How about Cosplay 3D Printing?

Cosplay 3D printing is the most recent hobby activity that helps cosplayers around the world to create amazing costumes. We already know about 3D print game models and other 3D printing video game content. But the opportunities are limitless.

There is an immense territory for discovery for these 2 activities and they seem to get along well. Pretty sure they’ll become besties, if they’re not already.

For those who don’t know what cosplay is, here’s a hint. Comic books. Comic books are a totally different world, teemed with superheroes that have superpowers, put at the service of the human kind. But if you think that superheroes can be seen only on pictures of the comic books, or the screen of the TV, you’re wrong. 3D printing has taken the hobby in its hands and is here to provide you with your favorite hero’s costume props.

Cosplay merges two words into one: costume + roleplay. It means that you can create the costume of a comic book, sci-fi series, movie hero and brag about it to your friends and to those who are familiar with this hobby.

Cosplaying is a serious activity. Don’t ever try to mock a person who puts heart and soul into creating an authentic costume. It usually takes months to make it look just like seen on the comic book hero. And no cosplayer will show off his costume before it’s finished.

Why do people cosplay?

Why do people watch football? Or any other sports? It’s because they’re truly engaged in the game. If you noticed, most football supporters wear scarfs or their favorite team’s t-shirt to the team’s game. They dress up in the team’s colors. Why? Because it brings them closer to the team. They can feel the adrenaline and energy the players put into every game.

Iron Man 3D printed costume for cosplay

3D printing video game iron man costume

That’s why other people cosplay. With every 3D printed costume, they step into their hero’s shoes, they get under their hero’s skin and they can act, even though just for several hours, like their favorite character.

What does 3D printing have to offer to cosplayers?

There are different benefits of 3D printing at home. And one of the greatest benefits refers to cosplay 3D printing as well. It is the possibility to have everything customized according to your own liking.

Often, customization is applied to 3D print models. People can improve and adjust 3D printed models according to their own views.

The same goes with cosplay 3D printing. You can achieve great custom design and fit of the 3D printed video game props (armor, helmets, and weaponry) you will use for your costume.

Video games props for 3D printing

Another great benefit is the authenticity. And 3D printing offers huge detail fidelity option. As most fantasy characters come from graphic designs (such as anime, cartoons, video games), here is where CAD design steps in. With some modeling skills and knowledge to work in a CAD program, 3D printing of cosplay costumes and props is a reputation savior.

What IS cosplay 3D printing?

Cosplay has been around for decades now. Even though 3D printing has appeared recently, it progresses at a fast pace. Not long ago, 3D printers were able to print in a single material and color. Now, there are printers that print in multicolor and multiple materials. This progress has reached the cosplayers, too, who can see a great potential of 3D printing being used for the creation of their ensembles.

There is still much work to do. With the additive manufacturing, one can 3D print armor, weapons, helmets, and other props. But, there are some other parts of the costume that can’t be recreated with 3D printing.

Nevertheless, the process is much easier today, and the authenticity that the costumes reach can’t be neglected.

3D printed props from anime, video games, sci-fi series, and comic book-inspired movies are in trend. And with the increasing popularity of the Comic-Con events, cosplay is not stepping back. It is the enthusiasm that rushes through every cosplayer’s veins that drives them to recreate the human representation of a fictional character.

Cosplay 3D printing warhammer

What’s more, is the sense of community that drives those people together at the Comic Conventions around the world. The chance to dress and show your own costume is something these people don’t want to miss, and sharing the same hobby with thousands of people from different backgrounds and countries is inspiring. There is also the opportunity to meet celebrities during panels, interact with them, buy fan stuff and collectibles, miniatures and see other people’s skills and arts put into their cosplays and 3D printer models props.


Cosplay 3D printing brings together two of the greatest hobby niches: video games and additive manufacturing. The creation of 3D models for printing inspired by video games, comic books, and sci-fi series will become bigger, as long as Comic Conventions and cosplay activity will live.

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