Every year many of us are waiting for the best Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas sales. The holiday season 2020 is already here, so it is time to choose the best 3D models for printing, download their STL files and save good money on your next 3D printing projects.

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers great Black Friday 2020 deals and impressive discounts on Cyber Monday. It has also prepared for the fantastic Thanksgiving Day and Christmas sales 2020. This year, gambody.com is your most reliable source of the best STL files for 3D printing which you can download with superb discounts.

Best 3D models for printing 2020

Best 3D Printing Models 2020

The list of 15 top 3D models for printing with STL files can be your motivation for 2020-2021. The photos of fantastic 3D printed models and figurines made by Gambody enthusiasts can encourage you to bring to life some of the best 3D printing models and figurines from famous TV series, movies and video games.

Set new goals, download the best STL files 2020 and turn on your 3D printer. The Black Friday 2020 deals and Christmas sales are a perfect time for holiday shopping, especially if you enjoy 3D printing highly-detailed models.

Which of these 15 best 3D models for printing are on your Christmas shopping list?

1. Sauron Best STL Files 2020

The iconic evil incarnate of the Middle-earth, Sauron, is one of the best 3D printing models to make in 2020 or 2021. The legendary character from The Lord of the Rings turns into a beautiful Sauron 3D printing figurine, which highly-detailed STL files you can download on Gambody.

You will love recreating the clothes of the mightiest of the Maiar, his horned helmet, stunning armour, cape and, of course, the One Ring.

Here is a fantastic Sauron figurine printed by Carlo Carvalho. The hobbyist made the base and cloak on FDM printer and printed the rest in resin.

Sauron best models for 3D printing STL files 2020
Maker: Carlo Carvalho

Some hobbyists enjoy full freedom of imagination while working on the best models for 3D printing. For example, Soragna Laurent recreated his version of Sauron on Anycubic Photon S, Chiron, and i3 Mega printers. The enthusiast upscaled the model to 150% and added a real cloth for the cloak to make the 46 cm (18 inches) figurine stand out.

Sauron models best STL files for 3D printing
Maker: Soragna Laurent

Download Sauron figurine STL files to add the legend to your LOTR collection.

2. War Rig 3D Models for Printing

The War Rig truck and tanker are two impressive 3D printing models that become a life-like version of the all-wheel-drive truck from Mad Max. If you love this action movie, you will enjoy getting War Rig best STL files 2020 on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

You don’t have to hijack your War Rig with its giant trailer from anyone. You can take the most dangerous journey across the Wasteland by printing the War Rig model at home.

Hobbyist Robert Salvador devoted approximately six weeks to fuse about 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of PLA and 400 grams (0.9 lb) of TPU into his truck. The 3D printed War Rig is made in 1:16 scale. It reaches a length of 1.20 m (3.93 feet).

War Rig best 3D models for printing
Maker: Robert Salvador

Enthusiast Michael Webb also brought the War Rig from Mad Max to life. His 3D printed truck together with its trailer weighs about 16 kg (35 lbs). It is best to watch it in action on video shot by Michael:

War Rig 3D printed model

Keep an eye on Gambody holiday deals. Maybe the model will be a part of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas sales 2020?

3. Razor Crest Best 3D Printing Models

The adventures of The Mandalorian Season 2 make many fans of the Star Wars franchise impatient to see the new episodes as soon as they come out to the screen. The Razor Crest, in which Mando travels through space, is one of the best 3D models for printing this year.

You will love the project finished by Shaun Allen. His Razor Crest looks very realistic, and the little figurine of Din Djarin near the entrance completes the scene.

Razor Crest best 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Shaun Allen

Hobbyist Steve Perry chose to recreate the famous gunship in 1:47 scale on his Ender-5 Plus Pro 3D printer. Steve used the hairspray technique to add the scratched up yellow accents to The Mandalorian ship.

Razor Crest best models for 3D printing 2020
Maker: Steve Perry

You can download the best Razor Crest STL files for 3D printing on Gambody. This gunship will look impressive on your shelf with other spacecraft models!

4. Baby Yoda Best STL Files for 3D Printing

The Mandalorian Season 2 is impossible to imagine without a cute Baby Yoda. This alien creature is one of the best models for 3D printing in 2020. Its giant eyes and ears, childish behaviour and real cuteness, make Baby Yoda a must-have addition to any hobbyist with a 3D printer.

These are super cute Baby Yoda figurines made by Kevin Richard and Patrik Romano. With or without puffy hair, the Child looks so happy. No wonder, as he has got his favourite toy, the broken joystick knob from the Razor Crest dashboard.

Baby Yoda best models with STL files for 3D printing
Makers: Kevin Richard and Patrik Romano

Do not be afraid to experiment with filament, painting colours and presentation of your 3D printed models. These versions of Baby Yoda brought to life by hobbyists Josh Rosey and Onur Şimşek are overwhelmed with cuteness.

The Child best 3D printing models 2020
Makers: Josh Rosey and Onur Şimşek

It might be a great idea to download Baby Yoda STL files even before Black Friday deals and crazy Christmas sales 2020. You have enough time to complete this project before the holidays arrive and use it for your house decoration.

Also, download The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) STL files and his Speeder Bike model STL files if you wish to build your collection of The Mandalorian 3D prints. This is the way!

5. WALL-E Best STL Files 2020

A cutest Waste Allocation Load Lifter that ever existed in fiction is one of the best models for 3D printing in 2020. WALL-E is a conscious robotic trash compactor that is willing to deal with pollution on Earth.

You can befriend WALL-E as hobbyist James Rooke did. He built an impressive robot upscaled to 200%. The model is printed with PLA except for the eyes, which are glass lenses.

Watch the video to see all the incredible details outlined by James:

3D printed WALL-E model by James Rooke

Enthusiast Levi Riel is also working on one of the best 3D printing robots now. His WALL-E is printed but not painted yet. Still, all its intricate details look smooth and outstanding.

WALL-E models best STL files 2020
Maker: Levi Riel

As a 3D printing model, WALL-e can bring life back to your planet of 3D prints. Get WALL-E STL files, 3D print this articulated assembly robot and enhance your collection of fantastic projects.

6. Tifa Lockhart STL Files

A famous pin-up girl of the “cyber generation” becomes the best 3D printing figurine for all the fans of the Final Fantasy video game. Even though Tifa Lockhart looks gentle and slim, she is highly skilled in martial arts and always willing to jump into a heated battle.

Hobbyist Mickael Malet upscaled the beautiful Tifa figurine to 150% and printed it in resin on his Elegoo Mars. Enthusiast Wee Liam Tai also created an impressive version of the strong, self-sufficient and charming female character painting it with an airbrush.

Tifa Lockhart best models 2020 STL Files
Makers: Mickael Malet and Wee Liam Tai

Talented hobbyist 黃巽甫 shared his fantastic Tifa Lockhart 3D print made on Infinity X1 printer. The figurine is 57 cm (22 inches) tall. It is brilliantly painted with nitro paint. The character looks as if it has stepped from the game into the real world.

Tifa Lockhart best 3D printing models 2020
Maker: 黃巽甫

You will find the highly-detailed Tifa Lockhart STL files on Gambody marketplace. You will adorn the exceptional level of details once you download the files and start printing this beautiful figurine.

7. Jack Sparrow Best STL Files 2020

Who is the most famous pirate of the Seven Seas? The legend and well-known trickster Jack Sparrow is recognized by his outstanding gowns, dreadlocks and braids. This character loves to decorate his hair and clothes with unique accessories.

And Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the best models for 3D printing with many stunning details, famous sword and scabbard.

Hobbyist Bullets Ie did not wait for the Black Friday 2020 deals. He went ahead and started working on his impressive 3D printed Jack Sparrow figurine, which was printed and now awaits painting.

Jack Sparrow best 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Bullets Ie

Enthusiast Sunggon Park has already finished his project and recreated the iconic character well-known across the Seven Seas in resin. His excellent paint job on the Jack Sparrow figure wows.

Jack Sparrow models best STL files for 3D printing
Maker: Sunggon Park

Download Jack Sparrow STL files for 3D printing to bring this one of the best pirate characters to life using your 3D printer and paints. There is no need to wait for the Christmas sales 2020 as you have enough time to finish your work before the holidays.

8. Diablo Best STL Files for 3D Printing

Al’Diabalos is a dangerous character from Diablo video games. The Lord of Terror has a killer appearance, and he is the most powerful amongst all the demons known to humankind.

Diablo is one of the best 3D printing models which can enrich your collection of demon squad.

Enthusiast Paul Krupa printed Diablo figure on five resin 3D printers and introduced lights into this model.

Diablo best STL files for 3D printing
Maker: Paul Krupa

Mély Limouzin-Tanguay with her husband chose to recreate Diablo in 1:8 scale. They spent about three weeks on this project, which required about 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of filament.

Diablo best models for 3D printing
Maker: Mély Limouzin-Tanguay

Hobbyist Tina Fritzsche went further on and upscaled the Diablo figurine to 1:4 to make a unique Christmas gift for her boyfriend. This impressive model stands at 1.20 m (47 inches) tall.

Diablo figure 3D print
Maker: Tina Fritzsche

Even without paint, you can clearly see every little detail of Diablo, one of the best 3D printing models of 2020.

Diablo model top STL files
Maker: Tina Fritzsche

Download Diablo STL files for 3D printing and turn this figurine into a 3D print. It will not feed on the terror on your shelf. As a model, it stops being the living nightmare and can bring you many hours of printing and painting fun instead.

9. Milano Best STL Files 2020

Among many impressive starships, the bird-inspired Milano from the Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most beautiful.

This spacecraft shows itself great in combats and as Christmas room decor when 3D printed.

Hobbyist Martin Thesen is working on an impressive FDM version of the Milano model. The maker is planning to polish the glass on the cockpit to make it transparent and shows the bigger FDM model next to the smaller SLA version for comparison.

Milano starship best models for 3D printing 2020
Maker: Martin Thesen

Martin also introduced LED lights and electronics to make the model stand out not only during the daytime but also at night.

Milano model best STL files 2020
Maker: Martin Thesen

Download the impressive Milano STL files and add this one of the best models for 3D printing 2020 to your collection of fictional spacecraft.

10. ED-209 3D Models for Printing

Robots designed in RoboCop for urban pacification malfunctioned disastrously. But it was only in the movies.

In reality, a highly-detailed 3D printing ED-209 model transforms into a brilliant 3D print.

Just look at these fantastic examples of the ED-2019 robots created by Larry Day and Ryan Pittman. Both hobbyists did an impressive painting job.

ED-209 RoboCob best models for 3D printing 2020
Makers: Larry Day and Ryan Pittman

Choose your new project among these best 3D printing models and download ED-209 STL files you like the most. Will you turn on your 3D printer now? You have twenty seconds to comply.

11. DeLorean Best STL Files 2020

Anyone who has nostalgia for the Back to the Future can build a life-like replica of the DeLorean time machine. It is one of the best models for 3D printing in 2020.

While you cannot initiate time travel, the DeLorean model will please your eye.

Carlos Díaz keeps impressing us with his progress on the DeLorean 3D print. He modified the files and placed his time machine on the rails that are measuring over 80 cm (31 inches) in length.

DeLorean best models for 3D printing 2020
Maker: Carlos Díaz

Carlos chose not to sand much the car parts that were printed at 0.05mm layer with 0.25mm nozzle on his FDM printers.

If Carlos is nearly at the end of his 3D printing journey with the car from Back to the Future, for hobbyist Raimon Arnau his DeLorean time machine is just the beginning.

Back to the Future DeLorean car model for 3D printing
Maker: Raimon Arnau

Download the DeLorean model STL files and 3D print all the three kits. You can assemble a fantastic car with a Mr Fusion generator, highly-detailed interior, active suspension, wheels and other details.

12. Viserion Best STL Files for 3D Printing

Taming one of the dragons born to Daenerys in Games of Thrones is not a fantasy. You can 3D print one of the best 3D printing models, the mightly dragon Viserion.

By the way, Viserion can be your very first 3D print to airbrush, as it became for the enthusiast Marcin Góralski. Marcin printed the iconic dragon on his Voron (FDM) 3D printer and made the head on SLA machine.

Viserion dragon best STL files for 3D printing
Maker: Marcin Góralski

You can choose any colour theme for your mighty dragon. Get inspired by the figurines printed by Sascha Wesler in satin purple filament and by Justin Peacock in Prusament Galaxy Black.

Dragon Viserion best models for 3D printing
Makers: Justin Peacock and Sascha Wesler

You can upscale Viserion the Ice Dragon from Game of Thrones to your desired size and create a stunning Christmas 2020 gift for your child. Just look how happy the son of hobbyist Minh Tran looks standing behind his incredible 3D printed tamed beast.

Viserion Ice dragon Christmas sales 2020
Maker: Minh Tran

Download the impressive Viserion figurine STL files to make yourself a faithful protector and loyal companion.

13. TIE Interceptor Best 3D Printing Model

Can you imagine recreating the Battle of Endor from the Star Wars? You will need TIE Interceptor, which is one of the all-time best models for 3D printing.

Hobbyist Eric Eberle upscaled his model by 42%. He created a fantastic studio-scale print with some lighting and fibre optics added to the guns.

TIE Interceptor models 3D printing Black Friday 2020 deals
Maker: Eric Eberle

Just in time for Christmas sales 2020, decorate your house yourself. Hobbyist James Rooke, for example, hung his 3D printed spacecraft model outside his home. Of course, he did so to make impressive photos, but you can place your TIE Interceptor on the porch for Christmas Eve miracle.

TIE Interceptor models top STL files
Maker: James Rooke

Add this menacing spacecraft to complete your fleet – download TIE Interceptor model STL files on Gambody.

14. Ellie with Guitar Best STL Files for 3D Printing

The release of The Last of Us Part 2 in 2020 brought much attention to the grown-up Ellie. The scene where she plays her acoustic guitar has become one of the best 3D printing models.

Adorn a beautiful Ellie figurine made by Mickael Malet. The hobbyist upscaled the 3D printing model to 150%, printed it in resin and airbrushed. The final project wows with astonishing details and striking colours.

Ellie Last of Us 2 best models for 3D printing 2020
Maker: Mickael Malet

Let Ellie stay calm and help her find her peace by 3D printing her figurine with an acoustic guitar. You can get Ellie with Guitar model STL files now.

Also, discover other top STL files from The Last of Us collection to make real masterpieces for Christmas 2020.

15. Sentinel Best 3D Printing Model

No one would love to see the killing machines from The Matrix in our reality. But in 2020, you can 3D print the Sentinel model and create a swarm of “squiddies” that are not dangerous to anyone.

Enthusiast Quentin Machiels finished working on his Sentinel 3D print just in time for Black Friday and Thanksgiving 2020 deals. He can now enjoy his superb masterpiece and look for the next outstanding projects, which he as well as you might get with excellent discounts during Christmas sales 2020.

Sentinel Matrix best 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Quentin Machiels

You can get best Sentinel STL files for 3D printing on Gambody. Print, paint and assemble all the sharp-clawed tentacles. You will make one of the best 3D printing multi-tentacled killing machines from The Matrix universe.

Enjoy making Sentinel machine and turn other best STL files for 3D printing from Gambody into beautiful projects. Make sure to join Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. Here you can share the photos of your finished projects, ask for advice, learn more about your hobby and find new friends.

These are some of the best 3D models for printing 2020. Use your chance to grab them during the Black Friday 2020 deals, on Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Day or at Christmas sales. It is fantastic when you can download the best STL files with a discount and print a model with intricate details and real likeness to the iconic character or machine.

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