3D Printing Material as Superhero

People are great at making associations and it’s fun also. So we thought why not think of 3D printing material as a superhero? There are different types of plastic and not only 3D printing materials that can easily be related to Superheroes. And since there is a really large list of Superheroes we chose the ones that really have something in common with the 3D printing material they represent. Before getting to business, though, remember that the list represents our own associations.

Here we go!

ABS – The Hulk

Hulk marvel 3d print

Why? Hulk is the strongest and the toughest among all superheroes. He possesses a limitless degree of physical strength, this being dictated by his anger. The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes. Hulk is resistant to injury or damage. Just like ABS, he is one of the most recognized comic book characters out there.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel 3D printing models and would like to see how it 3D prints in ABS, we have two different Hulk 3D printing miniatures you can choose to recreate.

Characteristics that make these two related:
Withstand high temperatures

PLA – Superman

Superman 3d prints

Why? Superman has always proved to be a superhero you can rely on. He is always in the right place, at the right time. But why do we relate Superman to PLA, you may ask? It is because of a funny characteristic that you probably wouldn’t have considered in the first place. Superman is eco-friendly, just like PLA is. He doesn’t need a car to cover long distances. He doesn’t need to fly an aircraft and can easily propel himself through the air.
If you want a 3D printing figurine of Superman, you can buy the STL files of such one at Gambody and 3D print it with PLA.

Characteristics that make these two related:

Conductive PLA – Elektra

Elektra superhero

Why? Elektra stands for the power that this character is gifted with. Apart from her marvelous fighting abilities, she also possesses the gift of telepathic communication and mind control. This ability really relates to the ability of the electricity to travel thousands of miles and light the house.

Conductive PLA is used especially for circuitry applications and touch screen projects.

Characteristics that make these two related:
The electric properties, even if they are low in the printing material

Magnetic Iron PLA –Magneto

magneto superhero

Why? It’s easy to identify what these two have in common. Both have magnetic field properties and the printing material flaunts the look of a magnet. Due to its special characteristics, this printing material is highly appreciated by DIY-ers for various educational and not only projects.

Characteristics that make these two related:
Magnetic properties

PVA – Aquaman

Aquaman superhero

Why? Just like Aquaman superhero who strives in water, controlling the marine life with its telepathic ability PVA does actually the opposite – it easily dissolves in water causing no harm to it. Therefore, while water for one is an advantage, for the other one is a disadvantage, or it may be regarded differently by various people.

PVA is a great choice for complex 3D prints that require supports as it will simply dissolve when dipped in water, leaving only the shape of the object replicated. It also saves a ton of time, as you will no longer have to remove the supports manually.

Our Aquaman collectible figure also needs support to 3D print overhangs properly, so you can use PVA for them.

Characteristics that make these two related:
Water-related properties

PETT – Invisible Woman

Invisible girl superhero

Why? Both can remain unnoticed or hide their presence from others.

The primary power of the Invisible Woman is to render herself and others around her invisible through light waves she produces. She got her superpowers after she got exposed to a cosmic storm.

Of course, PETT material can be used by DIY-ers for many projects thanks to its flexibility, strength, and durability. Another advantage of the PETT is that it is recyclable and reusable.

Characteristics that make these two related:
Colorless = invisible

Glow in the dark – Green Lantern

Green Lantern Superhero

Why? Although the Green Lantern’s superpowers are not directly related to an unusual incident that happened to the character, nevertheless he is considered a superhero capable of incredible things. The superhero’s superpowers are hidden in the ring he wears and are represented by the ability to fly accompanied by a flash of green light.

Glow in the dark 3D printing material has phosphorescent particles in its composition which capture the daylight and emanate it during the dark hours. This filament comes in a wide range of colors and can be used for Halloween inspired projects, thanks to its special glowing properties.

Characteristics that make these two related:
Casting light

Metal – Iron Man

Iron Man Superhero

Why? There’s no better superhero than Iron Man to be associated with the metal filament. Very durable, this filament is used for jewelry, statues, and home artifacts thanks to its different metal properties. It can take the aspect of silver, gold, iron, and bronze and will make any special project special.

The filament, just like Iron Man himself, doesn’t shrink and is not soluble.

Characteristics that make these two related:

Wood – Groot

Groot superhero

Why? Wood 3D printing filament is the best material to replicate the all-time-favorite character Groot. The wood look of the material is granted by the wood fibers contained in its composition. It is a highly durable, versatile material with real wood scent.

We have one of the favorite Guardians of the Galaxy 3D prints available on our market. It is the STL files of Groot that you can find here.

Characteristics that make these two related:
Wood look

Nylon – Valkyrie

Valkyrie Superhero

Why? We compare Nylon 3D printing material with Valkyrie superhero because of its wear-resistance ability. Just like Valkyrie – she is not immortal, but she ages far more slowly than humans. Valkyrie is immune to all Earthly diseases and is difficult to injure. Hence – the comparison.

Characteristics that make these two related:
Resistant to wear


Sandstone – Sandman

Sandman vilain

Why? As a bonus, we have a super-villain to associate with a 3D printing material. It is the Sandman, the villain from the Spider-Man 3 movie. The character can turn himself into sand. He is immune to most types of physical attack, except water.

The sandstone 3D printing filament is a combination of chalk powder and PLA material to provide the texture of the sand and stone.

Characteristics that make these two related:
Sandstone finish and appearance

Can you associate any other superhero or super-villain with 3D printing material? Write your suggestion in the comments below.

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