Most Fun Things to 3D Print in Fall: September Trends

When you are in search of fun things to 3D print in 2020 or sometimes in the future, it is fantastic to bump into a community with finished 3D prints. Masterpieces created by other hobbyists can be your motivation, inspiration for an unforgettable journey into the world of 3D printing and encouragement to try something new. Gambody believes that the close up look at the September trends can light up your crafting path in October and throughout the fall.

While many of the figurines and models you will see below are not the easy things to make on a 3D printer, they are worth all the time and attention. Spending more than a week on a single project can result in a beautiful model you will enjoy displaying on your shelf, which you will adore for years and years in a row.

Fun things to 3D print 2020

Fun Things to 3D Print

There are so many fun things to make with 3D printer that your choice is always a difficult one. Think of your favourite video games, best movies, beloved characters and fantasy inventions, and you will ease your choice at once.

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers some of the most fun things to 3D print. So do not hesitate! Adorn the fantastic works made by others in September 2020, and download the STL files of your next 3D printing model or figurine right away.

Fun Human Models to 3D Print

Humans and human-like creatures are always among the most fun things to 3D print and paint. This fall Gambody enthusiasts are making the famous characters from TV series and video games, iconic movies and horror films.

With the All Saints’ Eve approaching, it might be the best time to add spooky Halloween 3D prints to your collection alongside the fun things to make with 3D printer.

1. Tifa Lockhart Figure

A beautiful, optimistic and cheerful girl from Final Fantasy is undoubtedly among the most fun things to 3D print this year. Tifa Lockhart is not only good-looking but also impressive at the fight. Her knuckles can hurt so badly!

Maker 黃巽甫 turned Tifa into a true masterpiece. The lifelike eyes, gentle face and beautifully painted body look very realistic.

Tifa Lockhart figure fun things to 3D print
Maker: 黃巽甫

Download Tifa Lockhart STL files to 3D print this fun model.

2. Dovahkiin Skyrim Figure

Born with the soul of a dragon, but in a human body, the Dovahkiin has become an unforgettable character for Skyrim fans and fun thing to 3D print.

Hobbyist Joner Weld Diorama recreated a beautiful diorama capturing the Last Dragonborn in the fight. The stunning painting job makes this model extremely enjoyable.

Fun Dovahkiin Skyrim figure for 3D printing
Maker: Joner Weld Diorama

Get the Dovahkiin STL files to add this diorama to your list of fun things to 3D print.

3. Witcher Ciri Figure

The sole princess of Cintra attracts much attention from gamers and fans of The Witcher TV series since 2019. Of course, this character was popular long before then. Still, the release of The Witcher brought her into the spotlight.

Look at this beautiful Ciri figure printed and painted by Brad Chen. She looks so realistic that it seems she has just jumped right out of the game.

Witcher Ciri figure for 3D printing
Maker: Brad Chen

Download the Witcher Ciri figure STL files if you wish to add a Child of Surprise to the list of fun things to 3D print this year.

4. Witcher Figurine Geralt

Of course, Ciri needs Witcher to protect her and take to Kaer Morhen who will help him to train the young girl to be a witcher. Thus, it is a must to add Witcher Figurine Geralt of Rivia to the list of fun things to 3D print.

Hobbyist Andreas Schmidt printed Geralt on Anycubic i3 Mega and painted the figurine with acrylics. His great work might inspire you for new accomplishments.

Witcher figurine Geralt fun things to 3D print
Maker: Andreas Schmidt

You can get Witcher Figurine Geralt STL files for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

5. Last of Us 2 Ellie Playing Guitar

If you love playing the Last of Us 2 and have a 3D printer at home, turn it on to breathe life into a fun Ellie figure designed for 3D printing.

Hobbyist Mickael Malet scaled it up to 150% and made a very realistic Ellie figurine in resin on ELEGOO Mars and Tianfour T280.

Last of Us 2 Ellie figure life-like 3D print
Maker: Mickael Malet

Download Last of Us 2 Ellie figurine STL files for 3D printing now.

6. Last of Us Joel Figure

If you already printed Ellie, it is fantastic to place Joel on the shelf next to her. Enthusiast Ficsor Tamás, for example, created an impressive Joel figurine, who will be a part of the Last of Us diorama.

Last of Us Joel Figure realistic 3D print
Maker: Ficsor Tamás

Get Joel figure STL files to 3D print this fun project as well.

7. Godfather Figure for 3D Printing

The famous Corleone crime family from The Godfather film is also among the fun things to 3D print. You can start with Vito Corleone character who symbolises the canonic mafia face.

Hobbyists Ashley Young and Marcel Michorius shared their versions of Vito Corleone. The mafia chieftain looks fantastic in his iconic tuxedo, loose trousers, formal shirt and red rose in his left pocket.

The Godfather figure for 3D printing
Makers: Marcel Michorius and Ashley Young

Enthusiast David Ventola scaled up The Godfather to 310%. He enjoyed working on this fun 3D print, which occupied him for over two weeks.

Vito Corleone Godfather fun things to 3D print
Maker: David Ventola

You can also recreate the famous crime boss on a 3D printer by downloading the Godfather STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

8. Persephone Figure for 3D Printing

The stately and powerful queen of the underworld, Persephone, looks elegant in Gladiator sandals and white floor-length dress.

Fans of Greek mythology will love working on this fun project as much as Pandora-sofia Konstantinou did. This hobbyist created an impressive figurine of 48 cm (19 inches) in height.

Persephone figure fun things to do with 3D printer
Maker: Pandora-sofia Konstantinou

Download Persephone STL files for 3D printing to add this goddess to your collection of fun 3D prints.

9. Pennywise the Clown Bust

It is dangerous to live in Derry in Maine. Every 27 years, this town is haunted by the iconic evil clown who feeds on children’s fears.

However, every October Pennywise the Clown becomes a fun bust to 3D print. According to hobbyist Mike Pigg, Pennywise bust is easy to print and fun to paint.

Pennywise the Clown bust for 3D printing
Maker: Mike Pigg

Get Pennywise the Clown bust STL files to add this evil character to your horror collection.

10. Halloween Michael Myers Figurine

Michael Myers is another horror human character to bring to life on Halloween. The fictional serial killer will look stunning on your shelf.

Enthusiast Mike Pigg scaled up Michael Myers figurine to 150%. Believe us you wouldn’t want to see such a creepy scene in the middle of the night!

Halloween Michael Myers figurine fun things to 3D print
Maker: Mike Pigg

You can download Michael Myers figurine STL files now to make it in time for Halloween.

11. Hellboy Bust with STL Files

The black magic can bring to earth human-like creatures such as Hellboy. And while the Hellboy’s appearance seems to be demonic, he serves the good side and will wait for new adventures with other figurines on your shelf.

Hobbyist Thomas Kunert brought Hellboy from hell to his collection of fun 3D prints. He made the bust on FDM printer, sanded, spray filled, primed and painted it to look incredibly realistic.

Hellboy Bust STL files for 3D printing
Maker: Thomas Kunert

You can also bring the iconic character to earth by downloading Hellboy STL files and 3D printing it.

12. Kratos God of War Figure

Kratos and his son Atreus turn into fun things to 3D print for the fans of God of War universe.

You can create a fantastic diorama featuring the demigod son of Zeus and Atreus in a boat as Michael Thackray did. This enthusiast made the model on Anycubic Predator and ELEGOO Mars printers.

Kratos God of War figure fun things to 3D print
Maker: Michael Thackray

You can even prepare an impressive video presentation of your project as hobbyist Mo Karim did. His short movie wows with stunning details and painting work:

Maker: Mo Karim

Download God of War Kratos STL files to work on your project.

Robots and Spacecraft to 3D Print

“Metal” beasts are always among the most fun things to 3D print. They interest hobbyists every year. However, the top two universes that are loved by Gambody enthusiasts are Star Wars and MechWarrior Online.

At the same time, September brought to life many other fantastic models from different movies.

1. ED-209 RoboCop Model

A large robot from the iconic 1987 RoboCop film is one of the fun things to 3D print if you love that movie. The Enforcement Droid of 209 Series is not just a piece of metal. The famous street fighter is well equipped and ready to keep the peace.

Hobbyists Iain Willis and Ryan Pittman already added the incredible droid to their collection of models.

ED-209 RoboCop fun things to 3D print
Makers: Iain Willis and Ryan Pittman

What about you? Just in case, you can get the ED-209 STL files for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace.

2. AT-AT Walker Star Wars Model

Your Star Wars collection won’t be complete without the iconic AT-AT Walker. This 3D printing model boasts many fantastic features and always leaves you room for creativity.

Enthusiast Tom Anton, for example, added a wood-burner modification to his project. The fake explosion effect looks stunning! But judge for yourself.

AT-AT Walker Star Wars model for 3D printing
Maker: Tom Anton

Fantasize with your fun project after getting AT-AT Walker STL files from Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

3. TIE Interceptor Model

TIE Interceptor is also among the fun things to 3D print from the Star Wars universe. This iconic fighter boasts speed and firepower, but it will not set your shelf on fire as a 3D printed model.

Hobbyist F3D création recreated an impressive TIE Interceptor in resin. The size of the final model is 13 cm x 10 cm x 13 cm (5 x 4 x 5 inches).

Star Wars TIE Interceptor model for 3D printing
Maker: F3D création

Display the fighter on your shelf after getting TIE Interceptor STL files and printing it.

4. Mad Max War Rig Truck

Even though War Rig truck does not refer to robots or spacecraft, this metal beast must be in your list of fun things to 3D print this year.

Will you dare to go into the dangerous journey across the Wasteland? Hijack the War Rig from Immortal Joe and bring it to your room with the help of a 3D printer. Enthusiast Robert Salvador has begun his fun journey and already made the War Rig truck that still lacks its tanker but already looks fantastic!

Mad Max War Rig truck for 3D printing
Maker: Robert Salvador

Download the War Rig STL files to print both the truck and its tanker.

5. MechWarrior Marauder Model

MWO universe has many fantastic robots which are fun to 3D print.

Scaled at 1/100 scale, MechWarrior Marauder model is so bright. Enthusiast Alan Murray made it in resin on his Anycubic Photon printer and painted in the Imperial House style.

MechWarrior Marauder model fun things to 3D print
Maker: Alan Murray

Make your version of this robot after getting MWO Marauder STL files.

6. MechWarrior King Crab Model

King Crab is also among the fun things to 3D print from the MechWarrior universe. This mech boasts stunning details and moveable parts. Its weapons are removable, so you can easily upgrade your King Crab when needed.

Enthusiast Tj Gilreath scaled up this model to 135% and printed an excellent King Crab on Anet A6.

MechWarrior King Crab model for 3D printing
Maker: Tj Gilreath

Use MechWarrior King Crab STL files to make the same model on your 3D printer.

7. B1 Battle Droid Model

The standard battle droids are such fun things to 3D print for a real Star Wars fan. Clankers are not powerful, but when there too many of them, they can overwhelm their enemies.

Enthusiast Laszlo Halmos created his army of B1 battle droids in 1/16 scale on Anycubic Photon S. He painted the models with Vallejo acrylic paints. The scene was finished with grass and defeated heads of stormtroopers.

B1 Battle Droid model fun things to 3D print
Maker: Laszlo Halmos

Download B1 Battle Droid STL files to start building your army of clankers.

8. WALL-E Robot Model

We all love fun things to 3D print. And characters from animated movies often find millions of fans across the globe. The trash compactor robot WALL-E who has to clean up the garbage on deserted Earth is such a fun project to add to your collection.

Hobbyist Robert Salvador spent approximately 150 hours on making a lovely WALL-E with articulated neck, fingers, caterpillar tracks and other parts.

WALL-E robot for 3D printing
Maker: Robert Salvador

It is better to watch WALL-E in action. Enthusiast James Rooke scaled up WALL-E model to 200% and shot a video to showcase this fun model.

James Rooke’s 3D printed WALL-E robot

Do you also need an articulated robo-friend at home? Get WALL-E STL files and make yourself such a loyal friend.

Fantasy Creatures for 3D Printing

Dangerous monsters, cute creatures and powerful beings can be your next fun things to 3D print in 2020 or 2021. The fantasy world is vast. It keeps growing with every new movie or video game release. Still, many of us are in love with the stunning creations from the past.

From the cute E.T. to the creepy facehuggers, we are sure that these fantasy creatures will decorate your shelf.

1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Figure

We will tell you a secret. This fall a cute alien E.T. is left behind on Earth by his crew members who flew away. Hobbyist Laurent Guglielmetti found it and brought home.

Of course, Laurent “found” the fun E.T. as a 3D printing figurine and gave him a chance to find his spaceship. The Extra-Terrestrial seems to be happy to go back home.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial figure fun things to 3D print
Maker: Laurent Guglielmetti

Help E.T. to return home as well by ordering E.T. STL files for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace.

2. Warcraft Gul’dan Figure

The fantasy warlock from World of Warcraft is a beautiful figurine with so many fun details to print and paint.

Enthusiast Dušan Bárt Lezec created a fantastic Gul’dan figurine on FDM printer.

Warcraft Gul'dan figure for 3D printing
Maker: Dušan Bárt Lezec

Add the founder of the Horde to your collection. You can find Gul’dan STL files on Gambody marketplace.

3. Godzilla 2000 Bust

The iconic Godzilla is a fun creature to use as room decoration, monster for the haunted attractions and incredible addition to a collection of 3D printed things.

Enthusiast Kenny Kurtz spent over two weeks to print Godzilla 2000 bust and several more days to wire and add lights to the giant creature’s mouth.

Godzilla 2000 bust 3D printed
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

Can you imagine this monster in your room? Order Godzilla 2000 bust STL files and amaze everyone with your new fun project.

4. Alien Facehugger 3D Print

A 3D printed Alien Facehugger is undoubtedly fun to make. This fantasy thing is dangerous only in the movies. But on your shelf, it will behave calmly.

Hobbyists Szénási Tibor and Yannik Tillmann created the creepy Ovomorph that can be displayed with or without the Facehugger figurine.

Alien Facehugger figurine fun things to 3D print
Makers: Yannik Tillmann and Szénási Tibor

Get Facehugger STL files and 3D print a fantastic horror scene from Alien.

5. Cloverfield Monster Figure

A spine-chilling monster that spent thousands of years under the water is now in our world. It is ready to wreck New York City, but you can save NYC residents by adding the Cloverfield to your collection of fun 3D prints.

Enthusiast Aaron Giles already created a lifelike version of the monster. It looks as if ready to spend another thousand of years haunting trick-or-treaters.

Cloverfield Monster 3D print
Maker: Aaron Giles

Get the Cloverfield STL files if you wish the monster to protect your porch on Halloween.

6. Groot Figure

A fun race of tree-like creatures looks amazing as figurines. Groot is a friendly fantasy creature, one of the most fun things to turn into a 3D print.

Enthusiasts João Pardinha and Jamie Osborne worked on their projects with love to every detail the Groot figurine has.

Groot figure fun things to 3D print
Makers: João Pardinha and Jamie Osborne

You can place such a model on your shelf, in your garden, on your porch. Simply order Groot STL files and work on your masterpiece.

We hope you are inspired by all the fun things to 3D print even if they don’t look easy. Choose the character or model you like the most and make your 3D printer build it for you. Paint your project and share the photos in Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. You can always go the extra mile and impress everyone with a highly-detailed and incredibly painted model!

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