Iconic 3D Printed Star Wars Models and Other 3D Prints by Martin Thesen

Isn’t it fantastic to use the Force at home while observing the iconic 3D printed Star Wars models on your shelf? Always trust your Jedi instincts like Martin Thesen. This talented hobbyist picks up fantastic projects on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace and turns them into a reality.

We are happy to recollect the most incredible scenes from Star Wars, Mandalorian TV series, Alien, RoboCop and other universes by adorning the 3D prints shared by Martin. The interview with this creative enthusiast will tell you more about his tastes and techniques used in printing and painting.

Iconic 3D printed Star Wars models

3D Printed Star Wars Models

At times when you badly miss your favourite characters from Star Wars, your best cure around could be either good old movies or 3D printed models. Reimagining the adventures of the Skywalker clan, travelling with the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda through space is so more effortless when you have a realistic spaceship at home. Seeing one of the iconic 3D printed Star Wars models right before your eyes is very motivating.

And, of course, working on every detail of the ship, assembling it after printing, painting the exterior of a scaled-up project is unforgettable. These emotions are priceless, so let us talk with enthusiast Martin Thesen. His ideas, experience and photos of 3D printed Star Wars models as well as other 3D prints will surely inspire your future creations.

1. Martin, it is a pleasure to discuss your impressive 3D printing experience and recollect the iconic 3D printed Star Wars models alongside other projects. Our traditional question is, when and how did you learn about the 3D printing technology?

Hello! I first started to glance at 3D printing about six years ago. I flew FPV drones and saw an opportunity to make my spare parts. Then I began to print out some small Benchys models and stuff.

Millennium Falcon 3D printed Star Wars models
Maker: Martin Thesen

Next, I began to look at more complex projects.

Martin has a fantastic collection of well-known 3D printed Star Wars models, such as Millennium Falcon and AT-M6 Walker, the Razor Crest ship from The Mandalorian, beautiful ED-209 from RoboCop and Alien Cheyenne Dropship models, etc.

2. Did you decide to make 3D printing your hobby, or it is your everyday work?

It’s only a hobby for me. A nice way to relax after my four daughters have gone to bed.

Giant Millennium Falcon Star Wars 3D printed models
Maker: Martin Thesen

3. Do you remember your first 3D print? What was it?

My first print was a propeller guard for one of my drones. Then it escalated.

4. How many 3D printers did you test? Which was your first machine? What 3D printer are you using now?

Today I have several 3D printers I am using on an almost daily basis:

  • A Creality CR-10S, modded with a Bondtech BMG extruder;
  • A genuine E3D V6 with a Nozzle X;
  • An almost stock Anycubic Linear Plus;
  • My awesome Elegoo Mars resin printer.

I used to own a Tevo Flash, Prusa i3 MK2 and Wanhao i3, which was my first machine.

Mandalorian Razor Crest ship engines 3D printed with Light Grey resin
Maker: Martin Thesen

Martin created some of the most incredible 3D Printed Star Wars models on his Elegoo Mars. For example, the stunning AT-M6 Walker was made with Light Grey, Skin Tone and Transparent Resin. The Light Grey resin was also used while making the Razor Crest ship engines from The Mandalorian.

5. You have 3D printed so many fantastic models from Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. The Star Wars Millennium Falcon and AT-M6 Walker, The Mandalorian Razor Crest ship, RoboCop ED-209, Alien vs Predator M577 APC and others. Which one is your favourite, and why?

I believe the Millennium Falcon ship is my favourite 3D printed Star Wars model! The sheer size of it makes me smile every time I see it!

3D printed Star Wars Millennium Falcon models
Maker: Martin Thesen

6. You have a lovely family. Do your wife and daughters support your 3D printing adventures?

Thank you! My wife supports my hobby 100%, so I am very grateful.

I have four daughters (10 years old, nine years old, 2.5 years old and one-month-old).

7. Are you a big fan of Star Wars? We adore your fantastic AT-M6 Walker and Millennium Falcon 3D printed Star Wars models.

I like the older Star Wars movies. I wouldn’t say I am a super big fan, but I am in love with everything that says sci-fi.

And I like the detailed 3D printing models from Star Wars universe Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace sells.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon model 3D printed
Maker: Martin Thesen

You can download your most favourite models for 3D printing on Gambody site:

* Mandalorian Razor Crest STL files;

* AT-M6 Walker STL files;

* Millennium Falcon STL files;

* ED-209 model STL files;

* UD-4L Cheyenne dropship STL files;

* M577 APC STL files.

8. 3D Printed Star Wars models like Millennium Falcon consist of so many parts that must be 3D printed and assembled. Where do you find the patience to do such big projects?

With four daughters, patience has never been an issue for me.

9. Do you like to scale up the 3D printing models from Star Wars? What is the biggest model you have 3D printed? What are its size and weight?

I usually scale things up, so the biggest part of the print fits the Creality CR-10 printer bed.

But the biggest one for me so far is the Millennium Falcon 3D printed model. It weighs around 9 kg (20 lbs) and is over 120 cm (47 inches) long.

Millennium Falcon 3D printed model from Star Wars
Maker: Martin Thesen

One of the most iconic Star Wars 3D printed models, the Millennium Falcon light freighter, took Martin approximately 300-400 hours of printing.

10. Which printer and 3D printing material did you use for making the fictional Corellian light freighter, Millennium Falcon?

The Millennium Falcon model was printed on my Creality CR-10S, with Light Grey E-PLA and some Medium Blue X-Pla from the Swedish Manufacturer of 3D-Filament (@addnorth3d on Instagram).

3D print Millennium Falcon
Maker: Martin Thesen

11. Did you print both interior and exterior of the iconic Star Wars Millennium Falcon model? How much time did assembly take you?

I have only printed the exterior of the Millennium Falcon model. I am thinking about printing the interior on my Elegoo Mars 3D printer.

Best Millennium Falcon 3D printer model
Maker: Martin Thesen

I usually don’t keep track of time, but I would say it took me around 15 hours of assembly and maybe 25 hours of painting.

12. Where do you display such projects as Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D printed model, beautiful Mandalorian Razor Crest and others? Is your home like a real museum of 3D prints?

I keep everything in my mancave. Once a year I bring some prints to a 3D printing event here in Sweden called 3Dmeetup.

Top Star Wars 3D printed models Millennium Falcon ship
Maker: Martin Thesen

13. How much do you like the Mandalorian TV series? Is Razor Crest the only 3D printed model from this new show? Or did you 3D print other Mandalorian figurines and models as well?

I love the Mandalorian TV series! I like the design of the Razor Crest ship. I may have printed a bunch of Baby Yoda figurines too, but none of them has made it up on my Instagram.

Razor Crest 3D printed model Mandalorian Star Wars
Maker: Martin Thesen

14. Your Star Wars AT-M6 Walker model also wows. Is it scaled accordingly to your impressive Millennium Falcon, or is it smaller?

Thanks! I printed the AT-M6 Walker model on my Elegoo Mars 3D printer. If I remember correctly, I had to scale it down a few %. It would be cool to print a 500% version sometime in the future.

AT-M6 Walker 3D printed Star Wars models
Maker: Martin Thesen

15. Can you share your tips on preparing 3D printed models for painting? What are your steps to make each print as smooth as possible?

With resin printing, there is hardly any preparing needed. My CR-10 is really dialled in so I don’t usually need that much preparing, but, some primer and spray filler is an excellent start before painting.

16. What is your painting technique? Where did you learn to paint 3D printed models so impressively?

I am using a few different airbrushes, 0.4 and 0.2 needles.

I have got a lot of good ideas and tips from the model building communities. There are a lot of really talented guys and gals out there to be motivated and inspired.

Painting Razor Crest 3D printed ship
Maker: Martin Thesen

17. Do you know a secret technology for painting realistic metal parts of the spaceships? How can you make the metal look so stunning on Millennium Falcon, AT-M6 Walker and similar models?

I am only using paints from Vallejo. If you need any colour, they have it!

18. The beautiful ED-209 robot made by you in resin looks very lifelike. Are you a fan of a newer version of this RoboCop model or the original one? Why did you choose to paint it in a military-green colour?

Both models are stunning, but I like the original movie more. I only had a military-green colour at home when making the ED-209 robot, so it became green!

ED-209 3D printed model
Maker: Martin Thesen

19. In your Instagram account, you mentioned that you made the M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier model for your friend. How often do you help your friends to fulfil their 3D printing dreams?

That was the first time! I have gotten the questions a few times before, but I am having a hard time to part from my prints.

20. Can you please share some guidelines on how to make realistic mud on the M577 wheels and other troop transport?

I bought the mud. Vallejo (and other brands) have “mud in a jar” you can buy. People who build model tanks and such use it all the time.

M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier 3D printed model
Maker: Martin Thesen

21. Gambody also loves your 3D printed version of the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship model. Is your friend happy with the result? Did your friend choose which colours to use for painting the dropship and M577 models?

He was thrilled with it! It is fun to get things you can’t buy in a store. I got free hands to do what I wanted with it.

UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship and M577 3D printed models
Maker: Martin Thesen

22. Do you 3D print your designs?

I haven’t designed anything in my 3D printing career. Wife, kids and fulltime work leaves only enough time to print and paint what I like.

23. As of today, how much time do you devote to 3D printing? Is it a couple of days a week or every evening, or many every weekend?

It depends a lot on what print I am doing.

Usually, I can fill up the build plate on a 3D printer and let it print for a few days. But when it comes to painting, I want to finish it as fast as possible. Thus, that part of the hobby can keep me occupied a few nights in a row.

Cheyenne Dropship 3D printed model Alien
Maker: Martin Thesen

24. What can you advise hobbyists who are new to 3D printing? How much time does it take to become successful in printing/painting and make such stunning 3D printed models as you do?

I have been painting “seriously” for the last two years. I had never owned an airbrush before. Don’t be afraid to fail! You can always repaint it if you are not happy with it.

Visualize how you want the 3D printed model to look before you start, and watch a lot of painting tutorials on YouTube.

The beautiful 3D printed Star Wars models from a galaxy far and the most iconic creations shared by Martin Thesen are must-see. We will be happy to admire new masterpieces on his Instagram. But meanwhile, we invite you to join Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook to showcase your 3D prints, adorn creations shared by other hobbyists, advise and ask for advice. Talented minds will rich your world, and together we will mark the new era of home-based 3D printing.

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