50+ Cool Star Wars 3D Models with STL Files to 3D Print

One of the coolest fictional universes ever created, Star Wars, has millions of fans worldwide. The hobby of collecting the best Star Wars models and super-detailed ships is ongoing, although it is often a real challenge to find the rare collectable pieces. Having a 3D printer at home makes this task very easy. After all, with the help of high-quality STL files, you can explore the coolest Star Wars 3D print ideas and breathe life into your favourite spaceships and figures.

You might fancy a cute Baby Yoda figure, a powerful AT-AT walker, Millennium Falcon replica, Star Destroyer 3D print, any newest figurines or good old classics. Express your affection for the iconic universe through 3D printing. Gambody has compiled a selection of the 50+ greatest Star Wars 3D models for you to enjoy.

Star Wars 3D Models

There are many cool Star Wars 3D printing models to turn into life-size vehicles, large scale projects, epic diorama ideas and fantastic ships. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers the best of the best and super-detailed Star Wars 3D print ideas.

Star Wars 3D print

From the most famous bounty hunter Mandalorian to the legendary fast spacecraft from the original trilogy, you will find many impressive designs in this digest. Choose your future Star Wars 3D models for printing, and may the Force be with you!

3D Printed Star Wars Ships

The collection of Star Wars 3D models is enormous. Each spacecraft has a unique appearance and a legend behind it. When choosing the best starship models’ STL files, it is great to look at the images of 3D printed Star Wars ships made by talented hobbyists.

The epic 3D printing Star Wars ships include the Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter, Imperial Shuttle, Razor Crest, Slave I, Death Star and other great replica designs which STL files you can download.

1. 3D Printed Millennium Falcon

The stunning Millennium Falcon Star Wars 3D print is a complex project with many fantastic parts and elements. The fictional light freighter became a legend during the Galactic Civil War. And it can now decorate your room as a 3D printed starship with many impressive details.

You can find a life-like Millennium Falcon Star Wars 3D model standard kit STL files on the Gambody marketplace. But before you start this incredible project, enjoy the 3D printed Millennium Falcon images shared by hobbyists Damon Siebert and Oykun Ilgün.

Millennium Falcon 3D print
Millennium Falcon 3D print at 70% by Damon Siebert
Millennium Falcon model Star Wars STL
Millennium Falcon model at 1/34 scale 3D printed by Oykun Ilgün

The coffee table decoration created by Michael Paxton also looks awe-inspiring for every 3D printing enthusiast.

3D printed Millennium Falcon
3D printed Millennium Falcon ship by Michael Paxton

2. Millennium Falcon 3D Printed Parts

Once you created a standard model, you can decorate your legendary ship with additional décor elements, docking ring and tracery. All these 3D printed parts will add more realism to your 3D printed Millennium Falcon model.

Download the extra Millennium Falcon decorating elements STL files and improve your project as done by Oykun Ilgün and Dirk Lupprian.

3D printed Millennium Falcon model with docking ring and tracery
Millennium Falcon docking ring and tracery 3D printed by Oykun Ilgün
Millennium Falcon 3D printed parts
Millennium Falcon 3D printed parts by Dirk Lupprian

3. Millennium Falcon STL Files

Even more décor elements plus a bottom gun can enhance your Star Wars 3D print. You will find an additional starship 3D model kit on Gambody marketplace. It offers an opening-closing boarding ramp, the weapon to mount on your ship’s bottom and more décor elements for 3D printing.

Get Millennium Falcon ramp, gun and décor STL files for 3D printing and complete the exterior of the iconic Star Wars ship.

Millennium Falcon STL files
3D printed Millennium Falcon ramp, gun and décor by Oykun Ilgün

4. Millennium Falcon Interior

Close your eyes and imagine walking through the Millennium Falcon corridors, entering the cockpit to talk to a pilot, resting in the lounge seat room, etc. While it is complicated to recreate one of the famous 3D printed Star Wars ships in life-size with a home 3D printer, doing a large-scale project with miniature figures inside is possible.

Download Millennium Falcon interior 3D model pack STL files to build the perfect ‘filling’ for your legendary Star Wars freighter:

You can even fit all the internal elements into the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon model, as a talented maker Shaun Allen did.

3D printed Millennium Falcon interior model kit
3D printed Millennium Falcon interior by Shaun Allen

5. 3D Printed TIE Fighter

The epic 3D printed TIE Fighter is among the best Star Wars 3D print replicas. This model symbolises the Imperial Fleet, which can be a part of your fantastic starship collection.

Download the beautiful TIE Fighter STL files for 3D printing and enjoy the pictures of 3D printed ships shared by Gambody enthusiasts Cm3Dprojects and Diorama Coleccionables.

3D printed TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter 3D print by Cm3Dprojects and Diorama Coleccionables

6. Star Wars Imperial Spacecraft

When you choose to build your Imperial fleet, you must not miss the Star Wars Imperial spacecraft. The Lambda-class T-4a shuttle will amaze you with its elegant design and deadly powers. It is willing to take aboard your 3D printed Stormtrooper figures and Darth Vader 3D print.

You will find the Imperial Shuttle spacecraft STL files on Gambody marketplace. Download the 3D model’s STLs and recreate one of the multi-purpose vessels on your 3D printer. Get inspired by the images of this 3D printing miniature as your home display.

3D printed Star Wars ships
Imperial Shuttle 3D printed by Jason Morrow
Star Wars Imperial Shuttle spacecraft 3D printing model
Star Wars Imperial Shuttle spacecraft 3D printing model. Images: gambody.com

7. Razor Crest Mandalorian Ship

The stunning Star Wars ships for 3D printing include classic designs and newer vessels from The Mandalorian TV series. The fantastic Razor Crest served Din Djarin well before it was destroyed. And now you can work on the Mandalorian ship replica to bring it back using the super-detailed Star Wars 3D model’s STL files from Gambody.

Download the Razor Crest Mandalorian ship model 3D print files and add this new legend to your Star Wars 3D print collection as done by hobbyists Nathan Mullaney, Shaun Allen, and Steve Perry.

Razor Crest Mandalorian ship 3D printed
Razor Crest Mandalorian ship 3D printed by Nathan Mullaney and Shaun Allen
Razor Crest 3D printed Star Wars ships
Razor Crest 3D printed by Steve Perry

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8. 3D Print Star Destroyer

The immerse Imperial Star Destroyer is a tremendously designed spaceship that gives us a glimpse at the Empire’s military might at the very beginning of the original movie. The symbol of the Imperial Fleet can now decorate your shelf or become a centrepiece of your Star Wars 3D print collection.

Once you download the Star Destroyer 3D printing spaceship STL files, turn on your 3D printer and make all the highly detailed exterior, engine compartments and turbolaser batteries real. This iconic model will look very powerful once you finish your Star Destroyer 3D print.

3D print Star Destroyer
Images: gambody.com

9. 3D Print Star Wars T.I.E. Crawler

The fusion of a tank and Star Wars starship resulted in T.I.E. Crawler. This model requires only one pilot, and it is equipped with medium blaster cannons. There is also a turbolaser under the cockpit so that this 3D print can enhance your fleet.

Get T.I.E. Crawler STL files for 3D printing and enjoy working on your next project just like the Imgur user YuYYY did.

3D print Star Wars T.I.E. Crawler
T.I.E. Crawler made by YuYYY

10. T-47 Airspeeder (Snowspeeder)

Some 3D printed Star Wars ships designs are meant to support the Imperial fleet, and others serve the Rebel Alliance. The rebels turned the iconic T-47 Airspeeder into Snowspeeder. This manoeuvrable aircraft proved to be a tremendous military fighter for the secret Echo base’s defence and patrol.

It is time to download the T-47 Snowspeeder STL files to add the iconic rebel starship to your collection of 3D printed Star Wars 3D models.

Star Wars 3D printed miniatures
T-47 Airspeeder made by Andrew Bosko
T-47 Airspeeder (Snowspeeder) Star Wars models ships for 3D printing
T-47 Airspeeder (Snowspeeder) 3D printing model. Images: gambody.com

11. TIE Phantom

Fans of the Galaxy saga looking for the coolest 3D printed Star Wars ships might enjoy the deadly TIE Phantom 3D model. Unlike its predecessor, the TIE Phantom has an improved fire force, better cloaking device and dangerous laser cannons.

Your collection of Star Wars 3D prints will leave enemies no chance to survive if you add the TIE Phantom ships to your fleet. Download the TIE Phantom STL files to recreate this powerful piece and paint your model to look as realistic as Darren Wilson’s PLA project.

TIE Phantom 3D model STL images of Star Wars ships
TIE Phantom ship 3D printed by Darren Wilson

12. TIE Interceptor

The TIE Interceptor fighters showed themselves well during the Battle of Endor. Piloted by elite Empire soldiers, these Star Wars ships boast a recognisable design, high speed and impressive manoeuvrability.
TIE Interceptor becomes a significant ship to 3D print. You will love working on its ball-shaped cockpit, heavy wing pylons, bent wings and other features.

So, download the TIE Interceptor 3D model STL files and recreate this stunning starship. Meanwhile, get inspired by the images of Star Wars ship replicas made by Gambody’s brilliant hobbyists Eric Eberle and Ark N’ Stone.

TIE Interceptor 3D print Star Wars ship replicas
TIE Interceptor scaled up by 42% by Eric Eberle
TIE Interceptor model 3D printed
TIE Interceptor model 3D printed in resin by Ark N’ Stone

13. Slave One Ship

This majestic ship has an interesting story of its own. Slave One served as a prisoner transport. But one of the prototypes became the “home” first to Jango Fett and later Boba Fett. Different characters were aboard Slave I, including Han Solo in carbonite and famous bounty hunter Din Djarin from The Mandalorian.

Now, it is your turn to come aboard this legendary vessel. 3D print your replica of Slave One ship and imagine your adventures within your favourite universe. You can download the Slave I 3D printing model STL files on Gambody and add one of the greatest 3D printed Star Wars ships to your collection. The work of Kristopher Larson can motivate you for new 3D printing accomplishments.

Slave One (I) coolest Star Wars ships to 3D print
Slave One ship 3D printed by Kristopher Larson

14. Naboo Starfighter

The infamous Naboo Starfighter played a significant role during the Trade Federation invasion of the planet and the Clone Wars. The single-seat aircraft used for different purposes, from patrolling and escorting to defending.

After appearing in numerous Star Wars episodes, the N1 Starfighter became a true legend. It deserves its space in your stunning Star Wars 3D print collection. You might like to download the Naboo Starfighter STL files for 3D printing to recreate the iconic N1 Starfighter on your 3D printer.

Enjoy the image of Naboo N1 3D printed by hobbyist Shaun Allen.

Naboo N-1 Starfighter 3D print
Naboo starfighter made by Shaun Allen

15. Ebon Hawk

Well equipped, the Ebon Hawk was a famous freighter during the Jedi Civil War. Using a 3D printer, you can breathe new life into your fleet of 3D printed Star Wars ships. The model could potentially carry up to 11 people, including three pilots and eight passengers.

Work on your iconic ship replica after downloading the Ebon Hawk ship STL files for 3D printing. Its heavy weaponry could serve you well in any battle.

Ebon Hawk 3D printing ship model
Ebon Hawk 3D printing model. Images: gambody.com

16. Y-Wing Starfighter

The list of the best Star Wars 3D models you can 3D print must include the Y-Wing Starfighter. This incredible spacecraft would decorate any shelf due to its many great details.

Get the Y-Wing STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. Enjoy recreating all the engines, laser cannons, hyperdrive and other features. And share your images of the Y-Wing 3D print with other hobbyists once you make this fighter.

Y-Wing Starfighter 3D printed Star Wars model
Y-Wing Starfighter made by Greg Boettcher

17. X-Wing Starfighter

The super-detailed T-65B X-Wing Starfighter is another legendary aircraft to display among your fantastic Star Wars 3D prints. In movies and video games, this starship was used in battles, and its four wings shaped as X instilled fear with one sight.

Download the X-Wing Starfighter STL files to 3D print this quick Star Wars ship. You will enjoy painting each 3D printed part and assembling the model with folded or unfolded wings.

X-Wing Starfighter 3D printed Star Wars starship models
X-Wing Starfighter 3D printed by Darren Wilson
X-Wing Starfighter 3D print best Star Wars ships
Chrome version of T-65B X-Wing Starfighter made by Scon

18. T-70 X-Wing

You can recreate several X-Wing Star Wars 3D models and enhance your collection with both the T-65B version and T-70 X-Wing Starfighter. These days it is easy to manufacture the model actively used by the New Republic Defense Fleet with your 3D printer.

Download T-70 X-Wing 3D printing STL files and recreate the model with advanced weaponry and many intricate details. Be sure that as a 3D printed Star Wars ship, the X-Fighter will look fabulous.

T-70 X-Wing Star Wars ship models
T-70 X-Wing made by Shawn Boisvert

19. Clone Wars 3D Model of LAAT/i Gunship

Preparation for the Clone Wars requires powerful starships such as the LAAT/i gunship 3D model, which you can 3D print to support your fleet. This model comes with everything needed for a great 3D printing experience, including deck plates, vents, alcoves, handles for clone troopers to hold on, pilot seats, etc.

Find the LAAT/i gunship Clone Wars 3D model STL files on the Gambody marketplace and bring this project to life to enhance your Republic attack fleet. May the 3D print by Syl Vain inspire you.

Clone Wars 3D model LAAT/i gunship
LAAT/i gunship made by Syl Vain

20. Hammerhead Corvette Star Wars

Among the iconic Star Wars ship 3D models, the Hammerhead Corvette stands out for its time-honoured physical profile. This armed transport can serve you well, especially if you already have a fleet of other legendary starship 3D prints.

Download the Hammerhead Corvette 3D model STL files to 3D print this Star Wars ship for your impressive collection. You will enjoy working on this fantastic transport, building its unique design and painting the vital body, heavy weaponry and powerful engines.

Hammerhead Corvette Star Wars ship designs to 3D print
Hammerhead Corvette Star Wars ship made by Andreas Theimer

21. Corellian Corvette for 3D Printing

Every Star Wars 3D printing enthusiast understands the importance of displaying the very first ship to appear in a Star Wars film in their collection. Make your dream a reality now by getting the Corellian Corvette STL files for 3D printing.

Recreate the iconic CR90 Corvette with its excellent level of exterior detail and standard armament configuration. You will enjoy working on this stunning Rebel Blockade Runner!

Corellian Corvette 3D model
Corellian Corvette 3D model. Images: gambody.com

Star Wars 3D Print Files of Walkers

3D printed Star Wars ships are not the only iconic models you can add to your collection to impress friends and family. The infamous Star Wars Walkers are a robust transport that is another famous symbol of the Galactic Empire.

If you own a 3D printer or know a 3D printing service, you can recreate your favourite projects with highly detailed 3D print files.

For example, you can make the life-size AT-AT 3D print, AT-M6 miniature or a 1/34 or 1/68 scale AT-ST. Make your choice and have many great moments working on your next Star Wars 3D print.

22. AT-AT 3D Print

The legendary four-legged combat walker represents the military might of the Empire. What does AT-AT Walker stand for? Every franchise fan knows that AT-AT means the All Terrain Armored Transport.

You will find an impressive AT-AT 3D model for 3D printing on the Gambody marketplace. Download its STL files and amaze everyone with your life-size AT-AT 3D print, 1/36 scale model or slightly upscaled ground weapon ever seen in the Imperial Army.

This massive project with intricate details is one of the best Star Wars Walkers ever created. And you can be as creative as hobbyists Tom Anton, Kudret Kahraman and Shaun Allen while making your AT-AT model.

AT-AT 3D print
AT-AT walker 3D printed by Kudret Kahraman
AT-AT 3D model for printing STL files
AT-AT 3D print with modifications by Tom Anton
AT-AT model Star Wars 3D prints
AT-AT model made by Shaun Allen

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23. AT-M6 Walker

The AT-M6 Walker is another great project that becomes a fantastic 3D printed Star Wars model. The Gorilla Walker is twice the length of its predecessor AT-AT, so recreating both versions would be a terrific idea.

Download the AT-M6 Walker STL files for 3D printing, and you will be impressed by the functionality of your model. It is an articulated transport with gorilla-like front feet, laser cannons, a movable cockpit and other delightful details.

Star Wars AT-M6 Walker 3D print models
Star Wars AT-M6 Walker 3D printed by Jairo Matton

24. Star Wars AT-ST Walker

The legendary Star Wars Walkers include both four-legged and two-legged transport. The cool AT-ST Walker has two legs. It impressively screens the slower moving AT-AT model and is meant for two passengers, the driver and the gunner.

Download the AT-ST Star Wars model STL files and 3D print the All Terrain Scout Transport for your collection. The tall-legged “chicken” metal beast can frighten all enemies on the battlefield.

Star Wars AT-ST Walker 3D print
Star Wars AT-ST Walker 3D print by James Rooke

3D Printed Star Wars Robots and Battle Droids

Pictures of Star Wars robots always impress. These fictional characters known as droids possess some artificial intelligence in the movies. But who would not dream of having one of the iconic droids at home? Only imagine how amazing it would be if a human-like C-3PO or friendly R2-D2 roamed your rooms and helped you in the kitchen?

Enjoy the images of cute, intelligent and cool 3D printed Star Wars robots and choose your next 3D printing miniatures from the legendary universe.

25. R2-D2 Robot

Start your collection of Star Wars 3D prints by building the legendary R2-D2 robot. This droid is very friendly to both people and other machines, and it can become your companion now.

Download R2-D2 robot STL files from Gambody to 3D print this legendary droid and paint it to the movie’s likeness. The 3D model comes with movable legs and head, and it has several changeable arms and heads. Thanks to the balls, it can also glide on the surface to amaze your family and friends as well as other Star Wars fans.

3D printed Star Wars R2-D2 robot
R2-D2 droid 3D printed by David Ventola and Rachael Chloe Vanderslice

26. Star Wars Droideka

Droideka is one of the coolest Star Wars battle droids. It is believed to be more dangerous and offensive than regular robots meant to kill. Droidekas are also known as “Rollies” because they can quickly roll into a ball to defend themselves and unexpectedly attack their enemies.

If you are building your CIS army, get Droideka STL files to work on this Star Wars 3D print idea. The highly articulated and impressively detailed battle droids will be a real jewel on your display shelf.

Star Wars 3D models Droideka
Star Wars Droideka battle droid made by Mario Haase

27. B1 Battle Droid

The B1 droid is another excellent example of humanoid droids that can only exist in the fantasy world. Even though they lack natural intelligence and extraordinary strength, these members of the CIS Army are dangerous in large numbers.

You will find B1 Battle Droid STL files for 3D printing on the Gambody marketplace. Recreate this highly-articulated robot on your 3D printer and equip your B1 droid with a blaster. Make sure to control your mindless soldier with rare personality quirks revealed by the “glitches.”

Star Wars B1 Battle droids 3D printed models
Star Wars B1 Battle droid models made by Luis Batista and Laszlo Halmos

28. Star Wars C-3PO Robot

The iconic C-3PO robot is loved by many fans of the Star Wars universe. You will also find his service-oriented personality amiable and valuable. While you will not unveil the droid’s translation or negotiation skills by 3D printing this highly detailed 3D model, you will love its appearance.

Download the Star Wars C-3PO 3D model STL files and get inspired by the stunning pictures of this droid 3D printed by hobbyists Jeff Kraus and Stephen Wilson.

Star Wars 3D print files C-3PO robot
Star Wars C-3PO robot 3D printed by Jeff Kraus and Stephen Wilson

29. IG-11 Droid

Some battle droids are dangerous killers, while others are mainly “kids with a gun.” Such can be said about the assassin-type IG-11 Droid that could complete your collection of 3D printed Star Wars models.

The impressive details of this highly-articulated Star Wars IG-11 will make you fall in love with the project. So, download the IG-11 Droid STL files and breathe life into this action figure as soon as possible as Nick Hogg and Blake Hartman did.

IG-11 droid Star Wars battle droids
IG-11 droid 3D printed by Nick Hogg
Star Wars IG-11 3D print pictures
Star Wars IG-11 robot made by Blake Hartman

30. BB-8 Droid

The fantastic BB-8 is a cute sphere-shaped robot with powerful abilities. It can repair the starships; thus, it comes with some tools. And you can 3D print the cute BB-8 model to take care of your 3D printed T-70 X-Wing starfighter.

You will find the BB-8 Droid STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. Adorn building your impressive articulated Star Wars 3D print and paint it as you wish. Your cool 3D printed robots will only win if they get such a companion.

Star Wars BB-8 robot 3D print
Star Wars BB-8 robot 3D print by Richard Turnbull

Star Wars Miniatures STL Files

This digest of 3D printed Star Wars models includes many great projects. Besides the iconic ships, battle droids and walkers for 3D printing, there are many other Star Wars STL files with famous character and vehicle miniatures.

Recreate the open-air Speeder Bike, Juggernaut tank, Death Star and busts to decorate your room. Use your fantasy to create fantastic scenes inspired by Star Wars movies and The Mandalorian TV series.

31. Death Star 3D Model

Don’t wait for the Rebel Alliance to explode the second Death Star Battlestation. 3D print your version of this dangerous project powered by giant Kyber Crystals.

Download the DS-2 Mobile Battle Station Death Star 3D model STL files to immortalize one of the most impressive projects ever constructed by Imperial engineers. Make sure to use LEDs after 3D printing to recharge your 3D printed superlaser for yet another shot!

Death Star 3D model
Death Star 3D model. Images: gambody.com

Also, get inspired by an impressive Death Star 3D print made by Stephan Winkowski on his Creality Ender-3. The hobbyist modified the LEDs a bit and 3D printed the Death Star SLA version on an FDM 3D printer to save some space.

Death Star 3D print
3D printed Death Star by Stephan Winkowski

32. Speeder Bike

The infamous Speeder Bike is a unique open-air vehicle perfect for travelling across the desert. These manoeuvred models are speedy and can carry one passenger along with some cargo. If you wish to build The Mandalorian scenes, add the Speeder Bike is one of the greatest Star Wars miniatures 3D print ideas for your shelf display.

You can get the Speeder Bike 3D model STL files to 3D print this unit for your Baby Yoda and Din Djarin figurines. Make sure the two adventurers have an extra vehicle to hit the road.

Star Wars miniatures 3D print
Speeder Bike model 3D printed by Richard Turnbull
Speeder Bike 3D model STL to 3D print
Speeder Bike 3D model printed by Syl Vain

33. HAVw A6 Juggernaut

Fans of brutal vehicles will love to add the HAVw A6 Juggernaut to their collection of 3D printed Star Wars models. This tank can absorb enemy fire and host about three hundred passengers, so it is a project worth 3D printing and painting.

You will find the HAVw A6 Juggernaut tank 3D model STL files on the Gambody marketplace. Its intricate details both inside and outside make the Juggernaut Star Wars 3D print an eye-candy war machine for every 3D printing enthusiast.

HAVw A6 Juggernaut Starr Wars tank model 3D print
Kurt Camaro still working on HAVw A6 Juggernaut tank

34. Obi-Wan Kenobi Figure Bust

Gather your Jedi Order together using your 3D printer and premium Obi-Wan Kenobi figure bust STL files for 3D printing. You can see a part of the iconic Jedi robe and the famous Padawan braid that reminds everyone of the aspiring Jedi rank.

Seeing the young and audacious Padawan on a shelf with other 3D printed Star Wars figures and busts will surely bring back a sense of nostalgia.

Obi-Wan Kenobi figure bust 3D model
Obi-Wan Kenobi bust 3D model. Images: gambody.com

35. Qui-Gon Jinn Figure Bust

The legendary Qui-Gon Jinn figure bust is another honourable member of the Jedi Order you can 3D print. Download the Qui-Gon bust STL files on Gambody and work on this piece of art that boasts incredible likeness and level of detail.

One of the best Jedi in Star Wars history, Qui-Gon Jinn, will look fantastic next to the 3D printed Obi-Wan Kenobi bust.

Qui-Gon Jinn figure bust 3D model
Qui-Gon Jinn 3D model. Imges: gambody.com

36. Edrio Two Tubes Star Wars

Edrio “Two Tubes”, the pilot in the breathing apparatus, wished to strike back at the Empire that conquered his home Yar Togna. Feel what it was like to be a part of his mission by 3D printing the Edrio bust.

You can get the Edrio “Two Tubes” Star Wars bust STL files to bring one of the militant Partisans to life.

Edrio Two Tubes Star Wars bust STL
Edrio Two Tubes Star Wars bust for 3D printing. Images: gambody.com

37. Star Wars Tusken Raider

The people of the sands you can see in The Mandalorian TV series are better known as Star Wars Tusken Raider characters. They live on desert planet Tatooine and look unique to 3D print and paint.

Make the Tusken Raider 3D print after downloading Tusken Raider bust STL files. These characters hardly ever reveal their real faces, so the bust depicts their iconic mask with glass-like holes and muzzle.

Star Wars Tusken Raider 3D print
Tusken Raider 3D print by Christian Rosenbecker

38. Han Solo in Carbonite 3D Model

Would you like to build a real Han Solo in Carbonite 3D wall sculpture? Use your 3D printer and Star Wars Hand Solo in Carbonite 3D model STL files to achieve this goal.

Pay tribute to the famous Corellian. You might also like to 3D print his partner Chewbacca which figurine you will also find among the iconic Star Wars 3D print ideas.

Han Solo in Carbonite 3D model
Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite 3D print by Francky be good

3D Printed Star Wars Miniatures

The list of the best Star Wars 3D models must include the most famous figures of the franchise. Do you support the Galactic Empire or Rebel forces? It does not matter much. You will love 3D printing the cutest Baby Yoda, dangerous Stormtrooper, beautiful Princess Leia, Wookie “Chewie,” and many other figurines.

Every legendary character in the Galaxy becomes a jewel to every Star Wars miniatures collector.

39. Luke Skywalker Training 3D Model for Printing

Jedi Master Yoda knows how to train the young Skywalker to become a Jedi Knight. Enjoy 3D printing the highly detailed Luke Skywalker training 3D model, which STL files are available on Gambody marketplace.

The fantastic Luke Skywalker training scene on Dagobah can become the centrepiece of your Star Wars 3D prints collection. Seeing the young hero balancing Master Yoda on his foot makes you understand how challenging it is to learn the ways of The Force.

Hobbyist James Jacob recreated a stunning figurine for his little Jedi in training. The Luke Skywalker in training and Master Yoda look impressive as a 3D print even without paint!

Luke Skywalker Training 3D model for printing
Luke Skywalker in training 3D model (images: gambody.com) and 3D print by James Jacob

40. Stormtrooper 3D Print

The Galactic Empire has many dangerous soldiers and machines, and elite warriors represent a significant part of its army. The Stormtrooper 3D model is an excellent thing to 3D print, and you can clone it using your 3D printer to recreate your miniature army in resin or filament.

Download Stormtrooper 3D model STL files to 3D print this iconic figurine ready to participate in every combat operation you perform. Meanwhile, enjoy the 3D printed Stormtrooper images by Malo Km and Laszlo Halmos. Get inspired to build your soldier-clones of the Republic’s Great Army.

3D printed Stormtrooper
3D printed Stormtrooper figurine by Malo Km
Stormtrooper 3D print
Stormtrooper 3D print by Laszlo Halmos

41. Chewbacca Figurine

The legendary humanoid aliens from the forest planet Kashyyyk are furry friends who can become your co-pilots. Make the Chewbacca figurine with your 3D printer, and you will fall in love with your cute “Chewie” warrior at once.

You can get the Chewbacca 3D model STL files and 3D print this iconic figure right away. This figurine, along with Han Solo 3D print, would look fantastic if displayed next to your 3D printed Millennium Falcon. As proved by Stephen Wilson, Jason Chadwell, Luigi Tomasello and Malo Km, this Star Wars 3D model is stunning in any colour scheme.

Chewbacca figurine 3D printed
Chewbacca figurine 3D printed by Jason Chadwell and Stephen Wilson
Chewbacca figure 3D model STL
Chewbacca figure made by Luigi Tomasello and Malo Km

42. Master Yoda Figure

One of the Yoda characters, Master Yoda, came from a secret planet. You can help him continue his Jedi journey on your display shelf using an affordable 3D printer and the best Master Yoda STL files for 3D printing.

This powerful warrior boasts true Jedi strength and an iconic appearance. The 3D model depicts this famous character using the Force. Look at the impressive 3D printed Star Wars Master Yoda figure images shared by talented makers Kevin Paterson and Tim Lavelle.

Master Yoda figure cool Star Wars prints
Master Yoda figure 3D printed by Tim Lavelle and Kevin Paterson

43. Darth Vader 3D Print

Everyone knows the main antagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy. Thus, turning him into the detailed Darth Vader 3D print is a must for every universe fan.

Download Darth Vader 3D model STL files on Gambody and recreate this figurine in all its might. Enjoy the 3D printed Darth Vader pictures made by hobbyists Matthew Sharpe, Lovass Róbert and Nawaf Bunashi.

Darth Vader 3D print
Darth Vader 3D print by Lovass Róbert and Matthew Sharpe
3D printed Darth Vader
3D printed Darth Vader by Nawaf Bunashi

44. Luke Skywalker Figure

3D printed Star Wars miniatures require the greatest hero of the Alliance for the Republic’s Restoration. Luke Skywalker is a notable character with a kind heart and faith in good.

Get Luke Skywalker 3D model STL files to recreate this stunning figure for your collection of Star Wars 3D prints. The figurines crafted by enthusiasts Adam Racer and Rocco Larocca with Fabrizio Bandiera can inspire your following projects.

3D printer files Star Wars Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker figure created by Rocco Larocca with Fabrizio Bandiera
3D printed Star Wars miniatures
Luke Skywalker figurine with Stormtroopers made at 180% scale by Adam Racer

45. Han Solo 3D Print

Well-known all across the Galaxy, Han Solo is a famous male smuggler. He will become an impressive 3D print among your other Star Wars 3D printed miniatures.

Find the Hand Solo 3D model STL files to bring it to life as a detailed figurine for shelf display. The 3D print will look fantastic next to his prized Millennium Falcon ship or alone.

Han Solo 3D print
Han Solo 3D print by Dirk Lupprian
Han Solo 3D model
Han Solo figurine made by Jim Goulbourne and 鋼阪日川

46. Boba Fett Figurine

The most famous and best bounty hunter of his time in the Star Wars Galaxy can come to life as a clone on your 3D printer bed. Boba Fett 3D printing figure is depicted in the helmet he never removed in the original movies. He is armed and ready to receive new assignments.

Download Boba Fett 3D model STL and 3D print this iconic figurine. Also, look at the 3D printed Star Wars projects made by creative hobbyists Sebastian Abramowski, David Ventola and Ashley Young who chose to either upscale the figurine or add their own elements.

Star Wars 3D prints
3D printed Boba Fett figure by Sebastian Abramowski
Boba Fett 3D model to print
Boba Fett figurine made by Ashley Young and David Ventola

47. Baby Yoda 3D Print

The adorable Baby Yoda figurine has become a symbol of The Mandalorian TV series. Who doesn’t want to have a Baby Yoda 3D print at home nowadays?

Chase your dream. Get the highly detailed Baby Yoda 3D model STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. Work on your Grogu 3D print and make your version of the Child. Also, see what enthusiasts Kurt Brown, Ashley Young, Steve Burke and Patrik Romano did.

Baby Yoda 3D print
Baby Yoda 3D model turned into a figurine by Kurt Brown and Patrik Romano
Baby Yoda figure super detailed Star Wars models
Baby Yoda 3D print made by Ashley Young and Steve Burke

Read also: The Cutest Baby Yoda 3D Printing Models with STL Files

48. Mandalorian 3D Model Din Djarin

A brave bounty hunter of the New Republic Era, Mandalorian Din Djarin, is attached to The Child. So making Baby Yoda 3D print without working on your Mandalorian figurine could be a mistake. Instead, do both projects for your shelf display.

Get the Mandalorian Din Djarin 3D model STLs to outline every distinguishing feature and weapon this figure boasts. His beskar helmet, elaborate details and a bag with Grogu across his shoulder make him one of the best Star Wars 3D models of our times.

Mandalorian Din Djarin 3D printed model
Mandalorian Din Djarin made by JN Morris and Krystian Granatowski
Mandalorian 3D print model
Mandalorian 3D print by Evren Gün and Phelipe Arturo Sanchez

49. Princess Leia Figurine

Fearless warriors and leaders who wish to end the tyranny will motivate your other 3D printed Star Wars figures with high spirits and belief in a better future. Princess Leia figure is an example of such a leader.

You will love the gentle Princess Leia 3D model STL files. They depict a beautiful female figurine for 3D printing in her iconic bikini, brassiere coupled with a loincloth and lovely styled hair.

Princess Leia figurine 3D model Star Wars print
Princess Leia figurine 3D printed by Flint Read and Jason Chadwell

50. Darth Malgus Figure

A Sith Warrior and a successful commander of the Imperial Military can fight on the side of your 3D printed Empire Army. In fact, he was made to fight.

Recreate your Darth Malgus figure using STL files from Gambody. This antagonist’s evil eyes and commander pose leave no doubt in the bloody outcome of any battle.

Darth Malgus figure 3D printed by Andreas Schmidt and Evren Gün

51. Darth Malgus Bust

Fans of Star Wars 3D prints can work on Darth Malgus bust 3D printing project. Unlike the figurine, it depicts only the head and shoulders of the well-known character. Still, it preserves the danger that strikes from the commander.

The mask on Darth Malgus bust hides the face but reveals the murderous look. It is easy to believe that this character is willing to kill his only friend to become free of emotions.

Darth Malgus bust cool Star Wars models
Darth Malgus bust 3D printing model. Images: gambody.com

52. Porg 3D Model

There is no need to travel to the planet Ahch-To to meet the Porg bird. This fictional Star Wars creature could decorate your windowsill and shelves.

Download the Porg 3D model STL files to recreate the surprised version of these non-sentient birds on your 3D printer bed.

Porg 3D model Star Wars bird
Porg 3D model for printing. Images: gambody.com

53. Porg Bird

The beakless face and short wings distinguish the Porg bird from all other birds and fantastic Star Wars creatures.

Download the Porg bird figurine STL files to 3D print these animals with different facial expressions.

Porg bird 3D printed Star Wars models
Porg bird 3D printed. Images: gambody.com

54. Baby Yoda Figure – Cinco De Mayo

Having conquered millions of Star Wars fans’ hearts, Baby Yoda has become the star of the screen. The cute Baby Yoda figure is always willing to celebrate May the fourth with you and the joyful Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo on May the fifth.

You can celebrate holidays every day with your lovely Baby Yoda 3D print. So, download The Child Cinco De Mayo STLs. Make sure Grogu wears his Mexican hat and eats a taco when displayed on your shelf, among other 3D printed Star Wars models.

Baby Yoda figurine best Star Wars models to 3D print
Baby Yoda figurine made by Kurt Brown

Best Star Wars Diorama Ideas

The super-detailed Star Wars 3D models for 3D printing give enough freedom to create a wide variety of dioramas.

You can create any scenes with your 3D printed figurines and miniatures. Or you can download STL files with ready-to-3D-print some of the best Star Wars diorama ideas.

55. Darth Vader vs Alien Queen

Who is more powerful in the 3D printed Darth Vader vs Alien Queen scene? Users who have a 3D printer can decide the outcome of this battle, independently choosing the winner and the loser.

Download Darth Vader 3D model in diorama STL files and resurrect Alien and Star Wars models. Their epic fight will decorate your shelf.

Darth Vader vs Alien Queen Star Wars diorama ideas
Darth Vader vs Alien Queen diorama by Alex Simard
Darth Vader diorama Star Wars models 3D printed
Darth Vader diorama 3D printed Michael Bötel and Tomáš Docik Dotzauer

56. Mandalorian Bo-Katan

Help save the planet Mandalore by adding the Mandalorian Bo-Katan 3D printed figure to your Star Wars 3D print collection.

The Bo-Katan Kryze vs a trooper diorama for 3D printing immortalises the moment when the brave female warrior defeats her enemy.

Mandalorian Bo-Katan 3D printing diorama
Mandalorian Bo-Katan 3D printing diorama. Images: gambody.com

May the Force be with all your 3D printed models and figures! Keep enhancing your Star Wars 3D print collection with highly detailed projects. Join Gambody 3D Printing Community to share the pictures of your stunning dioramas, miniatures, star ships, robots and figurines with all fans of the franchise.

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