The Best 3D Printer for Beginners: 15 Entry-Level Machines

With an extensive selection of affordable 3D printers that support FDM technology, it might be challenging to choose your best 3D printer for beginners at first glance. Depending on your needs and hobbies, it is always better to explore the pros and cons of entry-level, easy-to-use starter machines with splendid features in 2022 and then choose.

3D printers for beginners offer a long list of practical options, and the combinations of valuable features are numerous. You can choose from a wide variety of devices:

  • Open and fully enclosed machines;
  • Devices with a single or dual extruder;
  • Beginner 3D printers with manual or automatic calibration;
  • Entry-level 3D printers with limited build volume or large build area;
  • Machines with heated and non-heated, removable or non-removable plates;
  • Good 3D printers for beginners with SD card, USB, Wi-Fi connection, cloud support or with limitations;
  • Machines that support one type of plastic or various materials (wood, metal, plastic);
  • Devices with additional features such as a built-in camera, pause-resume option and user-friendly touch screen controls.

Each best beginner 3D printer has its advantages and disadvantages, and most starter devices can provide impressive print quality.

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Best 3D printer for beginners

Best 3D Printer for Beginners

Which is the best starter 3D printer? The answer is different for each of us.

Some people are looking for large build areas, while others believe that their best 3D printer for beginners in 2022 should deliver the top quality and boast high speeds even if its size is compact. Some wish to get automatic levelling, calibration and simple nozzle change, while others love to adjust all the settings manually.

Still, most consider the top 3D printer for beginners to be inexpensive or even cheap, easy-to-use, simple to operate, affordable in terms of materials used and of descent 3D printing quality.

Looking at the selection of 15 best 3D printers for beginners under $300, $500, and $700 can help you choose, especially if your budget is limited.

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Best Beginner 3D Printer Under $300

The pricing category under $300 focuses on the best 3D printers for beginners available in the market in 2022. Most of them have limited build area, an uneven base, a non-removable plate, and a single extruder. However, even such devices can impress a 3D print hobbyist with excellent results.

Do not worry about the low price because some machines sound fantastic and offer great features, such as a heat plate and Wi-Fi connection, for their inexpensive cost.

1. Qidi Technology X-one 2

Starter 3D printer
Image source: Qidi Technology

This entry-level 3D printer is an enclosed device with transparent side panels but without a top cover. The sides and a touchscreen interface make monitoring the 3D printing process more manageable. The device has an SD card slot and a USB port. It arrives fully assembled right out of the box.

Qidi Tech X-one 2 machine has one extruder; however, you can switch to different colours by pausing, saving the progress and resuming the process.

This beginner 3D printer can be an excellent selection if you are more into working with 3D printed miniatures. However, creating and removing larger prints can be a pain because you cannot remove the heat plate to simplify this process. There is also no support for the Wi-Fi connection.

Price: $249

Filament type: PLA, ABS (1.75 mm)

Build area: 140 x 140 x 140 mm

Layer resolution: 100-500 microns

Weight: 19 kg


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to operate
  • A touchscreen interface
  • Ability to pause-resume printing
  • Fully assembled out of box


  • A non-removable heat plate
  • Limited build volume
  • No Wi-Fi connection support

2. Da Vinci Mini Maker by XYZprinting

Beginner 3D printer
Image source: XYZprinting

This best 3D printer for beginners can adjust itself thanks to the advanced auto-calibration feature. Da Vinci Mini Maker’s compact size is an advantage. Its non-heated print bed offers safety and security even when a child uses the device.

The starter 3D printer supports USB and Wi-Fi connections. It also has LED lights that indicate the printing process, which is very slow and requires much patience.

Another disadvantage of this machine is its support for XYZprinting filaments only without permission to use third-party materials.

Price: $220

Filament type: PLA, PETG (1.75 mm)

Build area: 150 x 150 x 150 mm

Layer resolution: 100-400 microns

Weight: 8.2 kg


  • Low price
  • Minimal weight
  • Compact size
  • Auto-calibration option
  • Wi-Fi connection support


  • Slow printing speeds
  • Flaky software
  • Limit to XYZprinting filament only

3. FlashForge Finder

Entry-level 3D printer
Image source: FlashForge

This affordable device is the easiest 3D printer for home use and 3D model crafters. It has a single extruder, and it arrives fully assembled out of the box.

FlashForge Finder has a non-heated slide-in build plate for user-friendly 3D print removal, a touchscreen to operate the printing process, and support for USB, flash drive, Wi-Fi and cloud connection.

This best entry-level 3D printer boasts a friendly calibration detection system that signals when you have levelled everything correctly.

Price: $259

Filament type: PLA (1.75 mm)

Build area: 140 x 140 x 140 mm

Layer resolution: 50-400 microns

Weight: 11 kg


  • Fully assembled
  • Affordable cost
  • Quiet work
  • Touchscreen
  • Slide-in build place
  • Nice 3D printing quality
  • Wi-Fi, cloud connection support


  • Tricky documentation
  • Limited build area
  • PLA support only

4. Creality Ender-3

Best first 3D printer
Image source: Creality 3D; Gambody Cyclops 3D model printed on Creality Ender-3 by maker Omar Baez

It is a comparatively light and cheap device among 3D printers for beginners in 2022. You can move it around the house for a better 3D printing experience. At the same time, it boasts a stunning build area of 220 x 220 x 250 mm, allowing you to implement various printing fantasies you might have.

This good starter 3D printer supports an SD card and works online. It has a heated build plate and supports multiple filament types.

Even though Ender-3 has some disadvantages, such as an uneven base and setting up issues, it looks like one of the best 3D printers for beginners on the budget who wish to achieve a smooth and nice-quality printing result in 2022.

Price: $189

Filament type: ABS, PLA, TPU (1.75 mm)

Build area: 220 x 220 x 250 mm

Layer resolution: 100-400 microns

Weight: 8 kg


  • Low price
  • Resume printing feature
  • Smooth print
  • Big printing area


  • Tricky assembly for beginners
  • Settings might be a bit complicated
  • Manual calibration process
  • Uneven base

Being one of the best beginner 3D printers in 2022, Creality Ender-3 is also one of the most affordable and popular machines among hobbyists. Here are some examples of prints created by Gambody enthusiasts on Ender-3 and shared on Facebook with all the details about the process, settings, guides on painting the figurine, etc.

Cyclops made by Omar Baez:

Cyclops 3D printed on affordable 3D printer Ender-3
Printer: Creality Ender-3; Maker: Omar Baez

Download STL Files for Cyclops 3D model

Incredible Ravager Groot 3D figure made by Stuart Hardy:

Baby Groot 3D model printed on cheap Ender 3 3D printer
Printer: Creality Ender-3; Maker: Stuart Hardy

Download STL files for Ravager Groot 3D model

Gorgeous Viserion Ice Dragon made by Stuart Hardy:

Viserion Ice Dragon printed on affordable 3D printer for beginners in 2019 Creality ender-3
Printer: Creality Ender-3; Maker: Stuart Hardy

Download STL files for Viserion Ice Dragon 3D model

An impressive Timber Wolf made by @keikun17‎:

Mechwarrior Timber Wolf 3D printed on affordable Creality Ender-3
Printer: Creality Ender-3; Maker: @keikun17

Download STL files for Timber Wolf 3D printing model

5. Anycubic i3 Mega

Good 3D printers for beginners
Image source: Anycubic

If you are looking for the best 3D printer for beginners, this might be your perfect choice. Among various entry-level 3D printers under $300, the Anycubic i3 Mega stands out thanks to its fast assembly, large build volume, support for multiple filament types, and auto-pause feature if the filament runs out.

The open-frame device has SD card support and a user-friendly full-colour touch screen to control the whole 3D printing process better. The heated bed offers a good grip for the prints during the procedure and simple removal afterwards.

For its price, this best beginner 3D printer is a great inexpensive machine for hobbyists who wish to create high-quality 3D printing models right out of the box.

Price: $239

Filament type: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood (1.75 mm)

Build area: 210 x 210 x 205 mm

Layer resolution: 50-300 microns

Weight: 11 kg


  • Cheap cost
  • Easy setup
  • Big build volume
  • Auto pause option
  • Touch screen controls
  • Easy removal of printed models
  • Support for third-party filaments


  • Manual bed levelling
  • Noise
  • Might need extra customization

Many members of Gambody FB Community enjoy creating impressive 3D models on their best first 3D printer Anycubic i3 Mega.

An unbelievable dinosaur of the Jurassic Park made by Nik JI:

Jurassic Park 3D model printed on Anycubic I3 Mega affordable 3D printer for beginners
Printer: Anycubic i3 Mega; Maker: Nik JI

Download STL files for the Jurassic Park 3D figurine

Fantastic Gul’dan made by Sascha Wesler:

Gul'dan 3D figurine printed on Anycubic I3 Mega affordable 3D printer for beginners in 2019
Printers: Anycubic I3 Mega and CR 10S; Maker: Sascha Wesler

Download STL files for Gul’dan 3D figurine

Wizard Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings made by Felix Hösl:

Gandalf the Grey made on affordable Anycubic I3 Mega 3D printer for beginners 2019
Printer: Anycubic I3 Mega; Maker: Felix Hösl

Download STL files for Gandalf the Grey 3D model

Heisei Godzilla figure made by Joe Broggio:

Heisei Godzilla 3D printed on affordable Anycubic i3 Mega
Printer: Anycubic i3 Mega; Maker: Joe Broggio

Download STL files for Godzilla 3D printing figurine

3D printers for Beginners Under $500

Your best 3D printer for beginners can cost less than $500. In this price range, many machines support FDM technology and can offer you an incredible experience of working with different materials (ABS, PLA, Wood, etc.). You can also enjoy touch screen controls, simple setup, remote monitoring features and smooth print quality.

While there are various cons in this pricing category, such as a single extruder and limited upgrade options, there are still many advantages.

1. Monoprice MP Voxel

What is the best 3D printer for beginners
Image source: Monoprice

This fully enclosed starter 3D printer is one of the top 3D devices in the inexpensive segment. It comes with a removable, flexible heated print bed, a small, user-friendly touch screen, built-in memory and a camera for monitoring the printing process.

By supporting multiple filaments, this 3D printer for beginners boasts high-quality prints and an adjustable bed that simplifies the removal of your completed models. The printing speed is high, and the fact that you can start to use it right out of the box is incredible. Besides, the model supports USB, Wi-Fi and cloud printing.

Beginners should love this cheap Monoprice MP Voxel, thanks to its price, quality, and usability.

Price: $374

Filament type: PLA, ABS (1.75 mm)

Build area: 150 x 150 x 150 mm

Layer resolution: 50-300 microns

Weight: 13 kg


  • Affordable price
  • Quick nozzle change
  • Removable heat plate
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Built-in camera for monitoring
  • 8GB of internal memory
  • Great print quality
  • Fast printing speeds


  • Possible Wi-Fi connection issues
  • Tricky calibration
  • Limited filament amount support (not more than 0.5 kg)
  • Flaky software

2. FlashForge Adventurer 3

Easy to use 3D printer
Image source: FlashForge

This beginner 3D printer has some fun features, such as a removable and flexible heated bed, automatic filament loading, detachable and one-click-to-remove nozzle, support for Wi-Fi, cloud, USB printing, etc. These options make it one of the easiest 3D printers in 2022.

This intelligent machine offers lovely quality prints. It is user-friendly, simple and comparatively lightweight. It supports various filament types and works with third-party materials. However, its spool holder is limited in how much filament you can use.

Overall, this good beginner 3D printer has a friendly price.

Price: $379

Filament type: PLA, PEARL, ABS (1.75 mm)

Build area: 150 x 150 x 150 mm

Layer resolution: 100-400 microns

Weight: 9 kg


  • Affordable cost
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Wi-Fi and cloud connection support
  • Simple calibration
  • Easy setup
  • Great nozzle changing system
  • Auto filament loading
  • Quiet while operating
  • Built-in camera for remote monitoring


  • Limited spool holder

3. Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2

3D printer beginner
Image source: Monoprice

If your best first 3D printer was Monoprice Maker Ultimate, you could now get the Ultimate 2. This neat device supports microSD cards and USB and boasts high print speed. The entry-level 3D printer has a heated build plate that works with nearly all filaments, including metal and wood fill, plus PLA, ABS, PVA, TPU and other types.

The Maker Ultimate 2 is one of the best 3D printers for beginners and hobbyists in 2022. It can last for a long time, help you build unique, smooth and detailed 3D models with a high layer resolution of 100-400 microns, and offer a great size build area.

The feeding filament through an anti-jam feeder is neat and straightforward, making this easy to use 3D printer a great one in the price category under $500.

Price: $470

Filament type: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, TPE/TPU, Wood, Metal (1.75 mm)

Build area: 200 x 150 x 150 mm

Layer resolution: 100-400 microns

Weight: 15 kg


  • Ability to handle almost any filament type
  • High layer resolution
  • Fast print speeds
  • Nice build area
  • Full encloser
  • Removable build plate
  • Filament detector
  • Auto bed levelling


  • Limited upgrade options

4. Creality CR-10

User friendly 3D printer
Image source: Creality; Gambody 3D model of Genji made by Jeffrey Linn

While this best starter 3D printer has a simple design, it also delivers excellent quality. Its large build area can make most of your 3D print dreams come true, even if you are a beginner.

You can remove the glass print bed and enjoy a flat printing surface. Besides, you can focus on 3D printing for beginners in 2022 and think about the details. Your good skills will help you receive a better result because Creality CR-10 will not do all your work. This entry-level device works well with PLA and needs tricking on your side if you wish to try to work with ABS filament.

Price: $359

Filament type: PLA (1.75 mm)

Build area: 300 x 300 x 400 mm

Layer resolution: 100 microns

Weight: 13 kg


  • Affordable cost
  • Simple assembly process
  • User-friendly controls
  • Flat printing surface
  • Removable print bed


  • Time-consuming heating process
  • Tricky print preparation
  • Not great for ABS

Many hobbyists from Gambody FB Community love the Creality CR-10 3D printer for beginners a lot.

3D figurine of Genji from Overwatch made by Jeffrey Linn:

Genji 3D print made on affordable 3D printer CR-10
Printer: Creality CR-10; Maker: Jeffrey Linn

Download STL files for Genji 3D model

Detailed Aquaman made by Rob Kottenbrock:

Aquaman King of Atlantis made on affordable Creality CR-10 3D printer for beginners
Printer: Creality CR-10; Maker: Rob Kottenbrock

Download STL files for Aquaman King of Atlantis 3D figurine

Gamera from The Giant Monster made by George Kinney:

Gamera made on affordable 3D printer for beginners Creality CR-10
Printer: Creality CR-10; Maker: George Kinney

Download STL files for Gamera 3D model

Amazing Thor with Stormbreaker made by Péter Bene:

Thor 3D printed on affordable Creality CR-10 printer
Printer: Creality CR-10; Maker: Péter Bene

Download STL files for Thor 3D model

5. Anycubic Chiron

Best beginner 3D printer
Image source: Anycubic

With enough space for creating various 3D models, Anycubic Chiron is another good beginner 3D printer under $500. Its assembly is simple and relatively quick.

The large build area is excellent for turning your 3D print fantasies into life, and the support for multiple types of filament is a great option. However, some users experience problems with the auto-levelling feature, slow printing and other issues. Can it be your best 3D printer for beginners? Only you know the answer.

Price: $499.99 (when on sale)

Filament type: PLA, ABS, Wood, TPU, HIPS, PETG (1.75 mm)

Build area: 400 x 400 x 450 mm

Layer resolution: 50-300 microns

Weight: 15 kg


  • Affordable cost
  • Quick assembly
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Large build area
  • Multiple filament type support


  • Quality control problems
  • Flaky auto-levelling
  • Poor manual instructions
  • Slow print speed

3D Printer for Beginners Under $700

The higher the device’s price, the more you can get out of it. Some of the 3D printers for beginners that cost less than $700 in 2022 boast many advantages, including lower noise, higher speeds, lower weight, dual extruders and other pros you will love.

1. Tiertime UP Mini 2

Best starting 3D printer
Image source: Tiertime

It is another good 3D printer for beginners for under $700. The Tiertime UP mini 2 is fully enclosed, portable and easy to use as soon as you unbox it.

It boasts multiple cool features such as a touch screen, Wi-Fi connection support, the ability to 3D print with various filament types, auto-levelling the bed, blackout recovery, etc.

While offering superior printing quality, the best 3D printer for beginners still has disadvantages. For example, its build area is minimal; it does not support SD cards and works via its unique software only.

Price: $599

Filament type: ABS, PLA, PETG, Carbon Fiber, PC (1.75 mm)

Build area: 120 x 120 x 120 mm

Layer resolution: 150 microns

Weight: 9 kg


  • Simple set up
  • Lightweight
  • Support for various types of filament
  • Wi-Fi connection support
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Quiet work
  • Great printing quality


  • Limited build area
  • Tricky documentation
  • Absence of SD card slot
  • Software restrictions

2. Creality 3D Ender-5 Plus

3D printer for beginners
Thanos 3D printed on Ender-5 by Martin Yarsley

The best starting 3D printer Dremel 3d20 Idea Builder we reviewed in 2019, has retired.

Simple 3D printer
Image source: Dremel

Thus, we want to show you an alternative 3D printer for beginners for under $700, another great device by Creality 3D, Ender-5 Plus. It has a hotbed (tempered glass), easy levelling, 0.1 mm print accuracy, smooth transmission and many other great features.

It is not as portable as some other 3D printers for beginners, but it comes 80% pre-assembled, and you can run it the day it is delivered. Its intelligent features sound incredible! Thus, it can be a good first 3D printer for you.

Price: $609

Filament type: PLA, ABS, Soft glue, Wooden, Gradient, Copper containing (1.75 mm)

Build area: 350 x 350 x 400 mm

Layer resolution: 100 microns

Weight: 18 kg


  • Touch screen
  • Ultra-large build size
  • BL-touch auto-levelling
  • Filament run-out sensor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Resume printing
  • Online/Offline mode


  • Heavy device
  • No silent board
  • Need to have enough space for storage

3. Qidi Tech X-Plus

Easy 3D printer
Qidi Tech X-Plus. Image:

The Qidi Tech X-Pro 3D printer with a removable heating aluminium plate, support of multiple filaments and two-colour printing we reviewed in 2019 now costs under $500.

Best intro 3D printer
Qidi Tech X-Pro. Image source: Qidi Technology

So, we would like to look at another best 3D printer for beginners under 700 called Qidi Tech X-Plus. It comes with two types of extruders and is a fantastic machine with quick levelling, breakpoint 3D printing, removable plate, Wi-Fi connection and other features.

The incredible thing about this best entry 3D printer is two extruders (one is used for 3D printing ABS, PLA, and another works with Nylon, Carbo Fiber, etc.). It also lets you place filament outside or inside.

Price: $699

Filament type: ABS, PLA, Nylon, Carbo Fiber (1.75 mm)

Build area: 270 x 200 x 200 mm

Layer resolution: 50-400 microns

Weight: 23 kg


  • Two types of extruders
  • Quick levelling with a single button
  • User-friendly set up
  • Removable metal plate
  • Big build area
  • Air purification
  • Breakpoint – resume printing feature
  • Quiet printing


  • Heavyweight

4. FlashForge Dreamer with Dual Extruder

Good beginner 3D printer
FlashForge Dreamer. Image source: FlashForge

The previously reviewed FlashForge Dreamer NX is now sold for under $400 instead of $599. So, this time we want to show you another FlashForge Dreamer that could become your best 3D printer for beginners in 2022 for under $700.

This device is heavy and sturdy, fully enclosed, user-friendly, and significant because it boasts a dual extruder. It supports various filaments such as ABS, PLA and PVA. It also prints via a Wi-Fi network or SD card, making it an exciting 3D printer for beginners willing to spend $700.

Price: $699

Filament type: PLA, ABS, PVA (1.75 mm)

Build area: 230 x 150 x 150 mm

Layer resolution: 100-200 microns

Weight: 10.5 kg


  • Printing via Wi-Fi connection, SD card
  • Touch screen
  • User-friendly interface
  • Nice print quality
  • Dual extruder


  • Limited build volume
  • Not automatic bed levelling
  • Plastic frame
  • Filament rolling out from inside

This Adult Groot is partly printed on FlashForge Dreamer by Damian Lawrence, and it looks incredible:

Adult Groot made on affordable 3D printer under $700
Printers: FlashForge Dreamer and CR-10S; Maker: Damian Lawrence

Download STL files for Adult Groot 3D model

5. BIBO 2 Touch Dual Extruder

Best 3D printer for beginners 2022
BIBO 2 Touch. Image:

The Monoprice Dual Extruder good stater 3D printer reviewed in 2019 is no longer available in 2022.

3D printing for beginners 2022
Monoprice Dual Extruder. Image source: Monoprice

Thus, we will show you an alternative machine that could become your best intro 3D printer this year. BIBO 2 Touch is one of the easiest machines that lets you print two filament colours at once, thanks to its dual extruder feature.

The starter machine has a full-colour touch screen, filament detection, resume 3D printing and a removable cover. It has a removable heated glass bed, and it works with various materials, including PLA, ABS, dissolvable filament for supports, Nylon, PETG and TPU.

The aluminium composite panel makes it a sturdy 3D printer a beginner could enjoy.

Price: $579

Filament type: ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, Nylon, HIPS (1.75 mm)

Build area: 214 x 186 x 160 mm

Layer resolution: 50 microns

Weight: 18 kg


  • Auto resume option
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, USB and SD card support
  • Full-colour touch screen
  • Dual extruder
  • Filament run-out detector
  • Removable cover
  • Nice print quality


  • Heavyweight
  • Limited build area

Choosing your best 3D printer for beginners among the most affordable and easy 3D printers is not an easy task. Think of what suits your needs in 2022 and make your printing dreams come true. With your entry-level and user-friendly machine, you can create impressive 3D prints, develop your business or hobby at home or work and share the pictures of your results in Gambody 3D Printing Community.

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