Cute 3D Printed Baby Yoda: Grogu 3D Model and Figurine Ideas

No matter how you met him, through The Mandalorian TV series or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film, but he has most likely melted your heart. The Child or Grogu is one of the most popular characters to 3D print in 2021. And a big selection of 3D printed Baby Yoda figurines allows you to add this cute alien to your collection of models from top-rated movies.

Crafting a cute baby Yoda figurine on a 3D printer is a lot of fun. Firstly, you can select various forms of Grogu 3D model from the phone stand, pen holder, cookie cutters and accessories to life-like toys and busts. Secondly, you can make impressive props and masks to create amazing costumes for different holidays.

3D printed Baby Yoda

3D Printed Baby Yoda

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers several beautiful 3D Baby Yoda models you can recreate with a 3D printer. But there are many more impressive accessories and projects which you can build and enjoy. We have selected some of the most stunning Baby Yoda printable models for 2021.

1. 3D Print Baby Yoda

A cute alien with giant ears looks super-lovely. The Baby Yoda STL files you will find on Gambody marketplace was designed by Brad Shawn. It is a super detailed and extra special model because only The Child knows how to look infant-cute when his real age is 50 years.

Grogu loves to explore everything and periodically breaks something. The 3D printing Yoda figurine introduced by Brad holds the joystick knob in one hand, accidentally broken by him. However, there is an alternative version of The Child’s hand which you can 3D print. It is free from the knob and can illustrate the use of the Force.

Yoda figurine
3D printed Yoda by Steve Burke and Josh Rosey

Your 3D printed Baby Yoda can be ready for Christmas as such an option is also available. A Santa hat and a tree ornament do the miracle!

Yoda STL
Christmas Yoda 3D model for printing

You can download Baby Yoda 3D printing figurine STL files on Gambody and add this cute model to your collection.

2. Halloween Yoda STL

When you are ready to 3D print Baby Yoda for all possible occasions, you will discover that this mysterious alien loves various celebrations. For example, you can download the Halloween Yoda STL files from Gambody marketplace and let The Child hold the carved pumpkin.

Baby Yoda STL for Halloween
3D printer Baby Yoda project for Halloween

The small yet powerful Force-sensitive Jedi is amazed by jack-o’-lanterns. So, he asked Mando to carve him a pumpkin lantern and light it just in time for Halloween. Do you also plan to add this cute Grogu version to your shelf with other Star Wars 3D printed figurines this year?

3. 3D Baby Yoda

A 3D printed Baby Yoda is waiting for Christmas gifts as much as little kids. So, do your Grogu figurine a favour and pack something adorable into a small box for him.

Baby Yoda printable
Baby Yoda 3D print model from Gambody

Download cute Christmas Baby Yoda printable STL files and recreate one or both versions available. Let the Child hold a Christmas gift box in his hands or a cup of hot chocolate with delicious marshmallows. Which version would you prefer?

4. Grogu 3D Model

The list of the most amazing Grogu memes includes the version of The Child celebrating both “May the Fourth” and the next-day “Cinco de Mayo” holidays. It is a lot of fun to 3D print Baby Yoda with a taco on his hands and the iconic Mexican hat covering his head.

3D print Baby Yoda
3D printed Yoda figurine by Kenny Kurtz

The Cinco de Mayo Baby Yoda STL files are available on Gambody. This 3D printing piece looks lovely and joyful. So, you will always be prepared for the infamous Star Wars May celebrations once you breathe life into this Yoda 3D model.

5. 3D Printer Baby Yoda Project (with Mando)

Mando or Din Djarin knows as little about his little friend as we do even though he accompanied and protected The Child in many TV series. But you can immortalise their special friendship in a 3D printed Baby Yoda and Mando figurine.

Get Din Djarin and Grogu 3D model STL files for 3D printing and work on a stunning project that wows the minds of millions of Star Wars fans. Also, find inspiration in beautiful 3D prints shared by a talented Gambody enthusiast.

3D printed Baby Yoda and Mando
3D printed Baby Yoda and Mando by Diego Molina

Besides, discover many other fantastic 3D printed figurines from The Mandalorian TV series and enhance your collection right away.

6. Smiling Baby Yoda STL

The Child from The Mandalorian and Star Wars is not always thoughtful and silent. This character can smile, and you can 3D print Baby Yoda with a smile to add another cute Grogu figurine to your collection.

Some designers offer a bundle with several facial expressions (thoughtful, smiling and laughing), a cradle, additional accessories and a hug pose.

Here you can download such smiling Baby Yoda STL files to create the famous alien creature and surprise your friends with a stunning project:

Yoda printable
Baby Yoda printable model from cgtrader

7. Yoda Printable Miniature

If you are a fan of tabletop games, a large Yoda figurine with a significant amount of details might not suit your project. In such situations, a Baby Yoda miniature, which is up to 4 cm (1.5”) tall, can be very helpful.

Regarding its tiny size, such an alien still looks very cute and realistic. Grogu’s huge ears and big eyes are as attractive as in bigger models for 3D printing.

Grogu 3D print
Grogu 3D print from MyMiniFactory (Robbie Gorol and Joshua Clark)

You can get Baby Yoda miniature STL files to create a lovely figurine for your collection or a tabletop game.

8. 3D Printed Yoda

Maybe you already have a beautiful 3D printed Baby Yoda figurine. Perhaps you also made a little smiling creature and a miniature for a tabletop game. You might still wish to add another version of Grogu 3D print to your collection.

And it exists. Look at the sitting Yoda printable model available on the internet. You can download its files for 3D printing and make another cute Child in a sitting position.

3D Baby Yoda
Printable Yoda model from MyMiniFactory (César Mujica Castro)

Let your imagination never rest with the wide variety of stunning creatures from the famous Star Wars movie and The Mandalorian TV series.

9. Baby Yoda Cookie Cutter 3D Print

You can invite the lovely alien to your kitchen. A wide variety of different Baby Yoda cookie-cutter 3D print designs lets you bake amazing sweets for the whole family.

Of course, you have to 3D print the cookie cutter before using it. But with different shapes of Grogu, your baking will turn into masterpieces. Men and kids who are watching The Mandalorian TV series or are big fans of Star Wars will eat cookies shaped as Baby Yoda with a great appetite.

Here are some ideas for your Baby Yoda cookie cutter shapes:

Baby Yoda cookie cutter 3D print
Baby Yoda cookie cutter 3D print from Cults

10. 3D Printed Baby Yoda Phone Holder

The cute character from Star Wars can decorate your phone stand. It can be a figurine standing near or under your mobile device, or it can be the alien’s head inside which you can place your gadget.

You can get good and bad tender Baby Yoda phone holder STL files or download a 3D printing pack for your phone. These projects look impressive and promise an exciting gift idea or a fantastic personal accessory:

Baby Yoda phone holder
Yoda pen holder from Cults

11. Yoda Model: Tablet and Phone Docking Station

You can go further than making just a smartphone holder. Use your 3D printer to turn a stunning Baby Yoda 3D print model into a docking station for your tablet and mobile devices.

Baby Yoda 3D print model
Baby Yoda 3D print model from Cults

If you are good at electronics, you can turn this Baby Yoda 3D print model into a real working docking station that charges your gadgets. It can be used as a mini-office to organize all your devices in one place.

12. Thingiverse Baby Yoda 3D Print

Unlike other babies whose crib reminds of something related to human cuteness, The Child cannot use the regular crib. He only needs an alien-like accessory that resembles the space saucer built by unknown races. And the Thingiverse Baby Yoda 3D model you can 3D print includes that crib.

Look at these renders of a 3D printing crib Baby Yoda Thingiverse version from The Mandalorian TV series and Star Wars. The project comes with a stand for display. However, you can use the crib without it.

Thingiverse Baby Yoda
Thingiverse Baby Yoda 3D model

13. The Mandalorian Helmet with Baby Yoda Ears

Some designers like to combine two characters in one model. This Mandalorian helmet for 3D printing reminds many of a Stormtrooper mask, just with two giant ears that belong to Grogu.

Yoda 3D model
Images: Cults

The mix looks cute and can be 3D printed for cosplay events and costume parties. It is an exciting project for Star Wars fans who like different characters from the universe and wish to look unique.

14. 3D Print Baby Props

There are other impressive cosplay pieces and props with the famous green “baby” character besides the Mandalorian helmet. For example, you can 3D print Baby ears and “transform” into The Child even while sitting at home.

3D printed Baby Yoda mask
Yoda model from MyMiniFactory (Steve Abrams); Cults (3D Print Model StoreSS)

Or you can 3D print Baby Yoda face mask on your printer. It can be a stunning part of a 3D printed Halloween costume, and it can impress your friends and surprise your neighbours on Christmas and other holidays.

Put the 3D printed Baby Yoda ears on your head and complete your look with an outfit (if you can’t find one in stores, maybe you can sew it or ever 3D print yourself).

15. Grogu 3D Print

The Child’s head looks super cool as a cup, which can work as a pencil holder, teacup, egg cup or something else you can imagine. There are several excellent 3D printing projects you can recreate at home.

Some designers sculpt the cup for 3D printing from the alien’s head. The giant ears can serve as cup handles. There is enough place inside such Grogu 3D print to pour some liquid.

Yoda model
Grogu 3D print from Cults

And the Yoda figurine can also decorate a 3D printing coaster base for cups, which can be a great accessory in your kitchen.

16. The Child Bust 3D Print File

Bust sculptures and figurines are rather popular among collectors. Such pieces of art allow one to enjoy all the facial details of the character, spend numerous hours of fun while painting the project, etc.

Luckily, you can find many 3D Baby Yoda models for 3D printing, both full body projects and busts.

Grogu 3D model
3D Baby Yoda bust from cgtrader

Here is an example of a magnificent Grogu bust 3D model that comes on a stand. You can decorate your room or place such a masterpiece in your office once it is 3D printed and painted by you.

17. Yoda 3D Model: Eating the Frog

While watching The Mandalorian TV series, you can learn many curious facts about the lovely Yoda character. The Child does look extremely cute, but some of his habits can shock you. Well, he can be a little violent sometimes, which does not affect your attitude, right?

If you have a 3D printer, you can choose to craft a unique Yoda 3D model.

3D printer Baby Yoda
Yoda STL renders from Cults

For example, your Yoda figurine can eat a frog, or the 3D printed Baby Yoda can look serious while using the Force.

18. Yoda Pen Holder

Every home certainly has stationery, and the question comes how to store your pens and pencils. If you like exclusive designs and wish your table decor to be unique, you can own a 3D printed pen holder using a stunning Baby Yoda pencil holder 3D printing model.

This stationery accessory is an excellent gift for yourself, your family and friends. Anyone who likes Star Wars would be impressed to have such a piece of art at home.

Yoda pen holder
Baby Yoda pencil holder 3D print from Cults

With a 3D printer and impressive STL files, it is simple to make several 3D printed pen holder versions in the form of your favourite movie characters.

19. Yoda Figurine as Darth Vader and The Mandalorian

Close your eyes and pretend that Grogu is not precisely the green alien. Imagine that he wears The Mandalorian suit or Darth Vader costume. Isn’t it cool?

Such an impressive Baby Yoda figurine for 3D printing can transform this character into other Star Wars personalities by applying the right outfit and a helmet.

Here are two examples of such transformations, and both can be added to your collection of 3D printed Baby Yoda figures if you wish.

3D printed Yoda
3D printed Baby Yoda from Cults

20. Baby Yoda Door Stopper for 3D Printing

Families with little kids, offices with multiple doors and big houses often need door stoppers to protect doors from slamming. Well, if you like the cute green alien character from Star Wars and The Mandalorian, it is simple to 3D print a unique Baby Yoda door stopper.

Such an accessory is useful and looks cute. Here is a render of the Baby Yoda door stopper 3D printing model which STL files you can download.

3D printed Baby Yoda door stopper
3D Baby Yoda door stopper model from Cults

It gives way for imagination while painting so you can style a 3D printed Baby Yoda accessory in correspondence with your interior colours.

21. Christmas Baby Yoda 3D Print Model

Seeing a happy Grogu in your holiday décor is very impressive. For Christmas, for example, you can 3D print a cute Yoda figurine dressed up as Santa Claus. Your project can smile and close his eyes or look upset with the huge eyes full of sadness.

You choose the facial expression and colours for The Child’s outfit and Santa Claus hat. Here are these cute Yoda STL files you can download and use in your Christmas projects in 2022.

Baby Yoda Thingiverse
Baby Yoda Thingiverse and Cults 3D printing models

Besides, you can make cute snowflakes and pretty ornaments on a 3D printer with the alien décor.

22. Baby Yoda Jewellery 3D Printing Files

It is fun to complete your outfit with a jewellery piece related to your favourite movie character. Luckily, many designers enjoy adding new 3D printing models for you to download and make at home, including 3D printed Baby Yoda projects.

If you need a cute 3D printing ring featuring Grogu, get it here or here. These versions look lovely and can be 3D printed and painted by you to fit your style.

3D print Baby Yoda ring and necklace
3D printed Baby ring from Cults

There is also a design of necklace you can 3D print, and you can search for even more impressive accessories online.

23. PS4 Control Yoda Holder

PS4 console users who like to use exclusive control holders can 3D print a cute accessory featuring Yoda figurine.

Such a project can be awe-inspiring. It gives you freedom for imagination while painting the holder. And your collection of 3D printed Baby Yoda masterpieces will enjoy such an addition.

Yoda PS4 control holder
Yoda PS4 control holder from Cults

Besides, making such a lovely Yoda holder for your PS4 control can be turned into a gift to someone who loves Star Wars.

24. Baby Yoda Key Holder

If you want to carry a pretty alien in your pocket, you can 3D print the Baby Yoda printable key chain. There are several versions on different websites, so you can choose which design you like the most and which project suits you the best.

Yoda key holder
Baby Yoda 3D print Thingiverse and Cults objects

Besides, a Yoda key holder accessory can be made to be enjoyed by every member of your family in case they all love Star Wars or watch The Mandalorian in 2022. Besides, a little cute key accessory featuring The Child becomes a fantastic gift idea for any holiday.

All these 3D printed Baby Yoda figurines and accessories are impressive projects that can be turned into masterpieces by you. Keep creating great models and share the photos of your 3D printed works with Gambody community. Use your Force and talent in the vast 3D printing galaxy that keeps getting more impressive day after day.

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