3D Print Anime Figures, Miniatures, 3D Models: Best Sources with STL Files

Japanese anime is very popular all over the world. You’re not in the game if you haven’t watched a Japanese cartoon or know nothing about Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and other iconic characters. With a 3D printer at home, you can recreate all your favorite 3D models in filament and resin. So, discover sources with STL files and 3D print anime figures that will decorate your home.

We are happy to share some of the most iconic anime 3D print ideas and sites with STL files of the most amazing paid and free 3D models.

3D printed anime figures

Anime 3D Print

Anime emerged in the early 20th century. It has a stylization pattern of its own, with powerful emotional energy. The characters follow accurate human body proportions in the stories ranging from giant robots and pop idols to ordinary people. However, some of them might be deliberately disproportionate. The most common feature in these characters is exaggerated eye size.

Anime stories are always creative and aimed at fans of all generations. Shows, cartoons, and books interest a diverse group of fans who attend conventions every year and design each anime 3D model from their list of favorites.

With the emergence of 3D printing, anime has gained new acknowledgment. Many artists compete in creating incredible anime figure STL files for 3D printing. So, explore the best sites to find your beloved anime 3D model and enjoy photos of fantastic 3D printed anime figures made by enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Anime 3D Model

Anime 3D models download links are available all across the web. Many sites offer high-quality, authentic and creative anime characters you can 3D print at home. Many of these 3D printing anime figures accurately reflect the original character’s look.

There are many free anime 3D models to make. Other figurines are offered at reasonable pricing. So, anyone can find something beautiful and fun to recreate using a 3D printer on Japanese and English marketplaces.

3D Anime Models: List of Sites

Many different marketplaces and sites offer anime 3D model variety for every budget. For example, you can find many free anime 3D models on Thingiverse. 3D designers from across the globe share their versions of Pokemon, Tachikoma, Gunpla, Gundam, Sailor Moon, and other characters turned into bookends, stands and other accessories.

3D anime models
3D anime models from Thingiverse

You can look for 3D anime figures on MyMiniFactory, which has many designs inspired by fan art. Here you can get STL files of Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online figurine, free anime girl 3D model and other amazing manga 3D models.

Anime 3D models download
Attack on Titan anime 3D models from MyMiniFactory

Using Cults 3D anime models for printing, you can add some cuteness flare to your home. This website offers a wide variety of figurines introduced in Evangelion and movies by Studio Ghibli (Totoro).

Anime 3D models
Anime 3D models from Cults

Another site to search for anime 3D printer models is CGTrader. This place offers items from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Ghost in the Shell, Ranma ½ and other stories.

Anime 3D print files
Anime 3D print files from CGTrader

Other places to find paid and free anime 3D models are TurboSquid, Sketchfab, Shade 3D, Models Resource and Gambody. Here you can download 3D printing figures from Naruto, Dragon Ball, Death Note, Love Live, Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, adventures of Haruhi Suzumiya and other video games, books, cartoons and TV series.

Some of the sites offer only 3D models that are not printable ready. But if you possess some basic 3D modelling skills, you could transform such projects into anime figure STL files.

3D Printing Anime Figures

Turn on your FDM or SLA 3D printer and work on complex or straightforward anime 3D prints. We’ve rummaged through the Internet and found these awesome anime 3D print ideas implemented into life. Enjoy!

1. Anime Girl 3D Model

A cute anime girl 3D model immediately pops into your sight as you open Gambody marketplace. Adorable girls are not new for our audience, as 3D printing enthusiasts are now used to seeing bulky Mechs, fierce heroes and gentle figures.

The big-eyed Misty girl stands out from the crowd in a good way. This aspiring Water Pokemon Master who used to accompany Ash in his adventures is fantastic to recreate using your 3D printer. Such anime girl 3D model transforms into a beautiful 3D print. So, download Misty STL files to work on this cute figure.

Anime girl 3D model
Maker: Alex Cruz

Fans of Japanese anime series will also love working on a beautiful girl inspired by a well-known character. You can get these STL files to create a stunning anime girl 3D print.

Anime Girl for 3D Printing

Here is another cute 3D printing anime figure you can make. It is available in three different versions, but we love this one in particular. Such anime girl 3D model can decorate your shelf.

3D Printed Anime Doll

2. 3D Printed Anime Figures Miniatures

A 1/10 scale anime-stylized girl is a great 3D printing anime figure created for Tsunacon 2013 by Kaetimi. It shows beautiful body lines and intricate details, and we love the way all the ribbons and other small accessories look.

This anime 3D model was created entirely in 3DS Max and checked in Netfabb.

3D Printed Anime-stylized Girl

Another cute skirt blown-up anime miniature can catch your attention. This 3D printed anime figure takes inspiration from the famous Marilyn Monroe picture. The model requires no supports and takes about 11 hours to complete.

Anime Miniature for 3D printing

3. 3D Printed Anime Life-Size

Fans of Momo might love to add a 3D printed life-size Momo Velia Deviluke replica to their anime 3D print collection. The big replica of Momo was created for the promotion of the Love-Ru Darkness season, a Japanese series written by Saki Hasemi and illustrated by Kentaro Kabuki.

Anime figure 3D print
Anime figure 3D print by Max Factory

The 3D printed Momo is shown with her short pink hair, purple eyes, wearing bride lingerie. Its 3D printed replica measures 5 feet in height. It was printed in separate pieces that the Max Factory, a Japanese toy company, assembled and carefully painted.

The series fans were not allowed to touch this 3D printed anime figure of Momo. Still, they had an opportunity to stand next to her and take amazing pictures.

4. Sailor Moon Anime Girl 3D Print

When you wish to 3D print anime figures, one of the first characters that might come to your mind is Sailor Moon. This movie was based on the manga by Naoko Takeuchi, so fans of anime and manga 3D models should be happy to recreate the beautiful schoolgirl who is also a warrior.

If you haven’t watched Sailor Moon as a kid, you lost half of your life. We remember when all of the girls were crazy about this popular anime character, and all they did was invent games that involved the storyline of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Silhouette Anime 3D Print

It is quick to bring back your childhood memories by 3D printing anime figures and Sailor Moon silhouette. The model requires no support, and the finished 3D printed figure stands 3.5 inches tall. Yay to 3D printing wonders!

Many kids also wished to possess the Sailor Moon crescent wand. You can finally own this treasure if you are willing to spend over $100 on this wand. It is perfect for cosplay! And you can paint this 3D printed cosplay accessory whatever colours you like because it arrives unpainted.

crescent wand anime cosplay

5. Robotic Anime Figure STL

You have seen fantastic 3D printed robots in our blog before. A cute 3D printed robotic anime girl fits into the category of 3D printed robots. Still, we decided to include her in this list due to her huge eyes.

This anime 3D model is provided with 24 servo motors and can be controlled with special software. It was designed in Zbrush, 3D Studio Max, and Solidworks, and the files were checked and prepared in Netfabb.

The entire 3D printing of the model amounts to up to $1,000.

6. Anime Figure 3D Print: Naruto

Naruto anime and manga franchise fans will love to 3D print anime figures from this story. You can find several characters on Gambody marketplace and recreate stunning dioramas. Use your 3D printer and highly detailed STL files of Jiraiya & Gamabunta and Naruto & Kurama scenes.

Anime 3D print
Jiraiya & Gamabunta 3D printed anime by Achim Kuhl

Both projects look inspiring and boast many great details. Such anime 3D print can be a perfect addition to your shelf or a stunning gift to your friends.

3D print anime
Naruto and Kurama 3D printed by @maker_universe_ (Instagram)

Once you follow the 3D anime models download links, you will see that both dioramas come with excellent platforms and depict great scenes in action. Enjoy photos of finished 3D prints and add these figures to your to-do list.

7. Anime 3D Models: Pokemon

The Pokemon video games became the foundation for the popular anime released in Japan in 1997. Pokémon has become a cultural phenomenon, so finding STL anime files from this series is a must if you wish to recreate characters everyone loved so much.

3D printing anime figures
Charizard vs. Pikachu diorama recreated by Bro Makers 3D

You will see several iconic 3D printing anime figures on Gambody, including Ash Ketchum, Slowbro and Charizard vs. Pickahu captured in a battle diorama.

3D print anime figures
Ash Ketchum made by Darren Wilson

Each of these projects let you 3D print anime figures in stunning detail, enjoying the process of printing, assembling and painting the parts to your taste.

8. 3D Print Anime Dragon Ball

A famous Japanese manga series from the 1980s-1990s, Dragon Ball, was adapted into two anime series and became a success.

The stories are devoted to Son Goku’s adventures, who becomes strong in martial arts and searches for magical orbs known as Dragon Balls. Goku meets some friends and fights with villains along his journey. Thus, you can build an authentic collection of 3D printed anime figures from this show.

Anime figure 3D print
Goku 3D printed anime figure by James Tortuga

Remarkably, Gambody offers several fantastic anime characters from Dragon Ball, including Goku, Krillin, Yamcha & Puar, Super Buu, Tapion, Jiren, Piccolo, Toppo, Vegeta and many others.

3D printed anime figurines
Dragon Ball anime 3D models and print by Dani Telles Lopez

You will love all these manga 3D models because millions of people who bought the magazines with Dragon Ball, the most successful manga of all time, couldn’t be wrong.

9. Anime 3D Print Model from Death Note

After Death Note anime was released, the Japanese god of death who “lost” his Death Note in the Human World found many fans across the globe. Seeing Shinigami Ryuk soaring on top of two enormous skulls is impressive, and understanding that you can 3D print such a scene is fantastic!

3D printing anime figure
Ryuk 3D printing anime figure from Gambody

Find Ryuk anime 3D model download link on Gambody and breathe life into this deadly character. Entertain yourself and let the iconic Shinigami entertain himself on your shelf with other 3D printed anime figurines.

10. 3D Anime Models: Japanese Mecha (Super Robots)

Mecha are super robots introduced in different Japanese anime and manga. If you love to 3D print anime figures and enjoy seeing more robots and cyborgs in your collection, visit gambody.com and search for premium quality anime figure STL files.

3D printed anime
Mazinger Z made by MaxLab Technologies

You can get Hyperion M-03 model STLs to work on the project inspired by the legendary Japanese Gundam series and the Gunpla kits.

Anime 3D model
Mecha anime 3D models from Gambody

Also, it is possible to recreate Voltron from Robeasts or the main character from Tekkaman: The Space Knight, Chōdenji Machine Voltes V and Mazinger Z manga.

Anime 3D print model
Tekkaman anime 3D print by Gaudioso Domenico

Each super robot and cyborg comes with incredible details. These fully articulated Japanese mecha and static Tekkaman figurine will amaze everyone. Thus, get more filament or resin and start making these iconic anime 3D models.

11. STL Anime: Robotech

Fans of mecha miniatures who love the Robotech anime series can have fun 3D printing figurines from their most beloved show from the 1980s and 2006.

Anime 3D model download
VF-1 Valkyrie made by MaxLab

You will find a few anime 3D models from Robotech on the Gambody marketplace. For example, you can make VFA-6 Alpha, VR-052 Cyclone and VF-1 Valkyrie. And you can always grow your collection of 3D prints finding designs across the web.

Anime 3D printer models
Robotech 3D model anime from Gambody

Each this anime 3D print is highly articulated. Some projects have more than one mode meaning you can display your 3D printed anime figurines the way you want.

12. Manga 3D Models: UFO Robot Grendizer

What fantastic manga 3D models can you build into a 3D print? UFO Robot Grendizer anime and manga series fans will enjoy making a detailed Grendizer robot and his flying vehicle known as Spazer.

Manga 3D models
Upscaled anime figure by Bo Barook

A stunning mecha from the 1975 show looks incredible when 3D printed by Bo Barook. The maker upscaled this anime 3D model by 400% and used 12 kg (26.5 lbs) of PLA.

Anime 3D print models
Grendizer and Spazer figures 3D printed by MaxLab Technologies

Do you want to add more anime characters to your collection? Then download Grendizer’s support vehicle STL files and recreate this model too. This spaceship is a fantastic thing to display in your room.

13. 3D Anime Figures from Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best manga/anime ever created. The adventures of Gon and other hunters found many fans across the world.

It is easy to 3D print anime figures from this series once you get STL files of Hunter x Hunter characters, such as Shaiapouf, Neferpitou, Meruem and Menthuthuyoupi.

Anime figure STL
Anime figure STL renders from Gambody

All these 3D anime models impress with a likeness to the iconic characters. Once you 3D print them, you can have fun painting them with bright colours.

14. Anime Miniatures: Akira

Anime adapted from successful manga series often become a big success too. An animated story directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira became famous outside Japan after the film was released in 1988.

Not only the story, but Akira bike also became a cult. And if you collect anime miniatures, you can make a small copy of the real-size motorbike ridden by Shotaro Kaneda in the film.

You will find Akira bike STL files on gambody.com. This action assembly anime model will honour you with many happy 3D printing and painting hours.

Anime miniatures
Akira 3D print by Guido Kehder

See the image of the 3D printed bike made by Guido Kehder. It can inspire your creations.

15. Anime Characters from Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3

Feel what it’s like to be Banjō Haran behind the wheel of Mach Patrol. While you cannot drive this car from the Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 anime show, you can 3D print it.

Possessing such awesome anime 3D print is fun. A 3D printed Mach Patrol model can transform into a plane called Mach Attacker. It has a passenger compartment you can access by opening the cockpit and many articulated parts.

3D model anime
Mach Patrol 3D model anime from Gambody

This transforming car is among anime characters that will amaze true Japanese genre connoisseurs. So, print it, assemble and transform while watching the Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3. Breathe some life into the legend!

Choose your most inspiring characters and 3D print anime figures with great details and genuine devotion to this Japanese art. Make sure to join Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook to showcase your 3D printed figurines, miniatures and life-size figures from the iconic animated films.


How to 3D print anime figures?

Printing an anime figure can take from several days to a few months, but the result will be worth all your efforts. These steps sound simple:

  1. Select the 3D model you want to recreate and download its STL files for 3D printing.
  2. Print all the parts if the model is not a solid one.
  3. Paint your future figurine.
  4. Assemble the model and find a place for it on your display shelf.

Watch an example of how to assemble a 3D printed Naruto anime figure in the video by Gambody:

How much does it cost to 3D print a figure?

The cost of a 3D printed figurine always depends on the material and size of the model. Even if you downloaded STL files for free, you should buy 3D printing material for your 3D printer.

Here is an estimated cost of 3D printing Naruto and Kurama 3D Printing Figurines in Diorama (the FDM model includes 55 files):

  • The estimated amount of filament – about 340 m (more than one 2.2lbs spool $19-$40);
  • Estimated size of your 3D print – 310 mm tall, 341 mm wide, 338 mm deep.

Sometimes the price of a printed figure can reach $1,000 or more. But you can always reduce the cost by scaling down the 3D printing model.

Where can I find 3D anime models?

Many of your favorite anime characters are available as 3D printing models on these marketplaces and websites:

  • Thingiverse.com;
  • MyMiniFactory.com;
  • Cults3D.com;
  • CGTrader.com;
  • Gambody.com;
  • TurboSquid.com;
  • Sketchfab.com;
  • Shade3D.jp;
  • Models-resource.com, and others.
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