Top 10 Mortal Kombat STL files for 3D Printing Most Famous Game Models

One of the top-selling games of 2019, Mortal Kombat 11, has many fans across the world. This fighting video game series has many versions and modifications, but its main characters from the original 1992 edition and further updates are well-recognized. Thus, it can be fun to play MK 11 and download high-quality Mortal Kombat STL files to 3D print your favourite playable characters for shelf display.

It is a stunning idea to add Scorpion Mortal Kombat 3D print model to your collection along with Sub-Zero, Goro, MK 11 Jade characters. It is also fantastic for a real game fan to download Mortal Kombat mask STL file and make 3D printed accessory for Halloween costume. Besides, you can craft legendary weapons and logo.

Mortal Kombat STL files for 3D printing

Mortal Kombat STL files

One of the most impressive Scorpion Mortal Kombat STL is designed by Vertex. You can download this 3D printing model at Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace, which also offers STLs of Sub-Zero and Goro designed by different authors.

Other places have fun Mortal Kombat STL files with cute souvenirs and great wearable masks.

Below is the list of top 10 figures and accessories you might love to 3D print this year.

1. Scorpion Mortal Kombat 3D Print Model

Scorpion is one of the most famous Mortal Kombat figures to 3D print. This playable character appeared in the 1992 game, and this undead ninja went through most of the MK releases, including the latest MK11.

Do not let Sub-Zero kill Scorpion ever again by 3D printing this fantastic figure for your collection. You can find it STLs on Gambody thanks to Vertex who designed the model.

The 3D printing model is highly detailed. It is available for download as a single STL file which has been repaired to make printing smooth and error-free.

Scorpion Mortal Kombat 3D print model with STL
Maker: Gambody

Download Scorpion Mortal Kombat STL files to craft this figure on your 3D printer.

2. Goro MK 3D Printing Model

DP designed this fantastic figure. A representative of Shokan race, Goro, is a four-armed fighter, half-dragon and half-human. This character has a long history within the MK universe.

Goro is a legend since the original game release. Thus, it is impressive to add this champion to your collection of figures.

The model is cut into 18 parts for smooth 3D printing. Its size reaches nearly 35 cm (14 inches) in height once crafted. The project comes with a platform which makes displaying Goro a simple thing.

Goro MK 3D printing model STL

Download premium STL files to 3D print Goro Mortal Kombat statue.

3. Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat 3D Print

Another iconic MK character, Sub-Zero, is two fictional fighters in this game, brothers Kuai Liang and Bi-Han.

As the game story goes, Scorpion kills Bi-Han in one of the versions. And Sub-Zero kills Scorpion in another release. In MK11, both characters, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, work together. Thus, building a Sub-Zero figure designed by Silvester is a must for any true game fan or player.

Here is a stunning 3D printed Sub-Zero figure made by Christian Darthzell Sanna:

Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat 3D print STL
Maker: Christian Darthzell Sanna

Download Mortal Kombat STL files with Sub-Zero 3D printing figure.

4. Mortal Kombat Mask 3D Print File

Wearing an MK mask for Halloween, Christmas party or at cosplay can turn you into your most valuable playable character. If you are fond of Scorpion legend, it is time to 3D print his mask.

Designer Bstar3Dart created a model of the mask with a distance between ears of 21 cm (over 8 inches). It is scaled at 1:1. This cosplay accessory was influenced by MK X game.

These are impressive photos of Scorpion mask shared by its designer:

Mortal Kombat mask STL file
Image source:; @bstar3dprint.makestl

5. Shao Kahn Hammer Replica

MK players who like to collect props for exhibiting on the shelves or wearing for cosplay should be interested in a large Shao Kahn hammer. Its replica can be 3D printed by you.

MLBdesign designed a one-meter-long (3.3 feet) hammer. The author of the hammer replica STL files suggests inserting a metallic rod to make the construction sturdy and stronger.

Shao Kahn hammer replica
Maker: MLBdesign

The weapon replica features a famous game logo, and it looks fantastic whether in hands or while displayed.

6. MK Logo 3D Print

When you are genuinely in love with the game and enjoy most of its characters, you might like to wear a T-shirt with the game logo, find stickers or other products with your favourite logotype. Or you can 3D print MK logo to display on your shelf.

The famous symbol with a dragon silhouette inside a circle is recognized all over the world. It is the game trademark, which can become your souvenir or a fantastic gift to your friends-players.

MK logo 3D print STL files
Image source: 3dshare

MK Logo STL files are relatively simple and quick to craft. You will undoubtedly enjoy the process and fall in love with the result.

7. Mortal Kombat Keychain

When you look at some of the most impressive MK 3D models, it is hard to pass by this awesome keychain. It features the famous game logo and can hold several keyrings with keys.

MK keychain 3D printing model is affordable. Its STL files are easy to craft and assemble. There is no need to use glue because all the parts fit tightly together, according to the project author VV-Albator.

Mortal Kombat keychain 3D print STL
Image source: Cults

This stylish model can make a perfect Christmas gift or a souvenir for someone who likes fighting games.

8. Mortal Kombat Scorpion Armour 3D Printed

Sometimes a single mask of your favourite playable character is not enough to complete your Halloween costume or cosplay idea. Real fans do not worry about this. They design armour in addition to the mask and create fantastic prints.

One enthusiast JL Mussi shared his outstanding MK Scorpion armour project on Raise3D forum. He managed to design and craft gorgeous Scorpion mask and shoulder armour after scanning his body at a studio.

Mortal Kombat Scorpion armour 3D printed
Maker: JL Mussi

Some of JL Mussi’s prints failed, but he did not give up. Instead, he kept modifying the files until he was happy with a final result. It looks impressive and perfect for any holiday.

JL Mussi about his Scorpion armour 3D printed project

9. MK11 Jade 3D Model to Print

Not only men are fond of the latest MK11 game. Women also enjoy playing this fighting franchise. Moreover, they like to dress like their favourite female characters as much as men are obsessed with ninjas and main playable heroes.

MK11 Jade mask 3D model to print
Image source: Cults

MK11 Jade mask is approximately 12 cm (5 inches) wide and 16 cm (6,5 inches) high. This fan-made 3D printing project can be scaled if you can work with STL files.

10. Mortal Kombat Classic Ninja Figure

Classic ninjas are the most common playable characters in MK game series. They are easy to recognize since each ninja is wearing a mask, a tabard and a hood. Usually, they differ only by their outfit colours and powers.

Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Jade, Reptile, Skarlet are among the most famous ninjas. However, adding a classic ninja figure to your collection is always fun, even if the look is standard and not identified as a particular character.

Classic ninja figure 3D printing model
Maker: Jason Marshall

This MK1 classic ninja figure is about 20 cm (8 inches) in height. Fabio Rizzo designed it and made sure that all STL files are simple to 3D print.

Being a fan of the fighting video games and crafting your souvenirs using Mortal Kombat STL files is fantastic. 3D printing enthusiasts are welcome to post images of their MK11 figurines and original character prints to Gambody community on Facebook. This place is incredible for getting feedback to your projects, sharing your ideas and enjoying tips & tricks from other hobbyists.

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