16 Famous Marvel Villains: 3D Printing Files for Collectible Figurines

It is hard to exaggerate the popularity of Marvel villains and heroes in the life of modern adult collectors. The colossal universe created by Marvel Comics Group and Marvel Publishing is loved by millions of fans from all over the globe. Many of these people are always happy to add the best supervillain or superhero 3D printing figurines to their collection no matter how brutal these characters appear in the comic books.

The list of the most famous comics characters is very long. Among them are superheroes such as Spider-Man, Thor, and Iron Man, and Marvel villains, also known as the most violent characters, including Loki, the Green Goblin, Red Skull, Apocalypse, Thanos, and many others.

Marvel villains 3D printing files

Marvel Villains

It is curious to recollect the history of some of the most famous comics characters, talk about their dominant sides, distinguishing details, signatures, and other personal characteristics that make this or that Marvel supervillain an outstanding, fantastic, incredible, and must-have collectible 3D printing figurine in any private collection.

If you are in search for 3D printing files of iconic Marvel villains, look no further. Enjoy a selection of some of the best high-quality and detailed STL files for many famous characters, which you can download and 3D print for your collection.

And if you do not have a 3D printer and have no idea where to start an exciting journey to creating outstanding collectible figurines and statues, learn more about the most affordable 3D printers in 2019 that can turn STL files of Marvel villains into real pieces of art.

Superhero 3D Print Files for Marvel Villains

Impressive Marvel villains as 3D prints become an incredible canvas for hobbyists and artists, allowing many ways for creating marvellous figurines and statues. The classic collection of the most popular 3D printing files includes premium STLs for Apocalypse, Thanos, Hela, Magneto, Red Hulk, Doctor Doom, to name a few.

1. Marvel Red Hulk Figure

Marvel villains Red Hulk 3D printing files

The Hulk is a classic character whose statues appear in numerous collections because this is an impressive superhero who can turn into a bad guy and still look great.

In comics, Red Hulk is a military man by the name of Thaddeus Ross. He is featured in such films as Hulk (2003) and various movies released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This fictional character is viral. It is turned into toys, figurines, miniatures, images, and you can also 3D print your own Red Hulk figure by getting the high-quality STL files from Gambody, the premium marketplace.

Among the most recognized Marvel villains, the Red Hulk figure stands out. This iconic character always looks incredible in any size and form. Here is an impressive 3D print of this villain made by Sascha Wesler:

3D printed Red Hulk figurine

Download STL files for Red Hulk Marvel villains 3D figurine

2. Mystique Marvel Legend

Mystique Marvel villain as a 3D printing model

Fans of the X-Men know this beautiful mutant very well. Mystique has superpowers that genuinely impress. She can easily mimic the voices and appearances of other characters.

As a 3D print, Mystique is also incredible. If you choose to add this statue to your collection, you might also love to paint your work after 3D printing it. The blue skin and bright yellow eyes look unusual and stunning, and the whole figure will surely attract the attention of all the fans of Marvel comics.

This female mutant is always on guard. Complete her looks after 3D printing this figurine using Mystique premium STL files from Gambody.

3. Thanos 3D Print File

Marvel villains Thanos 3D print model

Being one of the most powerful bad guys in the Marvel universe, Thanos is extra fast. He is an intense competitor and a well-known tactician.

This character is well recognized since 1973 when he made his debut in Marvel comics. Since then, he has appeared in numerous stories, including the Fantastic Four and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel villains look stunning as collectible statues. So, Thanos can become an overwhelming addition to your collection of beautiful figurines once you download STL files, 3D print and paint it on your own like it was done by Je Kwon Im:

Thanos 3D printed alongside with Iron Man

Download STL files for Thanos 3D printing model

Thanos gauntlet is a famous symbol that also looks great on its own and is much loved by 3D printing enthusiasts.

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet 3D print

Download STL files for Thanos Infinity Gauntlet 3D printing model

Gambody has multiple 3D printing files for Thanos villains, so you have numerous opportunities to enlarge your collection of the most famous violent Marvel characters. For example, you can add an impressive Thanos bust to your collection. Here is one made by Salvatore Bartolomeo:

Thanos bust 3D print

Download STL files for Thanos bust 3D printing model

Besides, this notorious supervillain looks outstanding when he is in action. Luckily, Gambody offers STL files for creating such an impressive figurine on your 3D printer; thus, you can 3D print a magnificent statue like the one made by Gary Bennett:

Marvel villain Thanos 3D printed model

Download STL files for Thanos 3D printing model in action

4. Marvel Villains Red Skull 3D Print

Red Skull mask 3D printing model

Image source: do3d

Some Marvel villains look attractive and hot; however, this cannot be said about the Red Skull. This guy seems horrifying and can scare his enemies by merely glancing at them.

If you love Captain America, you should remember the bag guy portraited by Scott Paulin in the 1990’s movie. Besides, the Red Skull appears in other films such as Captain America: The First Avenger and other releases of Avengers (Endgame and Infinity War).

As a scientist and strategist, this character boasts an incredible intellect and impressive combat abilities. And you can download STLs for the legendary Red Skull mask to 3D print it, use in cosplay or enhance your collection of the famous Marvel character masks.

5. Ultron 3D Print

Ultron 3D model for 3D printing

Image source: Thingiverse

This memorable Marvel villain is a part of the Avengers. His powers allow him to wield another fictional character, Adamantium. Ultron appears in the 2015’s film called Avengers: Age of Ultron where he is starred by James Spader.

This self-teaching, powerful evil force was once destroyed by superheroes, but it managed to rebuild itself. The durable, fast, and mind-controlling creature made many appearances in the comic books and became a well-recognized character among the fans of the Avengers.

And you can also add him to your collection of Marvel villains 3D prints once you download STLs for Ultron figurine and build it on a 3D printer.

6. Venom 3D Print File

Marvel villains Venom 3D printing model

Better known as Venom, Eddie Brock has become a renowned villain after his appearance in the Spider-Man. Being a human who is enriched with superhuman abilities, this Marvel character worked both with and against positive heroes.

Venom has been a part of various teams, including X-Men, Revengers, Savage Six, and others.

He looks extra scary and powerful in Gambody premium 3D printing files. Long hours of printing will turn into fantastic Marvel villains you will love a lot like it was made by Pipier Michel:

Marvel villains Venom and Riot 3D print

Download STL files for Venom 3D printing figurine

7. Riot Marvel Villain

Riot Marvel villain 3D printing files

Even anti-heroes have enemies who are also villains in the Marvel Universe. Riot is an alien who lives inside Trevor Cole, and his monstrous powers are impressive. He is always willing to combat other bad guys, especially Venom.

The story goes that Riot was created from the genes of Venom, and thus, both characters share similar powers and weakness.

The figurine of this famous villain can complete your Venom diorama. Download Marvel villains 3D printing files for building this super soldier and let the two enemies face each other.

Here is an impressive Riot made by Joffrey Mansuy:

Riot villain 3D printing figurine

Download STL files for Riot 3D printing model

8. Loki Marvel Character

Loki 3D model to print

Image source: 3DExport

This famous figure was ranked the fourth Greatest Comic Book Villain of all times by IGN Entertainment in 2014. It means a lot to many fans of Marvel Universe.

Loki is an anti-hero and, as Thor’s main enemy, this character appeared in many Thor-related movies such as Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Thor: Ragnarok. Loki is also one of the heroes in several Avengers films, X-Men, and others.

While Loki is mainly depicted as a bad guy, this character also appears in female form and fights alongside the superheroes such as Spider-Man. In other words, it is a compelling character with a long story, positive and negative sides, strong will, telepathy abilities and some impressive powers to manipulate and cast an illusion, and it can become a part of your collection of 3D prints if you download STLs for Loki Marvel villains 3D printing model.

9. Magneto 3D Print File

Magneto 3D print file

Being one of the most memorable X-Men fictional characters, Magneto is a mouthwatering trophy for many fans of Marvel villains: figurines, statues and miniatures.

As a mutant who firmly believes that our planet is designed for mutants only, Magneto wishes with all his heart and strength to conquer the world and fight with humans. At the same time, this Marvel character is not always presented as a villain. Sometimes he even becomes a superhero helping the X-Men from time to time.

Gambody offers stunning Magneto 3D printing files that depict the impressive power of this character to control magnetic fields and be the fearless warrior of evil.

10. Green Goblin Marvel Villain

Green Goblin 3D model for 3D printing

Image source: cgtrader

Throughout its storyline, this villain was a part of several comic characters’ hearts. Firstly, Norman Osborn turned into the Green Goblin. Secondly, his son, Harry, after the death of his father also became the same creature. Later, Dr Bart Hamilton also enjoyed being the Green Goblin.

In other words, this famous character from Spider-Man movies and comic books is the alias of multiple anti-heroes.

You can download 3D printing file for Green Goblin Marvel villains and enrich your impressive collection of iconic figurines.

11. Dr Doom 3D Print

Dr Doom 3D print file

The Fantastic Four could be less impressive without Doctor Doom. This fictional character has become one of the greatest villains with technopathy abilities and superhuman strength.

The compelling anti-hero has been in conflict with many Marvel characters, including Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, X-Men and other teams. No wonder that many 3D printing enthusiasts enjoy adding the figurine or bust of Doctor Doom to their collection like the one below:

Marvel villains Dr Doom 3D model to print

Download STL files for Dr Doom bust 3D printing model

12. Hela 3D Print

Hela 3D model for 3D printing

How does the goddess of death look in the Marvel Universe? She is gorgeous, hot, sportive, and has supernatural powers. The character’s name is Hela, and you can add an impressive Hela 3D print to your collection of Marvel villains.

This fantastic woman was introduced in the comic book titled Journey into Mystery (issue 102). In 2017, Hela appeared in Thor: Ragnarok movie. She was portrayed by Cate Blanchett.

As a child of Loki, Hela is also an anti-hero who is powerful enough to combat with Thor and other superheroes. And she can be 3D printed by you. Gambody offers her 3D model in STL files for download.

Here is gorgeous Hela figurine made by David Emanuel:

Hela 3D print for fans of Marvel villains

Download STL files for Hela 3D printing model

13. Galactus 3D Model

Galactus 3D model for 3D printing

He used to be a mortal person before he began to consume planets and get his life powers from the energy obtained this way. Galactus has cosmic forces, and this character looks strong and powerful in the comic books.

This supervillain, unlike many others, possesses God-like superpowers. Galactus is always hungry and willing to destroy life on different planets, but he is not ready to conquer the world or Earth, like other Marvel villains.

Anyways, Galactus is a must-have in any original comic fan collection of statues because this character is unique and is his own legend.

After 3D printing this noble character using Gambody Galactus premium STL files, you will get a life-like bust of this famous Marvel villain.

14. Apocalypse 3D Model

Apocalypse 3D character files for 3D printing

Marvel history depicts many powerful supervillains. Some of them are humans that were scientifically transformed into supernatural evils, and others, like Apocalypse, are mutants.

Apocalypse has been a part of two big groups, the X-Factor and the X-Men. He is robust, has incredible intellect, can manipulate energy and heal himself. His mutant powers are bewildering and frightening, which makes him one of the most brutal and famous Marvel villains.

In case you also wish to add Apocalypse to your collection of famous busts, you can download Gambody premium STL files and 3D print this mutant.

Here is one made by d0pep0pe:

Marvel villain Apocalypse 3D model printed

Download STL files for Apocalypse bust 3D printing model

15. Marvel Modok Figure

Modok Marvel villain 3D printing model

This character is another unique Marvel figure that looks awesome as a 3D print. After undergoing some serious mutagenic testing, Modok turned into a villain with an oversized head.

His most distinguishing feature is a flying chair. He uses one to move around and stay mobile. His looks and personal story are so memorable that Modok persona is turned into toys, video game anti-heroes and TV animation characters.

You can also make yourself a stunning Modok 3D print using Gambody premium 3D files.

Here is an impressive villain figurine made by wizaroelementaro:

Modok villain 3D printed collectible figurine

Download STL files for Modok 3D printing figurine

16. Carnage 3D Model Print

Carnage 3D model print

Image source: 3DExport

One of the Symbiotes, Carnage, is another impressive baddy in the incredible Marvel Universe. Designed as a darker version of Venom, this majestic comics monster was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man series.

Known for his killing powers and monstrous looks, this villain is an attractive figure in the collection of any true comic fan who loves Marvel villains and is fond of bad guys and creatures from these famous comic books.

You can 3D print a figurine of Carnage for yourself using Carnage STLs, to complete your scenes with Venom and Riot.

These are some of the most incredible 3D printing files for Marvel villains, well-recognized characters from the famous comic books. All collectible figurines built from high-quality and premium STL files look life-like, gorgeous, magnificent, and striking. Which Marvel character would you like to 3D print and why? We will be happy to hear your thoughts and see your printed statues in Gambody Facebook Community.

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