, comics or real life. And this means that a hobbyist has to learn how to paint realistic human skin and skilfully do the makeup to make the replica face resemble its original version.

Seeing many impressive humans among the popular 3D prints of March is fantastic. Many Gambody enthusiasts took this challenge in spring 2020 and brought some great characters, both fictional and real, into life.

The movie Joker 2019 starring actor Joaquin Phoenix continues to inspire 3D printing enthusiasts and gives them a brilliant idea of what to 3d print in 2020. So talented minds keep making the stunning Joker figurine with a clown mask painted on his face. And you can get inspired by their works and also download Joker 3D printing figurine STL files to make this villain.

Joker popular 3D print ideas 2020
Maker: John Register
Joker figurine popular 3D prints 2020
Maker: Agustin Heit
Arthur Fleck in Joker popular 3d prints 2020
Makers: Eliott Compadre and Suppamit Singmanut

But Joker is not the only human figurine on the list of 2020 best 3D print ideas. Other impressive humans turned into 3D prints this March were Indiana Jones, Freddie Mercury with a microphone, Ripley in underwear, Princess Leia, the Punisher, Spock from Star Trek, Sekiro, Wolverine and Superman bust.

Indiana Jones popular 3d prints in 2020
Maker: Alan Murray
Freddie Mercury popular 3D prints ideas
Maker: Stampa 3D Art
Ripley Alien what to 3D print
Makers: Mickael Malet and Martin Hoogendoorn
Princess Leia popular 3D prints of 2020
Maker: Jason Chadwell
Punisher popular 3D prints or what to 3d print in 2020
Maker: Felipe AG
Spock Star Trek popular 3D prints
Maker: Bill Mattes
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice popular 3D prints
Maker: Alex Schneider
Wolverine popular 3D prints ideas
Maker: Martin Neviemaky
Superman popular 3D prints
Maker: Klauss Phoenix

It is also a must to focus on the heroes who were courageous to put out the fires and clean up the toxic mess after the nuclear power plant explosion in Chernobyl in 1986. We are talking about Chernobyl Liquidator 3D printing figurine which STL files you can download on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

Chernobyl Liquidator 3D printing figurine
Makers: Darren Reynolds and Bjørn Fiskvik

This model is a tribute to all heroes who risked their lives while dealing with the consequences of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster to save millions of people.

Best 3D Print Models: Robots and Mechanized Vehicles

The list of best 3D print ideas of March includes not only human characters. Mechanized vehicles and robots are also some of the best 3D print models made by Gambody hobbyists and enthusiasts this spring.

AT-ST Walker model popular 3D prints
Maker: Syl Vain

Fans of the Galactic Empire remember a chicken walker under AT-ST Walker name. This two-legged bipedal combat vehicle is lighter than AT-AT, and it becomes a stunning 3D printing project from the Star Wars universe.

IG-11 Droid The Mandalorian popular 3D prints 2020
Maker: Steve Burke‎

An impressive IG-11 Droid is also among the popular 3D prints of March 2020. This robot from The Mandalorian tried to kill Baby Yoda but was destroyed by Din Djarin. And since it was later repaired, you can also recreate it for your collection of best 3D printed models.

K-9 Mark robot 3D printing model
Maker: Gregory Belland

A cute K9 Mark robot is a robotic dog and one of the best 3D print models of March.

ED-209 droid 3D printing model
Maker: Daniel Kirk
BT-7274 3D printing model
Maker: Rodolfo Rupoli

K9 Mark model looks great in the collection with ED-209 droid, BT-7274 Titan and other impressive 3D printing robots you can find on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

Fans of MechWarrior Online video game love to choose their next 3D printing projects from the popular 3D prints with a BattleTech-theme.

Mad Cat MWO best 3D print models
Maker: John Murphy
Mad Cat MechWarrior Online 3D printing model
Maker: Alan Murray
MWO Catapult best 3D print models
Maker: Alan Murray
MechWarrior Online Locust best 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Alan Murray
MWO King Crab best 3D print ideas 2020
Maker: Craig Rodgers

In March, the four most popular MWO characters to 3D print were:

If robots and droids are not on your list of favourites, you can recreate a stunning mechanized vehicle such as the Mammoth Tank 3D printing model.

Mammoth Tank best 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Manuel Endres
Mammoth Tank popular 3D prints of 2020
Maker: Karl Marble

This tank was also 3D printed by Gambody hobbyists in March, and it can be turned into life by you in 2020.

These are the most popular 3D prints of March 2020 shared in Gambody Facebook community. Each of these masterpieces can inspire your new projects and next 3D printing models and figurines. Keep being creative and make your dreams come true. Keep sharing the photos of your 3D printed works with other hobbyists and enthusiasts because you can also be an inspiration and motivation to someone with a 3D printer.

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