Cool 3D Printed Gifts to Make for 2023-2024 Holidays

How do you surprise your wife, husband, mom, dad, girlfriend, or child when they have almost everything they need for a happy life? Explore the best 3D printed gifts and choose the most impressive 3D models to print for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and other holidays. You can also please others with personalized gifts for 3D printed enthusiasts if you modify your 3D printing projects and create unforgettable memories.

Gambody, the Premium 3D printed marketplace, has compiled a list of cool 3D printed gift ideas for 2023 and 2024. In this selection, you will find the most memorable 3D printed presents for your family and friends for multiple occasions. All you need is a 3D printer, basic knowledge of how to use it, and some painting skills.

3D printed gift ideas

3D Printed Gifts

The list of cool 3D printed gifts is very long. You can create fantastic personalized presents, unique birthday figurines, cute Christmas creatures, iconic props from your favorite franchises, planters, puzzles, jewelry for Mother’s Day, keychains, etc.

You can use the highly detailed designs of famous video games, comics, movie characters, tabletop games, geek stuff, home decorations, and fun accessories. If you have a tradition of wrapping presents in colorful paper, you can do the same with the best 3D printed gifts for mom, dad, girlfriend, teacher, etc. It would be a pleasure to unbox a package to find inside a cute figurine for a child, a unique Hobbit-house-styled plant pot for a woman, and a giant Millennium Falcon 3D print for yourself. Does it sound fantastic?

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3D printed Christmas gifts

3D Printed Christmas Gifts

The variety of 3D printed Christmas gifts ensures you can turn any excellent idea into a physical project. With an affordable desktop 3D printer at home, you can quickly build unique 3D printed Christmas ornaments and decorations. Your small or giant holiday tree can look like the iconic Treebeard from Middle-earth or another fictional character. You can make multiple 3D printed presents for every member of your family, relatives, and friends. And Gambody will guide you through this exciting adventure.

The 3D printed Christmas gifts list in 2023 must include Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. If your family, kids, or friends enjoyed this holiday story, turning the “Pumpkin King” Jack Skellington STL files into a fantastic 3D print will impress them.

Best 3D printed gifts
Makers: Donald Price and Steven James Calcky

Adorable Baby Yoda characters also make fantastic 3D printed gifts. The little alien loves the most magical winter holiday as much as kids. Putting on Santa’s hat and holding a 3D printed gift box (or a mug with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a candy cane) in his tiny hands, the Grogu 3D model is ready to be in your collection, so when you 3D print Christmas gifts 2023, don’t forget about Grogu.

Another version of 3D printable Baby Yoda figurine comes as an ordinary Grogu character from The Mandalorian TV series or the Child dressed like Santa Claus and holding an ornament instead of a broken joystick knob.

3D print Christmas gifts
Grogu 3D model to turn into 3D printed Christmas gifts

Among other fantastic Christmas gifts for 3D printed enthusiasts is a figurine of the iconic little boy Kevin McCallister. Fans of the first two Home Alone movies remember him as a child who finds intelligent ways to defend himself against bumbling burglars. Adding Kevin McCallister 3D printing figurine to your collection of holiday-inspired projects is a must!

3D printing gift ideas

Cute little Gizmo was a big dream from the 1980s when Gremlins film made a real splash. Kids wanted to find the friendly creature under their holiday tree. Although we cannot visit the Chinatown antique store to get one from Mr. Wing’s grandson, the lovely Mogwai 3D model landed on as one of the best 3D printed gifts for the winter holidays.

3D print gifts
Adorable Gizmo 3D printed by Vernon Wyre
3D printing gifts
Cute Gizmo 3D prints by Bill Mattes and Seb Lapthorne

Also, you don’t need to spill water over your Gizmo to get more mogwai spawn from his back. Download the Evil Gremlins 3D printing figurine STL files and recreate this mischievous and troublemaking mogwai to entertain your family in the cold winter days.

Gifts to 3D print
Christmas Gremlins made by Blazing tree terrain

Some families have a holiday tradition to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas! in December. The classic story about a cave-dwelling meanie Grinch who wants all the gifts to himself can now find a place among the best 3D printed gifts on your shelf.

Get Grinch and his dog Max STL files for making 3D printed Christmas gifts for everyone you love. Displaying this “grumpy version of Santa” with a bag full of presents under a decorated tree or elsewhere in your room could lift your spirits.

Cool 3D printed gifts
3D print Christmas gifts

And, of course, adding a 3D printing figure of Santa Claus to your Christmas wish list in 2023 is a must for anyone who wants to feel some magical moments while painting such a model.

3D printed presents

Mother’s Day 3D Print

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a beautiful tradition, and you can make it super exclusive by creating unique gifts for your mom. The best 3D printed Mother’s Day gifts include cosmetics, beauty accessories, and new devices. 3D printing a vase, planter, lamp, clock, figurine, or diorama can completely melt your mother’s heart. Such fantastic 3D printed gift ideas will be valued and loved, so follow our Mother’s Day 3D print guide 2024 to impress the woman who loves you the most.

If your mom is a big fan of the Friends TV series, do not hesitate to 3D print Monica and Chandler 3D printing figurines. Such a Mother’s Day 3D print will look life-like and boast many stunning details. If you are good at painting, you can create a real masterpiece.

Mother's Day 3D print

Your mom, indeed, has a smartphone, right? You can find many cute phone cases for 3D printing on different websites, download their STL files, and 3D print gifts for mom using ABS, PLA, TPU, WOOD, or resin. Every mother would appreciate a unique phone stand or case as a present.

Do your family or female relatives have a backyard with flowers or home plants? One of the cool 3D printed gifts for mom is a fairy-tale-like Hobbiton bonsai pot that looks precisely like a Hobbit house from the impressive universe created by English author J. R. R. Tolkien. Many women will love to get such a unique planter, and you’ll be proud of such a special Mother’s Day 3D print!

3D printed Mother's Day gifts
Maker: Annie Moberg

You can 3D print Mother’s Day gift from a popular video game if she plays a console or PC games. The Last of Us 2, one of the best games ever made, is a superior release with captivating characters. You can recreate a beautiful grown-up Ellie playing an acoustic guitar. Such 3D printed gifts for mom will be a top present for every fan of The Last of Us story.

3D print Mother's Day gift
Makers: Bruno Callou and Mickael Malet

A woman would always be pleased to receive a personalized Mother’s Day 3D print or 3D printed jewelry. Modern resin and FDM 3D printers are accurate enough to recreate beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can choose from multiple 3D models shared online or find a ready-to-ship 3D printed piece to please your woman. Add an engraving to personalize your gift!

3D printed gifts for mom
3D models by Malinko Design and turbosquid

Cookie cutters are the best Mother’s Day 3D print ideas 2024 for women who love to bake. You can recreate your mom’s favorite holiday shapes. A family dinner with unique-shaped cookies sounds delicious!

3D prints for mom
Image: Thingiverse

3D Printed Gifts for Girlfriend

The cute Baby Yoda character tops our list of fun 3D printed gifts for a girlfriend. The impressive little alien creature from The Mandalorian TV series has millions of fans from across the globe. It is featured as interactive and electronic toys, building constructors, plush toys, clothes prints, and puzzles. And, of course, such a 3D print for a girlfriend is perfect! You can make Grogu using high-quality STL files from Gambody, the Premium 3D printing marketplace.

Baby Yoda is an adorable character who loves to play like a real child. Thus, as one of the best 3D printed gifts ever, this green creature will bring a smile if the receiver gets Grogu for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, or other occasions. Download Grogu Baby Yoda STL files for 3D printing now.

3D printed gifts for girlfriend
Makers: Patrik Romano and Kevin Richard

Get inspired by other beautiful things to 3D print for your girlfriend in 2024. For example, bring to life one of the most famous wizards, Harry Potter. Many people love to read about Hogwarts and dream of owning Hedwig. You can get Harry Potter STL files for 3D printing to recreate an impressive diorama with the Boy Who Lived and his owl.

3D printed gift for girlfriend
Makers: Annie Moberg and Jesric 3Dmaker

You can also 3D print gifts such as the two famous friends, Asterix and Obelix, and their furry companion. A colorfully painted diorama with these cartoon characters could impress her if she watched the Asterix films. Thus, get Asterix and Obelix STL files for 3D printing and bring scenes from an animated cartoon to life to impress your girlfriend.

Things to 3D print for your girlfriend
Makers: Mario Durán Fernández and Charbel Dagher

Who doesn’t have a favorite video game? Many girls love to play Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Tamagotchi, and other all-time-best video games. So, you can recreate your girlfriend’s beloved character or a prop from any universe. Such 3D printed gifts will raise her spirits and tell her how much you love her!

3D prints for girlfriend
Makers: Walton Harris and Andreas Fendt

Enjoy more cute 3D printing gift ideas for your girlfriend:

3D Print Birthday Gift

Many little and big boys love dinosaurs and various prehistoric monstrous creatures. No wonder each Happy Birthday 3D printer guide 2024 for kids should include a T-Rex 3D printing model and Godzilla STL files.

3D print birthday gift
Makers: Bill Mattes and David Pacheco Ruiz

Imagine hanging a lighted-up Godzilla bust in a child’s room. Such a 3D printed present will surprise and excite many youngsters for sure!

Happy Birthday 3D print
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

The iconic heroes from comics and cute Groot characters can also be on your list of Birthday 3D prints in 2024. Such figurines look gorgeous after you 3D print a Birthday gift and paint it with love for every little detail. The thing can decorate your children’s room or become a one-of-a-kind toy to develop a youngster’s vivid imagination. So download Cartoon Heroes STL files, one of the best 3D printed gifts for Birthdays, and prepare unforgettable presents for young minds.

Birthday 3D prints
Makers: Adam Steadman (Groot) and Michael Savoie (Iron Man, Spider-Man)

Think of what the person loves the most when you 3D print a Birthday gift for an adult’s birthday party. It is effortless to impress a movie and video game fan who loves Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics, and other franchises.

The numerous TV shows, MCU, and DC Comics give plenty of Happy Birthday 3D printer projects. For example, you can download STL files to 3D print the Captain America figurine. Super-soldier Steven Rogers looks excellent as a superhero. His brave posture and the tiniest details make this project an outstanding Happy Birthday 3D print.

3D printable gifts
Makers: Ben Painting and Gary Bennett

Also, get inspired by the most famous fandoms with stunning gift ideas for every enthusiast with a 3D printer at home, and don’t forget to 3D print a Birthday card:

3D Printed Gifts for Dad

You can 3D print gifts for dad for Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, and other holidays if you own a 3D printer. Your best male friends, father, husband, and brother will enjoy getting unique figurines and models for their special holidays. There are so many fictional universes that every person can find something to their taste.

While kids and girls are impressed with the cute Grogu Baby Yoda character, the perfect 3D printed gifts for dad must include the Mandalorian who protects the Child. You will love Din Djarin STL files for 3D printing as this model is highly detailed and consists of a Grogu figurine.

3D printed gifts for dad
Makers: Kathy Millatt and Nick Lindsay

Men who love RC cars or Back to the Future films will be happy to discover the fantastic DeLorean time machine wrapped in a box. Just look at one of the most stunning 3D prints for dad, and you will download DeLorean model STL files right away to begin working on this unique project. If you are tech-savvy, you can even turn this time machine into an RC car!

3D print gifts for dad
Maker: Carlos Díaz

The best 3D printed gift ideas for dad could include the famous Varian Wrynn from the World of Warcraft universe. This brave warrior has many stunning details, such as impressive armor, clothes, a sword, a beautiful stand, etc. You will love to build and paint this model once you download Varian Wrynn STL files for 3D printing.

3D prints for dad
Makers: Rudy Varlez and Gareth Lee

Among the cool 3D printed gifts for dad, you will find mech warriors. Fans of MWO video games can guide you through the most popular 3D printing MWO models, such as Mad Cat, BattleTech, Titanfall 2, and others.

Fun 3D printed gifts
Makers: Scott Murphy and Alan Murray

Also, you can 3D print gifts for dad from Lord of the Rings. Men who love the darker characters could enjoy finding Sauron, Lord of the Nazgul, Balrog, or Gollum with His Precious figurines among 3D printed presents.

Gifts for 3D printer
Makers: Mélanie Salomon, Marco Schmidt and Tuğbay Yağcı

Those who are fond of kind-hearted characters will love to 3D print Gandalf, Hobbits, etc. You can download a variety of Lord of the Rings models’ STL files on Gambody, the Premium 3D printed marketplace.

3D print anniversary gift
Maker: Onur Şimşek

With The Witcher Season 4 coming in 2024, Geralt of Rivia figurine for 3D printing also makes one of the best 3D printed gifts for dad.

3D printed gifts
Makers: Maciej Czekaj and Andreas Schmidt

Not only kids love playing tabletop games. Dads also enjoy gathering with their friends and spending hours and often days, weeks, and even months on quests in Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan, Cyberpunk, and other games.

Thus, you can always turn on your 3D printer and 3D print gift ideas, such as a box for tokens, dice, and other pieces. Or you can recreate miniatures for the most iconic board games, breathe life into plastic dragons, and make replicas of castles, warriors, and villages. Such cool 3D printed gifts for dad will make any man happy!

Explore more fantastic ideas for perfect 3D prints for dad:

Gifts for 3D Printed Enthusiasts

When you think of gifts for 3D printer nerds, enthusiasts, teachers, and hobbyists, including unique and personalized present ideas is best. For men who are fans of World of Warcraft, it could be the mighty dragon Deathwing. The scene with the beast shadowing over the ruined Stormwind City castle is compelling. You can get Deathwing model STL files to recreate this scene and present it as one-of-a-kind gifts for 3D printed enthusiasts.

Gifts for 3D printed enthusiasts
Maker: Tuğbay Yağcı

The giant Diablo figurine could also melt a man’s heart. The Dark Lord is feared even by demons, so it can protect your house from evil spirits and impress your friend, husband, or dad who is a fan of Diablo video games. Download Diablo figurine STL files and upscale them to make some of the best 3D printed gifts ever. Or use your painting skills to breathe life into the living nightmare.

3D printed teacher gifts
Makers: Tina Fritzsche and Mély Limouzin-Tanguay

Fans of the Alien franchise most likely have the Alien Xenomorph figurine STL files among their top gifts for 3D printed enthusiasts. The fantasy creature looks powerful as a 3D print, and the scene offers so much freedom to your imagination while painting.

Gifts for 3D printer nerds
Makers: Henri Verweij and Kevin Valentine

If you want to find the perfect gifts for 3D printer nerds, don’t hesitate to order the iconic spaceship STL files. A Star Wars fan is always happy to receive a giant 3D printed Millennium Falcon as a present for any special occasion or even without one. Bringing to life the fantastic Millennium Falcon, Razor Crest, X-wing, TIE fighter, and other famous spacecraft will give many joyful moments to any man.

3D printed anniversary gift
Makers: Oykun Ilgün and Damon Siebert
3D printer gift box
Maker: Shaun Allen
Happy Birthday 3D printer
Maker: James Rooke
3D printed gifts for her
Makers: James Rooke and Nick Hogg

Fans of Mad Max should look at the impressive War Rig 3D models that transform into fun 3D printable gifts. Gambody offers several War Rig 3D printing models that allow you to assemble a powerful War Rig truck with its tanker and fuel pod.

3D printed War Rig model by Michael Webb
3D printed gifts 2024
Maker: Robert Salvador

The release of One Humanity a couple of years ago brought much interest to the Doom video game. It might be keen to add Doom Slayer figurine STL files to your list of perfect 3D printed gifts for someone who loves playing Doom.

Cool 3D printed gifts 2023
Makers: Suppamit Singmanut and Ralf Bullymann

For significant dates in your life, you can create some iconic 3D printed teacher gifts and presents for other hobbyists:

3D Printed Personalized Gifts

The list of 3D printed gift ideas is very long. You can 3D print containers for holidays, gift boxes, phone accessories, headphone stands, picture frames, beautiful plastic cards, etc.

You are only limited by your imagination and various STL files of 3D printable gifts. Use different filaments, resin, and multiple machines. Experiment and improve your skills in making adorable things, life-size statues, figures, collectible pieces, jigsaw puzzles for kids, your wife, and your dad, RC trains, planes, and cars.

The 3D printed gifts can be minimalistic or complex. For example, it is simple to 3D print a personalized pen, unique kitchen utensils, baby toys (use food-safe filament and smooth shapes), hairpins, buttons, and hobby accessories. Impress others and feel true happiness by giving something exclusive at an affordable cost!

Follow our 3D printing gift ideas for 2023 and 2024 to get inspiration for the most impressive 3D printed presents for your friends and family. Many boys and men would be glad to add an articulate robot to their collection of figurines. Will it be WALL-E or another model? You can find many impressive robot STL files on Gambody 3D printed marketplace.

3D printing gift ideas 2024
Maker: Levi Riel

This perfect list of cool 3D printed gifts for 2024 is not complete with an ancient tree that becomes a stunning decorative piece for your home. If your mom, wife, or girlfriend wants their porch or backyard to look unique, just like the fantasy worlds created by different authors, you should think of 3D printing an ancient Ent from Middle-earth. The Treebeard 3D printing figurine looks incredible, boasting many attractive features and details.

Mother's Day 3D prints
Makers: Annie Moberg, Yexel Sebastian and Seppus Endertus

You can upscale the Treebeard STL files and make a one-of-a-kind anniversary, birthday, or Christmas tree 3D printed by you. Decorate it with cute hobbit figurines or use traditional ornaments and decor.

Treebeard 3D printed by Michael Webb at 175% scale

You can even turn a 3D printed Hobbiton bonsai tree pot into a real wonderland with cute Pippin Took and Merry Brandybuck figures. Hobbits surely can’t wait to meet you.

Your 3D printing gifts can be personalized, one-of-a-kind, and super handy. Sometimes, buying what your child or friend needs the most is impossible. But it is always possible to 3D print it!

Aaron Shour, for example, downloaded a 3D printing model of a shoe riser for his youngest daughter, whose one leg is shorter than the other by approximately 20 percent, and adjusted it for his child’s needs. Aaron used TPE (elastic filament) to create excellent orthopedic shoe risers approved by the ortho. The girl refused to wear the original lift offered by the doctor, but she loved the one 3D printed by her dad.

Orthopedic shoe risers
Orthopedic shoe lift 3D printed by Aaron Shour

The talented hobbyist learned how to make the world a better place for his child. Now, his daughter is happy and confident. If you know someone who might benefit from your 3D printing abilities, don’t hesitate. 3D print mechanical limbs, create replacement shoe risers, think of cup handles, or anything else. Such valuable and fun 3D printed gifts could make someone very satisfied!

Enjoy even more stunning gifts for 3D printed enthusiasts:

Follow Gambody’s guide to the best 3D printed gifts of 2023 and 2024 for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas, and become a Santa Claus for your friends and relatives. 3D print a present for every member of your family. Something unique and personalized will be the perfect way to say “I love you,” “Thank you,” and “You are the best” and bring a smile to your wife’s, dad’s, mom’s, and girlfriend’s face. Fantastic 3D printed presents will be remembered for a lifetime and will give anyone many unforgettable moments. And please share the photos of your masterpieces in our 3D Printing Community on Facebook.

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