Printed and Painted Catapult 3D Model – Press Release by Gambody

See what you can create with a 3D printer and a little paint

London, 5 July 2016 – Catapult 3D model has been reigning supreme on Gambody’s marketplace for a month already.

The 3D model’s STL files made available to all those who have a special passion for the BattleTech Universe have been received with great enthusiasm, both by game players and just avid 3D printing followers.

[blockquote source=”Richard Santora via Facebook”]This is epic!!![/blockquote]

The 3D printable model of Catapult from MechWarrior video game is an articulated figurine, with workable legs and arms. The heavy warrior consists of 2 arms, 1 mech module slot, 2 weapon module slots, and 2 consumable module slots. 2 missiles are positioned at the left and right of the mechanical vehicle’s torso. The torso rotates at 360°. The model is made up of 27 parts, all optimized to be handled easily in any 3D printing program, such as Cura or Simplify3D and printed on any desktop 3D printer. To ease your job, there’s a detailed step-by-step video showing how to assemble it correctly.

The 3D figurine, after printing, will measure 143mm in depth, 176mm in width and 250mm in height.

One of Gambody’s users has printed and painted the MWO 3D model and was pleased to share the astonishing result with all our marketplace’s visitors. According to Alexei Bruton, the printing process of MechWarrior 3D model was effortless, no problems occurring during it. The parts printed accurately and smoothly, with no outer shell defects. It took more than 1.5 weeks to print all the parts and roughly 4 hours to assemble it.

While primer coated Catapult 3D model

Alexei went as far as painting a realistically looking BattleMech 3D model, using different shades of acrylic dye. Applying different painting techniques, Alexei managed to give the model a degree of battle wear and rusted appearance. His Catapult 3D model features various degree of battle damage, such as chipping and impact holes from different caliber guns.

The final result is a stunning, realistic miniature of a battle warrior.

3D printed part of MWO 3D model

Feet of MechWarrior 3D model

Printed and painted Catapult 3D model

Realistic 3D printed and painted MechWarrior Catapult 3D model

[blockquote source=”Spencer Kher via Facebook”]Looks like the first boss on sonic adventures heroes story.[/blockquote]

This beauty is definitely worth the time and effort spent to have it in all its glory and it will make a great addition to anyone’s range of 3D printed collectibles.

Additional add-ons, which will allow users to upgrade their MWO Catapult 3D print, will follow shortly.

All those interested in getting 3D printed MechWarrior Catapult 3D print information kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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