March Roundup: 3D Models of the Month

March roundup showcases all the 3D models that have been added to our marketplace during the first month of spring.

Spring started with melting prices at Gambody. All new 3D models that have been added during March are available for purchase at a reduced price. Hurry up to purchase the STL files of your favorite video game 3D model at a special price, while you can.

Let’s see one more time all the 3D models in a single place.

1. Ane Naru Mono 3D Model

March Roundup - Ane Naru Mono 3D Model

Description: We see more and more 3D models inspired by the Japanese anime added to our online marketplace. Another one of them is the 3D model of Ane Naru Mono, the elder sister from ‘Ane Naru Mono’ manga.

The 3D model is split into 2 separate parts for an easy 3D printing experience.

Size: 8 cm wide, 14 cm tall, and 14 cm deep
Printing time: 28 h
Printing material: 17 m
Who made it? azih

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2. K-2SO 3D Printing Model

Star Wars K-2SO 3D printing figurine

Description: K-2SO 3D model is inspired by the Star Wars security droid. Elyiot, the 3D designer that prepared the model for 3D printing, made it available in static and assembly form. This means that you can either 3D print it in one piece or in 16 separate pieces.

Size: 82 mm wide, 178 mm tall and 69 mm deep
Printing time: > 40 h
Printing material: 35 m
Who made it? Elyiot

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3. Shadow Fiend 3D Model

March RoundupȘ Shadow Fiend 3D model from DOTA 2

Description: DOTA 2 is an inspiration for a lot of 3D designers. So, it was no surprise to see this DOTA 2 stylized 3D model added to our marketplace.

The 3D printing figurine is broken down into 7 parts. This will save you printing material, as you will need less support to 3D print them.

Here is Shadow Fiend figurine 3D printed and painted by one of our customers.

March roundup: DOTA 2 Shadow Fiend 3D model 3D printed and painted

Size: 346 mm wide, 278 mm tall and 198 mm deep
Printing time: > 50 h
Printing material: 32 m
Who made it? Lucas Blake

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4. Banshee 3D Model for SLS 3D Printing

March roundup: Banshee 3D model

Description: Banshee 3D model is a miniature that takes its origin from a newly released board game, called Rough-and-Tumble. Due to its size (the 3D model stands only 23 mm tall) it is recommended to 3D print it on an SLS printer.

Size: 34 mm wide, 23 mm tall and 42 mm deep
Printing time: > 1 h
Printing material: 1 m
Who made it? n/a

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5. Titanfall Militia Pilot & Weapons for 3D Printing

Atlas Titan Weapons for 3D printing add-ons

Description: Last month, we saw the release of the Titanfall Battle Robot Atlas 3D model ( If you don’t already know, the Titan Atlas’ cockpit opens and you can place a pilot inside. So, Jimmy thought to make available for 3D printing both the pilot (in sitting and standing position) and some additional weaponry for the robot itself.

If you want to upgrade your regular Titan Atlas, now you can.

Size: n/a
Printing time: > 100 h
Printing material: 70 m
Who made it? Jimmy Adam

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6. Hammerhead Corvette 3D Model

Star Wars Hammerhead Corvette 3D model

Description: Hammerhead Corvette is a Star Wars stylized 3D model. The thing about this 3D model is that will stand 42 m long and it is made up of 28 parts. A video is provided to guide you through the assembly.

Size: 209 mm wide, 175 mm tall and 420 mm deep
Printing time: > 100 h
Printing material: > 100 m
Who made it? cosmic

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7. Dreadnought 3D Model

March Roundup: Dreadnought 3D Printing figurine from Warhammer 40k

Description: Noah created another Warhammer 40k inspired 3D model – that of the Dreadnought. The figurine is available in 2 kits. Kit 1 consists of 5 parts, and kit 2 – 14 parts. Because the 3D model features tiny details, the 3D designer recommends to 3D print it at 0.1 mm layer height.

Size: 170 mm wide, 160 mm tall, and 175 mm
Printing time: > 200 h
Printing material: > 100 m
Who made it? Noah J.

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8. Major Kusanagi 3D Model

Major Kusanagi 3D model from the Japanese anime Mantra Ghost in the Shell

Description: The Hollywood-produced ‘Ghost in the Shell’ movie is about to hit the theaters. Michelle nicely synchronized the release of Kusanagi 3D model.

The 3D video game figurine consists of 5 parts and is provided with a support base, for an easy display on the desk.

Size: 90 mm wide, 160 mm tall, and 90 mm deep
Printing time: 14 h
Printing material: 8 m
Who made it? Michelle Wang

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That’s it for March. Come back next month for another roundup of monthly 3D models.

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