April Roundup: 3D Models of the Month

April roundup is not as rich in 3D printing models as the previous months were. Nevertheless, the second month of spring has brought other surprises for our entire community in the shape of 3D printed models that we will showcase in the second part of this post. Keep reading to discover them all.

Anyhow, let’s summarize all the models that have been added to our marketplace in April and bid farewell to another

1. Edward Kenway 3D Model

april roundup 3d models

Description: Edward Kenward 3D model is inspired by the Assassin’s Creed video game character. This is the second 3D model that is inspired by this video game, the first one you can find here.

The 3D printing figurine is available for download in two versions: split and unsplit. The split figurine consists of 9 parts. For their 3D printing

Size: 20 cm wide, 19 cm tall, 9 cm deep
Printing time: < 48 h
Printing material: = 25 m
Who made it? Oliver

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2. Star Wars T-47 Airspeeder 3D Model

april roundup 3d prints

Description: The T-47 Airspeeder 3D model is inspired by the Star Wars saga atmospheric vehicle. The prototype stands 4.5m long, while its replica for 3D printing is 20 cm wide.
The Airspeeder for 3D printing is broken down into 25 parts for an easy printing experience.

And this is the 3D printed and painted Airspeeder.

t-47 airspeeder 3d printed

Size: 20 cm wide, 7 cm tall, and 27 cm deep
Printing time: > 100 h
Printing material: = 70 m
Who made it? Ksan’yla

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3. Swarm Host 3D Model

april roundup swarm host

Description: The Swarm Host 3D model comes from the StarCraft video game. It is a biological unit, with a mushroom shape. Its legs are provided with capillaries through which acidic blood runs. When the Swarm Host digs a hole in the ground to hide from the enemy, the capillaries break and the acidic blood softens the earth, facilitating the digging.

Its weapons are the Locusts that spit acidic saliva and attack ground units only.

Size: 17 cm wide, 17 cm tall, and 12 cm deep
Printing time: > 144 h
Printing material: 112 m
Who made it? azih

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4. Ravager Groot 3D Model

groot april roundup

Description: Groot 3D model enters the marketplace just in time for the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. As a comic book and movie character that has an army of fans around the world, Groot has many aliases for 3D printing. This one, however, features interchangeable hands and whips. The 3D printing figurine will stand 20 cm tall, resting on its own legs.

To facilitate its 3D printing and to cut material use, Groot 3D model is broken down into 8 parts.

Size: 26 cm wide, 20 cm tall, and 22 cm deep
Printing time: = 65 h
Printing material: 40 m
Who made it? Herb Haruru

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5. Dwarf Cleric Warrior, Human Male Wizard, Dwarf Warrior Fighter, Dwarf Rogue Warrior 3D Models

3d printing dwarfs

Description: The Dwarfs make up a collection of board game 3D printing models. They can be easily used for your game adventures, during a family or friends gathering one cold winter night.
Size: about 10 cm tall
Printing time: n/a
Printing material: n/a
Who made it? Vishwa Patel

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3D Prints of the Month

This month has brought us 3 incredible 3D prints, made by our customers, Sam Fenimore, Justin Daniel, and Alexei Bruton.

Battlecruiser 24-inch long Replica

Sam finished printing the Battlecruiser, a 24-inch 3D print that claimed more than 300 hours and 4 kilos of PLA material.

He printed the 100-piece Battlecruiser on a D-Force 400 Delta 3D printer with zero failures.

While Sam still has to paint it, he has happily shared the pictures of the 3D printed and assembled cruiser. See below the pictures of the long process.

Starcraft Hyperion Battlecruiser 3d model

3d printed Starcraft Battlecruiser

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Mammoth Tank 3D Printed Model

Another 3D print made by Sam that we are enthused about is the Mammoth Tank. Sam’s accurate result and his positive feedback on the 3D model’s files are everything that we’ve been looking forward to since the model is on our marketplace. He has also shared some pictures that we are proud to show.

3d printed mammoth tank

3d printed mammoth tank

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GB 12 Conqueror Tank 3D Printed Replica

The nicest thing about Justin’s print of GB 12 Conqueror Tank replica is that he has proved that accurate results can be achieved even when using a low-budget 3D printer if you really know how to handle the files and have enough patience to see it all completed.

Justin’s print took a little longer than he expected, according to his own saying, but this was only because he interrupted the process by 3D printing other small projects.

Nevertheless, Justin is beyond happy with the result and he even accepted to give a full report on it. Stay tuned because we’ll be soon publishing it on our blog. For now, however, we will tease you with 2 pictures, enough to make you curious about Justin’s project.

3d printed conqueror tank

3d printed British tank

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King Crab 3D Print

And last, but not the least is Alexei’s King Crab print. Alexei is no novice in 3D printing Mechs. Our audience knows him for 3D printing the famous Catapult and the mini Marauder.

Alexei’s 3D prints always look polished because of the 3D printing material and the SLS 3D printing technology he uses to manufacture them.

His King Crab 3D print is no exception. Looking sharp and badass, King Crab is awaiting his coat of paint.

This is how it looks for now.

3D printed Mechwarrior

king crab 3d print april roundup

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This is it for April. We wait for you next month for another dose of 3D printing models.

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