13 Spine-Chilling Halloween 3D Prints to Celebrate All Saints’ Eve

When October pops up on the calendar, many of us start to count the days off until the creepiest night of the year, All Saints’ Eve. The list of spooky activities attracts both kids and adults. Someone loves trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins and tickling the nerves at haunted attractions. Someone enjoys decorating the house, playing pranks and creating scary Halloween 3D prints. Celebrations seem to never end, and Gambody wants you to have even more fun with the 13 spine-chilling Halloween 3D models, miniatures and other cool ideas for 3D printing turned into masterpieces by talented hobbyists.

Find even more inspiration and make this year’s All Saints’ Day the most unforgettable and as creepy as possible. Just turn the well-known horror characters into Halloween masks, costumes, decorations and stunning figurines using your 3D printer.

Spooky Halloween 3D prints

Halloween 3D Prints

Each of the thirteen 3D printed models that can inspire your Halloween creations this year boasts many intricate details, stunning posture, and fantastic likeness to the original characters. Such miniatures can become a nice gift idea or decorate your shelves, tables, rooms and yards.

At the same time, the scary 3D printed Halloween costumes and masks can hide your identity at the party. They can also amaze people who will meet you while walking along the streets, going trick-or-treat or vising a local shop.

1. Michael Myers Halloween 3D Model

The iconic slasher character from the Halloween movies is a must-print project for celebrating All Saints’ Eve. A 3D printed miniature of Michael Myers can decorate your front door. With a kitchen knife raised in his right hand, he can meet visitors who go trick-or-treating.

Hobbyist Adam Blythe spent two months 3D printing and painting his scene with Michael Myers standing on the porch of his fictional house. The lighted jack-o’-lantern laying at Michael’s feet and the sign “The Night He Came Home” look very impressive.

Michael Myers Halloween 3D model
Maker: Adam Blythe

Would you like to add the legendary serial killer to your collection of Halloween 3D prints? Download Michael Myers figurine STL files and do this project in time for the scariest night of the year.

2. Jack Skellington Halloween 3D Print

Jack Skellington is the iconic “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town. Who remembers the fantasy world shown in The Nightmare Before Christmas will be happy to celebrate the holiday with highly-detailed Jack Skellington Halloween 3D prints.

There are two beautiful versions of Jack Skellington figurine for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace:

  • One depicts the Jack Skellington bust with cute textures and a famous bow tie featuring bat’s wings and head.
  • The other one features Jack Skellington with his ghost dog Zero, sitting on the doghouse placed on the gravestone-like platform.
Jack Skellington Halloween 3D printing model

These two optimistic versions of the famous living skeleton cannot wait to be made by you. This symbol of Halloween is a must to add to your collection of figurines. It will be one of the coolest Halloween miniatures to have.

3. Realistic Facehugger Halloween Miniatures

Fictional parasitoids that represent Alien’s life cycle can become fantastic Halloween 3D prints and decorate your party. With eight long and finger-like legs, these creatures can wrap their tail around the host’s neck to implant the new Alien embryo into the human body.

Anyways, facehuggers are dangerous, scary-looking and perfect models to 3D print for Halloween celebrations.

Two hobbyists, Robert Salvador and Felixx Welliver, 3D printed an impressive diorama featuring Facehugger protecting its Egg. You can display this scene with or without the Egg because the Facehugger figurine can stand on its tail.

3D print Halloween Facehugger and Egg
Makers: Robert Salvador and Felixx Welliver

Hobbyist Kun István chose a different version of the Facehugger Halloween 3D model for printing. His creature is sitting inside the Egg and peering out in search of the victim.

Facehugger 3D model Halloween 3D prints
Maker: Kun István

Both versions of the Facehugger 3D model for printing are available on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace for downloading:

4. Alien 3D Monster for Printing

Deadly and aggressive Alien creatures send horror not only from the screen while you are watching the iconic movies. They can also send chills down your spine as spooky Halloween 3D prints.

While facehuggers (one of the stages of Alien development) look creepy, Alien itself looks dangerous and destructive, especially with the slime-like wet effect added to its skin. Look at this lifelike Alien 3D print made by Peng Chen. His painting job is fantastic!

Alien Xenomorph Halloween 3D prints
Maker: Peng Chen

If you wish to achieve a horrifying effect while decorating your house for Halloween party, use fluorescent filament. And your 3D printed Alien diorama will glow in the dark like the project made by Tom Anton.

Alien Halloween diorama 3D printed with fluorescent filament
Maker: Tom Anton

You can make unique Halloween 3D prints with Alien by adding a figurine of Darth Vader to the diorama. The iconic antagonist from the Star Wars franchise fighting with Alien Queen sounds like a perfect Halloween crossover.

Even without paint, such a crossover looks astonishing. Hobbyist Tomáš Docik Dotzauer modelled this fantastic scene for 3D printing and spent approximately 300 hours and 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of filament to turn it into a reality.

Alien vs Darth Vader Halloween printing
Maker: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer

But of course, when colour is added to the scene, the Alien diorama transforms into a real masterpiece. Here is an example of the stunning yet dangerous looking model printed by Heronimus Gijsbers. It would be awesome to see such a 3D printed Halloween project in your backyard!

Alien fight with Darth Vader 3D print
Maker: Heronimus Gijsbers

You can pick your Alien-themed models’ STL files for creating unique Halloween 3D prints on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

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5. Freddy Krueger Halloween Printing

The All Saint’s night is not the best time for dreaming. Beware Freddy Krueger who could appear in your dreams. This iconic maniac kills his victims while they are asleep.

While you cannot pull Freddy into the real world by grabbing him in your dream, you can turn on your 3D printer and start working on one of the scariest Halloween 3D prints.

Hobbyist Felipe Machado turned a fantastic Freddy Krueger 3D model with the victim’s head in his hand into home decoration. And Patrick Sevigny created a realistic Freddy head using a part of the same 3D printing model.

Freddy Krueger Halloween 3D print
Makers: Felipe Machado and Patrick Sevigny

Another hobbyist, Bobby Bigg Bizzy Wooden, chose to create a terrific Freddy Krueger bust. The realistic gloved hand with razors and expressive face of the serial killer truly wow!

Freddy Krueger 3D printed bust for Halloween
Maker: Bobby Bigg Bizzy Wooden

Hobbyist @myhero3d created a nightmarishly realistic bust of Freddy Krueger. The iconic maniac is shown with and without his black hat.

Freddy Krueger bust
Maker: @myhero3d (Instagram)

Gambody offers two versions of Freddy Krueger figurine for 3D printing, as bust and figure. You can get Halloween STL files to do both!

6. Beetlejuice Graveyard 3D Model

You can turn the legendary poltergeist from the Beetlejuice movie into fantastic Halloween 3D prints. The Beetlejuice Graveyard model boasts many intricate details, including the grave and skeletons. It can decorate your porch, yard or room.

The gothic look of the model gives its the right Halloween spirit. Hobbyists Annie Moberg and Angélique Le Goupil printed this fun project and painted it with much love for every detail. Annie has even decided to make her Beetlejuice Graveyard model a welcome sign at the front door.

Beetlejuice Graveyard 3D print
Makers: Angélique Le Goupil and Annie Moberg

Download Beetlejuice Halloween 3D model STL files to bring to life the fun poltergeist with his tombstone.

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7. 3D Printed Halloween Pennywise Clown

Fans of horror stories must decorate their home for Halloween with a Pennywise bust or figurine. This evil clown, the villain from It movie, preys upon the children. He carries a balloon to attract the attention of his victims, and his killer smile sends chills down the spine of many.

Hobbyists Dénis Lacerda Vitorino and Olli Vespasian did a fantastic job of painting their figurines of 3D printed Halloween Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Pennywise Halloween STL
Makers: Olli Vespasian and Dénis Lacerda Vitorino

And enthusiasts Tomáš Docik Dotzauer and João Pardinha created creepy clown’s busts painting the models into unforgettable horror characters that could serve as Halloween home decor.

Pennywise 3D printable bust
Makers: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer and João Pardinha

You can download Pennywise Clown figurine STL files for 3D printing to breathe life into this frighting character as your Halloween 3D prints this year.

8. Jason Voorhees Halloween STL Files

Even when All Saints’ Day does not fall on Friday 13th, the main antagonist of the famous horror movie Jason Voorhees still becomes one of the must-do 3D prints.

Enthusiasts Christian Galea and Olli Vespasian brought Jason Voorhees to life along with his latest victim.

Jason Voorhees Halloween STL files
Makers: Olli Vespasian and Christian Galea

And hobbyist Kenneth Sturrock created a story about how Jason spent Friday 13th and “dragged home legless.” You can see this character with and without his scary mask.

Jason Voorhees Friday 13th Halloween 3D prints
Maker: Kenneth Sturrock

The busts of Jason Voorhees made by Bobby Bigg Bizzy Wooden and Rocco Larocca impress with the intricate details and the killer’s eyes peering through the holes in his mask.

Jason Voorhees bust 3D prints for Halloween
Makers: Bobby Bigg Bizzy Wooden and Rocco Larocca

You can download Jason Voorhees Halloween STL files for 3D printing to bring this killer home in time for spooky celebrations.

9. Pinhead Bust for 3D Printing

If you are a fan of the first Hellraiser film, you should remember a formerly human who has transformed into a creature with a bald head. Instead of hair, it is covered with pins, hammered into the sections.

Pinhead’s demonic origins are perfectly depicted in the Halloween 3D prints made by Max Imprimarum and Stephen Wilson.

Pinhead bust what to 3D print for Halloween
Makers: Max Imprimarum and Stephen Wilson

Get Pinhead bust STL files to add this creepy model to your collection.

10. Leatherface Halloween STL

You can turn a mentally unstable mass murderer into one of the creepiest Halloween 3D prints. The horror scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film will look fantastic on your porch or front door scaring everyone with the victim’s skin he wears.

Hobbyist Yannik Tillmann spent over 100 hours on turning the Leatherface Halloween STL files into a creepy figurine. This project has no paint, but all the details are so incredible!

Leatherface figurine for 3D printing
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

And with paint, the figurine of Leatherface becomes super realistic and scary. Here is a fantastic scene created by @mach3dbr.

Leatherface 3D monster
Maker: @mach3dbr (Instagram)

Are you impressed? Download Leatherface figurine STL files to print the famous villain with his iconic chainsaw.

11. 3D Print Halloween Lord of Darkness Bust

The night when all demons and villains come to life is perfect for resurrecting the Lord of Darkness from Legend.

Two hobbyists, Kurt Brown and Soragna Laurent, printed and painted incredibly scary projects. Their Darkness busts boast charisma and intricate details and look perfect as Halloween models.

3D printed Halloween Lord of Darkness bust
Makers: Kurt Brown and Soragna Laurent

You can also make the Legend come true by downloading Darkness bust STL files and printing your master of the underworld.

12. Predator 3D Model

The Yautja are not ordinary alien warriors. This Predator race has a dangerous appearance. Their noseless faces, long hair-like appendages on the head and reptilian skin can scare anyone.

Hobbyists Marco Schmidt, Seppus Endertus and Tomáš Docik Dotzauer were working on the same 3D model for printing. Still, their projects are unique and incredible because of their fantastic painting job.

Predator Halloween miniatures
Makers: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer, Marco Schmidt and Seppus Endertus

Enthusiasts Jouko Salminen and Jiří Chlupáč chose a different posture of Predator. Their projects look triumphant and win-win as Halloween 3D prints.

Predator 3D print
Makers: Jouko Salminen and Jiří Chlupáč

A close up look at the Predator head printed by Matthew Nicholas at 250% scale shows a horrifying creature with many intricate details.

Predator head Halloween 3D prints
Maker: Matthew Nicholas

Find STL files of your favourite model of Predator on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

13. Free Halloween Masks to 3D Print

And, of course, what decor could look better on the scariest night of the year if not 3D printed Halloween masks. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has an excellent selection of free mask STL files. You can choose your favourite horror character to cover your face on All Saints’ Day.

You can use one of the Fun Face Masks to look unique at the party, street, shop or home. Become Immortal Joe like Guy Penney, or create a Doom Slayer mask as made by Thomas Jefferson B. Hernandez.

Immortal Joe and Doom Slayer face masks for Halloween
Makers: Guy Penney and Thomas Jefferson B. Hernandez

Print yourself a Bane mask as Eric Allan Colson did or hide behind the Sub-Zero mask which you can paint into pink colour as done by Mac Allan.

Halloween masks of Sub-Zero and Bane
Makers: Mac Allan and Eric Allan Colson

Choose a Darth Vader mask as done by Garry Michael Smith or enjoy printing the Wasp mask just like Rural 3D Printing Service did.

Wasp and Darth Vader Halloween masks
Makers: Rural 3D Printing Service and Garry Michael Smith

You can also set your foot on the modern battlefield by making yourself one of the most impressive Halloween 3D printed masks of BattleMech Atlas. Hobbyists Carlos Martins and Cm3Dprojects recreated unique Atlas masks to wear for any party.

BattleMech Atlas mask 3D printed for Halloween
Makers: Cm3Dprojects and Carlos Martins

You can work on some crazy creepy projects too. Enthusiast Yannik Tillmann printed Mask of Death, and hobbyist Reuben Burciaga worked on a fantastic Doom mask.

Mask of Death and Doom Halloween masks
Makers: Yannik Tillmann and Reuben Burciaga

If these spooky Halloween 3D printed masks inspire you, you could download the free Mask STL files on Gambody.

Also, don’t forget about jack-o’-lanterns, creepy spiders, haunted puppets, witches, scary costumes and other spooky Halloween 3D prints that can decorate your home. We’ll be happy to see the photos of your 3D printed models, figurines, miniatures and masks in Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. Start celebrating the most frightful night of the season with your 3D printer!

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