14 3D Printing StarCraft Figurines

StarCraft, like any other video game, has its own community of devoted players. And it is a big deal for any respected fan to have 3D printing StarCraft tokens in its collection.

You probably haven’t had the time to print one. This list, however, will make you crave for one immediately. Scroll down to see what we have prepared for you.

3D Printing StarCraft Units

1. Swarm Host

What is it? It is a Zerg unit in the shape of a mushroom with grinder legs that allows it to dig into the earth and take cover from enemies.
Where can you find the files? Buy the files for unsplit and split 3D model at Gambody.

2. Hydralisk

Starcraft miniatures for 3D printing

What is it? It is a Lair-unit that has great attack and damage capabilities, which makes it an unbeatable ground and air unit.
Where can you find the files? You can find a 30-cm tall one at Gambody and another one at Thingiverse.

3. Sentry

Starcraft figurines for 3D printing

What is it? It is a spellcasting Protoss unit. It can also attack air and ground targets.
Where can you find the files? You can order a 3D printed one at Shapeways.

4. Ultralisk

3D printing Starcraft Ultralisk

What is it? Another Zerg unit from StarCraft II. One of the toughest in the video game.
Where can you find the files? You can order it at Shapeways or download the files at Thingiverse. Besides, Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace also offers an impressive Ultralisk 3D printing model, which has been recently updated to version 2. Now it features an enhanced level of details and requires a minimum amount of supports.

5. Queen

3d printing Starcraft Queen

What is it? An essential Zerg unit, providing defense against air and ground threats.
Where can you find the files? You can also order its 3D print via Shapeways.

6. Baneling

3d printing starcraft baneling

What is it? Baneling is a mutant Zergling bomber unit capable of increased splash damage.
Where can you find the files? MyMiniFactory hosts them.

3D Printing StarCraft Terrans

7. Terran Marine

3d printing starcraft Terran Marine

What is it? Marines make up the first line forces. They are bulk armor suits, equipped with powerful rifles and guns.
The suit protects the marine from inhuman environment and damage.
Where can you find the files? Find two versions of Terran Marines at Gambody: one with the gun pointed up and the other in idle position or order one at Shapeways.

3D Printing StarCraft Walkers

8. Odin

3D printing Starcraft Terran Odin

What is it? Odins are combat walkers, designed significant firepower, capable of reducing entire cities to powder.
Where can you find the files? Shapeways can print and ship it to you.

 9. Colossus

3d printing starcraft colossus

What is it? The colossus is a quadruped war machine. Regardless of its agility, colossus requires support from first line units to make it on the battlefield. It is powerfully equipped with two lancers on both sides of its body.
Where can you find the files? Go to Shapeways.

3D Printing StarCraft Striders

10. Immortal

3D printing Starcraft immortal

What is it? Immortal is a war machine playing the role of the attack strider. The strider has the capability to destroy any matter that gets into the cockpit to protect the pilot.
Where can you find the files? Go to Thingiverse, you won’t regret it.

3D Printing StarCraft-inspired Tokens

11. Logo

3d printing starcraft logo

What is it? These 3D models replicate 3D printing StarCraft logos.
Where can you find the files? At Thingiverse.

12. Trophy

3d printing starcraft trophy

What is it? The trophy for 3D printing will replicate the trophy you can achieve in the video game.  A great prize for the best player.

Where can you find the files? This one you can find at Thingiverse.

13. Turret

3d printing starcraft turret

What is it? The replica of StarCraft video game turret will remind you of the game’s adventures.
Where can you find the files? MyMiniFactory.

14. Pylon

3D printing Starcraft pylon

What is it? Pylon is a structure that creates an electromagnetic field preventing the units from maneuvering in its action area. They differ by crystal color.
Where can you find the files? Roam through MyMiniFacturry for the mini replica.

Now that you have such a wide range of 3D printing StarCraft miniatures to choose from, all you need is your will-power to see the printing projects in its full physical marvel. We’re sure you’ll like what you’ll see in the end.

Oh, and did you know that STL files never run out of stock at Gambody?

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