Fabulous Millennium Falcon Build Diary with Custom Interior 3D Printable Parts

Making an impressive DeAgostini Millennium Falcon build becomes a real adventure when you choose to enrich this Star Wars ship interior with some fantastic details. You can select third-party interior 3D printable parts, customize them by scaling, 3D print at home and create a unique collector’s edition diorama.

Custom Millennium Falcon

The iconic DeAgostini Star Wars spacecraft built by Tanks & Trolls enthusiast is filled up with Millennium Falcon interior 3D printable parts offered at Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace. This includes such particulars as engines, cockpit internals, hyperdrive, engineering bay, crew quarters, main hold details and others. The final result looks fantastic. We believe that the process of creating such a masterpiece with an extraordinary level of realism is a must-see.

Millennium Falcon build diary
Image source: Tanks & Trolls

Millennium Falcon Collector’s Edition

As noted by DeAgostini, their Millennium Falcon kit is 1:1 scale replica of the Star Wars film prop (The Empire Strikes Back), and the actual size of this original model made of resin and metal is 80.8 cm x 59.6 cm x 19.2 cm. It weighs about 11 kg, and it comes with removable panels that give you a look inside, working electronics and various hull parts. During the assembly process, your fantasy can easily carry you away as it happened to one enthusiast.

Looking at the original DeAgostini Millennium Falcon starship, the maker from Tanks & Trolls thought that this popular model was limited in detail. Its cockpit and living quarters could enjoy some customization. This was when the interior parts 3D printing files at Gambody came into view. And the real building adventure began.

DeAgostini Millennium Falcon kit
Image source: Tanks & Trolls

Millennium Falcon Build Diary

The creation of a fully assembled and furnished starship was a fascinating, time-consuming and thought-provoking process. Still, for a real fan of Star Wars, it was something incredible and delightful.

Stage 1. Exterior Assembly

It was first required to complete the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon build using an assembly guide. This process takes time because there are removable panels, working electronics (meaning you have to add wiring and an internal battery or another power source), additional interior details, etc.

The original kit has many parts, and once they all are screwed, the reality becomes your own fantasy movie or a computer game. You turn on the LEDs and enjoy a captivating view of your Millennium Falcon exterior that is perfect at the top and bottom.

Here are some breathtaking photos of what Tanks & Trolls enthusiast assembled:

Millennium Falcon exterior assembly
Image source: Tanks & Trolls
Star Wars ship model by DeAgostini
Image source: Tanks & Trolls
Millennium Falcon lighting kit
Image source: Tanks & Trolls
Millennium Falcon collectors edition
Image source: Tanks & Trolls
Star Wars DeAgostini starship model
Image source: Tanks & Trolls

What do you think about all these excellent details?

Meanwhile, the story goes on with the impressive custom-like interior upgrade made by the Gambody enthusiast.

Stage 2. Millennium Falcon Interior

After downloading STLs with Millennium Falcon Interior 3D printable parts at Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace, the Falcon model maker had to do the hard work with re-scaling the 3D printing files and adjusting the size of the parts to fit inside the hull.

The models from Kit 1 (you can download STL files with all 26 interior parts from Kit 1 to 3D print for yourself on FDM/FFF or SLS/SLA 3D printer) were adjusted for building a comfortable crew quarter, adding an engine and improving the cockpit access tube.

Millennium Falcon interior cockpit and engine
Cockpit and engine for Millennium Falcon interior

The engine looks very life-like:

Falcon Millennium engine

The crew quarter has been improved further by adding an extra living area, which is ‘hidden’ from strangers with a security shielded door:

Star Wars ship crew quarter

With additional lights on, the crew quarter looks inhabited and ‘live’:

Star Wars ship crew quarter
Image source: Tanks & Trolls

The models from Kit 2 (it is easy to download STL files with 18 Millennium Falcon interior parts to build on your SLS/SLA or FDM/FFF 3D printer) were used for reproducing more engine parts, hyperdrive, engineering bay and other details.

Millennium Falcon hyperdrive and engineering bay
Hyperdrive and engineering bay for Millennium Falcon interior

The hyperdrive, engine parts, as well as an additional secret room with cargo added by the maker, look very impressive:

Millennium Falcon 3D print model

The engineering bay looks in-style with the starship’s computer system and a storage bay with load:

Falcon 3D model for printing interior

The models from Kit 3 (you can download STL files with 27 interior parts for Falcon 3D model to 3D print on your own) were re-scaled to build such details as engine, main hold, technical station, etc.

Millennium Falcon 3D print STL
Main hold, lounge seat, technical station for Millennium Falcon interior

Here is how the engine looks after all the painting work was done:

Star Wars ship engine color

This is the full corridor:

Starship corridor and interior elements 3D printed

This is how the technical station looks:

Falcon lounge and technical station

The models from Gambody Kit 4 (it is easy to download STL files with additional interior elements for your starship 3D model to 3D print them) also found their place in the original DeAgostini Millennium Falcon hull.

Millennium Falcon quad laser
Mandibles, engine and quad laser for Millennium Falcon interior

The detailed starship corridors look incredible with communication devices and extra wall details:

Star Wars ship 3D model

Stage 3. Extras

Some of the features were built from scratch. For example, the Tanks & Trolls enthusiast chose to add over 30 LEDs to bring some light to the starship quarters and corridors.

It was also decided to upgrade the cockpit with fibre optics and create an astonishing blinking effect; as well as ‘voice’ the thermal detonator using the soundbox and powering the ramp with a motor to make the RPG games even more fun.

Millennium Falcon cockpit build
Image source: Tanks & Trolls
Star Wars starship model kit
Image source: Tanks & Trolls

Millennium Falcon Diorama

The final model looks like an exclusive Millennium Falcon collector’s edition. All the Gambody’s 3D printing files with miniatures and elements used to decorate the starship’s interior add a realistic effect and make the overall look fanciful and imaginary.

According to the maker, his starship is not even ‘the Falcon, but the converted YT-1300 freighter’ since there are many of them flying in the fantastic Star Wars galaxy. The model has also got its unique name of the ‘Grumpy Tyke,’ making it a perfect model to build dioramas for RPG games.

Custom Millennium Falcon
Image source: Tanks & Trolls
Star Wars ship model kits
Image source: Tanks & Trolls

How do you find this custom Millennium Falcon build? Share your thoughts and 3D prints you are proud of in Gambody Facebook Group and explore what other enthusiasts have created.

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