Top 10 The Last of Us 3D Print Ideas: Amazing Models with STL Files

At dark times, when the Infected in the post-apocalyptic world surround you, only hope for a better future can move you forward and help you fight for your life. Suppose you enjoyed controlling Joel or Ellie in the popular third-person perspective game. In that case, you will love to recreate top The Last of Us 3D print ideas into life.

All you need is a 3D printer, good-quality STL files and inspiration. Playing 2020’s The Last of Us Part II or recollecting the best episodes from the original game released in 2013 is also a good idea. This way, you can decide which characters, accessories or weapons you wish to see on your shelf, display in your room or turn into cosplay parts.

The Last of Us 3D print ideas

The Last of Us 3D Models for Printing

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers several high-quality models from The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II. Still, you can find other exciting versions of Ellie and Joel and unique 3D models for printing on the web. To ease your choices, we have selected the top 10 ideas to transform into The Last of Us 3D print projects.

In this selection, you can find STL files of both Ellie and Joel Miller as figurines and busts, various accessories from the game, logos, weapons and dangerous The Last of Us Clicker models for 3D printing.

These 3D models for printing can become your next fantastic prints. The question is, which one will you choose today?

1. Ellie with Guitar 3D Model The Last of Us 2

The release of The Last of Us Part II in 2020, seven years after the original game, brought much attention to the new adventures of Ellie. The tragedies only make this girl braver, stronger and more willing to set out for revenge.

Still, even when danger and deaths follow her feet, there can be moments of peace, such as Ellie playing the acoustic guitar. This scene from The Last of Us Part II becomes a fantastic 3D print.

Enthusiast Mickael Malet recreated a beautiful Ellie figurine on two printers, Elegoo Mars and Tianfour T280. The resin model is scaled to 150% and reaches 20 cm (8 inches) in height. Mickael used both paintbrush and brush to outline the details such as a tattoo on Ellie’s right hand, beautiful bracelet, freckles on the girl’s face, etc.

Ellie 3D model The Last of Us 2 for printing guitar
Maker: Mickael Malet

Hobbyist Kevin Richard spent 70 hours making Ellie with Guitar figurine on Alfawise U20 3D printer. His settings were 0.15mm layer height, 10% infill, 60mm/s speed and 210 °C (410 °F) temperature. The figure is 22 cm (8.6 inches) tall. It has not been painted yet, but it is already fantastic!

Ellie with guitar stl files for 3D printing model
Maker: Kevin Richard

Download Ellie with Guitar figurine STL files for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

2. Joel The Last of Us 3D Model for Printing

The playable character Joel Miller from the original video game The Last of Us has many fans. This tired and worn ruthless smuggler has to take care of young Ellie while they are forcing their way through the world ravaged by the cordyceps brain infection.

Joel Miller is equipped with a rifle and a flamethrower. This 3D printing figurine boasts many fantastic details you will love to paint.

Hobbyists Ficsor Tamás and Кирилл Колосков recreated stunning versions of Joel from The Last of Us. And their models are beautifully painted, assembled with love and care.

Joel The Last of Us model for 3D printing
Makers: Кирилл Колосков and Ficsor Tamás

Get Joel 3D printing figurine STL files if you also wish to add this famous fictional smuggler to your collection.

3. Ellie 3D Print

If you have printed Joel Miller, Ellie’s protector, you might also like to recreate the young Ellie 3D model from the first part of Last of Us as a figurine.

This amazing girl can fight for her life with as much courage as a strong man. Hunting for food with her bow ready for new adventures, Ellie becomes a beautiful collectable piece or a part of The Last of US diorama.

Enthusiast Кирилл Колосков added Ellie to his beautiful winter diorama. The figurine was printed in 1/8 scale on FDM and photopolymer printers. AK interactive Snow, oil and acrylic paints helped to achieve a likeness of a winter environment that wows with the realistic details.

Ellie 3D print The Last of Us
Maker: Кирилл Колосков

Hobbyist Ficsor Tamás also completed his 3D printed winter diorama that features Ellie and Joel figurines from the original game.

Ellie and Joel Miller figurines for 3D printing
Maker: Ficsor Tamás

Download STL files of young Ellie 3D model for printing and create a stunning winter scene from your favourite video game.

4. Ellie and Joel Bust for 3D Printing

Main characters from The Last of Us video game got so used to each other that it is difficult to imagine them separated. And while The Last of Us Part II devotes the most time to Ellie’s adventures sending Joel behind, you can 3D print Ellie and Joel bust models to decorate your shelf.

There are several versions of these two characters. You can get STL files to 3D print Ellie with a haircut bust and Joel bust with a determined facial expression.

Joel and Ellie bust for 3D printing
Images: MyMiniFactory and Cults

Or you can make Ellie and Joel bust with platforms that say The Last of Us when attached.

The Last of Us Ellie and Joel busts to 3D print
Images: MyMiniFactory

5. The Last of Us Joel and Ellie Figure

Different 3D artists offer their ideas for the best poses of Joel and Ellie figure for 3D printing.

Your Joel Miller figure could stand as if lost in thoughts, without weapons and bags. And Ellie figure for 3D printing could carry a knife along with a big pack behind her back.

The Joel and Ellie figures can be a stunning gift to a real fan of The Last of Us as well as Part II.

The Last of Us Joel and Ellie figure for 3D printing
Images: CGTrader

6. Ellie The Last of Us Tattoo and Art

Among fantastic The Last of Us 3D print ideas, one might like recreating the famous tattoo and art pieces from this video game.

Tattoo artist Natalie Hall from California created the beautiful tattoo on Ellie’s forearm, featuring a moth and fern. This art on the fictional character’s hand attracts much attention of The Last of Us fans. And you can turn it into a 3D printed tattoo art to hang on your wall.

Ellie The Last of Us tattoo art for 3D printing
Images: Cults

Do you like to create graffiti, draw the outlines of your favourite video game characters on the wall or merely 3D print yourself a unique art piece? You can look at some cute Ellie stencils for 3D printing. These stencil ideas from The Last of Us should look beautiful as wall art.

The Last of Us Ellie wall art 3D printing stencils
Images: Cults and Thingiverse

7. Last of Us Weapons: Bow and Knife

The list of weapons used in The Last of Us Part II and the original game is pretty long. Fans of costume parties might love to 3D print some of the most recognizable weapons used by Ellie for cosplay events.

For example, you can recreate Ellie’s bow on a 3D printer. The base is offered as an assembly model. You might add arrows and bowstring to draw your bow once it is printed and painted, but these parts are not a part of the 3D printing model.

Last of Us bow 3D printing weapons used by Ellie
Images: CGTrader

Ellie also used knives throughout the gameplay. In Part I and II, she is often seen with a pocket knife. It is called switchblade, and you can download switchblade STL files to 3D print this signature weapon used by Ellie in both parts of the game. Or you can make a long knife-like weapon called the Machete also available as a 3D printing model.

Last of Us switchblade and Machete weapons to 3D print
Images: CGTrader and Cults

8. Last of Us Cosplay Accessories

Fans of cosplay and gamers who love Ellie’s adventures can own some of her accessories from Last of Us Part 2 and the original release. You can use a 3D printer for this purpose and find impressive STL files online.

The famous firefly symbol can look incredible as a 3D printed pendant. Or you can get STL files to make medallion collection with firefly and other game symbols.

Last of Us Firefly cosplay accessories to 3D print
Images: MyMiniFactory and CGTrader

You can also 3D print yourself Ellie’s bracelet with the Hamsa, which fingers are put together and face upright. This good-luck charm can protect you against evil.

Ellie bracelet Last of Us to 3D print
Images: Thingiverse

A great way to make your costume stand out is getting a beautiful Ellie wings pin and rocketship pin. Luckily, you can download STL files of the Wings pin and 3D print a rocket pin to wear on your backpack or Cosplay clothes.

Ellie wings pin 3D print
Image: CGTrader
Ellie rocket pin for 3D printing
Image: CGTrader

9. The Last of Us Firefly Logo Model

You can decorate your table with a unique stand featuring The Last of Us Firefly logo. Or you can make the lettering stand for Part II which can also be used as wall art.

Last of Us Firefly logo for 3D printing
Images: Cults and Thingiverse

Both 3D printing models can become your room decoration to raise your spirits while you are playing the game.

10. Last of Us Clicker 3D Model for Printing

Players who help Ellie to get through the Last of Us games have to fight with Clickers. These dangerous enemies are infected people whose bodies are overtaken with the fungus, which grants these foes magnified strength and hunger for prey.

You can 3D print an aggressive Clicker figurine or a Clicker bust and use these mutants to enhance your collection.

Last of Us Clicker statue and 3D model bust
Images: CGTrader and PrusaPrinters

Enjoy this list of ideas to turn into The Last of Us 3D print collection. Any model could be your next masterpiece, which you can happily share with other Gambody enthusiasts in the friendly Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. Be it Ellie, Joel, creepy Clickers or accessories, your model can inspire and motivate other fans of the popular action-adventure game.

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