When you have a 3D printer at home, you love releasing your creative genie and working on incredible 3D printing models and figurines from various universes. And how good it is when, in addition to your endless inspiration, you have a list of the 50 cool things to 3D print in 2021.

Gambody knows where to draw inspiration for new 3D printing feats. We have compiled a selection of the coolest stuff you can bring to life in resin, PLA or different material and display on your shelf.

Coolest things to 3D print in 2021

Cool Things to 3D Print

We are grateful to hobbyists from Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook who share photos of their fantastic creations and inspire newcomers and advanced users to new achievements.

In 2021, the list of the coolest things to 3D print is not limited to heroes and villains. It also contains beloved cartoon characters, iconic spaceships, stunning robots and other cool models.

1. Obelix vs Roman Legionary 3D Print Ideas

An iconic cartoon character from the popular French comic books is a fantastic 3D printing idea for anyone who loves Obelix and Asterix adventures.

The Obelix vs Roman Legionary figurines look impressive in a 3D printed diorama made by Laurent Guglielmetti. The scene was painted with aero paint, and final touches were added with brushes.

Things to 3D print Obelix vs Roman Legionary
Obelix diorama by Laurent Guglielmetti

2. Varian Wrynn WoW Character 3D Print

When you wish to 3D print WoW character, there are so many cool 3D printing figurines that choice is often difficult. The legendary Varian Wrynn is a perfect example of heroism and courage complemented with a fantastic appearance and massive armour.

Hobbyist Ferdinando Augelli worked hard on bringing to life the King of Stormwind. And this figurine can motivate you to also select Varian Wrynn STL files as one of the cool things to 3D print in 2021.

Cool things to 3D print Varian Wrynn
Varian Wrynn 3D printed figure by Ferdinando Augelli

3. Jake Sully Avatar 3D Print

Fans of miniatures and fantastic Avatar film can choose Jake Sully 3D printing figurine as one of the coolest things to 3D print. You can even recreate some of the fairy-like scenes taking place on Pandora.

Get inspired by the resin version of Jake Sully made by Ficsor Tamás. The maker used Vallejo flat blue with glaze medium paint for making the figurine body and the sky blue paints for adding the highlights to the model. All the cool details are super impressive.

Coolest things to 3D print Jake Sully Avatar
Jake Sully figurine by Ficsor Tamás

4. Groot 3D Print

Planet X is home to some very unusual characters, the most famous of which is Groot. This tree-like creature is one of the coolest things to 3D print. Not only it boasts many fine details, but this friendly and silent figurine can accompany you on your adventures across the galaxy.

Matthias Stolz created the Adult Groot 3D print on Anycubic MonoX 3D printer and used moss to refine it.

Cool Adult Groot 3D print
Groot 3D printed figure by Matthias Stolz

These fantastic Baby Groot 3D print projects by talented Gambody hobbyists are also among the coolest things to make in 2021:

Groot 3D print ideas
Groot 3D print by Thomas Cate, Onur Şimşek and Robert Salvador

No doubt, such cool Groot figurines might inspire your future projects. So download Groot figure STL files to work on your tree-like creature.

5. Mandalorian: Things to 3D Print

With The Mandalorian TV series’s release, the hero Din Djarin has become an icon of courage and determination. His desire to save Baby Yoda won the hearts of millions of Grogu fans. Of course, this Mandalorian character tops the list of cool things to 3D print in 2021.

Many enthusiasts, including Juan Eduardo, David Pacheco Ruiz, Christian Canivet and Ruben Vasconcelos, have already delighted Gambody with bright and highly detailed versions of Din Djarin.

Coolest things to 3D print Mandalorian
Mandalorian figurines by Juan Eduardo and David Pacheco Ruiz
Cool things to 3D print Mandalorian with Baby Yoda
Din Djarin figurines by Christian Canivet and Ruben Vasconcelos

Others went further and completed the adventurous scene with the cool Speeder Bike:

Cool things to 3D print Speeder Bike
Mandalorian Speeder Bike model by Syl Vain

You can also download the Mandalorian STL files to bring these cool 3D printing models to life.

6. Johnny 5 3D Print

If you enjoyed the ’80s Short Circuit sci-fi films, you would love to recreate a charming Johnny 5 3D printing character. This robot is one of the coolest things to 3D print in 2021 because it is an articulated action model with special mechanisms and many impressive details.

Guido Kehder made the Johnny 5 on three DLP 3D printers, Photon, Photon S and Mono X, and successfully airbrushed the robot. And Donald Price also worked hard on making an impressive DLP/SLA version of the S.A.I.N.T. robot.

Cool things to 3D print Johnny 5 robot
Johnny 5 model by Guido Kehder and Donald Price

7. Lord of Darkness 3D Print

The list of awe things to 3D print includes villains and demons, with Lord of Darkness standing out among the cool evil beings with absolute charisma. The master of the “Legend” underworld’s facial expression makes it a must-add 3D printed model to your collection.

Injall Rok chose to 3D print the head of the impressive Lord of Darkness bust on Sidewinder X1 3D printer. The result is stunning.

3D print head Lord of Darkness
Lord of Darkness bust by Injall Rok

8. Flash 3D Print

Fans of DC Comics looking for the coolest things to 3D print can choose the Flash figurine. This superhero captured while trying to save the world will look astonishing among other figures on your shelf.

Enthusiast Karyn Cini brought to life an impressively detailed Flash 3D printing figurine, and you can do the same by getting Flash STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

Cool things to 3D print Flash figurine
Flash figurine by Karyn Cini

9. Sauron 3D Print

The fallen Maia becomes a fantastic figurine to add to your collection of Lord of the Rings 3D printed models. Sauron, with his One Ring, has a dark story to tell. He is a deadly legend of the Middle earth, one of the coolest things to 3D print at any time.

Hobbyists Berat Hakan Sağlam and Robert Allison touched the legend and recreated the impressive Dark Lord figurines on their 3D printers. Berat even added lights to the One Ring and the eyes hidden under the horned helmet.

Cool stuff to 3D print Sauron
Sauron figurines by Robert Allison and Berat Hakan Sağlam

10. Predator 3D Printed Figurine

Yautja representatives are also among the coolest things to 3D print if you love the Predator movies. Just think of all the dangerous hunters’ jewellery and weapons you can paint in bright colours to breathe life into the model.

Marco Schmidt made the Predator figurine on his Anycubic Photon Mono X 3D printer. This cool work desires your attention. And if you wish to make it as well, download Predator STL files now.

Cool stuff to 3D print Predator
Elder Predator figurine by Marco Schmidt

11. Maximus Gladiator 3D Print

A legend will rise through the arena’s ranks and change the future. The Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius is a real hero who deserves a spot on your shelf with other 3D printed figurines.

Enthusiasts Chad Skinner and Luis Miguel paid tribute to Maximus, immortalizing his image in their heroes’ collections. Get Maximus Gladiator figurine STL files to 3D print this cool character as well.

Coolest things to 3D print Maximus Gladiator
Maximus figurines by Luis Miguel and Chad Skinner

12. AT-M6, AT-AT: Star Wars 3D Prints

The legendary four-legged transport from the Star Wars universe becomes an impressive vehicle, not for combat but shelf display. And these coolest things to 3D print will never bore any сonnoisseur of lumbering armoured beasts.

Let these Star Wars machines made by Jairo Matton and Anawin Leardprasopsuk impress you. Download All Terrain Transport models STL files to make these projects.

Coolest things to 3D Print All Terrain Transport Star Wars
All Terrain Transport models by Anawin Leardprasopsuk and Jairo Matton

13. Viserion Ice Dragon 3D Print

A beautiful dragon with huge wings and a terrifying gaze can guard your models and figurines if you add this cool 3D print to your collection. Fans of Games of Throne can download the Viserion Ice Dragon figurine STL files and do stunning projects.

Giovanni Rizzo with Sara Fattori and Marco De Feo shared beautiful photos of Viserion dragon 3D print.

Cool things to 3D print Viserion Ice dragon
Viserion dragon 3D print by Marco De Feo and Giovanni Rizzo with Sara Fattori

14. Serenity Ship Model

One cannot resist the majesty of this spaceship from the Firefly TV series. It is fun to 3D print the cool Serenity model on your printer and scrupulously paint every detail, breathing love and adoration into your work.

Makers Luis M. Rosales and Gary Hendricks added the Firefly-class ship to their collection of 3D prints. And their masterpieces can definitely be on your list of the coolest things to make in 2021.

Coolest things to 3D print Serenity
Serenity 3D print by Luis M. Rosales
Cool 3D print ideas Serenity Firefly ship
Serenity 3D printed model by Gary Hendricks

15. Martian Mars Attacks 3D Print

It is cool to make both serious and complex 3D printing projects alongside hilarious models. For example, you can create a silly Martian alien armed to take over our planet with the sole intention of having fun.

Piotr Apanowicz seemed to like this idea. He decided to take a little break from the complex Tiger tank 3D print and got the Martian STL files. The large blaster rifle and toothy jaws of this funny alien will never harm your collection in the 3D printed form.

Coolest things to 3D print Martian Mars Attacks
Martian 3D print by Piotr Apanowicz

16. Tifa Lockhart 3D Print

One of the coolest girls in the Final Fantasy, Tifa Lockhart, boasts an amazing appearance and impressive martial arts skills. The half-turn posture of the Tifa Lockhart 3D printing figurine will make you fall in love with every detail, and the stunning resemblance to the hero from the Final Fantasy VII Remake version will make you go wow.

Hobbyists Louison Bossard and Nathaniel Turner worked hard on their beautiful Tifa figurines. The super nice result can motivate you to also choose Tifa as one of the cool things to 3D print in 2021.

Coolest things to 3D print Tifa Lockhart
Tifa Lockhart figurine 3D printed by Louison Bossard and Nathaniel Turner

17. Xenomorph 3D Print

Alien 3D printing models are definitely on the list of the coolest things you can add to your collection. Xenomorph extraterrestrial creatures inspire fear and horror only when you meet them face to face. But if you 3D print an alien, then you will not be afraid of its poisonous blood, huge claws, sharp teeth and deadly tail.

Many Gambody enthusiasts praise the cool Xenomorph 3D printing figurines. And once you look at the realistic works of Alex Simard, Ondra Wajčkō, Scott Estes and Jake B. Bleecker, you will understand why.

Coolest things to 3D print Xenomorph Queen statue
Alien Queen diorama by Alex Simard
Cool 3D print ideas Xenomorph
Cool Xenomorph 3D printed figurines by Scott Estes, Ondra Wajčkō and Jake B. Bleecker

18. Milano Starship Model

A striking starship from the Guardians of the Galaxy won the hearts of many viewers. And it is so cool that everyone can now 3D print the bird-inspired spacecraft with a 3D printer and Milano STL files from Gambody.

Mario Haase made the beautiful Milano model in 1:50 scale. He painted the ship with a brush and added LED lights to breathe life into this beautiful project.

Cool things to 3D print Milano starship
Milano starship model by Mario Haase

19. Baby Yoda 3D Print

The 2019 sensation is still stirring the hearts of millions. After the release of The Mandalorian TV series, many fans dream of an unusual creature Baby Yoda. And you don’t have to be Din Djarin to get what you want. It is enough to get a 3D printer and cool ideas to 3D print along with Baby Yoda STL files.

Look at these coolest Baby Yoda figurines shared by Ashley Young and Roger Lopez II. Both Grogu models are super adorable and a must-have in your collection.

Cool things to 3D print Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda figurines by Ashley Young and Roger Lopez II

20. Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Bike

Are you ready to burn the city? Do you love furious speed and futuristic design? Get Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Bike STL files to prepare your Samurai for new adventures in the Cyberpunk 2077 universe.

Hobbyist Dieter Verscheure already has a 3D printed bike, which elegant body and decorative elements truly impress.

Cool ideas Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X bike 3D print files
Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X model by Dieter Verscheure

21. Hunter Bloodborne Figure

The 3D print ideas are endless when it comes to movie and video game characters. If you like playing Bloodborne, you can now recreate the protagonist in his common Hunter Set. The Hunter figurine STL files for 3D printing can be your base for building a gloomy scene with Gatekeeper Messengers.

The Hunter figurines made by Péter Szakács, Tammy Orn and Dominic Morissette amaze with details and look ready to battle against monsters.

3D print ideas Hunter Bloodborne figurine
Hunter Bloodborne figurines by Péter Szakács, Dominic Morissette and Tammy Orn

22. Deathwing Dragon 3D Print

When you decide to 3D print WoW character, it could be a great idea to complete your collection by adding the Deathwing figurine. Towering over the Stormwind City castle’s ruins, the Destroyer dragon demonstrates with all his appearance that he is not joking.

Enthusiasts Fabian Espinosa Ramirez and Julien Vaudry Argyris made every effort to bring to life a terrible and, at the same time, bewitching scene.

3D print WoW character Deathwing dragon
Deathwing dragon 3D print by Julien Vaudry Argyris
Coolest things to 3D print Deathwing
Deathwing figurine by Fabian Espinosa Ramirez

23. The Last of Us 3D Print

Following Ellie and Joel‘s adventures in the original The Last of Us video game, you can feel their story even deeper by 3D printing The Last of Us diorama.

Both Joseph Riordan Shootiak and Tammy Orn have finished working on their post-apocalyptic scene with Ellie and Joel captured in the middle of their hunt for food.

Cool things to 3D print The Last of Us
The Last of Us diorama by Tammy Orn and Joseph Riordan Shootiak

24. Battlestar Galactica Spaceship

The iconic Battlestar Galactica spaceship is one of the best 3D print ideas for any fan of the sci-fi TV series. Its sleek design and numerous details all across the body make this model an outstanding piece of art.

Hobbyist Adrien Auzanneau seems to love 3D print miniatures a lot as his cool version of the manoeuvrable Battlestar Galactica battleship impresses with great details and smooth texture.

Coolest things to 3D print Battlestar Galactica spaceship
Battlestar Galactica spaceship by Adrien Auzanneau

25. Jack Sparrow 3D Print

The most adventurous and extravagant pirate in the Caribbean Sea history can decorate any collection of 3D prints. Jack Sparrow figurine for 3D printing is a cool character with many distinguishing features, outstanding features and accessories.

Get inspired by Damien Faguier and Injall Rok‘s models and add the biggest troublemaker on your shelf.

Cool things to 3D print Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow figurine by Injall Rok and Damien Faguier

26. Razor Crest Spaceship 3D Print

Dreaming of resurrecting Din Djarin’s spaceship? Please turn on your 3D printer and recreate the famous Razor Crest 3D printing model in all its beauty.

Hobbyist Syl Vain brought to life the iconic Mandalorian spacecraft using approximately 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of filament and introduced LED wiring to light up the cool bounty hunter vessel.

Coolest things to 3D print Razor Crest spaceship
Razor Crest by Syl Vain

27. Johnny Silverhand 3D Print

Do you miss the band Samurai? You can prevent its breakup by 3D printing the iconic rockerboy Johnny Silverhand. You can find the highly-detailed 3D print files of Johnny Silverhand on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace and recreate this charismatic man who is always on edge.

Enthusiasts Orwin SantaCruz and Vinicius Galo accomplished their goals and made the iconic rebel ready to burn the whole city.

Things to 3D print Johnny Silverhand model
Johnny Silverhand figurine by Orwin SantaCruz and Vinicius Galo

28. Paladin Judgement Armour 3D Print

Make your World of Warcraft more impressive by collecting the most excellent warriors from the WoW universe. The list of cool things you can 3D print in 2021 includes the Paladin 3D printing figurine.

Hobbyists Ferdinando Augelli and Ana Maria Figueiredo presented their incredible versions of the Paladin wearing the glorious Judgement Armour.

Cool ideas to 3D print WoW Paladin
Paladin figurine by Ana Maria Figueiredo and Ferdinando Augelli

29. Merkava MK2 Tank Model

Fans of battle tanks can build an impressive collection of their favourite models using their 3D printer and premium-quality 3D print files, such as the Merkava MK2 Tank STL files from Gambody.

Maker Federico Schulze recreated an impressive reproduction of the tank inspired by the Israeli main battle tank of 1978-1996. You can see how impressive are the guns and turret, and how detailed is the model.

Cool stuff to 3D print Merkava mk2 tank
Merkava mk2 tank 3D printed by Federico Schulze

30. Ant-Man and the Wasp Diorama

The fantastic story about Ant-Man is full of superhero adventures within the Marvel Comics universe. And you can get into these adventures yourself, using a 3D printer, your fantasy and some patience. Use the Ant-Man and the Wasp STL files to recreate the scene from an impressive movie.

Hobbyist Joseph John Borg is working hard on his cool diorama. Even in the middle of the work, his versions of Ant-Man and Wasp look incredible.

Cool 3D print miniatures Ant-Man and the Wasp
Ant-Man and the Wasp diorama by Joseph John Borg

31. Iron Giant 3D Print

Meeting visitors from a distant cosmic galaxy is a lot of fun. Seeing your favourite characters coming to life in your hands is also outstanding. So you can welcome the friendly Giant alien in your collection of cool 3D prints using the Iron Giant STL files.

Jason Ashby and Thorsten Lauterbach built their monuments to the Giant to immortalise this iconic character.

Coolest ideas to 3D print Iron Giant
The Iron Giant model by Thorsten Lauterbach and Jason Ashby

32. Gul’dan WoW Character 3D Print

The list of 3D print ideas in 2021 includes the Horde founder, whose talent was developed thanks to shamanism’s elemental forces. Gul’dan 3D printing figurine is a cool warlock character with many fantastic accessories, necklaces, fangs and other stunning details you will love to 3D print and paint.

Be inspired by the Gul’dan figurine printed by Ferdinando Augelli on his Anycubic Photon Mono X resin 3D printer.

Things to 3D print Gul'dan WoW character
Gul’dan figurine by Ferdinando Augelli

33. Treebeard 3D Print

Forest of Fangorn found in the heart of Middle-earth is full of fantasy creatures. Even trees here are the giant walking Ents. If you also love the Lord of the Rings universe, choose the coolest things to 3D print from this world. Recreate the ancient Lord of the Ents with hobbits using the detailed Treebeard figurine STL files.

Let the stunning Treebeard made by Jhonatan Arteaga inspire your projects. And enjoy the adventures of Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took immortalised in the diorama by Tomáš Procházka.

Coolest things to 3D print Treebeard
Treebeard figurine by Jhonatan Arteaga and Tomáš Procházka

34. Slave I Star Wars 3D Print

If you love The Mandalorian and Star Wars universe, you will never get bored. There are so many fantastic Star Wars 3D print ideas and things to make that you will have lots of happy hours working on your favourite characters and spaceships. The Slave I 3D printing model is one of the coolest things to bring to life.

Kristopher Larson is currently working on his Slave I starship model. He printed most parts with filament and used resin for the smaller details, impressing everyone with his future masterpiece.

Cool Star Wars 3D print Slave I
Slave I starship by Kristopher Larson

35. Spider-Man 3D Print

A famous comic books’ superhero, Spider-Man, is always one of the coolest ideas you can 3D print for your shelf display or as a gift to someone. The variety of Spider-Man figurine STL files can impress every fan of this character.

Adore Mario Capone and Bill Mattes‘s creations and choose your coolest 3D printing version of the iconic superhero.

Cool stuff to 3D print Spider-Man
Spider-Man figurine by Mario Capone and Bill Mattes

36. Aerith Final Fantasy 3D Print

This gentle young lady is undoubtfully one of the most remarkable female characters to 3D print. And you do not have to be a fan of Final Fantasy to appreciate Aerith’ femininity, beauty and inner freedom.

Wee Liam Tai enjoyed painting his lovely Aerith 3D print. And enthusiast Wayne Wong shared his tips on making Aerith Gainsborough 3D printed figurine with our readers.

Cool things to 3D print Aerith Final Fantasy
Aerith figurine by Wayne Wong and Wee Liam Tai

37. Assassin Figurine

Create your adventures inspired by the game “Assassin’s Creed” and raise your Assassin figurine on your 3D printer. This faithful and dedicated warrior demonstrates his glorious disposition in a confident pose designed by one of Gambody’s contributing 3D artists.

Michael Thackray airbrushed his Assassin 3D printed figurine and made sure every accessory and clothes fold looked fantastic.

Things to 3D print Assassin Creed
Assassin figurine by Michael Thackray

38. TIE Interceptor Star Wars 3D Print

In the Star Wars universe, many beautiful spaceships are pleasant to 3D print and paint. Then you can display your most fabulous projects on the shelf to admire. Only imagine seeing a TIE Interceptor model under your ceiling or somewhere else in your room.

Allan F. Camaja recreated a cool 3D printed version of the fighter paying much attention to the iconic dagger-shaped wings, ball-shaped cockpit and other features of this menacing spacecraft.

Coolest Star Wars 3D print TIE Interceptor
TIE Interceptor model by Allan F. Camaja

39. Droideka Droid 3D Print

You can quickly turn the dangerous and deadly droids into a friendly and safe piece of art. All you need is a 3D printer and cool Droideka model STL files from Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

Mario Haase‘s Droideka is printed and beautifully painted. The model is ready to curl into a ball when its mission is complete.

Cool stuff to 3D print Droideka model
Droideka model by Mario Haase

40. Mad Max Fury Road War Rig Model

Among the coolest complex 3D print ideas is the War Rig truck model with its tanker and fuel pod from Mad Max. This road monster impresses with many astonishing details and power that comes from its metal body.

Maker Nick Hogg mainly recreated the legendary truck in resin. The final model looks like an accurate movie replica.

Cool things to 3D print Mad Max Fury Road War Rig Model
War Rig model by Nick Hogg

41. Dovahkiin 3D Print

The last Dragonborn is among the fantastic 3D print ideas you can implement in 2021. This warrior was blessed with the Blood of the Dragon. And now, Dovahkiin is destined to become a part of your 3D printing collection.

Christopher Edwards made the cool Dovahkiin figurine on his Creality Ender-3. With his sword raised high, this model is ready to prevent the Devouring of the World.

Cool stuff to 3D print Dovahkiin figurine
Dovahkiin figurine by Christopher Edwards

42. Rocket Raccoon 3D Print

One doesn’t need to be an alien scientist to modify a combat creature resembling a raccoon. Instead, you can turn the Rocket Raccoon figurine STL files into the coolest thing on your shelf. Such a sarcastic companion to your other 3D prints can attract much attention.

Hobbyist Onur Şimşek, for example, decided to recreate Rocket Raccoon as a life-size statue. You can also start building your Guardians of the Galaxy team with this iconic character.

Life-size 3D print ideas Rocket Raccoon statue
Rocket Raccoon figurine by Onur Şimşek

43. Aragorn Lord of the Rings 3D Print

The heir of Isildur is always willing to pledge his loyalty to the Fellowship of the Ring. Aragorn 3D printing figurine is an impressive 3D print idea to any fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Hobbyist Sunggon Park finished his beautiful Aragorn figure and placed the 3D print facing the Eye of Sauron. The scene is mesmerising and seems to take you into the Middle-earth era.

LOTR things to 3D print Aragorn
Aragorn 3D printed by Sunggon Park

44. Voltron Robot 3D Print

It is cool to build your super robot by joining Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow robot lions. After getting Voltron model STL files, you can 3D print the model and equip your robot with armour details.

Enthusiast Jaime Duran seems to be a fan of anime and 3D printing miniatures. His impressive Voltron 3D printed robot fits in the palm of Jaime’s hand.

Coolest 3D printing things Voltron robot
Voltron model by Jaime Duran

45. Godzilla 3D Print

Technologies change the world and simplify the processes. Today, you can bring the iconic Godzilla monster to life without great efforts. Your 3D printer and Gambody’s Godzilla figurine STL files will help you do the miracle.

Enjoy the monstrous creature printed by Kenny Kurtz on the Anycubic Photon S and Creality Ender-3 Pro 3D printers. The figure is equipped with LED lights and stands 24 inches (61 cm) tall.

3D print miniatures Godzilla
Godzilla figurine by Kenny Kurtz

46. Freddy Krueger 3D Print

Monsters that can kill a victim in his or her dream are fictional characters. But in reality, you can get your own “safe” monster, Freddy Krueger.

Do no limit your creativity and paint the 3D printed scene with bright colours. With every touch of the brush, breathe life into the iconic villain, as Ender Extender and Charbel Dagher did.

Cool stuff to 3D print Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger statue by Ender Extender and Charbel Dagher

47. Master Chief Figure

Fans of Halo video games can resurrect the super soldier in reality. Master Chief 3D printing figure is one of the coolest things to 3D print in 2021. While he will not win any battles on your shelf, this model can brighten your day.

Makers Darren Mitchell and Travis Oakes worked hard on their versions of the brave commando. And their Master Chief figures look incredible.

Coolest 3D print ideas Master Chief
Master Chief 3D printed by Travis Oakes and Darren Mitchell

48. Mad Cat Mech Model

MechWarriors are always cool things to 3D print. These mech models have an extensive selection of characters, and Mad Cat is one of the most famous and popular mechs. His other name is Timber Wolf.

Hobbyist Brian Freeman created a stunning version of Mad Cat mech on Elegoo Mars. It can inspire you to new 3D printing exploits.

Cool things to 3D print Mad Cat
Mad Cat mech by Brian Freeman

49. Illidan Stormrage Figure

He is neither night elf nor demon. He is something way more to every fan of World of Warcraft. If you wish to 3D print WoW character but have not decided which one, look at the Illidan Stormrage 3D printing figurine.

The stunning works by Pong Donato and Yağız Denizci will delight every 3D printing connoisseur.

3D print WoW character Illidan Stormrage
Illidan Stormrage 3D printed by Pong Donato and Yağız Denizci

50. Diablo 3D Print

The Lord of Terror from the popular Diablo video games can come in all its awesome grandeur on your 3D printer bed. Download the Diablo figurine STL files to work on this notorious project.

Enthusiast Zouheir Ibn Abdeljalil presented to our attention a 3D printed version of Diablo in all of its terrifying glory.

Cool stuff to 3D print in 2021 Diablo
Diablo made by Zouheir Ibn Abdeljalil

Choosing the best model from our list of the 50 cool things to 3D print in 2021 can be a snap. Turn on your printer and follow your heart. Also, join Gambody 3D printing Community on Facebook and share photos of your coolest stuff with other hobbyists.

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