10 Spooky 3D Printed Halloween Decoration and Props

Pre-Halloween preparation fever is officially here. Have you decided what costume you will be wearing at the Halloween party? Are the holiday-inspired decorations brought down from the attic?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you’re one of the few people who can relax and enjoy the pre-holiday thrills. However, most of the people are not as organized as you are. Luckily, there’s the Internet where you can search for Halloween decoration and prop ideas.

Buying holiday stuff is no brainer. Try to make something on your own. And one of the coolest methods to have Halloween stuff ready is by 3D printing it. You can now 3D print whatever crosses your mind – from decoration items to masks, costume props, and other creepy stuff.

Here’s a helping hand for you. We’ve compiled a list of 10 spooky 3D printed Halloween decoration and props, which will make your life easier.

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3D Printed Halloween  Decorations

Halloween decoration items are never too many. If you’re a Halloween freak, you will probably find that the following 3 items deserve to be 3D printed and used in your holiday décor.

1. 3D Printed Skull Lamp

The skull lamp will create the chill atmosphere in the house, thanks to its wired-like design. The STL files for the lamp are available at MyMiniFactory for free.

Its printing will take you about 500 minutes and 143g of printing material.

3D Printed Halloween Skull Lamp

2. 3D Printing Raven Skull

One skull lamp won’t bring Halloween. Make it 2, or better yet 3 or more. This 3D printing crow-skulls ornament is exactly the kind of decoration piece you would like to display in your Halloween-dressed home.

3D Printed Halloween Decoration Skull and Raven
The ornament STL file will print for a little bit over 300 minutes and will use no more than 55g of printing material. Instead, the ornament will serve you for many Halloweens to come.

3. Spider’s Web LED Candle Holder

Another holiday-inspired decoration, the web LED candle holder is not as scary as the items that we refer to above, but it will complement the entire Halloween décor. Use a LED candle instead of a real candle for safety reasons.

3d printed Halloween decoration candle holderThe file for the spider web LED candle holder can be downloaded over at Thingiverse.

3D Printed Halloween Props – Body Parts

Don’t forget that Halloween is also about costumes and props. The following 3D printed Halloween props of body parts can easily transform a regular outfit into a nightmarish sight.

4. 3D Printed Alien Chestburster

As an Alien movie fan, then you found the perfect 3D printing prop that recreates the alien chestburster perfectly. Enhanced with a lot of details, the prop is provided with a base, to easily attach it to your chest.

3D Printed Halloween Prop Alien ChestbursterBe the scariest trick-or-treater in the neighborhood.

5. Jaw Ring for 3D Printing

For all those who are not that deeply into Halloween, but don’t to let the holiday pass unnoticed, they can wear a 3D printed accessory, representing a jaw ring.

Jaw Ring 3D printed in Stainless SteelThe ring comes in stainless steel and costs $29.35.

6. Bugging Eyeballs

These bugging eyeballs are great stuff to make an impressive entrance at any Halloween party. There are two versions of the eyeballs: one with embossed veins, and the other without.

They print without support at 100% infill.

The 3D printed Halloween prop is also provided with side holes for the elastic band or string.

3d printed Halloween propsGive them a paint job, using acrylic paint, and you’re good to go.

3D Printed Halloween Masks

Halloween is also about masks. And what a better way to have your favorite video game character or any mask ready than 3D printing it.

7. LED Low Poly 3D Printed Mask

The low poly 3D printed Halloween mask is perfect to be worn or as a decoration piece. Featuring LED lights incorporated into the back of the mask, it will glow whenever put into operation, thus creating a special effect. To make the special effect last longer, the creator has designed a battery holder for 2 9-volt batteries.

3D Printed LED Light Mask8. Doom High Poly 3D Printing Mask

If you find the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit, wearing the Doom 3D printing mask is the right way to do it.

DOTA 2 3D Printing mask for HalloweenAs one of the 4 Halloween Edition Masks, Doom features incredible horns that rest on a half-helmet to make sure the mask doesn’t fall over or off. It is also provided with sided holes for the string.

The Doom mask comes in two versions: with and without horns. There are 10 separate parts to print, which when assembled together, make the horned mask and 2 parts – for the simplified version of the mask.

DOTA 2 Doom 3d printed mask

The masks can be bought from Gambody for $14.99.

9. Chaos Space Marine 3D Printing Mask

Another 3D printed Halloween Edition Mask will give you goosebumps only when seeing it. Featuring the game character’s frightening looks, the Chaos Space Marine 3D printing mask comes in a single STL file, which prints at 0.1mm layer height, using about 26m of printing material.

3D Printed Chaos Space Marine Mask of Warhammer Character

Buy the mask’s STL file here for $14.99.

10. Pudge Mask for 3D Printing

DOTA 2 fans, rejoice. Dress up like Pudge this Halloween, put on Pudge 3D printing mask and go trick-or-treating in style. The mask will print for about 3 days, so there’s still time to complete the project in time for the holiday.


Download the file at Gambody for $14.99.


3D printed Halloween decoration and props are a way to show your artistic nature and imagination. Why displaying mass-targeted decorations when you can take Halloween to a new level with 3D printing.

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