Genius Things to Print on a 3D Printer in 2023

When a budget 3D printer appears in the house, the question immediately arises, ‘What to 3D print?’ But, of course, we know the answer to this question. And we have already prepared a super selection of STL files for 3D printing today. Get inspired by the genius 3D printing ideas and things to print on a 3D printer in 2023.

Explore 100 fun 3D printer projects for gamers, comic fans, small businesses, and movie enthusiasts. Find stunning and popular 3D prints you can make for different occasions, the best movie characters’ STL files, and accessible gaming 3D prints for a beginner. We have selected photos of incredible 3D printed figures and models assembled and painted by Gambody’s talented enthusiasts for the best motivation.

Cool things to 3D print for gamers

Cool Things to 3D Print for Gamers

You must see all the genius 3D printing ideas if you love playing video games. The vast universes with unforgettable characters offer many cool things to 3D print for gamers. Therefore, you can spend years breathing life into hundreds of figures and models.

See what to 3D print in 2023 if you are a gamer. Get inspired by popular gaming 3D prints made by other hobbyists, and download the STL 3D printing files of projects that interest you the most.

1. Cyberpunk Diorama

After a long journey, Ficsor Tamás can finally celebrate his success in recreating the Cyberpunk diorama with Johnny Silverhand and a Japanese Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X motorcycle. Such gaming 3D prints look fantastic!

Let The City of Dreams never sleep by downloading the Cyberpunk diorama STL files and adding this project to your list of cool things to 3D print for gamers in 2023.

Genius 3D printing ideas
Cyberpunk diorama made by Ficsor Tamás

2. MWO Timber Wolf

The highly detailed MWO models are also genius things to print on a 3D printer. When you lack ideas for gaming 3D prints, choose mechs and fantasize about recreating these bipedal vehicles. Let the stunning works by hobbyists Chris Bönning and Darren Hadland inspire you.

Download the Timber Wolf STL 3D printing files and explore other fantastic BattleTech large-scale and miniature models you can make today.

Nerdy things to 3D print
MWO Timber Wolf genius 3D printing ideas by Chris Bönning and Darren Hadland

3. Hunter from Bloodborne

While playing the Bloodborne video game, you meet many characters, monsters, and mysteries. The formidable protagonist from Yharnam, Hunter, is an excellent idea for 3D printing today if you love customizing this character.

Hobbyists Andrew James Senior and Caner Cakir worked hard on breathing life into their Hunter figurines. They hint at STL printer projects for 2023, so download the Hunter STL files to add this model to your fantastic video game characters collection.

Things to 3D print on 3D printer
The Hunter 3D prints by Caner Cakir and Andrew James Senior

4. Kratos from God of War

Fans of the God of War video game know what cool things to 3D print for gamers in their spare time. Hobbyists Τατιανή Ρίζου and Zsikla Gergely recreated beautiful figures on their 3D printers.

Both works look smooth, amazingly detailed, and wonderfully painted. Therefore, they can inspire your new 3D prints. So, download Kratos STL files and enjoy new things to 3D print on a 3D printer in 2023.

Gaming 3D prints
Kratos 3D prints by Τατιανή Ρίζου and Zsikla Gergely

5. Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat

Bringing your beloved Mortal Kombat video game characters in the form of genius 3D printing ideas is terrific! For example, you might like to recreate the iconic hero of multiple games and movies, Sub-Zero.

The famous ninja can fight multiple warriors and win the battle. So, download Sub-Zero STL files and enjoy making this figurine as much as Na Dine and her boyfriend.

Sub-Zero cool things to print on 3D printer
Sub-Zero figurine made by Na Dine

Genius 3D Printing Ideas for Comic Fans

Enthusiasts who enjoy reading comics and watching films based on comic stories will always find genius ideas for 3D printing today on This premium marketplace offers highly detailed STL files of fictional characters you might love to own.

Discover things to print on a 3D printer in photographs of popular 3D prints completed by Gambody hobbyists. Your next project may be among them.

1. Groot Marvel Comics

You can become a hero of millions, even if you say only one phrase, “I am Groot!” The flora colossus is a genius creation of the Marvel Comics universe, which is among the cool things to 3D print at home.

Hobbyists Damien Faguier, Robert Salvador, Bruno Maribas, and Chuck Reaume already have a friend to travel the galaxy and pick up bounties. Your potential friend is waiting for you in the form of Groot STL 3D printing files. So bring him to life and enjoy new adventures.

3D printer nerd
Baby Groot 3D prints by Damien Faguier and Robert Salvador
3D printing today
Adult Groot 3D printed figures by Bruno Maribas and Chuck Reaume

2. Batmobile 1989

Are you ready to cruise around Gotham in your 3D printed Batmobile model? Download the Batmobile 1989 STL files, and you will know what nerdy things to 3D print on the weekend in 2023.

Now, take a look at the fantastic Batmobile 3D printed by Sebastian Menke. This FDM project amazes with smooth lines, stunning details, and LEDs.

Batmobile 1989 what to 3D print in 2023
Batmobile 1989 made by Sebastian Menke
Batmobile car with LEDs genius 3D printing ideas for comic fans
Batmobile car with LEDs by Sebastian Menke

3. Spider-Man Wall Crawler

Peter Parker’s fantastic abilities turned him into a world-famous fictional hero, Spider-Man. He has become an iconic character in the Marvel Comics universe.

Suppose you need help figuring out what genius 3D printing ideas to follow this year. Just use the Spider-Man Wall Crawler STL printer ready files. It is incredible to bring this superhero to your home using your machine and paint the figurine as detailed as Stephan Winkowski did.

Spider-Man Wall Crawler cool things to 3D print
Spider-Man Wall Crawler made by Stephan Winkowski

4. Dark Phoenix

The majestic Dark Phoenix can inspire you on what to make next. This beautiful Marvel Girl figurine for 3D printing is frozen in a compelling pose that shows her omnipotent power.

May the fantastic project by Mario Durán Fernández motivate you to complete a similar scene. The maker used transparent resin painted with alcohol inks and LEDs to create a realistic flame on the platform. And his 3D printed Dark Phoenix appears to be extremely beautiful and elegant.

Dark Phoenix coolest 3D printer projects
Dark Phoenix 3D print by Mario Durán Fernández

5. Superman

Comic fans who lack ideas of nerdy things to 3D print in 2023 can double-check their collections to see if the Superman figurine is missing. Clark Kent is a true legend in the DC Comics universe who is always willing to save thousands of lives.

You will find many stunning versions of Superman figures for 3D printing on the Gambody marketplace. For example, Evan Vidal chose the classic superhero figure and upscaled it to 125%. The FDM 3D print turned out beautiful!

Superman things to 3D print for comic fans
Superman figure made by Evan Vidal

3D Printing Today

After getting your first 3D printer and making some test prints, you wonder what nerdy 3D prints to make. Thus, you begin to search on forums and go through selections of the best 3D print ideas for beginners. Such research takes a lot of time, which you can save once you discover the Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. This place has tons of genius 3D printing ideas for cheap and expensive 3D printers, users with different skills and diverse tastes.

1. Lucky Luke

Complex projects like Millennium Falcon, 3D printed cars, and mechs might be challenging for users who have just been introduced to 3D printing technology. But Lucky Luke is among the genius 3D printing ideas a beginner will love.

Enthusiast Evren Gün knows what fantastic things to 3D print on his FDM printer. His lonesome cowboy from Daisy Town sitting in the saddle looks calm and serene, accompanied by his dog. Download the Lucky Luke STL files for 3D printing, and this cute scene will wait to appear on your shelf.

Lucky Luke easy 3D printing ideas
Lucky Luke 3D printed by Evren Gün

2. Asterix and Obelix

The two good friends become beautiful dioramas and awesome things to print on a 3D printer for beginners. As proved by Laurent Guglielmetti and StudioAgrafka Sowiński, Asterix and Obelix look fantastic as 3D prints. So, download the Asterix STL files and make bright scenes on your 3D printer bed.

Asterix and Obelix easy 3D printing ideas 2023
Asterix and Obelix figurines in dioramas by Laurent Guglielmetti and StudioAgrafka Sowiński

3. Baby Yoda

Super adorable Baby Yoda, also known as Grogu, has become a legend in the Mandalorian world. The creature’s cuteness makes it a desired thing to 3D print by a 3D printer nerd in 2023.

Select the Baby Yoda 3D printing files you like the most and make your version of this alien. Get inspired by the most incredible 3D printer projects accomplished by Kenny Kurtz and Ashley Young.

Baby Yoda what to 3D print
Baby Yoda 3D prints by Kenny Kurtz and Ashley Young

4. Facehugger

Beginners who wish to find the most straightforward yet genius 3D printing ideas can make a Facehugger.

Ficsor Tamás knew at once what nerdy things to 3D print to decorate a plastic plant. Get Facehugger STL files if you also wish to see a dangerous alien protecting your plants. Also, explore other legendary Alien movie models for 3D printing.

Facehugger 3D printing ideas for beginners
Facehugger printed by Ficsor Tamás

5. Godzilla Bust

It is easy for fans of Kaiju to select nerdy things to 3D print anytime. Any of the fantastic Godzilla figurines will look great on your shelf.

Enthusiast Claudia Kirchner downloaded the Godzilla bust STL printer-ready files and upscaled the model to 150%. The final work can motivate beginners for their first 3D prints.

Godzilla bust simple things to 3D print
Godzilla bust made by Claudia Kirchner

Things to Print on a 3D Printer for Movie Fans

The fictional worlds introduced in the movies offer many fantastic movie characters for 3D printing. It should be fun to work on various models, from brave heroes and cunning villains to horror movie 3D prints.

Besides, fictional universes also suggest what nerdy things to 3D print for different holidays and how to stay busy on weekends in 2023. Thus, you can always find a new genius idea and implement it with Gambody STL files, your desktop 3D printer, and some painting skills.

1. Viserion Dragon

Entertain yourself while watching the Game of Thrones or spinoff called House of the Dragon. The fantasy series suggests what things to 3D print on a 3D printer when you are out of ideas. Let it be a dragon.

Marco Wolf and Jun Yap used the same Viserion dragon STL 3D printing files to do their genius projects. But their two popular projects look unique and fantastic!

Viserion dragon popular 3D prints
Viserion dragon made by Marco Wolf
House of the Dragon best 3D printing projects
Drogon 3D printed by Jun Yap

2. Din Djarin

The fantastic adventures of the brave Din Djarin, who wishes to save Baby Yoda, make millions of The Mandalorian fans impatiently wait for Season 3. Meanwhile, you can find the hero among genius movie character ideas for 3D printing.

Beautiful Mandalorian 3D prints shared by Ark N’ Stone and Marcus Vinícius can motivate you to finish the same project. Download the Din Djarin STL files and add this famous figure to your list of cool things to 3D print in 2023.

Din Djarin popular 3D prints
Din Djarin 3D prints by Ark N’ Stone and Marcus Vinícius

3. Johnny 5

Charming robots exist not only in the good old films. These movie characters become impressive 3D printing models and give you more ideas about things to 3D print on a 3D printer in your spare time.

Johnny 5 is an articulated robot with many intricate details. Hobbyist Factoria 3D has already downloaded the Johnny 5 STL printer-ready files and turned this model into a stunning, life-like 3D print.

Johnny 5 STL 3D printing files
Johnny 5 robot made by Factoria 3D

4. King Kong

One of the world’s favorite giants, King Kong, is a colossal primate who has become a pop culture icon. Even though this movie character is known as a violent and dangerous creature, you can tame Kong at your home in 2023.

Get Kong STL files and 3D print this fantastic figurine, just like makers Ed Nelles and Kenny Kurtz did. Their works are impressively detailed and beautifully painted.

King Kong genius things to 3D print
King Kong 3D prints by Ed Nelles and Kenny Kurtz

5. Star Wars Ships

FFinding what to 3D print is super easy if you look at the 50 iconic Star Wars models for 3D printing. The vast universe of space wars has many beautiful ships and famous characters.

If you are a fan of Star Wars ships, you can start working on Hammerhead Corvette or Millennium Falcon. The smooth models 3D printed by Laurent Gonzalez and Steve Lovatt mesmerize with fine details and beautiful lines.

Hammerhead Corvette Star Wars ship cool 3D object
Hammerhead Corvette Star Wars ship by Laurent Gonzalez
Millennium Falcon popular 3D prints 2023
Millennium Falcon 3D printed by Steve Lovatt

6. Bonus: Horror Movie 3D Prints

The list of horror movie 3D prints is incredible. It suggests what genius things to 3D print in your free time.

For example, it could be Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger. Both figures look life-like in the hands of enthusiasts Dimitris Iskos and Evan Vidal. Look at the list of stunning horror STL 3D printing files and choose yours to make.

Horror movie 3D prints
Horror movie 3D prints by Dimitris Iskos and Evan Vidal

Based on our digest of genius 3D printing ideas, select your cool things to 3D print for gamers, comic, and movie fans in 2023. Become a Gambody 3D Printing Community member on Facebook to share your nerdy 3D prints, find more fun things to make, and see what other creators do.

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