Top 10 Mandalorian Season 2 Model STL Files to Make Epic Figures

The adventures of a bounty hunter Din Djarin who wishes to return the Child to its home continue in The Mandalorian Season 2. Being a part of the Star Wars franchise, the new TV series brings back to the screen some of the iconic characters and introduces new personalities. If you have a 3D printer, you might love to explore the top 10 Mandalorian 3D model STL files and turn highly-detailed 3D printing models into masterfully painted figures and starfighters.

What can be more impressive than recreating your beloved scenes from the second season on a 3D printer? Watch The Mandalorian Season 2 and add your favourite characters and spacecraft to your shelf with other Star Wars 3D prints. Make sure to explore the best Mandalorian 3D printed figures with STL files with armour, models, helmets and figurines from Season 1.

Mandalorian 3D model STL files from Season 2

Mandalorian 3D Model Season 2

The list of 10 epic Mandalorian 3D model STL files from Season 2 features the main characters and some impressive Star Wars spacecraft models. You can breathe life into the Mandalorian figure, his charge Baby Yoda whose real name is Grogu, the fantastic Razor Crest, quick Speeder Bike, impressive spacecraft of the New Republic and other 3D printing models.

1. The Mandalorian Figure

Din Djarin or the Mandalorian continues his mission of rescuing Baby Yoda in Season 2. He wishes to return the Child to the Jedi but has to search for these people. He takes new tasks and travels from one planet to another one.

You will love to 3D print The Mandalorian figure as seen on the Season 2 poster. Din Djarin figurine is depicted in his beskar armour and with the Amban phase-pulse blaster behind his shoulders. He comes with a bag attached to his belt, in which he carries the Baby Yoda.

Take a look at the 3D printed Mandalorian figure finished by Gambody hobbyist Michael Thomas Purmenský. The enthusiast made the Mandalorian model with PLA on Creality Ender-3. He downscaled the 3D model to 85% and painted it with a brush using Aqua-Color colours from Revell.

The Mandalorian figure
Maker: Michael Thomas Purmenský

You can also download the Mandalorian 3D model STL files on Gambody marketplace to recreate this highly-detailed 3D printing version of Din Djarin from Season 2.

2. The Child Mandalorian 3D Model

The Child from The Mandalorian Season 2 keeps behaving like a real kid. Grogu plays Jedi mind tricks, enjoys eating unborn monsters and frog eggs. And he keeps looking just as cute as in the first season of the epic TV series.

No wonder that many enthusiasts love to 3D print the Child figurine to add to their collection of incredible models.

Hobbyist Kevin Richard, for example, thought of the establishment of the little hair on top of the Baby Yoda’s head. These final touches make the figurine one-of-a-kind.

The Child Mandalorian model
Maker: Kevin Richard

Enthusiast Patrik Romano printed the Child figurine on Creality Ender-3. He used Vallejo airbrush light and goblin green colours for the Grogu’s body and head and chose light and golden brown for the coat. He also painted the Baby Yoda feet even though they are hidden under the Child’s clothes.

Grogu 3D printing model Mandalorian Season 2
Maker: Patrik Romano

How strong is the Child in the Force? You can check this out yourself by printing one of the cutest alien models in 2020 and 2021. Get The Child Mandalorian 3D model STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace and make your version of the iconic baby Grogu.

3. Baby Yoda Cinco de Mayo Figure

It is not a secret that popular characters often become a never-ending source for meme generation. It happened to the galaxy’s most wanted bounty too. So, if you like to recreate a unique version of the Child, turn Baby Yoda Cinco de Mayo figure for 3D printing into a masterpiece that melts everyone’s hearts.

The alien with giant ears and bottomless eyes is depicted wearing a Mexican sombrero and holding a tasty taco instead of a monstrous creature from the galaxy.

Here is a cute Baby Yoda Cinco de Mayo figure shared by hobbyist @i.make.robots. The bright colours and Mexican style add an impressive touch to the Child’s personality. Grogu can be one of the most incredible 3D printed Mandalorian models on your shelf!

Baby Yoda Cinco de Mayo figure 3D print
Maker: @i.make.robots

4. Mandalorian Razor Crest 3D Model

Before Din Djarin occupied this ship, she served as a military patrol craft. The Razor Crest from The Mandalorian Season 2 and 1 is a home and workplace for the famous bounty hunter whose adventures we enjoy throughout the series.

Its two cannons, two engines and a hyperdrive make the Razor Crest an excellent vessel for travelling in the Outer Rim Territories. However, the ship often breaks, gets attacked and unassembled for parts by various creatures. Luckily, you can rebuild it from scratch by downloading the Mandalorian Razor Crest 3D model STL files and 3D printing this one of the most fantastic spacecraft models.

Hobbyist Shaun Allen finished his Razor Crest gunship 3D printing model, which was downscaled to 75%. He customized some parts and created a fantastic ship with lights.

Razor Crest Mandalorian 3D model with STL Files for 3D printing
Maker: Shaun Allen

Enthusiast Steve Perry also built an impressive version of Razor Crest vessel on his Creality Ender-5 Plus Pro. The ship is made in legion scale, and it looks very realistic.

Mandalorian Razor Crest 3D model printed
Maker: Steve Perry

5. Mandalorian Speeder Bike Season 2

When Din Djarin is not travelling in his Razor Crest vessel, he takes the jumpspeeder, also known as speeder bike. This open-air repulsorlift vehicle seems rude and straightforward. Still, it is perfect when you need to move super fast over the planet’s surface.

While the speeder bike looks a little simple, you can make it stand out on your shelf among other 3D printed models. Get the Mandalorian Speeder Bike 3D model STL files from Gambody marketplace, and recreate the jumpspeeder featuring a bag with the Child Grogu.

Here is a stunning 3D printed Speeder Bike model brought to life by hobbyist Richard Turnbull.

Mandalorian model Speeder Bike Season 2
Maker: Richard Turnbull

It looks perfect from every side, and the Baby Yoda looking out of one of the bags add cuteness to the scene.

Speeder Bike 3D print model with Baby Yoda from Mandalorian
Maker: Richard Turnbull

It only needs The Mandalorian figure to take the Speeder Bike seat and start a new adventure in next Season 3.

6. Stormtroopers Mandalorian 3D Model

Can you imagine the Star Wars universe without antagonistic stormtroopers? Even though in The Mandalorian Season 2 the Empire is believed to fall, Din Djarin has to deal with the elite warriors.

The cruel faceless servants of the Emperor are iconic characters in modern pop culture. So, 3D printing Stormtroopers models is a must if you are a fan of the Star Wars adventures.

Whether downscaled to 1:35 by Laszlo Halmos or upscaled to 180% by Adam Racer, the Stormtroopers figures look superb. By the way, Adam also added the 3D printing figurine of Luke Skywalker to the scene to honour the iconic Master-Jedi character from Star Wars.

Stormtroopers figure Mandalorian 3D models for printing
Makers: Adam Racer and Laszlo Halmos

Hobbyist Malo Km made an impressive battle-damaged Stormtrooper Mandalorian figure.

Stormtrooper 3D printed figure
Maker: Malo Km

You can download Stormtroopers 3D model STL files on Gambody and 3D print these soldiers-clones to make the adventures of the 3D printed Mandalorian figure more impressive and entertaining.

7. TIE Fighter 3D Model STL Files

The Mandalorian Season 2 shows the iconic Outland TIE fighter flown by Moff Gideon. He is surrounded by a battalion of shiny Death Troopers. In one of the episodes of the epic TV series, you can also notice TIE fighters that attack the friends of Din Djarin. Thus, you can add the symbol of the Imperial fleet to your collection of 3D printed models.

Hobbyist Dominique Demers enjoyed making the TIE fighter Mandalorian model. He assures that it was an easy-to-print and simple-to-put-together project.

TIE fighter Mandalorian 3D model printed
Maker: Dominique Demers

Enthusiast Cm3Dprojects chose to upscale his project to 150%. He spent 218 hours making the TIE fighter on the Tronxy X5S 3D printer and another 12 hours to paint and assemble this one of the iconic Star Wars models.

TIE fighters Mandalorian Season 2 3D printing models
Maker: Cm3Dprojects

Get TIE Fighter model STL files for 3D printing to bring the signature starfighter of the Empire to life. Let The Mandalorian figure destroy the Imperials on his 3D printed Razor Crest gunship.

8. C-3PO 3D Model for Printing

A humanoid droid Threepio has been a part of almost every Star Wars project ever since 1977.

C-3PO is a polite and talkative protocol droid whose inability to lie and keep secrets can drive some of us crazy. The Threepio’s female clone version seems to find its place in one of the Mandalorian Season 2 episodes. And you can indeed find a place on your shelf for the C-3PO 3D printed figure, right?

Here is an example of the original C-3PO character printed in PLA gold filament on Creality CR-10S by @crazyfilament.

C-3PO droid 3D model printed Mandalorian
Maker: @crazyfilament

Download the C-3PO figurine 3D model STL files to print and paint this droid. Just don’t make him gold because the character noticed in The Mandalorian Season 2 is all made of dark metal. Only the droid’s eyes shine like gold.

9. T-65B X-wing Fighter Models

While searching for more Mandalorians in hopes of bringing the Child back to its people, Mando or Din Djarin meets X-wing pilots.

You can print one of the most heroic starship designs in the Star Wars universe, T-65B X-wing fighter model.

Hobbyist Scon created an impressive chrome version of the T-65B X-wing fighter model. It is a smooth print which showcases every detail of the iconic starship.

T-65B X-wing fighter Mandalorian 3D model Season 2
Maker: Scon

Enthusiast Darren Wilson made his version of the impressive aircraft on his Flsun QQS 3D printer. He needed approximately 1 kg (2.2 lb) of PLA. And he spent seven days on this project, which he painted with bright Tamiya Acrylics colours.

Mandalorian Season 2 X-wing fighter 3D printing models
Maker: Darren Wilson

Download the T-65B X-wing Fighter 3D model STL files and 3D print this great aircraft in all its glory for The Mandalorian figure collection.

10. T-70 X-wing Fighter Models

Your New Republic X-wings can look like the updated T-70 3D printing version of the signature T-65B starfighter.

Hobbyist Syl Vain spent about 100 hours on printing an impressive T-70 model in PLA on his Creality CR-10S.

T-70 X-wing Fighter 3D printed model Mandalorian
Maker: Syl Vain

Enthusiast James Rooke upscaled his T-70 X-wing fighter model to 200% and spent over 280 hours on printing and painting this fantastic ship.

Mandalorian New Republic X-wings 3D printing model
Maker: James Rooke

Download T-70 X-wing Fighter 3D model STL files and enhance your collection of Star Wars and Mandalorian 3D printed models with the combat aircraft designed for a single pilot and an astromech droid.

You can pay tribute to key Star Wars heroes and villains by recreating them in the form of 3D prints. Also, join Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook to share your masterpieces from the Star Wars and The Mandalorian Season 1 and 2 with other hobbyists and fans of epic space-war adventures.

All the Mandalorian 3D model STL files with projects from The Mandalorian Season 2 are worth 3D printing and painting. Let Din Djarin figure travel through space on the 3D printed Razor Crest model and protect the Baby Yoda figurine made by you. On his way to the Jedi, you can create obstacles using the stormtroopers, X-wing fighters and TIE fighters. This is the way!

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