Put Your 3D Printed Mask On and Go Trick-or-Treating

Get spooky with the help of 3D technology

London, 13 October 2016 – At Gambody, we celebrate Halloween in our own way and want to bring spooky feelings with our Halloween Edition of 3D printable masks. The edition consists of 4 masks representing the well-known video game characters.

[blockquote source=”Aleksandr Ignatenko, Gambody’s co-founder and CEO”]Halloween is a very popular holiday that has recently been focusing mostly on costumes. And we thought to surprise our community and prepared a special Halloween Edition of 3D printable masks. There are 4 different video game character masks, adapted for 3D printing and ready to be recreated on your desktop 3D printer[/blockquote]

For an entire month, Gambody polled its audience, trying to figure out which video game characters were the gamers and 3D printing enthusiasts’ favorites. These 4 (one of them is available in 2 different versions) masks came out as winners.

Chaos Space Marine 3D Printed Mask

The mask illustrates all the might and fear that the game character is known for and showcases incredible facial expression and features.

We recommend printing it at 0.1mm layer height with 20% infill overlap.

Chaos Space Marine Mask for Halloween
Digital representation of the Chaos Space Marine Halloween Edition Mask

We printed the mask while feeling excited about the holiday and that’s how it came out.

3D Printed Chaos Space Marine Mask of Warhammer CharacterWarhammer Chaos Space Marine 3D Printed Mask for Halloween40k Video Game Character 3D Printed Mask for Halloween 3DP Chaos Space Marine Mask3D Printed Mask3DP Mask40k 3d printed maskIt features a nicely and superb outer shell texture, with no printing defects, and is perfect for the holiday. Give it a coat of paint and you’re good to go.

Watch the time-lapse video of the entire printing process of the Chaos Space Marine mask below.

Buy the single-file Chaos Space Marine Mask here for only $14.99.

DOTA 2 Pudge Mask for 3D Printing

The second mask is that of the ugly DOTA 2 Pudge video game character. It is provided with two-sided holes for the elastic bands that secure the mask on the wearer’s head.

The single STL file mask of Pudge prints at 0.1mm layer height. Heat your 3D printer because the mask prints for about 3 days. So, as you reckon, there’s no time to waste.

Here you can buy the STL file and start printing it now.

DOTA 2 DOOM Mask 3D Printable STL files

We’re all thrilled about how DOTA 2 Doom Mask looks. It is the most impressive Halloween Edition mask, featuring crazy horns and terrifying features.

The horned mask is a half-helmet mask, meaning that the horns rest on a half-helmet base, facilitating its wearing and preventing it from falling over or off.

Doom mask for 3D printing consists of 10 separate parts, all created in Autodesk Maya and converted into STL files. You will need about 10 days to print them all.

DOTA 2 Doom 3d printed mask

Doom mask comes in two different versions: with and without the horns. Skipping the 3D printing of the horns will reduce the printing 3 times.

DOTA 2 Doom 3d printed mask

Buying DOTA2 Doom mask for 3D printing is a total win. You get 2 masks in one package, for only $14.99.

Atlas 3D Printed Mask

And last, but not the least item in the Halloween Edition of 3D printing masks is the one that represents the epic Atlas BattleMech.

MechWarrior Atlas 3D Printed mask

The mask was created as a response to the overwhelming popularity of the BattleMech 3D model series, released recently on Gambody’s marketplace.

The mask is made up of 2 parts that print separately and must be assembled. The files are available for purchase here and cost only $14.99.

Step into the shoes of your favorite video game character by printing and wearing its 3D printed mask this Halloween.

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