Faithful Gladiator 3D Model for 3D Printing Turned into Masterpiece by Arnd Dorn

Noble, honest and just, Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius became a hero of his time. And now he can become the hero of your collection of models and figures printed on a 3D printer. Arnd Dorn’s project can inspire you to new hobby exploits. This gifted enthusiast turned the STL files of the Gladiator 3D model for printing into a colourful figurine that can decorate any home.

Arnd’s painting tips and advice might help you build a highly detailed and beautifully painted model of your favourite movie character.

Gladiator 3D print

Gladiator 3D Model

Epic historical dramas might not retell all the past events accurately. Still, they always introduce us to special characters who withstand their drama and usually come to avenge bad guys and murders.

Such movies also motivate 3D artists to sculpt beautiful figurines. Thus, one of Gambody’s contributing 3D artists enjoyed Gladiator 2000 film a lot. And, being inspired by the final battle scene, Zack Miller sculpted Maximus figurine for 3D printing with armour, breastplate adorned with symbols of many losses and a sword.

Gladiator 3D model
Highly detailed Gladiator 3D model for 3D printing

The Gladiator Maximus 3D model is depicted in the middle of Colosseum ruins.

Gladiator Maximus 3D model
Gladiator Maximus 3D model for 3D printing

You are welcome to download Gladiator 3D model STL files to 3D print this fantastic movie scene.

3D Printed Gladiator Maximus Figure

And the figurine of Gladiator 3D printed by Arnd reveals all the beautiful details this model has. The Maximus Gladiator statue comes with everything a real warrior needs, including pteruges (decorative skirt of leather), spaulders, bracers, leg guards and other armour parts.

So, read Gambody’s interview with Arnd Dorn and learn how this hobbyist worked on his Gladiator 3D print to achieve such a stunning result.

1 Arnd, it’s a pleasure to talk to you about your 3D printing experience and the beautiful Maximus Gladiator 3D model turned into a fantastic 3D print. Please introduce yourself to Gambody readers. Where are you from?

Hi, I am m from Germany (NRW), from a village called Arnoldsweiler. I am 52 years old and one of those old-school plastic kit builders who enjoyed making tanks, soldiers and dioramas.

I grew up, started working full time, raised my son and stopped building and painting for about 20 years. After a tough accident, I needed a hobby. So, I started to play Warhammer Fantasy, paint and build my playing figures. I bought my first airbrush gun and started airbrushing. I attended several seminars with Dieter Staatz, Marissa Osterlee and Eddy Wouters in Antwerpen to learn about airbrushing.

Gladiator Maximus 3D print
Gladiator Maximus 3D print by Arnd Dorn

Then I learned about 3D printing and fell in love with this technology.

2. Thanks to your wife, Claudia, we all have a chance to see your stunning airbrushed works in Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook! How long have you been enjoying the hobby of 3D printing? How did you learn about it?

I bought my first 3D print last spring. Today, there are four 3D printers in my hobby room. I learn everything on my own.

3. What 3D printer do you use for your creations? Was the Gladiator 3D model printed on one machine or several 3D printers?

I used two FDM 3D printers, both Anycubic Mega X, to print the Gladiator 3D model STL files.

Gladiator 3D printed
Gladiator 3D printed by Arnd Dorn

4. Can you please share your 3D printing settings for the Gladiator Maximus 3D model? Did you use the standard settings recommended by Gambody or make your adjustments?

I mostly used the standard settings for 3D printing the Gladiator 3D model STL files. I used the Ultimaker Cura 3D printing software and applied the following parameters:

  • Layer thickness: 0,2 mm;
  • Wall thickness: 1,2 mm;
  • Number of Wall lines: 3;
  • Wipe distance: 0,4 mm;
  • Small gaps filter out: activated;
  • Adjustment Z-stitch: coincidence;
  • Above and below: 1,2 mm;
  • Upper Layers: 4;
  • Lower Layers: 3;
  • Filling density: between 10-15%;
  • Filling pattern: grid;
  • Material printer temperature 200%;
  • Temperature printing plate 60 %;
  • Speed: 50 mm/sec;
  • Support structure: tree.

Each piece of the 3D printed Maximum Gladiator figure has turned out nice.

5. What 3D printing material did you choose for Gladiator Maximus 3D print?

I used the 1,75 PLA filament from SchmelzBar.

Maximus Gladiator figure
Maximus Gladiator figure made by Arnd Dorn

6. How many hours did 3D printing the Gladiator Maximus 3D model take you?

I think it took me 120-150 hours to 3D print the Maximus figurine.

Gladiator 3D print
Gladiator 3D print by Arnd Dorn

7. Please let us know what materials did you use for post-processing? For example, can you please describe the process of assembling and glueing the 3D printed Maximus Gladiator figure, grinding it with fine sanding paper and duplicating it with acrylic primer?

I used a model construction spatula, superglue, 600-2000 wet and dry sanding paper and acrylic primer while working on the Gladiator 3D printed figure. I wanted to get rid of scratches and this all without losing textures and details on Maximus figurine.

Gladiator 3D printed model
Gladiator 3D printed model by Arnd Dorn

8. You airbrushed the 3D printed Gladiator Maximus figurine with diluted acrylic paints. What paint brand do you prefer in your hobby?

I enjoy using the E’TAC water-based acrylics.

Gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius 3D printed model
Gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius 3D printed model by Arnd Dorn

9. Did you airbrush the face or hand-paint it? What colours did you mix to achieve a realistic skin tone and hair of Gladiator Maximus 3D print?

The skin colour is airbrushed, and the eyes are hand-painted with a brush 10/0.

I mixed ocker, white, yellow, magenta and ultramarine blue for the skin colours. And I mixed the hair shade using primary colours from the E’TAC palette.

Gladiator Maximus figure
Gladiator Maximus figure made by Arnd Dorn

Basically, I mix all my colours myself using the primary colours from E’TAC. Then, based on the mixing techniques from Marissa Osterlee/Eddy Wouters and Drew Blair, it is possible to create various shades to realistically recreate human skin, eyes, hair, clothes, etc.

10. Some hobbyists love to make their 3D prints resembling the original character, but you chose your colours for Gladiator Maximus 3D print. What inspired you to make a one-of-a-kind figurine?

I like to build and paint my figures because it is art. I have my ideas, and I want to show them by painting the 3D printed figurine.

Maximus figurine
Maximus figurine made by Arnd Dorn

11. How many paint colours did you use to breathe life into the printed Gladiator 3D model?

I used approximately 27 colours to paint the Gladiator Maximus figure.

12. What is the size and weight of your finished Gladiator 3D print?

The Gladiator Maximus figurine is about 64 cm (25 inches) tall, and its weight is 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs).

Maximus Gladiator statue
Maximus Gladiator statue 3D printed by Arnd Dorn

13. Where do you display this masterpiece?

I display the model at home, and thanks to my wife’s Facebook account, the images are shared with the Gambody 3D printing community.

14. What 3D printing model are you working on now?

I have finished 3D printing and painting the Mandalorian figurine. Also, the Aloy figure is in progress, and I have to airbrush Aragorn Lord of the Rings 3D print.

Maximus Gladiator statue and Mandalorian 3D print
Maximus Gladiator statue and Mandalorian 3D print

I want to thank Gambody for your interest in my work and high-quality STL files for 3D printing.

It is time to free Maximus from slavery and rebel against the emperor himself. Display a fantastic Maximus Gladiator statue on your shelf after downloading the 3D model STL files and 3D printing it. And, of course, the Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook will be happy to see your figure rising through the ranks of Rome’s Colosseum arena.

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